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Episode 267
Dissident Island Radio episode 267 features: - Save Nour / Fight the Tower: a group of Brixtonians and friends who came together to oppose the eviction of Nour Cash and Carry - and won! We hear the riveting and entertaining story of their hard won and well-deserved success bringing down Taylor McWilliams bid to build a giant tower in the middle of thriving Brixton, and what the future holds for the campaign.  - ACAB Andy with legal updates from the 3 outstanding Bristol Kill the Bill protests, info for protesters planning to Stop the DSEI arms fair and some opining on the new Lady Chief Justice Carr (spoiler: the future holds some frightening and significant u-turns on judgments against protesters!) - To end, Last boss of Bad Septa fame plays us some Jungle, Break core and Grime. Enjoy!
167:52 9/6/23
Episode 266
Dissident Island Episode 266 brings home the broccoli with words from: - Jordi & Marian discussing the recently concluded Brixton Gentrification Archive project - Legal Andy with a not so fun rundown of what's cooking with the upcoming Public Order Bill - Jon from the Right to Roam campaign telling us about the implications of January's ruling on wild camping in Dartmoor and the group's plans to push for wider access to green spaces for all - Finishing off with a blast from the past in the form of a tasty drum n bass set from our archives (ep. 160 to be precise) courtesy of Hue Jah Fink - Plus tunes from  Suck Puck Compilations' Fuck The Borders Vol 7 sprinkled throughout
158:00 3/12/23
December 2022 - Episode 265
Attempting to mark 15 years of radical radio, the Dissident Island posse put together our 265th episode which also brings 2022 to a close. In store for you here: - Ruth from Green & Black Cross / ACAB discussing the reality of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act (of #killthebill fame) taking us through different part of the statute from the not so bad to the pretty terrifying - A member of the submedia collective talking with us about the Fediverse, Mastadon and providing grassroots alternatives to corporate social media platforms - ACAB Andy with an end of year report on another blow to the right to protest in the Supreme Court, as well as trials and tribulations of protesters in the lower courts - A live dj set from the one and only Delsa to finish off the show in style! Plus tunes from Hunting Hearts and Bartees Strange
181:39 12/23/22
October 2022 - Episode 264
- A sizeable contribution from our sister show Radio Ava featuring stories of floating brothels, film reviews, discussion of stories of sexual exploitation in Greece and snippets from Hookers in the House of the Lord - ACAB Andy with a callout from NETPOL for view on a possible Colston Statue appeal plus news about defendants from the 'voluntary' and 'involuntary' sectors going through the courts - Words from the new editor of Freedom Paper about the history of the institution and plans for the near future - Banging jungle from Lastboss of Bad Sekta fame to finish off the show
161:09 11/13/22
September 2022
To celebrate the 2022 London Anarchist Bookfair Dissident Island and Radio Ava joined forces to collect various voices from the bookfair and beyond. Noises on offer include:   00:00:00 - 00:06:12  Introduction & Radical Whores 00:09:13 - 00:28:16  Don't Pay UK 00:31:23 - 00:58:50 The Rise of Ecofascism 01:01:03 - 01:19:54  Terribe People Zine 01:22:25 - 01:40:43 ACAB legal update (with words from Bristol Defendant Solidarity) 01:42:30 - 02:02:00 Palestine Action 02:06:16 - 02:20:28 Touchpaper 02:24:00 - 02:50:38  Professor G on the persistence of the monarchy 02:55:50 - 03:08:41  Man-Made Zine (instagram: @manmadezine) 03:12:50 - 03:32:17 Final remarks and sounds from the Chris Kaba demonstration in September   Plus tunes from the Bookfair 2022 Mixtape!
