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Swift Chats in the Financial Services Industry

Welcome to “Swift Chats” in the Financial Services Industry, a podcast brought to you by Impact Communications, where your hosts Marie Swift and Jonny Swift speak with interesting people in the financial services industry and the financial planning profession. Our podcast spotlights independent financial advisory firms, allied financial services institutions, and “fintech” companies that we think are adopting "Best Practices" in the industry. We also share our own tools and ideas aimed at helping independent financial advisors throughout the various conversations. Learn more at


Unlocking Success with Passion, Partnerships, and Positive Mindset with Derrick Kinney
In this Swift Chat conversation, Marie Swift speaks with Derrick Kinney, Best-Selling Book Author, Keynote Speaker, and Host of the Good Money podcast, to unpack the secrets behind his success and the strategies that have helped countless individuals achieve financial freedom. He also shares advice for financial advisors who might be looking to emulate his success in building a multi-million dollar financial advisory business then selling it a few years ago to focus on what he calls "Derrick 2.0" wherein he now has more time to focus on coaching/mentoring other advisors, and addressing groups of financial advisors at hosted events. Kinney shares his personal journey, highlighting the pivotal moments that shaped his career and the lessons he learned along the way, emphasizing the crucial role of passion in achieving professional success. He also delves into the power of a positive mindset, its role in overcoming challenges, and the significance of building and nurturing strong partnerships. Throughout the conversation, Kinney offers practical advice on navigating the complexities of the financial world, from investment strategies to retirement planning -- and for building a highly successful financial advisory firm. Learn more about Derrick Kinney and his Success For Advisors program at
34:46 6/28/24
Unveiling Extraordinary Lives with Jane Wollman Rusoff
In this Swift Chat conversation, Marie Swift speaks with Jane Wollman Rusoff, Contributing Editor with ThinkAdvisor and a two-time AZBEE award winner from the American Society of Business Publication Editors. Jane's career journey is as diverse as it is fascinating. From delving into consumer electronics during the tech revolution to interviewing some of the biggest names in entertainment, Jane's experience spans multiple industries. She shares anecdotes from her interviews with iconic figures like Dustin Hoffman, John Bogle, Ray Charles, Steve Allen, and William Shatner, giving us a glimpse into their lives beyond the spotlight. Jane is also the founder of Family Star Productions, where she helps ordinary individuals create legacy profiles, capturing their memories, values, and philosophies for future generations. These private profiles serve as a timeless treasure, preserving the essence of a person's life story. Jane shares insights into her unique approach to profiling individuals, including those with cognitive challenges like Alzheimer's. She emphasizes the importance of capturing memories before they're lost and reveals the surprising depth of recollection even in advanced stages of dementia. You can learn more about Family Star Productions at  
15:04 5/15/24
Leadership Is What You Do with Steve Atkinson
​In this Swift Chat conversation, Marie Swift speaks with Steve Atkinson, Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Growth Expert with Admired Leadership. The conversation delves into the realm of leadership and its practical applications in the financial advisory world. Steve shares insights and anecdotes that shed light on what it means to be an effective leader. He emphasizes the idea that leadership is not merely a title or a position but rather a set of behaviors and choices that anyone can adopt. ​Throughout the discussion, Steve highlights the importance of credibility, feedback, and the creation of a team of leaders. He illustrates how admired leaders, identified through years of study, excel not only in achieving results but also in fostering strong relationships and followership. By focusing on character, competence, and the ability to give impactful feedback, advisors can enhance their leadership skills and ultimately make a positive impact on their clients and teams. Learn more at
29:32 4/1/24
T3 Technology Tools for Today Presents: Hot & Happening at T3 2024 - Part II
Listen to this special conference compilation podcast episode recorded live in the T3 Podcast Station, powered by LPL Financial, at the 2024 T3 Technology Tools for Today Advisor Conference - which also celebrated the event's 20th anniversary. Host Marie Swift chats with conference speakers, industry thought leaders, and advisors about what's hot and happening at #T32024. From intriguing presentations on the main stage to all the fintech on display in the exhibit hall - and all the celebrations in between - hear the biggest takeaways and insights from: Dan Skiles of Altruist Jamie Hopkins of Bryn Mawr Trust Laura Garfield of Idea Decanter Dominic Tully of Powder Erkko Etula of Brooklyn Investment Group Haik Sahakyan of ARQA Matt Kadnar of Nebo Wealth Vamshi Yamsani of AssetSprout
