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Fearless Infertility is the podcast for women struggling as they deal with the mental anguish of infertility. Join Jenica Parcell, your host and now mom of twin miracle babies, as she shares the exact tools, strategies, and resources she used to take back control over her mind and find joy during her experience with infertility. This podcast is designed to help you understand your mind and how you are in control of your infertility experience. I know! It might sound out of reach but I PROMISE I've got you. Each episode will leave you feeling empowered, in control, and encouraged to continue on your journey. If you are struggling with infertility, you are NOT alone. Visit us over at fearless for more resources


48. You Can LITERALLY Be Whoever You Want and Here's How 31:41 01/24/2022
47. It is Irresponsible Not to Shine and How to Get Out of Your Own Way 32:29 01/17/2022
46. It’s Okay to Have Fun While Experiencing Infertility & 7 Ideas How 33:03 01/10/2022
45. Why Our Differences (Having Infertility, etc.) Make Us So Uncomfortable 25:51 01/03/2022
44. How to Eliminate Overwhelm 27:26 12/27/2021
43. How to Listen to Criticism Without Letting it Affect You (AND How to Enjoy All the Positive Feedback You Get Too!) 26:48 12/20/2021
42. Dealing with Difficult People 27:06 12/13/2021
41. How to Use Gratitude to Create Your Dream Life 32:45 12/06/2021
40. 5 Things You Become by Trudging Through Those Insanely Hard Parts of Life 26:31 11/29/2021
39. Traits of the Most Successful Women on the Planet 39:35 11/22/2021
38. How to Cope When All Seems Lost with Kelsey Nixon 50:54 11/15/2021
37. The Wizard Behind the Curtain in IVF: Embryologist Shaun Reed 54:25 11/08/2021
36. Living on the Edge of Death and Healing Herself with Ashleigh Di Lello 46:57 11/01/2021
35. Ingredients That Could be Causing Infertility with Karalynne Call of Just Ingredients 43:21 10/25/2021
34. Anxiety, Depression, and Panic: The Sun Will Rise with Courtney Rich of Cake by Courtney [UPDATED] 38:46 10/18/2021
33. Self-Confident Powerhouse from Doubtful Perfectionist with Amanda Sanchez 54:19 10/11/2021
32. I Almost Quit Last Week 30:38 10/04/2021
31. Our Infertility Journey: Your Questions Answered with Tyler Parcell 53:34 09/27/2021
30. Infertility YOUR Way with Monique Farook 53:40 09/20/2021
29. The Doctor That Gave Us Our Miracle Twins - Dr. Russell Foulk 61:54 09/13/2021
28. Self-Confidence 27:54 09/06/2021
27. Do I Need Support During Infertility? 33:24 08/30/2021
26. Coaching and Creating the Life You Want with Katie Richardson 63:32 08/23/2021
25. Infertility While Having a Career with Britt Larsen 55:27 08/16/2021
24. Deciding to Share About Your Infertility with Chloe Melas 41:51 08/09/2021
23. How Coaching Can Help with Elizabeth King 48:10 08/02/2021
22. The Power of Honoring Hard Moments with Kelly Jensen 61:31 07/26/2021
21. Finding Peace and Resilience in Life's Challenges with Rachel Parcell 43:23 07/19/2021
20. How to Be Unstoppable 30:32 07/12/2021
19. How to Move Forward with Confidence 30:46 07/05/2021