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Cigars vs Alabama vs Tenessee 122 did a story a year ago talking about the dangers of smoking one cigar a year. WE disagreed with the story a year ago and wanted to circle back around this year to provide our thoughts, backed by the FDA and the NASEM report and Monograph #9. After we talk celebrations that should be celebrated with a nice stogie.www.smokingunderground,comNASEM report on cigars 2022Monograph Number
48:32 10/11/23
Cigar Rituals? Habits? OCD 121
Talking about the things we do every time. Precut habits, cutting styles, smoking styles not that they are wrong, heck some of them are good ritualswww.smokingunderground.comwww.vitolafinecigars.comWhere all orders $75 or more ship free!
36:02 9/27/23
Hamsters, Cigars, and lots of Editing 120
For your enjoyment- we tell our favorite cigar-related jokes, almost. We smoke the La Gloria Cubana TAA 2023 www,smokingunderground.comwww.vitolafinecigars.comWhere orders $75 or more ship free!
40:16 9/27/23
CIgar Taboos 119
What actions are considered risky or downright frowned upon when partaking in the hobby?Sharing cigars?Licking?Cutting too much?www.smokingunderground.comwww.vitolafinecigars.comorders over $75 ship free
44:38 9/20/23
Pairing with Junk food 118
Whiskey and Bourbon? Not today! How about Hershey or Kit Kat. What junk for are Gary and Devin having with their cigars?
37:40 9/14/23
Testing our Sanity Going to 11 with Asylum 117
Live from the Cigars and More/Vitola Fine Cigars studio a live interview with Joe Brantley from Asylum Cigars. We discuss the Anniversary Series cigars from Asylum, we also talk some 90's. The cigar of the day is the Asylum Eleven 11/18. So join us as we visit the Asylum!
54:51 9/6/23
The Shuriken Cigar Cutter, What is it and how does it perform. 116
Devin and Gary discuss one of John's favorite cigar cuts, the Shuriken. Oh, and they mention some cigar that is coming to market that measures 10x100.Get your Shuriken Cutter here may receive some income from any links provided.
58:40 8/30/23
FLavor or Buzz? Why did you pick up that cigar? 115
What is the reason you choose the cigar you do? Do you seek the nuances of flavor it brings? Do you seek a buzz from it? We touched briefly on the fires at Funtes warehouse earlier this
42:29 8/23/23
Chat GBT is AI even in our Cigars? Asylum 13 Ogre Lancero Ep 114
Yep Chat GPT can even affect your cigar. John shares his experience with chat GPT and decides to see how well it can answer questions about cigars. It's fascinating to see how accurate it can be. Tune in to hear some interesting insights and discussions about the intersection of technology and cigars.We also smoke the Asyslum 13 Ogre Lancero, does this cigar meet our standards You know how we love our Lanceros.John does mention AI software he is using quite often AudioPen. Overview Video of the Paid subscibtion[00:04:27] The band on the cigar.[00:07:34] What are you pairing with tonight?[00:09:01] Lanceras and Corona cigars.[00:13:16] Incorporating Chat GPT into cigars.[00:17:45] The appeal of cigars.[00:21:26] Using chat GPT for marketing.[00:26:01] Using AI for love letters.[00:31:05] Flavor profiles and cigar notes.[00:34:30] Partagus Ciri D number two.[00:38:23] Shout out to Sid.[00:43:09] Feral Flying Pig cigar[00:47:07] QR codes on clothing.n
48:58 8/16/23
Glad you asked. Carson from Ashton Cigars, smoking VSG and La Aroma de Cuba Ep 113
We have a pop-up live stream with Carson, our Ashton Cigar rep. We smoke the new La Aroma de Cuba Connecticut. (well one of us smokes an Ashton VSG). Devin gets a surprise pairing, chosen by Carson. We chat about celebrities, new stuff from Ashton, visiting the factory, and so much
66:01 8/2/23
Wrapping About Wrappers and Smoking the Gurkha Ghost Ep 112
A quick overview of the importance of cigar wrappers, and wrapping styles. Devin and Gary smoke the Gurkha Ghost.Wrapping About Wrappers and Smoking the Gurkha Ghost Ep 112
42:00 7/26/23
A Guardrail Comes to the Underground, Kristoff Cigars 111
[00:01:43] Smoking a special non-pitted prune cigar.[00:05:17] Classing up the cigar.In this episode, we had a few unexpected twists and turns, but it turned out to be an absolute blast. Here are three key takeaways from this episode that I think you'll find interesting:1️⃣ Live Show Experiment: We decided to shake things up a bit and do a live episode. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first, but thanks to the encouragement of our amazing listeners, we went for it. And let me tell you, it was a fantastic experience! We're definitely considering doing more live shows in the future, so let us know what you think!2️⃣ The Kristoff Guard Rail Cigar: We had the pleasure of smoking a very special non-pitted prune cigar called the Kristoff Guard Rail. This cigar had a unique silver band, and boy, did it deliver in terms of flavor and quality. If you're a cigar enthusiast, you don't want to miss our discussion about this gem.3️⃣ Insights into Cigar Culture: Our planned guest unfortunately couldn't make it, but that didn't stop us from diving deep into the world of cigars. We explored the differences between cigar culture in different parts of the world and had a fascinating conversation about blends, flavors, and characteristics. If you're curious about the intricacies of cigar smoking, this episode is a must-listen.I'll leave you with a quote from the episode that really resonated with me: "Smoke what you love. Life is short. Do it, baby." Wise words, indeed![00:08:30] Zimbabwe tobacco and cigar flavors.