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Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Long Shot Leaders tell the stories and secrets of leaders, Innovators, entrepreneurs, and various high achievers. We interview people of all walks of life and explore their struggles, shortcomings, challenges, and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. Hard-hitting and fast-moving, connecting people from all walks of life to learn about entrepreneurship, leadership, relationships, cruise ships, and any other kind of damn ship you can think of. We talk to leaders in culture, film, regular business, show business, monkey business, you name it! digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use. Michael Stein likes deconstructing why people do what they do and how they can be better.


Sharing the secrets of Google, Starbucks, Shopify with world leading marketing expert Mitch Joel 41:47 06/29/2022
Working with Jeff Bezos, co-creating Redfin and sharing the secrets of making a billion dollar company with David Selinger 54:10 06/27/2022
What does the data say about what to eat and how to work out with world leading data driven expert Menno Henselmans 50:34 06/24/2022
Losing it all and growing back bigger and better - How to be your own bank with Chris Naugle 81:13 06/22/2022
Inspiration for the movie Dark Waters, environmental attorney Robert Bilott 59:50 06/20/2022
How to make anything happen with who Forbes calls the real life Wizard Of Oz, Steve Sims. 55:31 06/17/2022
Being held hostage, and teaching in multiple countries - The wild travels of Daniel Kracer 68:56 06/15/2022
Finding your purpose with indie filmmaker Daniel Hess 38:32 06/13/2022
How to become a rock star television personality with Chris Van Vliet 40:14 06/10/2022
How to build a media empire with dark humor with Brad Gosse 53:45 06/08/2022
How to launch a product with best selling author, CEO coach and product launch master Mike Maddock 51:52 06/06/2022
The Leader of Leaders Ron Carrucci hares His Secrets and his Long Shot Story 42:13 06/03/2022
How an out of work comedian created an empire with insurance mergers and acquisitions, with Jeff Arnold 28:54 06/01/2022
How to start with nothing and invent your own type of marketing empire with Marco Torres 47:55 05/30/2022
How Brandon Steiner went from the streets of Brooklyn, to inventing the everything bagel to working with sports legends 52:31 05/27/2022
How to grow your brand with the founder of "The Bump Club and Beyond" Lindsay Pinchuk 38:42 05/25/2022
How to cash in with Crypto with the founder of Crypto Yall, Josh Rhodes 58:52 05/23/2022
How to get Oprah Winfrey to promote your book with author Tony Gaskins 56:01 05/20/2022
How to create a kick-ass brand AND beat cancer with the founder and CEO of Sweet Loren's, Loren Brill 49:48 05/18/2022
How with the loss of both parents as a teen, founder and CEO Ashlee Kleinschmidt of found her way to success. 36:13 05/16/2022
How to create a sustainable acting career with Ray Buffer 36:44 05/13/2022
How Stan P Cox reinvented himself with an insurance investing secret. - Bonus Episode 41:00 05/12/2022
The wild ride of small town girl & casting director Jaimie Beebie 34:25 05/11/2022
How to become a world leading outdoor photographer superstar with Corey Rich 39:32 05/09/2022
How to network your way to success with Vinnie Potestivo 43:12 05/06/2022
How to get your book made into a movie and be a peaceful warrior with Dan Millman 37:58 05/04/2022
How a US Army Engineer & Drill Sgt, Became a full time Professional Bass Angler & Speaker with James Watson 46:34 05/02/2022
The horrific journey of Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser - 200 episodes celebration Replay 7 great episodes in a row. 162:57 05/01/2022
From jail to riches with Steven Luciano - 200 episode celebration Replay 7 great episodes in a row. 63:08 04/30/2022
Sharing the secrets of Hollywood history with the writer of Jaws & the Jerk with Carl Gottlieb - 200 episode celebration Replay 7 great episodes in a row. 54:56 04/29/2022