212:17 10/16/22
August 2022 - Episode 263
- We caught up with Cooperation Town 2.5 years after the project started to talk about their expansion since then, the challenges and lessons learnt, and the importance of connecting with neighbours to local organising that creates meaningful solutions to the cost of living crisis that don't rely on problematic relationships and structures of charity. - Words from one of the organisers of the London Anarchist Bookfair about how the organising group has fared these past three years, the challenges of navigating the internal politics of the scene while trying to broaden the appeal of anarchism and what's in store at this year's event. - We'll hear from ACAB Andy with his usual bag of tips tricks and updates from the underworld to help you stay away from that nasty thin blue line. - Nearly 10 years on Fuel Poverty Action are still campaigning, now facing into a winter that is predicted to be worse than many before. We talked to them about how climate choas is linked to fuel poverty, their campaign to provide energy for all and how it links in to other campaigns on taking action ahead of this winter when fuel prices are set to quadruple across the UK   - Plus tunes from War on Women / Turnstiles / Beach Angel
84:37 8/28/22
June 2022 Radio AvA Hooker Takeover: Take 2
Check out this most excellent Hooker take over take part 2 of Dissident Island Radio! Radio AvA discuss how the war in Ukraine has generated a surge of sex-trafficking alarms and extra gendered surveillance measures [1, 2, 3, 4]. Riffling through media, reports and recommendations, we wonder what is this really all about, and how it might pan out. Also: summer wankers and impromptu readings from a current favourite novel.  
39:26 6/22/22
June 2022 ACAB Andy Legal Update
Check out this highly entertaining (as always!) legal update from ACAB Andy! In this segment: Police Court Sentencing Crime Act (PCSCA): how its not the end of the world, and upcoming ACAB & GBC guide to the important bits in the PCSCA #killthebill  Bristol trial updates updates on trials re the Met and the Sarah Everard demo and protestors Dalston raids case #killthebill London trial updates the Heard/Depp UK vs US verdict
30:15 6/16/22
Episode 261
Get cosy and settle in to the latest edition of Dissident Island Radio! Episode 261 features: - Jake from London Renters Union retrospecting on what happened since and as a result of the Rent Strike of May 2020. - Meli, a member of the Glasgow Student Housing Coop that's affiliated with Student Co-op Homes on the process, challenges and inspirations of organising student housing cooperatives. - Clarrie Pope, co-author of recently published graphic novel "Welcome Home", discussing her book, squatting, cultures of resistance and more. - ACAB Andy updates us on the LARC cop raid (and being cross with Extinction Rebellion), #killthebill Bristol trials, bicycletripping-up-woman case, Brendan the Baliff Basher case, the attorney general review of the Colston Statue trial and key points we can take away from the recently passed Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Act. - Music from Wormholes Between - DJ set from Lastboss from Bad Sekta featuring Jungle, Breakcore and Grime.   Timestamps: 00:02:38 Jake from London Renters Union 00:25:33 Clarrie Pope, author of "Welcome Home" 00:53:31 Meli from Glasgow Student Housing Coop 01:16:51 ACAB Andy legal update 01:26:40 DJ Lastboss Links to material cited in the show: - Jake's article about the pandemic rent strike. - Buy "Welcome Home" direct from Minor Compositions for discounted price of £12 + P&P here or at this place or try your local infoshop (like 56a Infoshop) or a radical bookseller near you. - Clarrie will be at MayDay Rooms on 24 June and 56a on 26 June - Listen to the Minor Compositions Podcast with Clarrie Pope and Alan Moore (but after you read the book!)
146:41 5/6/22
April 2022 - Episode 260
- Radio AvA, the London-based sex workers radio project, with snippets from the sex workers strike (resurrection), a chat about the partial removal of prostitution from the law books in Belgium, and loosely related questions about the demand for decriminalisation of sex work as well as a nod to the wankers. - ACAB Andy with legal updates including the fate of the Belgravia Mansion Squatters and the ongoing trails for #killthebill protestors - Campaign Against the Arms Trade discussing their work opposing militarism from Yemen to Ukraine - A Dark, weird and broken set from electronic music producer Jacob - Plus tracks from Another Hospital and Mannequin Pussy
