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Welcome to the Compass & Clock's Info-Tianment PodcastThrough our podcasts we'll explore how to live your best life now and well into retirement.We'll discuss topics in financial planning, housing, and insurance.We'll talk wellness, relationships, and leisure pursuits. A full active life requires planning for your goals and preparing for the unexpected.We'll introduce you to a variety of entertaining guests, from knowledgeable experts, to folks sharing stories of their life experiences, and so much more. Because Life is BIG!All is intended to help guide you in planning for what you need now, and at any age.Remember to Like & Subscribe, so you don't miss a thing!


Aging Gracefully, Physically Part II
David and I do a Part II on aging gracefully physically and in this Podcast he educates us on the Musculoskeletal  System (MSK System) and he demonstrates some exercises that help with flexibility, balance, and strength.
29:52 2/29/24
What's a ForeverHome
In this episode Aaron Murphy & I are going to cover how to plan for a successful Forever Home for life’s later chapter.
26:09 2/27/24
Habitat for Humanity Community Collaboration and Current Projects
Colleen spends time today catching me up on their latest projects in Clallam County, which include the Veterans Build, their new 4-plex townhomes build, and their Aging In Place project.Colleen Robinson has been the Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County since 2017. She is actively involved in local community events and civic organizations, in addition to being on the board for the Sequim-Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce, Clallam County Economic Development Council, and the Olympic Angels.  Colleen will tell you she's a mover and a shaker, community supporter, social connector, rainmaker, and fun instigator.
25:40 1/18/24
What is Aging Gracefully Physically?
David and I speak about what aging gracefully is and what aging gracefully physically means. The 3 core components are flexibility, balance and strength.David Neuman is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, clinical director of NY Sportscare, TEDx speaker, Executive director of a non-profit called Joint Education Outreach, internationally published author and international speaker. David founded and created a digital therapeutic company, Pop-doc. Pop-Doc creates and designs Corrective Exercise Therapy programs for populations wanting to ‘Exercise Again’ and age gracefully. 
29:21 1/11/24
Rent Stabilization for Low Income Housing
Today we are going to talk about Rent Stabilization for Low Income Housing in the state of WA. This applies to all manufactured home parks, not just 55+ older residents, and also low income housing rental communities.Ricky Sites, has learned as she's aged, and by the way, she is now 80+ yrs young, has found that the manufactured home park is an ideal housing situation for her physical limits as well as being a terrific affordable community for socialization and support.
25:08 12/14/23
What is Aging in Place, and what does that really mean?
Deanne and I have a conversation about what actually is Aging in Place.  How do you plan for this, where can you find the resources, what age should you start planning and much more.Deanne O’Rear-Cameron is a Professional Mindset and Human Development Specialist, Aging in Place Advocate, Speaker, Author, and Chair of the Board of Directors of the NAIPC. She is passionate about helping others thrive,  live their best life, no matter where they are in life, but her heart is with Older Adults and resources to Age in Place a little more gracefully.
26:30 12/7/23
What is the Uniformed Guardian Act?
Bryana and I talk about the new UGA (uniformed guardian act). What it is, the changes that were made to legal guardianships, and how it all works.Bryana Cross-Bean, is an Attorney at Law, based in Pierce County WA. Her primary practice areas are estate planning, long-term care planning, elder law, and probate. She is also the Chair of the Public Policy Committee for the Washington Academy of Elder Law Attorneys where she tracks state legislation relevant to guardianship, elder law, and estate planning.
24:04 11/30/23
What is the Alzheimer's Association & The Walk
Nicci and I are discussing the founding of the Alzheimer's Association, all the services and support it provides, and what is The Walk and its purpose.Nicci Noteboom is the Marketing and Communications Director for the Alzheimer's Association, Washington State Chapter since 2022. She has a seasoned background in healthcare and social service marketing and communications, including working with seniors and underserved populations. 
27:08 7/6/23
Memory Loss, Care, Communities & More
Carrie & I discuss the different types of memory loss, signs to recognize if someone might have memory loss, the different care & community options, and so much more.Carrie Chavez graduated with her degree in Recreation Therapy from Western Washington University and has worked with seniors for 13 years. She loves working in this industry because she gets to meet so many interesting people and learn about their amazing stories.
27:05 6/22/23
The Curiously Creative Mailboxes of Bainbridge Island
Today Denise & I talk about her quirky obsession with the curiously creative mailboxes around Bainbridge Island and her bi-postal tour.Denise Stoughton is an interior designer and writer living on Bainbridge Island with her two chihuahuas, Tula and Milo. Passionate about writing she studied at The Writers Studio in Greenwich Village, founded by Pulitzer-Prize winning poet, Philip Schultz. She has published articles in The Bainbridge Review, Tideland Magazine, South Brunswick Magazine, and the Pacific NW Magazine (Seattle Times).