[00:13:48] Cheap swill and whiskey preferences.[00:18:00] Zimbabwe tobacco flavors.[00:22:16] Shelf placement and cigar sales.[00:25:18] The magic of this story.[00:29:07] The culture of cigar smoking.[00:33:18] Big business and upstaging.[00:40:22] Cuban cigar sales in China.[00:45:11] Cuban cigars and their reputation.[00:49:30] Cuban cigars and taste comparison.[00:53:23] Flavor change and enjoyment.[00:56:23] Pairings and recommendations.[00:59:59] Life is short.#guasrdrail #cigars #cigartalk #Kristoff #podcast
60:20 7/19/23
The Science of Cigar Selection: Connecting through Signals and Frequencies EP110
In this episode, we have some hilarious banter, as always, with John, Gary and Devin dive into how they choose a new unknown cigar to smoke.. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on the laughs and stories we share.But that's not all! We also discuss some amazing cigars that have caught our attention recently. From new releases to hidden gems, we cover it all. You'll hear about the M81 Blackened, a dark and rustic cigar that took us by surprise, and the Perdomo 30th anniversary, which is going on sale soon. Plus, we give our honest reviews of these cigars as we smoke them throughout the episode.So grab your favorite smoke, sit back, and join us for this incredible episode of Smoking Underground. You can listen to it on our website or your preferred podcast platform. Trust me, it's an episode you don't want to miss!Thank you for your continued support and for being a part of our cigar-loving community. We appreciate each and every one of you.
59:08 7/12/23
Just the Tip, know the diffence, Simplifying Cigars 109
In this episode of Smoking Underground, Devin, Gary, and John discuss tips on cigars. They start by talking about the importance of being specific when making a wish with a genie, and then move on to discussing the different styles of cigars and the proper way to smoke them. Gary, who is an expert on the subject, shares his knowledge on the topic. They also talk about the specific cigar they are smoking that day, the Tatuaje Ina 6, made by Pete Johnson. They give a brief history of the brand and its connection to the Garcia family.[00:01:37] Tattawaha cigar review. [00:06:11] Cigar wrapping and capping. [00:08:24] Cigar cutting techniques. [00:13:23] Chisel format trademarked by LFD. [00:16:46] Cigar shapes: torpedo and belacoso. [00:19:41] Cigar cutting techniques. [00:23:31] Cigar cap removal techniques. [00:27:02] Cigar Punches. [00:30:37] Cigar cutting pet peeves. [00:36:08] Proper cigar smoking techniques. [00:38:06] Smoking Cigars Too Farcigars, tips, Pete Johnson, price point, bands, tension, founders 11th-anniversary blend, cigar caps, capping, cigar, humidified, toreadors, filler, binder, box, wrapper, elasticize, pliable, cap, standard, three caps, basic model, cut, bands, wide mouth punch.,cigar, chisel, technique, punch, model, cigar, chisel, trademark, LFD, diamond industry, copyright, trademark, jeweler, precision, leggero, bellicose, torpedo, terminology, website domains, honeycomb tip, pigtail, cigar, lighter, Christoph, convenience, cigars, cap, quality, reinforcement, pigtail, cigar tips, cigar pen, punches, tool, price, practice, punch, tiger cut, serrated, tobacco, cutters, hand sanitizer, cigars, lotus, share, parejo, cigar, smoking, logo, whiskey, cigar, tunneling, purge, flavor, Vitola Find Cigars, podcast, audience, producer, plug, network
41:44 6/15/23
Shapes and Sizes of Cigars, is one better than Another? 108
Smoking Underground is a laid-back podcast for cigar enthusiasts, where the hosts talk about their love for a good smoke. Devin, Gary, and John discuss their experiences trying the Romeo y Julieta 1875 Nicaragua cigar, sharing their thoughts on its toasty flavor and aroma. Devin also surprises his co-hosts with two different libations: Jura single malt Scotch whiskey aged 12 years, and Shakey's Whip, a humorous-named black Irish whiskey that turns out to be quite sweet. Throughout the episode, the conversation is light-hearted and full of good humor.00:00:44 Cigar smoking and libation pairing.00:09:41 Robusto is the perfect size.00:13:39 Lancearos are flavorful.00:16:40 Box press and Lonsdale appreciation.00:26:04 Corona size is gaining popularity.00:28:45 Cigar sizes affect sales.00:42:27 The perfect cigar size matters.00:48:48 Novelty sizes add variety.00:56:11 Cigar sizes affect the smoking experience.00:58:48 Share podcast, smoke Romeo Julietta.
