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What We Talk About When We Talk About Tech

A podcast about tech storytelling. Jennifer Riggins and Rich Gall explore the way words and narratives shape the technology landscape with the people who define, explain, and sell it.


Open technology in the UK with OpenUK CEO Amanda Brock 57:19 09/08/2021
Why we need digital anthropology: culture, ethics, and power in tech with Caitlin McDonald 48:07 08/18/2021
Responsible technology and ethical venture capital: Reimagining possible futures with Sarah Drinkwater 47:31 07/28/2021
We need to talk about EdTech: Online resilience and privacy with Michelle Wolfe 56:19 07/21/2021
From technical stories to user stories: APIs and the evolution of the tech industry with Lorinda Brandon and Mike Amundsen 60:29 07/14/2021
Telling the stories of tech's trailblazers and laying the foundations of a more equitable future with Saron Yitbarek 40:21 06/30/2021
Psychology and storytelling in cybersecurity and skill development with Yin Mei [Clubhouse Special] 55:48 06/23/2021
Serving coding skill realness: How coding drag queen Anna Lytical teaches tech 39:58 06/16/2021
Impostor syndrome and the Dunning-Kruger effect in tech: The anxiety of curiosity with Jessica Rose 54:04 06/09/2021
Meme wrangling and the rough edges of software: Neal Ford on tech publishing, software architecture, and consulting at ThoughtWorks 54:04 06/02/2021
How to fight your way into the tech industry: Nikema Prophet on bootcamps, job searching, and authenticity 64:14 05/26/2021
Content and community at Red Hat: How Matt Broberg helps software architects tell their stories 53:30 05/19/2021
Open source developer advocacy at Facebook: Dmitry Vinnik on supporting and growing Facebook's 700 open source projects 48:19 05/12/2021
Belonging begins with discomfort: Building and measuring equity in tech with Abadesi Osunsade 45:58 05/05/2021
Machines made of words: Tech journalism from print to SEO to PR with Dylan Tweney 40:05 04/28/2021
The scent of Hashicorp: Talking experiential marketing with Jana Boruta 39:27 04/21/2021
Bringing early stage startups to life: Go-to-market and telling founder stories with Austin Gunter 34:50 04/14/2021
Just shut up and listen: How podcasts connect people and create conversations with Mandy Moore 43:08 04/07/2021
Listening and enabling: Talking DevRel and neurodiversity with Wesley Faulkner 44:56 03/31/2021
Why APIs are a storytelling technology: Talking open ecosystems and open data with Mark Boyd 35:17 03/24/2021
Coding in pastel mode: Building a community for self-expression at Glitch with Alexa Scordato 49:00 03/17/2021
Please hype responsibly: Talking about complex systems with Gemma Milne 55:55 03/10/2021
Welcome to What We Talk About When We Talk About Tech 28:19 03/07/2021