159:49 4/5/22
February 2022 - Episode 259
- Anarchist writer Jon Bigger discusses standing as a Class War Party candidate in the 2015 general election as well as looking at the tactical effectiveness of electoralism for anarchist campaigning. - ACAB Andy bids adieu and good riddance to a certain Dick, performs a dramatic reading from the classic book 'Scotland Yard',  gives updates on the latest Kill the Bill trials and does a shout-out to beloved Bristol social-centre BASE    - Bristol Anarchist Black Cross on the importance of building and creating structures to support prisoners. Some links mentioned in the final interview: 'Starting an anarchist black cross - a guide' 'Overcoming Burnout' Book 'Brick by Brick' book Kill The Bill prisoner info KTB prisoner support fund Email a prisoner   Music from recent releases by the Inner Terrestrials and Praetorius on the the Bad Sekta record label Timestamps: 00:00:00 Intro 00:02:06 Jon Bigger 00:34:12 Inner Terrestrials - Break out 00:38:41 ACAB Andy 00:48:04 Bristol ABC 01:14:45 Praetorius - Snatch Squads and Collaborators
77:52 2/14/22
December 2021 - Episode 258
- Auntie Social gives us food for thought on the ongoing struggle for prison abolition and prisoner solidarity. - Channel Rescue discuss the state response to migrant crossings of the English Channel, how they're challenging toxic rhetoric on migration and the enactment of increasingly draconian immigration policies. Donate to their CrowdJustice and read about them taking Priti Patel to Court. - ACAB Andy on the progress of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, court updates and an obituary from the legal support world. - Tracks from HUNT SABS BENEFIT VOL 2 by On the Run Wreck Chords with all profits from sales donated to Norwich, Mendip hunt sab groups & Hounds Off. - DJ Casm (Napalm Sounds) & MC Agman Gora bring it with their first ever live musical collaboration featuring some wicked vinyl drum'n'bass.  Timestamps:    00:00:00 intro  00:01:35 Auntie Social  00:12:45 track - Nature Reserve - Animal Alien  00:15:08 Channel Rescue  00:32:00 track - Chris Butler - Sharks against surfers  00:34:30 ACAB Andy  00:49:19 track - Liabilities Ad - Apathy  00:51:32 Jingle from Kiteline from Channel Zero Network  00:52:14 announcement for benefit gig  00:55:58 DJ Casm & MC Agman Gora    
134:22 12/5/21
November 2021 - Episode 257
- Dalia gives us the lowdown on the mood of defiance and resolve in Poland following the establishment of so-called "LGBT-free zones" (00:01:25 - 00:13:00) - Monika from Polish activist group Lambda Szczecin joins us to tell us about the work they've been doing to support LGBTQ folk as well as helping change hearts and minds (00:15:35 - 00:36:16) - ACAB Andy with updates on trials related to the Kill The Bill protests in Bristol and London amongst other things (00:40:05 - 00:58:45) - Organisers of this summer's Scottish Climate Camp talking about how the camp went and moves towards realising a just transition in communities reliant on resource extraction (01:02:13 - 01:25:11) Plus tunes from Limp Wrist, Grace Petrie and ERDA
85:12 11/19/21
August 2021 - Episode 256
– @graciemaybe, interim director of Liberty, discusses vaccine passports, lessons from the state’s response to covid and how we can build coalitions for the crises ahead (00:04:23 – 00:35:42)   – @haltACAB Andy with legal updates, updates on Stop the Arms Fair 2021, sentences being given to Kill the Bill defendants in Bristol, and reflections on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 (00:39:19 – 00:56:17)   – Sam and Alex from @12rulesforwhat discuss their upcoming book “Post-Internet Far-Right” coming out soon on @dogsectionpress (01:01:25 – 01:58:37)   Plus music from Evan Greer and Killdren, and a special set of smoooooth dnb from dj dirt bird!   image credit: Marco Bevilacqua‘s illustration from “Post Internet Far Right”
178:02 9/9/21
April 2021 - Episode 255