62:26 6/8/23
Palate Evolution, How your taste in Cigars changes all the time. Drew Estate M81 107
Smoking Underground returns with a discussion of the Drew Estates Blackened M81 Maduro and its collaboration with James Hetfield of Metallica. Devin and Gary explore palate evolution and how it affects smokers' tastes and preferences. They also pair the cigar with Redwood Empire Lost Monarch blend of Scotch whisky, examining the flavors and complexity.[00:01:04] Palatevolution.[00:05:00] Cigar band design.[00:09:16] Cigar Humidity and Maturity.[00:13:39] Cigar smoking trends.[00:19:18] Cigars and appetite.[00:20:58] Cigar flavor evolution.[00:24:55] Cigar palate evolution.[00:29:32] Cigar palate evolution.[00:35:00] Lightening up a dark cigar.[00:36:52] Cigar smoking tips.[00:41:00] Cigar smoking for beginners.[00:45:11] Winding down after a stressful day.[00:51:02] End of day cigar.[00:52:59] Maduro cigars and complexity.[00:56:32] Cigar pricing and quality.[01:00:28] Supporting the podcast.## Palatevolution and cigar pairing.Palatevolution is a term used to describe the changes in one's taste preferences over time. This can be influenced by various factors such as age, diet, and exposure to different flavors. In the context of cigar smoking, palatevolution can also be influenced by the types of cigars smoked and the pairing of cigars with different drinks.In the Smoking Underground podcast episode titled "Palatevolution," the hosts discuss how their palates have evolved over time and how this affects their cigar preferences. They also talk about the importance of pairing cigars with the right drink to enhance the smoking experience.The hosts start by introducing the cigar they are smoking, the Drew Estates Blackened M81 Maduro. They describe the cigar as dark and deep, with a skin-like texture on the tobacco wrap. They also mention the different components of the cigar, such as the San Andreas rapper and the Nicaragua, Pennsylvania filler.The hosts then discuss the drink they are pairing with the cigar, the Redwood Empire Lost Monarch blend of Scotch Whisky. They describe the taste as smooth but with a slight hook on the sides of the tongue, and a subtle caramel flavor. They chose this drink because they wanted something semi-sweet to pair with the dark cigar.The hosts then delve into the topic of palatevolution and how it affects their cigar preferences. They talk about how their taste for different flavors has changed over time and how this has influenced their cigar choices. They also mention how pairing cigars with different drinks can enhance the smoking experience and bring out different flavors in the cigar.Overall, the Smoking Underground podcast episode on Palatevolution and cigar pairing highlights the importance of understanding one's taste preferences and how they can change over time. It also emphasizes the importance of pairing cigars with the right drink to enhance the smoking experience and bring out the best flavors in the cigar.## Matured cigar needs smooth pairing.One key takeaway from the podcast is the idea that a matured cigar needs a smooth pairing. The hosts discuss their experience with the Blackened cigar, which they initially did not enjoy. However, after letting it sit in a humidor with a Boveda pack for a month or two, they found that it had mellowed out and become more enjoyable. This highlights the importance of proper storage and aging for cigars to reach their full potential. Moreover, the hosts stress the importance of pairing the Blackened cigar with a smooth drink that has a hint of flavor. They note that a harsh or biting drink can distract from the complexity of the cigar's flavors. They also suggest that pairing the cigar with a drink that has a little bit of flavor can bring out the distinct difference and add to...