34:16 3/5/24
T3 Technology Tools for Today Presents: Hot & Happening at T3 2024 - Part I
Listen to this special conference compilation podcast episode recorded live in the T3 Podcast Station, powered by LPL Financial, at the 2024 T3 Technology Tools for Today Advisor Conference - which also celebrated the event's 20th anniversary. Host Marie Swift chats with conference speakers, industry thought leaders, and advisors about what's hot and happening at #T32024. From intriguing presentations on the main stage to all the fintech on display in the exhibit hall - and all the celebrations in between - hear the biggest takeaways and insights from: David Drucker, formerly with T3 Technology Tools for Today Christine Cherry of Advisor Circle John Rajes of LPL Financial Christophe Gauthron of Kwanti Patricia Jennerjohn of Focused Finances, LLC John Mackowiak of Advyzon Jim Sinai of Vanilla Jen Ferguson of XLR8
38:15 2/27/24
Hot & Happening at T3 2024: A Conversation with Gary Carrai of LPL Financial
In this special episode of "Hot and Happening at T3 2024", recorded live at the 2024 T3 Technology Tools for Today conference, Marie Swift leads an insightful conversation with Gary Carrai, CFA, Executive Vice President of Advisor Business Strategy at LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer serving independent financial advisors and financial institutions - providing technology, research, clearing and compliance services, and practice management programs to advisors looking to create and grow thriving practices. The discussion delves into the dynamic landscape of wealth management technology, with Gary providing valuable insights into the industry's evolution and the innovative solutions being developed at LPL Financial. Gary emphasizes the pivotal role of data in driving actionable insights and enhancing advisor-client interactions. He underscores LPL's advisor-centric approach, commitment to innovation, and focus on delivering comprehensive data analytics capabilities, coupled with proactive notifications to empower advisors in making informed decisions. Tune in to discover how LPL Financial is at the forefront of driving innovation to empower advisors and enhance client outcomes.
13:30 2/14/24
Building the RIA of Choice with Tony D'Amico
In this Swift Chat, Marie Swifts speaks with Tony D'Amico, Founder and Managing Partner of Fidato Wealth, an award-winning SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) based in Ohio, about the journey of building an admirable firm that stands out as the RIA of choice for both clients and talented professionals. ​ From the challenges faced in attracting the right talent to the evolution of the firm's culture and processes, Tony provides valuable nuggets of wisdom for those navigating the complexities of the financial services industry. Discover the milestones, the focus on comprehensive wealth management, and the commitment to servant leadership that set Fidato Wealth apart in this illuminating discussion. Learn more about Tony and Fidato Wealth at
28:09 1/12/24
The BLX Internship Program with Luis Rosa, Emlen Miles-Mattingly, and Shawn Tydlaska
In this Swift Chat conversation, Marie Swift speaks with Luis Rosa, Emlen Miles-Mattingly, and Shawn Tydlaska, three of the four co-founders of the BLX Internship Program, a premier initiative dedicated to fostering diversity in the financial planning profession, specifically for aspiring Black and Latinx financial planners. The trio expresses a genuine desire to make the financial planning industry more inclusive in response to the civil unrest following George Floyd's murder. Through partnerships with organizations like the National Association of Personal Financial Planners (NAPFA) and sponsors like the Charles Schwab Foundation, the program has successfully provided opportunities for underrepresented groups, establishing a fresh pipeline of diverse talent for financial planning firms. The conversation touches on the transformative impact on both interns and firms, emphasizing the importance of mentorship, community, and the value derived from fostering diversity in the financial services industry. BLX’s application window for firms to get involved and host an intern in summer 2024 closes on December 31st, 2023. Don’t miss your chance to not only help the financial industry truly reflect the world we live in, but tap into BLX’s pipeline of top-quality interns. Learn more and apply at
23:25 12/19/23
Liability Optimization with Sora Finance Co-Founders Siddhartha Oza and Rohit Agarwal
In this Swift Chat, host Marie Swift speaks with Siddhartha Oza and Rohit Agarwal, the co-Founders and co-CEOs behind Sora Finance, whose mission is to optimize debt costs for everyone by empowering advisors in actively managing clients' liabilities. The Sora platform, driven by an AI component, addresses the historical oversight of managing debt, providing advisors with the right data and tools to optimize clients' financial well-being. The trio discusses the complexities of managing liabilities, the untapped potential of debt optimization, and the pivotal role financial advisors play in reshaping the landscape of wealth management.  Learn more about Siddhartha, Rohit, and Sora Finance at
