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Pro Politics with Zac McCrary

Political pollster Zac McCrary interviews interesting people who work in and around the political industry. Guests come from a multitude of backgrounds and specialties within the political industry, and span the partisan spectrum. This is not a podcast for partisan squabbling or punditry about the latest issue in DC - it is hearing directly from successful people in the industry...their stories, experiences, and advice. This is a podcast for anyone who works in politics, hopes to work in politics, or wants to get up close to see how things really work in the world of professional politics.


Politics According to Sean McElwee 51:46 08/16/2022
Charlie Black, Titan of GOP Politics 54:07 08/09/2022
Katie Moore, Manager of Eric Adams' 2021 NYC Mayoral Win 55:27 08/02/2022
Jerry Austin & A Lesson in Old School Politics 49:58 07/26/2022
Lis Smith & The Love of Politics 57:49 07/19/2022
Senator Tom Daschle on 50 Years in Politics 48:25 07/12/2022
Robby Mook on the Art & Science of Campaigns 47:45 07/05/2022
Best of Pro Politics: Ellen Malcolm, Founder & Longtime President of EMILYs List 59:36 06/28/2022
Ambassador & Senator Carol Moseley Braun, the first Black Woman Elected to the US Senate 43:57 06/21/2022
Ari Rabin-Havt: Bernie Sanders' 2020 Deputy Campaign Manger & Author of The Fighting Soul 41:46 06/14/2022
Media Consultant Neil Oxman on the History of Political Admaking & His Own Career 55:43 06/07/2022
The Unconventional Ascent of Liz Mair 56:09 05/31/2022
Ken Spain of Narrative Strategies...on Capitol Hill, the NRCC, Koch Industries, & Strategic Comms 57:22 05/24/2022
Roger Lau, Warren 2020 Campaign Manager & Deputy ED of the DNC 50:52 05/17/2022
The NYT's Alex Burns & Jonathan Martin, Authors of THIS WILL NOT PASS 46:41 05/10/2022
Hazel Wong, Global Campaigns Director at The Nature Conservancy 43:25 05/03/2022
Dem Strategist Jesse Ferguson on Hillary '16, Messaging 101, & Healing the World 51:33 04/26/2022
Democratic Pollster Celinda Lake on A Trailblazing Career in Politics 53:21 04/19/2022
Congressman Chris Shays on Five Decades in Politics & The Vanishing House Moderate 52:18 04/12/2022
Liuba Grechen Shirley, Founder/CEO of VoteMama 40:03 04/05/2022
Dave Wasserman on All Things Elections Analysis & Redistricting 54:27 03/29/2022
The Triumph of Joe Califano, Top Domestic Advisor to LBJ & Carter Cabinet Secretary 43:08 03/22/2022
Senator Mary Landrieu on a Lifetime in Louisiana Politics 50:01 03/15/2022
Rory Cooper, of Purple Strategies, on Campaigns, Comms, & Cantor 54:13 03/08/2022
One Year Anniversary Episode with John Anzalone, Chief Pollster for Biden 2020 50:49 03/01/2022
Joe Crowley, former Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, on Two Decades in Congress 37:52 02/22/2022
Adnaan Muslim on Delivering Effective Mail, Building Firms, & Winning Races 47:30 02/15/2022
Kelly Hall, ED of the Fairness Project on Working on The Hill, Passing the ACA, and Winning Ballot Measures 52:06 02/08/2022
Jeremy Ben-Ami, Founder and President of J Street 52:34 02/01/2022
The Giant-Slaying, Trail-Blazing, History-Making Loretta Sanchez on 20 Years in the House 53:14 01/25/2022