70:00 6/1/23
Cohiba Blue Cigar Cuba and General Trademark Fight 106
For many years, General Cigar has been producing cigars under the name “Cohiba”. However, in 1997, the Cuban cigar conglomerate filed a lawsuit against General Cigar, claiming that they had a history of the Cohiba name and its trademark dating back to 1929. Since then, the case has been bouncing back and forth between the courts, and finally, in December of 2020, the Trademark Commission found in favor of the Cuban cigar conglomerate. This ruling meant that General Cigar no longer had a trademark on the name “Cohiba."
53:22 5/25/23
Mexico Why We Don't Visit Any Longer, Worl Tabacco Laws, Questioning Legalization, Senelio Edition Limitada Nicaragua 2022 104
The Senelio Edition Limitada Nicaragua 2022 is our backdrop as we discuss Mexico's new tobacco legislation and how it impacts you. We discuss flavored cigar legislation in the US. We question the health risks of Marijuana and question why it gets a pass. Gary and Devin keep John's boring legal talk exciting. All on the episode of Smoking Underground.www.smokingunderground.comThe "Thrifty Travelers" Take on the Tabacco BanABC News On the BanRecent State and Federal Laws Impacting Flavored Tabacco00:05:19 Explore Mexican cigars responsibly.00:10:29 No smoking in Mexico.00:15:00 Tobacco legislation is illogical.00:20:51 Cigars and marijuana00:26:55 Support the CRA financially.00:30:10 Enjoy cigars responsibly.
30:55 5/4/23
Brother Keeping You Down 103
The Ferio Tego Timeless is smoked. We talk about the oldness of this "NEW, Timeless" cigar. The discussion leads into is the public perception of smoking hinders your enjoyment of grabbing a Stoogie. Even if the establishment allows for it?
36:13 4/20/23
Ways to Light 102
Gary and Devin talk lighters and matches. The discussion leads to lounge etiquette and how lucky we are to have lounges. We suggest a lighter or two, plus some chat about Gary's smoking pod.www.smokingunderground.comAlec Bradley Cyclone (possibly the best cigar lighter made, according to John)
51:12 4/12/23
Ducks Unlimited 2023 Event 101
Smoking Underground discusses Ducks Unlimited's 2023 Scotch and Cigar Event at Good People Brewing with organizer David Patton. We smoke the 20 Acre Farm Robusto by Drew Estates. Gary and Devin review the cigar and show how to remove the cedar rap and light the cigar. Devin also discussed pairing a cigar with a tequila.For event details- about the show- http://www.smokingunderground.comCar HEPA Filter Unit Discussed in the show-
48:35 4/5/23
EP Carillio, CRA, Taxes, the points system, and Cuban cigars 100
This podcast is about the E.P. Carilio cigar from CRA pack, discussing the brand's background and why you should be a CRA member. Gary and Devin, the producer, talk about cigars, the new podcast format, Cuban cigars, and the Cigar Point System..
51:06 3/22/23
John can't Remember 80
Honestly, John cannot remember what is in store for tonight. Maybe a guest we all know and love. Maybe a discussion on what excites us as we enter the holiday season. Either way, we smoke something good!
41:17 11/13/22
Dive into the Underground 79
LCA cigar time! We sample the November release from LCA (well, one of the two). very interesting blends this month, and some of us are excited to see how this measures up to some of the great releases of the past few months THEY HAVE BEEN ON A ROLL. Have you watched the "What should they be smoking program?" WKRP Chicken Drop. Pick a character and decide what cigar they might enjoy. Watch the episode and order your copy of Monograph #9 at
53:12 11/4/22
Movie Time! Cape Fear 77
Devin picked our first movie. Cape Fear. We will discuss the stick of choice for Rebert in the film. Was it correct? We will see what an equivalent might be that is easier to locate. Of course, we will talk about the number of people who put their health at risk after the Alabama-Tennessee game last week. You won't believe this one. Everything can be found at
44:50 10/31/22
Monograph No. 9 078
Cigars, Health Effects, and Trends We begin to explore this "buried" FDA report.
42:36 10/31/22
Cigar of the Year- Our Way 75
We will sit down and discuss our rules for Smoking Undergrounds Cigar of the Year. We start taking nominations NOW! Find out our rules and send in your suggestion! Send your comments and suggestions to To view all our episodes
45:38 10/7/22
talking Erioa 74
A brief summary of this episode
52:19 9/30/22
It was to be a Black Diamond Day 73
A brief summary of this episode
43:10 9/23/22
Aganorsa V Aganorsa 072
Aganorsa Leaf rebranded their cigar, but it is otherwise unchanged. Is it really?
47:09 9/16/22

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