18:17 12/5/23
Sammy Rabbit’s Money School for Financial Advisors with Sam X Renick
​In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift sits down with Sam X Renick, the visionary behind Sammy Rabbit's Money School, a financial literacy program for children ages 2-10 years old.   Listen to discover the inspiration behind Sammy Rabbit's Money School, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to instilling essential money habits in children. Sam shares some secrets to making financial literacy engaging by integrating money ideas into fun and exciting topics. Learn about the fascinating "All Star Readers" program, where financial professionals read children's books with vital finance and life skills messages. Discover how financial advisors can use Sammy Rabbit's Money School to host live or virtual events, engaging clients and nurturing relationships while promoting financial literacy. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or financial advisor, you'll find resources and strategies to implement financial education easily and efficiently in your community. These events create media buzz and brand-building opportunities for advisors in their local communities.   Sam and Impact are partnering with two special offers for Advisors: Sammy Rabbit Money School – Get memberships for your clients to over 400 co-branded downloadable activities, original songs with matching activities, Big Dream Journal, and more! Sammy and Santa’s Advice – Custom and co branded Sammy Rabbit Holiday Activity Book (Must be ordered by Nov. 10th for this holiday season)Sammy These opportunities are for financial advisors and include premium memberships, virtual experiences, marketing materials, and co-branding opportunities.   Don't miss this enlightening episode that's all about empowering the next generation with smart money skills. Learn more about Sam X Renick and Sammy Rabbit at
30:12 10/24/23
Integrating AI with Your Marketing Efforts with Marie Swift and Jonny Swift
In this unique Swift Chat, recorded live in the Social/Digital Hub at the 2023 Morningstar Investment Conference (MICUS) in Chicago, honorary “Hubster” Shawna Ohm of Content 151 flips the script as she interviews Marie Swift and Jonny Swift of Impact Communications.  The trio shares some of their marketing and PR insights in relation to some of the hot topic items at MICUS 2023 like AI. They share how firms both large and small can integrate AI in their marketing efforts to help create content, generate leads, and even help with client retention. Marie and Jonny also share some actionable takeaways for firms looking to up their PR and marketing game. Learn more about Shawna Ohm and Content 151 here:  Find more great content from the Social/Digital Hub here:
17:28 9/8/23
AdvisorAI and 401kAI Tools for Financial Advisors with Daniel Satchkov
In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift of Impact Communications, Inc. speaks with Daniel Satchkov, Co-Founder and President of RiXtrema, a pioneer in developing innovative tools for financial advisors using machine learning (AI) and data science. Daniel dives into RiXtrema's two groundbreaking AI-driven productivity tools: AdvisorAI™ and 401kAI™. 401kAI is a tool for advisors to use as they court and seek to win the business of plan sponsors. It contains detailed data on 850,000 retirement plans, with full information on all current laws, regulations, and legal cases, and is integrated with compliance tools. 401kAI can summarize dozens of plans with one click, help write custom emails for the plan, and create effective calling pitches for a plan. AdvisorAI is a tool for advisors to improve productivity with portfolio analysis and creation of custom emails and calling pitches. The tool summarizes all aspects of portfolio risk in one click, creates custom emails for each lead, learns in detail about each lead’s financial situation, knows services the advisor can offer to get a meeting, and is integrated with their compliance tools. Learn more about Daniel, RiXtrema, 401kAI™, and AdvisorAI™ at
30:17 8/28/23
Unlocking Meaningful Financial Conversations with Michael Lecours
​In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift of Impact Communications, Inc. speaks with Michael Lecours, CFP®, Co-Founder of fpPathfinder, a company that helps financial advisors become more efficient, innovative and systematized by quickly solving planning problems and questions from clients using fpPathfinder's checklists and flowcharts.   Michael shares the journey that led him to develop this unique concept of using checklists and flowcharts to drive impactful conversations and uncover planning opportunities, born out of a desire to streamline complex financial discussions. Michael also shares an upcoming webinar discussing the Master List of Goals, developed in collaboration with Morningstar researchers, that revolutionizes client-advisor interactions. Learn more and register for webinar here: Expanding Opportunities: Mastering Client Goal Setting for Financial Success [September 26, 2023 at 1:00 pm CT] ​ Learn more about Michael and fpPathfinder at
