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Work Wife Balance

As if working together wasn’t enough, Leigh and Chris are now entering their second year of marriage. So far they have faced three lockdowns and a global pandemic. This podcast gives them a chance to put down the mic and camera, and go off script. Hear how they juggle being newlyweds at home, while working together in the studio. They’ll be covering important topics like: is it OK to secretly throw away your husband’s clothes, and whose turn it is to shave the rabbit’s backside? Plus - each week they’ll answer your questions, featuring the only celebrity they could afford... Leigh’s Dad and Yorkshire’s finest… “Papa Milner”. Subscribe to the Milner-Berrow podcast so they can eventually afford to take a day off! This podcast is part of Podcast Radio’s Original (PRO-Shows) programming. Email: Insta: @WorkWifeBalancePod Twitter: @WorkWifeBal Artwork: @MelLangtonArt


S2 E10 The Podfather Part II 23:55 04/17/2022
S2 E9 Adulting is hard 20:52 04/10/2022
S2 E8 Q&A 22:02 04/03/2022
S2 E7 The serieses continues 22:03 03/27/2022
S2 E6 A bunch of weirdos 20:45 03/21/2022
S2 E5 Fence etiquette 20:36 03/14/2022
S2 E4 #MMMM 22:49 03/07/2022
S2 E3 Let's CARPE this DIEM! 20:40 02/28/2022
S2 E2 Having the last bath 21:40 02/21/2022
S2 E1 We're BACK baby! 22:39 02/14/2022
S1 E10 The Podfather 24:55 05/16/2021
S1 E9 Twiddling knobs 23:11 05/10/2021
S1 E8 Opus 2 21:28 05/03/2021
S1 E7 Childish behaviour 23:06 04/25/2021
S1 E6 Bathmatgate 22:00 04/18/2021
S1 E5 Plant problem 23:35 04/11/2021
S1 E4 Shut the BLEEP up! 26:07 04/04/2021
S1 E3 Judge Jane 27:16 03/28/2021
S1 E2 How now, brown cow? 22:33 03/22/2021
S1 E1 Let the party be-gin! 23:36 03/15/2021
Trailer 00:53 03/11/2021