Dissident Island episode 255 offers another serving of auditory agitation featuring: – An extended interview with anarchist writer Iain McKay following on from our last chats with him in 2009 we caught up with him again to evaluate our wins, losses and lessons from the last economic meltdown, how we can harness the present moment to greatest effect, and how science, technology and another pandemic might be tackled were the world organised anarchically (00:01:53 – 00:46:12) – ACAB Andy on the line, this time bringing us a short legal roundup focused on the recent Kill The Bill demonstrations in Bristol and London (00:49:54 – 00:56:22)   – Our regular contribution to the B(A)D News bulletin for the Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Radio Network (01:01:34 – 01:10:58) – A roving dj set from Bionihil ranging from ambient/experimental through techno and back again (01:11:12 – 02:12:53) plus tracks from Boarder and Fightmilk as well as a shoutout to our CZN comrades Ransom Notes
132:53 9/9/21
March 2021 - Episode 254
Dissident Island returns after a long winter hibernation with episode 253 and the following assortment of anarchic audio:   – Jess discusses the ongoing SOAS Fee Strike with corona-times presenting a moment to build on current and pre-existing campaigns for affordable / free education in the UK. (00:01:28 – 00:26:00)   – Greek comrades discussing the hunger strike of Dimitris Koufontinas and the wave of popular anger it unleashed in Greece and beyond (00:29:15 – 01:00:39)   – An audio montage from the vigil for Sarah Everard on March 13th courtesy of our comrades at Radio AvA. (01:04:20 – 01:23:16)   – ACAB Andy on the fallout from the Sarah Everard vigil and an analysis of the dreaded police, crime, sentencing and courts bill (01:25:43 – 01:41:00)   – Bad News from around the UK (01:42:26 – 01:45:52)   – A juicy punk set from anarcho dj Chris Low (01:45:52 – 03:07:09)     Plus tunes from Harmony Woods, Lil Guillotine and Kermes
187:09 9/9/21
Dissident Island Radio - December 2020 - Episode 253
Dissident Island episode 253, a jolly radio shaped stocking packed full of goodies to finish off 2020. On the show:   – As its the season of giving we chatted with the anarchist defence fund who will soon be 3 yrs old and launched their new website this month (00:01:12 – 00:13:50)   – Kevin from the Network for Police Monitoring discussing the #BlackLivesMatter policing report, giving context and legitimacy to the black-led uprisings which saw especially violent and unlawful policing. There’s also a bit of crystal-ball gazing on the effects of Brexit on street protest and what to prepare for in 2021. (00:19:00 – 00:42:37)   – We speak with No More Exclusions about how school exclusions exacerbate the worst dynamics in society and about their recent legal challenge – together with CARE (the Coalition of Anti-Racist Educators) to the government’s new guidelines limiting the educational materials that teachers can use for PHSE in schools. You can find their crowfunder here and the book referenced in the interview here (00:43:28 – 01:09:10)   – ACAB Andy trying to make us cheerful with as much good news from 2020 that he can find! (01:13:40 – 01:21:27)   – Our regular bulletin contribution to Bad News, the monthly digest of anarchist and anti-authoritarian news from around the world. (01:22:02 – 01:25:50)   – Wrapping up the show we’ve got Production Unit, giving us the gift of an eclectic ‘journey by’ dj set covering low-slung beats, techno and other bass music. (01:26:12 – 02:25:14)   We’ll also have tunes sprinkled throughout the show featuring artists supporting the Solidarity Not Silence campaign.
172:14 12/29/20
Dissident Island Radio – November 2020 – Episode 252
On episode 252 – the November 2020 edition of Dissident Island Radio: – Donal O’Driscoll (Undercover Research Group) on the undercover policing inquiry, the group’s expectations on its outcome, and ways in which the inquiry can highlight past policing abuses and help us understand patterns in police intelligence gathering (00:03:01 – 00:14:30)     – ACAB Andy with the usual mixed bag of legal nonsense: UK government’s attempt to illegalise protest during lockdown 2.0, advice on whether to accept an invitation to the cop shop, a bit about what happens when cops are caught being rascist and some very, very heart warming shout-outs (00:18:05 – 00:29:05)     – Tifta with some BAD News, our monthly bulletin of happenings from around the UK which forms our contribution to the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network’s international digest. Find out more about by pointing your web browser at: (00:31:45 – 00:36:24)     Music from Fucking Shit Show and a DJ set from Squeaky Grinder (00:37:02 – 01:47:17)!