23:53 8/11/23
Highlights from the 2023 Morningstar Investment Conference with Mary Beth Franklin and Laura Carstensen
In this special episode of Swift Chats, taped live at the #MICUS Podcast Stage, Hosts Jonny Swift and Marie Swift recap highlights and insights from the 2023 Morningstar Investment Conference with Mary Beth Franklin, Contributing Columnist at InvestmentNews and Laura Carstensen, Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity. The group discusses the challenges and opportunities for financial advisors in the evolving landscape of retirement income planning, the importance of holistic financial planning, engaging the next generation in financial conversations, and finding a sense of purpose in later life. Dr. Carstensen emphasizes the significance of adapting to an era of increased life expectancy, while Mary Beth Franklin discusses the challenges and responsibilities faced by financial advisors in helping clients navigate financial decisions in retirement. Find more great content from the 2023 Social/Digital Hub at the Morningstar Investment Conference at:
32:15 7/12/23
Compilation Episode from the 2023 Morningstar Investment Conference
This special Swift Chat comes to you live from the Social/Digital Hub at the 2023 Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago - April 25-27. Hosts Marie Swift and Jonny Swift, along with Honorary Hubsters Shawna Ohm of Content 151 and Victor Gaxiola of TechGirl Financial, speak with some big names about why they love coming to the Morningstar Investment Conference, highlights from various presentations, as well as takeaways from the conversations happening in the exhibit hall. Guests Include: Leslie Marshall of Mesmerise Daniel Dusina of Blue Chip Partners Jamie Hopkins of Carson Group Brian Portnoy of Shaping Wealth Dr. Preston Cherry of Concurrent Financial Planning Tyrone Ross Jr. of Turnqey Labs Shana Sissel of Banríon Capital Management J. Alan Reid and Alex Thaler of Iconik
45:39 6/7/23
Compilation Episode from the 2023 T3 Technology Tools for Today Advisor Conference
In this special Swift Chats, we're live at the 2023 T3 - Technology Tools for Today Advisor Conference in Tampa, which took place March 13-16. Host Marie Swift talks with an array of guests in the T3 Podcast Station powered by Myriad Advisor Solutions about their big takeaways from #T32023, as well as why they love the T3 community and keep coming back to the T3 conference year after year. A few of the VIP guests even discuss some big announcements shared at the conference. Guests include: Bridget Grimes and Katie Burke of Equita Financial Network Robert Steinberg of Blue Chip Partners Christophe Gauthron of Kwanti Mike Lecours of fpPathfinder Ryan Marcus of MarketCounsel
37:13 5/25/23
T3 Technology Tools for Today Presents: Hot & Happening at T3 2023
In this podcast special recorded live in the T3 Podcast Station powered by Myriad Advisor Solutions at the 2023 T3 Technology Tools for Today Advisor Conference, co-hosts Marie Swift and Jonny Swift speak to conference speakers, industry thought leaders and advisors about what's hot and happening at #T32023. From intriguing presentations on the main stage to all the fintech on display in the exhibit hall, hear the biggest takeaways and insights from: Joel Bruckenstein of T3 Technology Tools for Today Bob Veres of Inside Information John Mackowiak of Advyzon Brian Edelman of FCI Spenser Segal of ActiFI Nitin Seth of Incedo Mark Hurley of Digital Privacy & Protection John O'Connell of The Oasis Group Craig Iskowitz of Ezra Group Jason Stipp and Thomas Aviles of Morningstar Erin Goss of Blue Chip Partners
62:57 4/28/23
Compilation Episode from the 2023 AICPA & CIMA Personal Financial Planning Summit
In this special Swift Chat podcast episode, Marie Swift interviews a range of guests from the 2023 AICPA & CIMA Personal Financial Planning Summit held at Dimensional Fund Advisors Headquarters in Austin, TX January 30 - February 1. Guests share some of their biggest takeaways from the various sessions as well as why they love attending the summit every year.  Marie also speaks with Lyle Benson, Program Chair, AICPA & CIMA Personal Financial Planning Summit 2023, shortly after the summit sharing highlights and insights. Guests in order of Appearance: Eddie Kramer, Shareholder and Financial Advisor at Abacus Planning Group Rob Krueger, Senior Principal at Alexander Randolph  Louise Hunter, former financial advisor, now retired​ Kevin Kennedy, Founder of Kennedy Wealth and Tax Management Jonny Swift, Vice President and Director of Social/Digital Strategy at Impact Communications KayDee Cole, Founder and CEO of Clarity Wealth Development Susan Bradley, Founder of the Sudden Money® Institute Lisa Crafford, Director, Head of Business Consulting at BNY Mellon | Pershing Lyle Benson, Founder and President of L.K. Benson & Company
57:48 4/13/23
Building a Community for Women Advisors with Bridget Grimes and Katie Burke
