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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

The Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast is designed to give you more joy, less fear, and no end to the evidence that a bright future is possible! This podcast will give you a fresh perspective on the world around you. We speak to thought leaders in a wave of progress, well underway around the globe, that we call the Conspiracy of Goodness. The Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast is hosted by Dr. Lynda Ulrich, founder of the Goodness Exchange. Since 2014, she and her team have been changing the negative dialogue about our times by celebrating the insights and innovations that prove it’s still an amazing world. And along the way, they have been having incredible conversations with thought leaders that they are now sharing with you!


Cultivating Emotional Intelligence to Manage Your Reaction to the World with Brittney-Nichole 56:08 05/10/2022
Finding Your Best Self By Solving a Problem for Others with Sarah Leathers 52:31 05/03/2022
Using Your Gifts to Serve Everyone, Including Yourself with Helen Trickey 50:59 04/26/2022
Your Trauma is Not a Barrier, It’s a Window with David Richman 63:59 04/19/2022
Recognizing Everyone’s Superpower to Reshape Work Cultures with Jenn Lim 54:53 04/12/2022
Your Best Time Management: Knowing What to Let Go with Oliver Burkeman 47:54 04/05/2022
The One Big Problem We Know How to Solve with Christoph Gorder of Charity: Water 47:38 03/29/2022
Helping the Rainforest at the Click of a Button with Chochi Iturralde 48:00 03/22/2022
Map Out Your Happiness Journey: Dancing Through the Americas with Alienor Salmon 56:27 03/15/2022
Living a Regenerative Life: Falling in Love with a Sustainable Future with Paul Hawken 63:03 03/08/2022
Make a Living or Make a Difference? You Don’t Have to Choose with Roshan Paul 53:05 03/01/2022
Getting Businesses to Care About Our Future Through Doughnut-Inspired Solutions with Erinch Sahan 57:20 02/22/2022
Trusting Opportunity Over Fear with John Hagel 53:48 02/15/2022
Train Your Reckless Brain with These Helpful Mind Hacks with Kimberly Quinn 58:37 02/08/2022
Strengthening Local Community Connections with 6 AM City and Ryan Heafy 54:16 02/01/2022
Learning to Unlock a Growth Mindset with David Weaver 60:22 01/25/2022
Why the Brand You Buy Matters: Impact Beyond the Price Tag with Tim Jones 53:41 01/18/2022
How to Build a Life Around Your Strengths with Gary Bolles 52:05 01/12/2022
Test Drive Your Dreams: Choosing Your Own Adventure with Christie Albrecht 40:28 01/04/2022
6 Approaches For When You Are Thrust Into Change with Lisa Gable 57:38 12/28/2021
Trust the River of Life: Stop Rowing Upstream with Debbie Gisonni 57:07 12/21/2021
Rethinking How We Solve Problems By Using “Appreciative Inquiry” with David Cooperrider 65:42 12/14/2021
7 Million Pajamas to Kids in Need: Helping Where You Can with Genevieve Piturro 54:43 12/07/2021
Setbacks Help You Find Who You Are with Jason Connolly 51:22 11/30/2021
Building Extraordinary Relationships: The 5 Habits of Human Connection with Riaz Meghji 42:53 11/23/2021
Embracing All Parts of You: What You See vs Who You Are with Annemarie Shrouder 58:23 11/16/2021
Embrace Change: Turn It Into The Spice of Life 59:55 11/09/2021
A Year of Living Kindly: Lessons Learned with Donna Cameron 40:31 11/02/2021
Showing Up for Others: Life Isn't a Spectator Sport 39:08 10/26/2021
Kindness Koin$: Harnessing Technology to Advance Humanity with Bert Pope 54:18 10/19/2021