107:18 11/17/20
Dissident Island Radio – October 2020 – Episode 251
- The Class Work Project talking about their explorations of class and experiments with financial redistribution during lockdown (00:01:48 – 00:24:31)   – No Boardgames giving their radical take on boardgame culture (00:29:53 – 00:47:45)   – ACAB Andy telling us about the white paper on sentencing, NETPOL’s new comms officer, revised sentencing limits for remand and the problem that police are having with people going floppy (00:53:20 – 01:10:23)   – The Anarchist Bookfair in London introduce their online event this year (01:10:57 – 01:22:02)   – Our regular contribution to the Bad News monthly digest of anarchist and anti-authoritarian news from around the world (01:27:00 – 01:37:33)   – Playing us out with a bangin’ minimal techno set is Cryptix  (01:37:43 – 02:35:10)   – Tunes throughout are courtesy of Efa Supertramp’s latest opus Apocalipstick Blues
155:10 10/12/20
Dissident Island Radio – September 2020 – Episode 250
Dissident Island episode 250 dishing up some delectable discussions for your ears: – Kent Refugee Action Network discussing ongoing support of young refugees and asylum seekers and reflecting on recent media attention around dinghy crossings of the English Channel. Support their crowdfunder here (00:01:15 – 00:21:14) – Before that, D*I’s monthly news roundup and contribution to the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network‘s Bad News show (00:24:07 – 00:29:30) – DaN McKee on how anarchism is better suited than democracy to achieving its own stated goals as well as whether anarchism is truly possible and what we can do to get there (00:30:38 – 00:56:35) – ACAB Andy on new rules around so-called “illegal gatherings”, and Extinction Rebellion’s potential upgrade to an organised crime group (01:00:57 – 01:08:34) – A sneaky serving of jungle and half time from one of our very own Dissident Island resident djs (01:09:06 – 01:45:29)   Download the full show below or download the chat show and/or dj set separately here: SHOW // DJ SET
105:30 9/11/20
Dissident Island Radio – August 2020 – Episode 249
Dissident Island episode 249 brings forth a mix of troublemakers and troubadours in the form of:   – The ADCU’s James talking about various legal challenges to Uber’s ‘flexible labour model’ and the struggle for collective power in the gig economy. (Support the Crowd Justice campaign here)   – ACAB Andy telling us about wins and setbacks in the UK courts over the past month   – Boycott Workfare discussing their plans for challenging narratives around welfare and giving some tips for navigating Universal Credit for the newly unemployed   – Dissident Island’s contribution to B(A)D News, the monthly digest of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios from around the world   – Our old friend Delsa with a special guest mix to round off the show   Sprinkled throughout are tracks from Awate, MC Sole and Drowning Dog & Malatesta   Download the full show below or download the dj set separately here: DJ SET
136:13 8/14/20
Dissident Island Radio – July 2020 – Episode 248
Dissident Island Radio is 13 years old! In this 248th episode we send you home from the birthday party with a special bag of treats including:   – Gendered Intelligence discuss their campaign to achieve positive change for trans people in the age of right-wing culture wars (00:05:02-00:30:22)   – Chat about the Anarchist Black Cross International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners happening 23-30 August 2020 (00:34:52-00:47:41)   – ACAB Andy on fireworks, Black Lives Matter updates, conditional cautions, ‘international police cooperation’ and why Activist Court Aide Brigade advice won’t work in Hong Kong any more  (00:51:45-01:00:38)   – Thoughts from members of Rent Strike London and the London Renters Union after several months of organising a city Rent Strike (which forms part of a Global Rent Strike) (01:04:19-01:18:48)   – Pinda with a round-up of UK-related ‘B(A)D News‘ (Dissident Island’s contribution to the a-radio network‘s monthly international news digest) (01:18:48-01:23:45)   Plus – tracks by Killdren from their album ‘Dismembers of Parliament’ as well as a Killdren music set (01:26:12-02:37:59) to end!   Download the full show below or download the chat show and/or dj set separately here: SHOW // DJ SET
157:59 7/4/20
Dissident Island Radio – June 2020 – Episode 247