In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift of Impact Communications, Inc. speaks with Bridget Grimes, CFP® and Katie Burke, CFP®, Co-Founders of Equita Financial Network, an entity that empowers independent, women-led financial planning firms to provide outstanding service to their clients, achieve business success, and leverage a network that allows them to do their life’s work without sacrificing what matters most. Katie and Bridget share their stories about starting out in the financial services industry, breaking out to start their own firms, and how they came together to form Equita. The trio also discuss the challenges women face in the industry and how the Equita Financial Network can help support them by creating a reliable community helping all women achieve their goals. Learn more about Equita Financial Network at:
23:55 3/29/23
Using Listening Skills and Mindfulness to Manifest your Goals with George Kinder
In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift of Impact Communications Inc. speaks with George Kinder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning. The two discuss mindfulness skills to help yourself live the life you want to live and what the Registered Life Planner designation means. Learn more about George and his work at  
27:52 2/14/23
Inside Scoop for T3 2023 with Joel Bruckenstein
In this Swift Chat conversation, Marie Swift of Impact Communications, Inc. speaks with Joel Bruckenstein, President of Technology Tools for Today, about what to expect at the T3 2023 conference March 13-16 in Tampa.  Joel shares some of the featured speakers appearing at this year's conference, some of the topics and trends that will be discussed, as well as what to expect at this year's exhibit hall. The two also discuss all the details around lodging and planning to maximize your T3 experience Learn more at:
11:38 2/9/23
Compilation episode from the 2022 MarketCounsel Summit
In this special Swift Chat episode, Marie Swift interviews a range of guests from the 2022 MarketCounsel Summit held at the Four Seasons Las Vegas December 5-8, 2022. While the audio clips have been stitched together to create one full podcast episode, the video interviews are available as single clips on a Vimeo Showcase. Links to the video clips are below. Guests in Order of Appearance: Joel Bruckenstein, Founder of T3 - Technology Tools for Today Craig Iskowitz, Founder and CEO of the Ezra Group, LLC ​Shannon Rosic, Director of WealthStack Content & Solutions at Informa Robert Steinberg, Founder and CEO of Blue Chip Partners, Inc. Jonathan Ainsley, Founder and CEO of InvestInU Martin Tarlie, Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst at GMO ​Eric Showalter, Founder and Principal at Arbor Private Wealth, LLC There are soooooo many great insights in this "recorded live at a conference" episode. Listen in! Link to video interviews here.
40:54 12/26/22
Know The Game You're Playing with James Lange
In this Swift Chat conversation, Marie Swift speaks with James Lange of Lange Financial Group, LLC about how to cut through the noise of an endless stream of marketing campaigns. Companies like yours may think they're playing baseball, but customers and clients are actually playing dodgeball. The two discuss how Lange's own experiences inspired him to move into the niche of fincnail advice for parents of special-needs children, the best ways to connect with potential clients, and the overlooked value of paper mail.  You can learn more about Lange's work at and you can access the Special Advisory Report for parents with special needs children at  
28:11 11/23/22
The Value of a Structured Mentorship Program with Kellan Brown and Jean Heath
In this In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift of Impact Communications, Inc. speaks with Kellan Brown, Vice President of Business Development Strategic Partnerships in the Retirement Strategies Division at FAR, Finance of America Reverse, and Jean Heath, CIMA®, head of Asset Manager Network at Envestnet.  The trio discuss the importance of structured mentorship programs, how their respective companies implement their own mentorship programs, and how those mentorship programs help in building a strong workplace culture. The three women also share their own experiences in mentorship programs both as a mentee when starting their careers and as mentors as they've established themselves in their careers. Learn more about Kellan and Finance of America Reverse at: Learn more about Jean Heath and Envestnet at:
23:12 11/15/22
FPA Kansas City Compilation Episode with Michael Kitces, Micha Baxley, and More (August and September 2022 Events)
In this Swift Chat compilation episode from the FPA Kansas City Symposium from August 2022 and the FPA Kansas City chapter meeting in September 2022, host Marie Swift, CEO of Impact Communications, interviews a range of guests about their experiences at the events including: - Micha Baxley, Vice President of Business Development of Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America - Mike Flinn, Vice President of National Sales with BOK Financial - Advisor Trust Services - Brian Willet, CEO of Advisor Game Plan LLC - Michael Kitces, Head of Planning Strategy for Buckingham Wealth Partners - Colin Swift, Digital Media Production and Relationship Manager at Impact Communications, Inc. - Jonny Swift, Vice President and Director of Social/Digital Strategy for Impact Communications, Inc. Learn more about the FPA Kansas City chapter events here.
