Show cover of The Laundromat Millionaire Show with Dave Menz

The Laundromat Millionaire Show with Dave Menz

Are you an "Entrepreneurial Nerd" or even just a passionate small business person trying to learn the ropes? If so, this show may be perfect for you. On the Laundromat Millionaire Show, we discuss everything Business, the good, bad and ugly lessons that we've learned. Things we've learned from our success and also from our failure and the growth that occurs when we truly seek it out! Episodes feature Co-host and published Author, Dave "Laundromat Millionaire" Menz along with his wife and sidekick in life, Carla Menz. Dave & Carla share their personal journey in a very transparent and authentic way while also interviewing awesome Entrepreneurs with a goal of pulling their secrets to success out to share with the audience. Simply put, there are no limitations to where Dave & Carla will go in order to Encourage, Inspire and Motivate their audiences to reach the pinnacle of your capabilities and they may even challenge you to push beyond what you thought is possible in your life. Want to be a guest on the show? Email


Improvements That Pay for Themselves with Matt Zinicola 63:07 08/17/2022
Building a Lending Powerhouse with Michael Fanger & Brian Grell 68:05 08/10/2022
The 6 Essentials Before You Buy a Laundromat with Dave & Carla Menz 42:44 07/27/2022
Why I Left HappyNest with Dave Menz S3 E42 32:50 07/19/2022
Should Coins Be Extinct? S3 E41 Laundromat Millionaire Show 48:10 07/13/2022
How Do I Create Wealth for Generations? with Rachel Marshall & Bruce Wehner 83:42 04/27/2022
How Do You Scale to Multiple Locations? with Matt Andrade 62:04 04/22/2022
Eliminate Fear & Find Success with Patch Baker 71:50 04/13/2022
Time to Change Your Prices?? with Waleed Cope 73:08 04/06/2022
Building a Team with Steve Andrews 73:59 03/30/2022
Adjusting Your Mindset To Create Success with Jason Drees 59:00 03/16/2022
Tips for Multi-Store Management with Ross Dodds 74:10 02/28/2022
Is a Franchise Right for You? with Alex Smereczniak 87:01 02/16/2022
Taking Community Service to the Next Level with Jason Sowell 57:24 02/09/2022
Choosing the Business Model for You with Todd Fener 84:15 02/02/2022
Can the CLA Foster Your Success? with Brian Wallace 84:12 01/26/2022
Investing in the Real Estate with Jesse Denton 54:33 01/19/2022
The TikTok Famous Laundromat Owner with Pat McIntire 70:10 01/12/2022
Dave's 3 Keys to Becoming a Laundromat Millionaire 51:21 12/28/2021
Financing in the Laundromat Industry 68:25 12/15/2021
Be a Happy Leader and Retain Good Employees with Tia Graham 59:36 12/01/2021
Elevating the Customer Experience with Yvette Morton Williams 71:18 11/24/2021
Are You Thinking Big Enough? with Mark Pattison 48:20 11/17/2021
Options for Affordable Laundry Equipment with Triad Laundry 62:44 11/10/2021
Partnering to Invest in Laundromats with Ken Wimberly 56:44 11/01/2021
Wealth Building Strategies for Entrepreneurs with Curtis May 69:11 09/29/2021
A New Build - To Franchise Or Not? with Brian Riseland 88:25 09/21/2021
Maximizing Your Time and Energy with Adam Szabo 59:01 09/07/2021
A Driven Pursuit of the Laundromat Industry with Stacey Runfola 70:57 08/28/2021
Advice on Buying and Retooling a Laundromat with Daniel Sofranko 59:11 08/18/2021