  Dissident Island Radio episode 247 is a bumper mashup of black lives matter and mutual aid, tending you with:   – A report back and street sounds from the first weekend of Black Lives Matter demonstrations in London (00:01:35 – 00:12:10)   – RaRa sharing mutual support strategies for mental health carers, critiques of psychiatry, the impacts of covid and how we can sustain each other (00:14:34 – 00:45:40)   – Faith from Leabridge Mutual Aid Group discussing practical community support networks taking root under lockdown (00:46:49 – 01:04:04)   – A double dose of legal learnings from ACAB Andy – first with updates on police and court responses to the demos (01:07:52 – 01:21:10) followed by advice on what to expect should you suffer arrest (01:27:14 -01:45:10)   – Sprinkled throughout are spoken word poems and snippets of speech from the Newington Green Black Lives Matter demo held last Saturday, 13th June   – And playing us out is Ronin with a technically filthy set ahead of his new release (01:46:15 – 03:05:45)   Download the full show below or download the chat show and/or dj set separately here: SHOW // DJ SET   For additional resources on collective care check out: – CRADLE Community for resources around care and accountability – Power Makes us Sick zine, ‘physically distant, connected by care: towards collective resilience and strength during the covid-19 pandemic’ – PirateCare’s syllabus of resources, inc. content around coronavirus – Queercare : Mental Health Intervention Protocol pocket guide – Death Cafes gone digital, inc. The Outside Project‘s Virtual Community Center centering LGBTQ+ – Misery Party: a mental health collective centering queer/trans/nb BIPOC. The Misery Meets Curriculum has many great links – Healing Justice LDN centers black, brown and indigenous healing. Latest sessions include confronting savior complexes within carework. – If you’ve any cash to share RaRa recommends Black Minds Matter UK   For more on mutual aid check out: – Transformative justice handbook – Lessons from Covid-19 on transformative justice and mutual aid – Reflections for activists going local for the first time  
185:49 6/16/20
Dissident Island Radio – May 2020 – Episode 246
Dissident Island Radio episode 246 presents another dose of covid centric content with noises from:   – Rent Strike London and London Renters Union discuss mutual aid and supporting renters during the global #RentStrike2020 (00:01:13 – 00:27:06)   – Communities Against Prison Expansion talking about the situation inside UK prisons during the pandemic, the farce that is the government’s compassionate release scheme, and the growing interest in prison abolitionist narratives (00:29:52 – 00:49:50)   – ACAB Andy telling us about the risks of spitting at cops in the time of coronavirus, the reality of retrials while jury trials are suspended and the current standings in the race to accumulate the highest number of fixed penalty notices for covid related offences (00:54:16 – 01:02:56)   – A brief burst of Bad News from new islander Tifta (01:03:12 – 01:07:07)   – A set of the finest ambient electronica from The Whispering Minority (01:07:38 – 02:14:18)   – Plus tracks from the Wyatt Act, taken from their upcoming album SlamRock In Place   Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: SHOW // DJ SET
134:21 5/4/20
Dissident Island Radio – April 2020 – Episode 245
  Dissident Isolation’s episode 245 delivers to your door:   – DIY Kodak Collective in Brighton discuss their work to build self-organised solutions for sheltering NFA people in the face of state-facilitated violence (00:02:30 – 00:17:15)   – GDM, medical doctor, researcher and epidemiologist, opines the UK government’s shambolic pandemic action and concerns over surveillance, privacy and data, as well as silver-linings to the crisis like open science, collaboration and solidarity action (00:19:10 – 00:52:30)   – ACAB Andy gives us the legal lowdown in these uncertain times, explaining the Coronavirus Act, the impact that lockdown is having on courts and the implications for squatters (00:55:00 – 01:06:15)   – Kevin from Netpol (Network for Police Monitoring) on alarming application of new police powers, prison solidarity campaigns and how to advocate against criminalisation in the age of covid-19 (01:08:55 – 01:24:40)   – Chickpea serves up this month’s contribution to the A-Radio Network’s Bad(ass) News (01:28:25 – 01:39:15)   – DJ Tifta bangs out some viral drum’n’bass (01:40:50 – 02:25:30)   And medicinal music is administered throughout from: – Psychs with Coronavirus UK Drill – MV Bill with Quarentena – Bobi Wine & Nubian Li with Corona Virus Alert – Y en a marre with Fagaru Ci Coronavirus   Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: SHOW // DJ SET
145:34 4/5/20
Dissident Island Radio – March 2020 – Episode 244
Episode 244 of Dissident Island brings you:   – Pinda and Frank discussing the complexities and dynamics of addressing issues of race between comrades (00:01:27 – 01:03:33)   – Diehard fans of London Anarchist Black Cross telling us about the latest incarnation of the group as well as offering a presentation on political prisoner Dr. Mutulu Shakur (01:07:00 – 01:25:27)   – ACAB Andy telling us about the recent wave of arrests for disrupting immigration officers and reminding us of the importance of having a solicitor present when talking with the police (01:27:18 – 01:39:13)   – Our contribution to the February/March edition of Bad News, presenting a bulletin of happenings from around the so-called United Kingdom (01:40:37 – 01:50:32)   – A shoutout (for posterity) for the 8th March Sex Work Strike featuring music from Immigranti (01:50:33 – 01:54:01)   – Eckoz playing us out with some tasty techno all the way from Japan (01:54:02 – 03:11:22)   – Plus tunes from Marilyn Joy sprinkled throughout     Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: SHOW // DJ SET