31:47 10/31/22
Building an Empowered and Collaborative Workplace Culture with Alyssa Phillips
In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift of Impact Communications, Inc. speaks with Alyssa Phillips, Chief Operating Officer at HCR Wealth Advisors, a RIA firm with fiduciary values based in Los Angeles.  The two discuss how HCR uses technology and people to build an empowered and collaborative workplace culture. They also share highlights from the recent "Wealthies" awards where Alyssa was up for CTO of the year.  Learn more about HCR Wealth at:
22:48 10/15/22
Thinking About the Future of Your Business - Live at T3 2022 with Rich Cancro
In this Swift Chat conversation, recorded live while at the T3 Conference in May 2022, Marie Swift of Impact Communications speaks with Rich Cancro, Founder and CEO of AdvisorEngine. The two discuss what makes the T3 Conference so unique as well as Cancro's T3 presentation on questions that an advisor should be thinking about for the future of their business and how to deliver a service to clients of which they're really proud. They also take a look at the first issue of AdvisorEngine's new publication called Action! magazine and Marie gets the inside scoop on what to expect at AdvisorEngine's annual >drive Conference, which ultimately happened the week after T3 in Austin.​ To learn more about Rich Cancro and AdvisorEngine please visit: To learn more about T3 Conferences please visit: 
06:31 9/12/22
Provincial Development Group, LLC with Blaine Wease
In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift of Impact Communications, Inc. speaks with Blain Wease, President of Provincial Development Group, LLC about what makes Provincial different in their approach to helping wealth management firms implement solutions. Working with RIAs and Broker Dealers, Blain shares how Provincial's comprehensive system improves the health of the firm. They discuss leadership, key metrics and insights on meeting goals by optimizing opportunity. To learn more about Blain and Provincial Development Group please visit: 
30:39 9/9/22
FAR Sight Advisor Series: Imposter Syndrome and How to Handle Misplaced Perceptions Related to Age, Gender and Roles
In this second episode of the new FAR Sight Advisor series brought to you by Finance of America Reverse (FAR) and their Retirement Strategies Division, Marie Swift interviews a variety of guests live at the InvestmentNews Women Adviser Summit held this summer in Denver. Marie and the guests discussed Imposter Syndrome and if they had been misidentified in their careers due to some sort of age and/or gender bias. Some shared how at times they might not truly deserve to be in their positions, when they were actually well qualified and successful in their roles. They discuss the ways they have positioned themselves as they have grown in the industry. They touch on mentorship and bringing up the next generation of women in the profession.   ​Podcast guests in order of appearance: Kellan Brown – Finance of America Reverse  Jean Heath – Envestnet Mary Ellyse Fendig – Northstar Financial & Retirement Planning John Mackowiak – Advyzon Lucila Williams – Intentional Advisor Laura Combs - Mercer Advisors Renée Pichette – Mercer Advisors
37:30 8/29/22
FinTech's Rapid Evolution and the Ezra Group WealthTech Integration Score with Craig Iskowitz
In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift speaks with Craig Iskowitz, Founder and CEO of Ezra Group, a boutique strategy consulting and research firm. The two discuss the new Ezra Group WealthTech Integration Score, a unique score for FinTech vendors to help wealth management firms build seamless integrated tech stacks. Craig dives into how the score is determined and what that means for FinTech vendors as well as the wealth management firms deciding between different applications.  To learn more about Craig, Ezra Group and the Ezra Group Integration Score please visit:
17:06 8/14/22

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