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The law can be confusing. In Legal Squeaks, we provide you with useful and easy-to-understand squeaks of information on legal and consumer issues that you can apply to your daily life.


End of Season 1 Message
It's the end of season 1! Thank you for all who listened to our first season. We will be back in early August 2021. In the meantime be sure to go back to catch up on missed episodes, and subscribe so you don't miss any of season 2!.
01:23 7/13/21
Work Comp Demystified | Legal Squeaks | Episode 016
Work comp can be a confusing subject, and when you’re in the middle of dealing with an injury on the job, it may be hard to tell what’s right and what’s wrong. Clarissa from our Des Moines office joins us on today’s episode to help demystify work comp.
65:20 7/2/21
Identifying Nursing Home Abuse | Legal Squeaks | Episode 015
Placing a loved one in a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions that people have to make. Even after a tireless search and due diligence, you can sometimes end up with a nursing home that ends up not providing quality treatment and care. Poor care in a nursing home can constitute negligence or even abuse. Learn how to identify if abuse or neglect is taking place.
21:07 6/25/21
Hernia Mesh Lawsuit: We Ask Our Experts | Legal Squeaks | Episode 014
Barbara Capasso and John Ray from Mass Tort Nexus  are here today to provide their expert insights into the hernia mesh litigation.
28:37 6/14/21
Can I Still File An Injury Claim? | Legal Squeaks | Episode 013
Don’t be SOL on your SOL by letting the time to file a lawsuit expire. Learn about the statute of limitations on civil cases in this week’s episode of Legal Squeaks.
08:47 6/8/21
VA Benefits: What You're Entitled To | Legal Squeaks | Episode 012
 Even though you are a Veteran, only certain Vets qualify for VA disability benefits. In this episode, we discuss who is eligible, what compensation you may be entitled to, and what to do if your claim is rejected. Please read our shownotes for links to resources mentioned:
32:58 6/1/21
What to do After a Car Accident | Legal Squeaks | Episode 011
 Odds are that you have, or know someone who has, been in a car accident. You MUST know these steps to take after a car accident, or you could be making big mistakes that affect your life. 
24:04 5/25/21
Day In The Life of a Paralegal | Legal Squeaks | Episode 010
 Ever thought about becoming a paralegal? In this episode Dennis talks with 3 paralegals from VanDerGinst Law on how they got started, a typical day, and their advice for those aspiring to this profession. 
38:27 5/18/21
Believing These Personal Injury Myths May Harm You | Legal Squeaks | Episode 009
 There are many myths out there about personal injury cases that have arisen from TV shows and lobbying efforts. It's time to dispel these myths so you know the truth. 
20:06 5/11/21
What You Need to Know About Zantac | Legal Squeaks | Episode 008
 Barbara Capasso and John Ray of Mass Tort Nexus provide us with insights and the science behind the Zantac recall, the drugs possible relation to a cancer diagnosis, and the litigation that is happening now. 
29:19 5/4/21
Could It Be A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)? | Legal Squeaks | Episode 007
If you or someone you know has been in an accident, it's important to monitor the patients condition to make sure there is no underlying TBI. This episode discussed symptoms, warning signs, and what to do if you suspect a traumatic brain injury may be in effect.
13:52 4/27/21
Do I Even Need an Attorney? | Legal Squeaks | Episode 006
Do you know the difference between a lawyer and an attorney? Do you know when and if you should hire one to help you represent you in your case? What about the difference between civil and criminal cases? In this episode we cover all of this and more.
32:12 4/20/21
Can I Win If I Sue My Doctor? | Legal Squeaks | Episode 005
If you get hurt from your doctor’s negligence, can you sue them? You would be surprised at how often doctors can win their case, even if they do have strong evidence against them.
23:11 4/13/21
Trucking Accidents | Legal Squeaks | Episode 004
Trucking accidents are vastly more dangerous than regular automobile accidents due to the large weight of the truck, as well as loads and materials the truck may be hauling.
09:55 4/6/21
Claim Shame | Legal Squeaks | Episode 003
You should never be afraid to file a personal injury lawsuit that is warranted. In this episode, Dennis discusses how lobbying against jackpot justice has led to people feeling guilty for seeking compensation.
22:14 3/30/21
Slip and Fall Accidents | Legal Squeaks | Episode 002
In this episode of Legal Squeaks Dennis discusses various circumstances that can cause a trip, slip and fall, and what you should do if you are a victim on such an accident.
23:15 3/23/21
Introduction to Legal Squeaks - Episode 000
Welcome to Legal Squeaks! In this introductory episode, Dennis tells you what Legal Squeaks is all about, and why these short snippets of law-related discussions are helpful to your life.
04:30 3/12/21
Business Interruption Insurance - Episode 001
If your business has been struck by disaster, whether from the Derecho of August 2020 or forced closures due to Covid, business interruption insurance may be able to help you recover lost revenue. But what about when the insurance company denies your claim?
17:25 3/12/21