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Westchester Words: Education, Ed-Tech, and Publishing

Informed and informative conversations with experts about the topics that are impacting them, their operations, and their customers in the production and distribution of content for the Educational Publishing and Ed-Tech sectors, as well as the broader publishing industry. Hosted by Westchester Education Services and Westchester Publishing Services.


Get to Know Jennifer Cole, Content Director, Literacy, Humanities, and Languages 19:10 06/24/2022
A Conversation with Cevin Bryerman 18:55 05/13/2022
Designing Effective Meetings 21:21 05/05/2022
Building Books Better with BISG 20:42 04/05/2022
Signs It Might Be Time to Outsource Your Editorial Services 17:27 04/01/2022
How a Children’s Book Publisher Remains Nimble and Successful 19:42 02/01/2022
Why Career and Technical Education is Gaining Prominence 22:29 01/28/2022
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from a University Press Perspective - An Update 17:30 12/23/2021
Disability is Part of the DEI Conversation 13:08 11/01/2021
How Publishers Can Optimize Their Websites to Improve Sales 22:57 11/01/2021
Creating a Collaborative Community for Students, Teachers, and Families 18:59 09/27/2021
Westchester Words Season 2 Preview 03:31 09/08/2021
Career and Technical Education - Creating High-Quality Content 12:46 08/12/2021
Why Should SEL Concepts be Incorporated into Learning Materials? 10:51 07/22/2021
A Conversation with Dave Bailis, Senior Director of Operations, Westchester Education Services 18:28 07/22/2021
A Discussion About Culturally Responsive Education and Its Importance for UK Educational Content Development 10:37 07/21/2021
Executing the Westchester Education Services Vision 15:01 07/08/2021
The Westchester Education Services Vision 17:28 06/14/2021
How Civics Education Relates to Science, Climate Change, and Global Interdependence 19:33 05/27/2021
Virtual Shows - Sign of the Times or a Permanent Change? 18:23 05/25/2021
We’ve Been on Your Side of the Desk 19:33 05/18/2021
What the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Means for Education Companies 15:45 05/14/2021
Culturally Responsive Education in the US and the UK 20:57 05/12/2021
Publishing Now ’21 Audio Excerpts - What’s Next for the Industry? 21:38 05/06/2021
Publishing Now ’21 Audio Excerpts: International Publishing & Brexit 13:50 05/06/2021
Publishing Now ’21 Audio Excerpts: Publishing Industry in Transition 18:04 05/05/2021
Why Should Education Content Undergo a CRE Review? 12:13 04/19/2021
Improving Sustainability in the Publishing Industry 19:55 04/07/2021
Publishing Now '21: Looking Forward Webinar Preview 11:22 03/19/2021
Translation or Transadaptation? What You Need to Understand When Creating Products for use in Another Language 17:42 03/17/2021