27:15 4/20/23
Because I Care: An Estate Planning Journal
Today Rena and I are going to discuss her new book "Because I Care: An Estate Planning Journal" and the reason why she wrote this. This book is not about estate planning documents it's how to let your loved ones know where your important documents area, what's important to you, where to find information should you become incapacitated, and more.Rena McDonald is the managing partners of the Eclipse Law Group. Rena and her firm have been recognized for many awards, including The Best of Las Vegas, Top 100 Women in Nevada, and she’s recently been named “A Person to Know.” Rena is an international best selling author, entrepreneur, and mother & wife. 
26:49 4/13/23
Estate Planning Documents: Their importance and when they are effective
In this episode, John & I talk about the common Estate Planning Documents and when they are effective, and their importance.John Platt is the founder of Profiducia Services Inc. Profidcuia is a firm that provides fiduciary services with discretion, trust, and integrity, this could include the role of a personal representative.  John resides in Western WA for the last 30 yrs with his wife and children. He enjoys pickleball, golf, and the great outdoors.
29:25 4/6/23
Legacy: How You Want to be Remembered
Today we are going to talk about Legacy. How you want to be remembered. Johanna Munson is a  highly practical yet deeply spiritual entrepreneur whose soul-centered leadership brings you peace of mind through End of Life planning. She supports adults to face the often-challenging conversations and decisions around End of Life planning. Johanna is a life-long educator and coach, and brings her deep appreciation for the human capacity for continued growth to her work with clients. 
26:07 3/30/23
A Daughter's Journey Through Alzheimer's
Today Jessica and I are going to discuss her new book "Seeking Clarity in the Labyrinth; A daughter's journey through Alzheimer’s"Jessica Stokes is an entrepreneur by nature, and is the owner of a small business in the Denver area. She’s a trained veriditas labyrinth facilitator, caregiver, mom, wife, and now a published author. 
26:25 3/23/23
Senior Transitions: Housing, Healthcare, Financial & Legal
It's only appropriate that I speak with Jim & Renita about transitions in someone’s life due to healthcare, financial, or physical constraints, and how to recognize these and provide folks with support and resources for a sustainable improved quality of life. I’m approaching this podcast a little bit differently and we'll illustrate senior transitions through several real life stories that Jim & Renita will share with us. Jim Freeman & Renita Olsen are the dynamic duo behind Silver Bridge Senior Transitions. Their mission is to help seniors & their families plan for an efficient, stress free move to a new life. Jim is a Certified Senior Transition Specialist with Moms House & a Senior Real Estate Specialist. Renita has served individual seniors and care communities as a volunteer. And both of them have had hands on experience with their own loved ones transitions 
25:52 3/16/23
Resizing for a Clean & Cozy Home with author Judy Granlee-Gates
Today Judy and I are going to discuss her new book: Bigger Living, Smaller Space, Resizing for a Clean & Cozy Home, and how it can help you.Judy Granlee-Gates is a custom home-builder and remodeler of 35 years in Kitsap County. She loves to write and has written all of her life, and she has heard from people for over 35 years that we need just a little more space. 
25:56 3/9/23
What is AI?
Today Amber and I are going to talk about AI Technology. What it is and how it actually affects you.Amber Hasenpflug is a writer, podcaster, and digital marketer. She's the content coordinator for Sequim Living Magazine where she helps bring stories of local families into the community and her business, Pacific Creative Studio, focuses on helping small businesses utilize the power of internet marketing to grow their reach through creative ads and websites that convert.
23:56 3/2/23
Take the Scam Quiz
Laura and I are going to have some fun with all of you. We are going to do a Quiz Show on Scams, to help educate you and provide you with the tools so you don’t get scammed. We'll cover Social Media Scams; Email & Internet Scams; and Text & Phone Call Scams. Let's beat those scammers at their own game.Laura Moynihan is a state certified teacher, professional Mac/Apple user for over 25 years, and full-time Tech Coach since 2015. She specializes in helping people of all abilities become more efficient with the technology they use every day.
25:49 6/11/22
What is the Ombudsman Program?
Today Dana and I are going to discuss the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program and explain what it is and how they advocate for the residents in licensed long term care communities in Kitsap County and around the country.Dana Gargus received her degree in social work from UC Berkeley and has worked in a variety of state and local government settings over the years.  She and her husband have been a part of the Bainbridge Island community for over 30 years and she has been the Kitsap County Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman since 2011. Together with a team of volunteers, Dana advocates for the rights of all the 2,800 people who live in long-term care in Kitsap County.
24:08 6/11/22
What is Peninsula Services?
