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Naturally Inspired Daily Show is an informative video series featuring articles and news worthy stories that may not be getting exposure in the mainstream format. Viewers and listeners can get current information on topics in health and health legislation that impact health choice. The videos are released several times a week and run about 30 minutes in length. Naturally Inspired Daily is a great resource to get introduced to issues and topics that can be followed up on with more independent research. Learn More At


Munich Security Conference Predicted Monkeypox Outbreak To Start May 15, 2022. Belgium Quarantines 34:31 05/23/2022
Amish May Have Reached Herd Immunity. Patrick Wood Explains Digital ID. Carbon Credit Card. 32:34 05/19/2022
The Science Behind Fake Meat. Programmable Money Starts In Iran To Buy Bread. 28:43 05/19/2022
Microsoft Promotes Hacking The Human Code. Could Your Blood Type Make You More Susceptible To Covid 29:21 05/17/2022
Bill Gates Invested In Fake Breast Milk. Good Morning America Reveals Booster Side Effect 32:40 05/12/2022
Yuval Harari On Big Data And The End Of Free Will. Dataism...What Is It? 6 Lessons On Propaganda 38:51 05/11/2022
Is Autoimmune Hepatitis Triggered By Covid Shot? Dr Malone Calls Out CDC For Withholding Data. 32:13 05/09/2022
IBM And The Holocaust. City Schools Line Up Children On Street For Covid Nasal Swab Testing. 37:22 04/28/2022
Lara Logan On China, Big Tech And The Fentanyl Crises In America. List Of George Soros Funded D.A.'s 33:30 04/27/2022
New Italian Social Credit App Rewards For Good Behavior. 3 Phases Of Covid Shot Mortality. 34:27 04/26/2022
Severe Hepatitis Found In Children. Massive Blood Clots Being Pulled From Bodies By Embalmers. 41:43 04/25/2022
Geert Vanden Bossche Explains How we Will Never Reach Herd Immunity By Injection. Viral Pilot Video. 34:08 04/20/2022
JFK Talks Physical Fitness. 50% Decline In Sperm Count And Testosterone In Men. 28:39 04/18/2022
World Economic Forum And Their Snake Venom Drugs. Canada Makes Tobacco Plant Covid Vaccine. 28:59 04/14/2022
The Serpents Poison: Dr Bryan Ardis Releases Shocking Covid 19 Information. What Is A Data Broker? 40:12 04/13/2022
Shanghai Screams. Pets Are Being Euthanized. People Are Being Starved. Citizens Are Fighting. 39:27 04/12/2022
Dr Malone Exposes Globalism And Says It's Time To Fight Back. Slime Robot Created For Inside Body 31:51 04/07/2022
Australian Senator Unmasks Klaus Schwab And World Economic Forum Agenda. Dr Pierre Kory Interview 37:09 04/06/2022
China Makes Citizens Get On Their Knees For Covid Tests And Separates Children From Parents. 29:48 04/05/2022
Fully Inoculated Tennis Players Unable To Finish Miami Open. Steve Kirsch Gives Testimony. 27:53 04/04/2022
Dr Mercola Says U.S. Will Ban Meat By 2024. World Government Summit Plans New World Order Takeover. 28:39 04/01/2022
Bruce Willis Diagnosed With Aphasia. Robotic Dog Patrols Park To Surveil People. Fauci And Lockdowns 27:30 03/31/2022
Dr McCullough Explains Covid-19 Vaccine Autopsies. Covid Cough Analysis App Is Here For Your Safety. 32:04 03/30/2022
Journalist Banned From Flying And Buying Property Because Of Tweets. Heart Damage Stays After Shot 33:32 03/29/2022
Bill Gates Disappointed In Their Propaganda Not Working. 14 Medications That Cause False Positives. 32:22 03/28/2022
Robert Kennedy Jr Describes Big Pharma Corruption. Mayor Adams Lifts Vaccine Mandate For Athletes 37:45 03/25/2022
Rafael Nadal Now Having Breathing Issues. Godfather Of Vaccines Reveals Experimenting On Children 43:28 03/23/2022
Moderna CEO Has Sold $400,000,000 Of His Moderna Stock. CDC Removes 24% Of Child Covid Deaths. 46:59 03/21/2022
Matt Walsh Points The Finger At Zelenskyy. Infant Mortality Drops During Covid. NIH. 34:58 03/17/2022
Bill Gates' Plant To Control World's Seeds, Food And Agriculture. NIH mRNA Vaccines For AIDS 35:16 03/16/2022