191:23 3/15/20
Dissident Island Radio – February 2020 – Episode 243
Dissident Island Radio episode 243 bursts with buckets of treats: – @GlobalJusticeUK discussing Freedom of Movement 2.0, imagining a world without borders and beyond capitalism…and their upcoming event at DIY Space for London  (00:00:58-00:17:44) – @CooperationTown on the beginnings of a network autonomous, self organised and community led food co-ops across the UK. Plus some extra special, exclusive announcements! (00:29:23-00:50:37) – @haltACAB Andy with good news and plenty of legal despair (thanks to the tory government) (00:51:24-01:09:04) – Bad News, our monthly bulletin of happenings from around the UK which forms our contribution to the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network’s international digest  (01:09:37-01:24:10) – The Newcastle Ewan Brown Anarchist Bookfair (@NBookfair) on organising a great bookfair in remembrance of Ewan, a loved and much missed anarchist comrade (01:24:10-01:31:53) – DJ Amousement with a live fingertapping set of jungle and breakcore (01:31:53-02:41:43) Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: SHOW // DJ SET
161:44 2/13/20
Dissident Island Radio – January 2020 – Episode 242
Episode 242 has in store:   – A discussion of proposals targeting gypsies and travellers to make laws around trespass and ‘unauthorised encampments’ more draconian with Emma from Friends, Families and Travellers. You can find the government consultation HERE (00:01:38 – 00:19:10)   – ACAB Andy with a rundown of arrests over the festive period, updates on upcoming antifascist trials, a few notes on self defence and some Star Wars spoilers (00:22:44 – 00:33:26)   – Reflections on imperialism and the cycle of social uprising in light of recent events in and around Iran from a translator for the Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan (00:37:15 – 00:53:20)   – Bad News, our monthly bulletin of happenings from around the UK which forms our contribution to the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network’s international digest. (00:57:53 – 01:08:16)   – Opportunities to get out on the streets in the coming weeks in our announcements section (01:08:17 – 01:13:30)   – Braincell on the wheels of steel spinning rare and unusual r’n’b, dub, ska and anarcho-punk records (01:13:22 – 02:45:15)   Plus tunes from the new FSS album MMXX   Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: SHOW // DJ SET
165:16 1/12/20
Dissident Island Radio – November 2019 – Episode 240
- Author Dan Sonabend in conversation with 12 Rules For What’s Adam discussing his new book ‘We Fight Fascists’ the story of the militant anti-fascist organisation founded by Jewish ex-servicemen after WWII known as The 43 Group (00:01:18 – 00:18:50) – Ada and Sachin from the autonomous transfeminist community care organisation Queercare telling us about their broad range of activities from protest first aid to healthcare advocacy and community support as well as aspirations for a self organised comprehensive healthcare system (00:22:17 – 00:49:57) – Our contribution to November’s Bad News digest of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios from around the world including bulletins from Extinction Rebellion’s “Autumn Rebellion”, UVW strikes and walkouts and reports from Kurdish solidarity demonstrations (00:53:57 – 01:02:33) – ACAB Andy telling us about the charges brought against anti arms trade activists ‘the ELBIT 7’ and the conviction of Aidan James for travelling to fight against ISIS in Rojava (01:03:00 – 01:14:34) – Announcements for fun and feisty activities in the month ahead (01:16:32 – 01:20:43) – DJ Steene on the wheels of steel pumping out happy beats (01:20:43 – 02:41:12)     Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: SHOW // DJ SET
161:12 11/9/19
Dissident Island Radio – October 2019 – Episode 239
- Combabe Clem talking about the unique mix of artful makeup and radical politics in her youtube channel as well as exploring some of the tricky dilemmas this approach entails (00:01:02 – 00:22:40)   – ACAB Jack with hot tips for people attending the Extinction Rebellion ‘Autumn Rebellion’ and words on what happened to Heathrow Pause  (00:26:45 – 00:36:40)   – Announcements for rabble rousing opportunities around the UK in the month ahead (00:42:25 – 00:46:43)   – Our contribution to Bad News: the monthly bulletin of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios around the world (00:46:44 – 00:56:57)     – Pete the Temp discussing the place of poetry in politics and politics in poetry with his new book, Stage Invasion: Poetry and the Spoken Word Renaissance (00:56:58 – 01:19:18)   – Spy-K playing us out with a selection of only the hardest hardcore for a foot tapping, body rocking dj set (01:19:25 – 02:42:18) Plus carefully curated tracks chosen by Combabe Clem sprinkled throughout     Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: SHOW // DJ SET
162:19 10/15/19