Today Todd and I are going to share with you who Peninsula Services is, what they provide, and why it's important for the community.Todd Faulkner is currently the interim CEO for Peninsula Services in Bremerton WA. As an innovative leader Todd oversees extensive programs serving people with disabilities throughout Kitsap County
22:43 5/5/22
The Who, What, Where, and Why of Chambers of Commerce and Visitor Centers
Beth and I discuss the Who, What, Where, and Why of Chambers of Commerce and Visitor Centers and how they benefit the communities, what these organizations are all about, and how to access and use them for yourself.Beth Pratt is the executive director for the Sequim-Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce, working with businesses and organizations across the Olympic Peninsula to create a healthy and vibrant community for all.
24:02 2/17/22
What is a Personal Care System Plan?
Today Ricky and I are going to talk about creating a care system for oneself for your senior years and what does this mean or look like to you. Ricky Sites is an energetic and dynamic force. She was a medic and pharmacist in the Air Force - married into a construction family and made a career combining the two disciplines. Her primary role was design and construction management for hospitals, prisons, and airports.
26:05 2/10/22
The Past, Present, and Future of Media
Today Amber and I are going to talk about the different types of media, it’s current counterparts, and future mediums on the horizon.Amber Hasenpflug is a writer, podcaster, and digital marketer. She's the content coordinator for Sequim Living Magazine where she helps bring stories of local families into the community and her business, Pacific Creative Studio, focuses on helping small businesses utilize the power of internet marketing to grow their reach through creative ads and websites that convert.
25:16 1/6/22
Retirement with Richard Tizzano
Today Richard Tizzano is retiring and I thought it would be great to have someone share their actual experience with us as it led up to the actual date of retirement. Richard Tizzano has specialized in Elder Law & Estate Planning for over 20 years and a few years ago he took his decades of experience and wrote Accidental Safari: A guide for navigating the challenges that come with aging. 
25:19 12/30/21
Holiday Activities Throughout the Year with Seniors
Today Beth and I talk about what the different Long Term Care Communities do to make the holidays throughout the year fun for their Residents. And how to make sure all seniors at home are enjoying the holidays year-round.Beth Pratt has spent 14 years working in senior long-term care, beginning as an activity director in 2007.  She worked in retirement, assisted living, and memory care settings before deciding to leave the world of senior care.  Recently beginning a new career, Beth is the executive director for the Sequim-Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce, working with businesses and organizations across the Olympic Peninsula to create a healthy and vibrant community for all.
25:20 12/23/21
What is Meals On Wheels Kitsap?
Today Deborah & I are going to talk about Meals on Wheels Kitsap, and how they are more than just a meal for older adults, 60 + Older, and how to connect with a Senior Nutrition program in your community.Deborah Horn has been the Executive Director of Meals on Wheels Kitsap since 2010. She has worked for non-profit organizations over the last 45 years, all with a focus on Healthcare. Deborah has been a resident of Kitsap County for over 30 years and has raised her family here. In her spare time if she’s not playing with her 5 grandchildren she is creating stained & fused glass art.
21:58 9/2/21
What is SilverBills
Today Marci & I are going to discuss how SilverBills is a technological solution to the problem of paying bills accurately and on time, what services they provide, and so much more.Marci Lobel-Esrig is the founder of SilverBills, which she created in 2015,  after witnessing the challenges faced by her elderly relative paying bills on time and correctly. In addition to being the leader of the SilverBills team, Marci is an accomplished attorney with over 20 years of experience, and she's adept at solving complex issues. 
21:22 8/19/21
Estate Planning: The Documents
Tony & I are talking about Legal Documents 101. What those documents are and how they make up your Estate Plan.Tony Hinson is an attorney in Poulsbo WA, with over 24 years of legal experience. He focuses on estate planning, elder law, estate and gift taxation, guardianships, and probate matters. Tony is also a 2016 recipient of the APEX Award. This honor is awarded to a WA State Bar Assoc. member who exemplifies the spirit of professionalism in the practice of law, as defined in the WSBA’s Creed of Professionalism.
29:00 8/12/21
Hobbies & How They Fulfill Us
Beth & I are discussing hobbies and how they bring people joy, and how it can not only bring you personal fulfillment, but it brings so much to the community at large too.Beth Pratt is a violinist with the Sequim Community Orchestra and she’s been playing the violin since the age of 8. She took a long break from the violin from the end of High School until she joined the Sequim Community Orchestra in 2012, which is when it was founded.
24:34 7/29/21
ReInventing Retirement with John Reinmuth
After John Reinmuth retired, he started Wellspring Financial Planners, a registered investment advisor firm in WA.  His mission is to help people find financial wholeness in their lives at any stage, especially in transitions.  From married to widowhood, from working to retirement.We discuss how John took what his new vision of retirement was, and how he made it happen for himself.  John's personal story is part of the “reinventing retirement” trend that you see with folks starting their own business in retirement years and feeling fulfilled.
27:43 7/22/21

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