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Artist🎭, scammer🤫, thinker🤔, spy🕵🏿‍♀️. Born out of the monotony of being quarantine single, "Let Me Tell You Somethin', Bitch" is a podcast about e'erythang. I have stories out the ying-yang. Now, let me tell you somethin', bitch.


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I have stories out the ying-yang. Now, let me tell you somethin', bitch.Twitter: @LetMeBitchBitchIG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
01:00 3/14/21
I Adopted A Three Month Old Kitten
I adopted a kitten that I saw first, in a vision, and then on Instagram. And, let me tell you somethin', bitch.Twitter: @LetMeBitchBitchIG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
13:51 3/20/21
I Live in DTLA
TW // Death/Rodents/Automative AccidentsThis episode is all about DTLA living, but more like, the misadventures of a city girl.Twitter: @LetMeBitchBitchIG: @letmetellyousomethinbitch
17:17 3/27/21
I Experience Vaginal Orgasm
TW // MurderI love having a vagina, talking all things vagina, and honoring the power of da pussy! I was thirteen when I watched "The Vagina Monologues" on HBO. Shoutout to Eve Ensler for igniting in my horny, teenage self; a love of my changing body. Also shoutout to the vulva and the Skene's glands.Twitter: @LetMeBitchBitchIG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
19:42 4/3/21
I Don't Believe In Mainchicks
The fallacy of mainchicks is the topic of this week's episode. Really, I'm just tired of this sidechick/mainchick mess, so I'm cleanin' up.Website: Twitter: @LetMeBitchBitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
24:45 4/10/21
I Build Web Apps
Website: Twitter: @LetMeBitchBitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch This episode is all about how ya girl became a software engineer. It was not easy and literally, didn't pay off exactly as I'd hoped. However, I made the move and now, I'm out here on my Angela Bennett shit.
20:45 4/17/21
I Practice A Vegan Diet
TW // Cancer, Death, Trauma, and Drama. I can't really talk about practicing a vegan diet, without talking about death. We are the stewards of the earth, y'all and we treatin' the planet like it's the help—not the Viola Davis kinda help either, the "Roots" kind. This thang don't belong to us, if it did, we oughta be shame. We movin' crazy foul out here and expecting life to be fruitful. What part of the game is dat?website: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
25:56 4/24/21
I Do Read
Being hooked on phonics, does not mean you're hooked on books. I have been overworked and underpaid since the first grade, and television was my escape from the pressures of being fucking gifted and fucking talented.That is, until I discovered erotica. Long story short, I was a teenage sex pervert. In 2021, I learned that I'm still a teenage sex pervert, and the romance/erotica novels still hit. Also, I am not sponsored by Manta or the word "like". 🥴website: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
29:11 5/1/21
I Invested In Netflix Twelve Years Ago
This episode is about the biggest bag I ever fumbled. I invested in Netflix and Hulu when I was twenty years old. These weren't itty-bitty investments, y'all; I put stacks on stacks into these companies. Evidentially, I had lessons to learn, that being a "self-made" thousandnaire in my mid-twenties, would not have taught me. I still make astute investments and am a forever money magnet, but this right here... still hurts my heart a bit. 🤪Website: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
16:36 5/8/21
I Am Roi
This is the episode about my pseudonym: Roi i.e. Renouncing Our Isms.Isms are divisive beliefs used by oppressors to marginalize and exploit the masses. Exploited folks, on the other hand, typically use Isms to gain access to institutions built on and sustained by their oppression and exploitation—leveraging existing Isms against one another, and even, creating new ones, to scale the "respectability latter." We have been programmed to identify with Isms as a firewall against evolution and subsequently, freedom. In other words, when the exploited/excluded are working to be included within oppressive regimes, they are not working to dismantle them. Website: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
22:30 5/15/21
I've Had The Worst Roommates Pt. 1
It's as if the ancestors wanted me to really appreicate solitude, by having me share intimate space with folks I wouldn't want to share an uber pool with. Sidenote: we ain't never uber pooling again, y'all. After this thing, you either have 'x' money or you stay your ass home. Speaking of home, mine hadn't been "where the heart is," for many, many L.A. years. It was, however, where the drama reside. In part one of this two part episode, I cover two of my worst roommate experiences. Enjoy... I certainly didn't. Website: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
20:16 5/22/21
I've Had The Worst Roommates Pt. 2
As promised, the second half of last week's episode is here. I mentioned before that I had A LOT to say about the janky folx I've lived with, and this two part saga stands as listening proof. Enjoy the conclusion of this epic tale of my journey through roommate hell.Website: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
18:42 5/29/21
I Am...
In this episode, I talk about the power of "I am," especially in combination with gratitude. Roi is a very numerology, astrology bitch, so y'all gone get deez manifestation tools. I also speak, briefly, on my experience with sound healing. Jesus, sound heal my audio, please.🤣 Noise pollution has been an issue for #letmetellyousomethinbitch, but we are on the come up and the sound quality is better for future episodes, I promise.Website: www.letmebitchbitch.comTwitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
15:41 6/5/21
I Have The Strangest Dreams
I see weird my dreams. This week's episode is about my crazy dreams that are part ancestral message, part astral travel, and all strange. I once dreamt I was being chased by a hoard of rats, and fell, and they started climbing up my leg. I could feel the weight of the first rat on my actual leg and woke up quick, fast, and in a hurry. That phenomena is called Hypnagogia, btw...had to look it up. Website: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
16:53 6/12/21
I Got Committed...Twice Pt. 1
Mental illness/breakdown being a stigma in a community bombarded by systemic brutality, is in itself, an act of antiblack violence. How can one be well in a system sustained by their torture and death, by their erasure? Dis whole thang upsettin' me and my ancestors...Being honest about our hardships, about being unwell in spaces that were not created to help us thrive is an act of self-love. For all of the loved ones who came before us, that could not speak of what they'd endured, we must be vocal and break oppressive cycles. SPEAK👏🏿 . ON👏🏾. IT👏🏿. Website: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
20:07 6/19/21
I Got Committed...Twice Pt. 2
“To be black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage.” -James Baldwin The end of bondage was not the end of antiblack violence or the global, european occupation of the known world. Those mental tolls, are ones we pay e'eryday and #letmetellyousomethinbitch. Website: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
36:30 6/19/21
I Was Sixteen...
This episode is about my love affair with "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra" and cartoons in generally. I love animation and am taking a crack at discussing a show that really, highkey, changed my life. There will be spoilers, so listen with caution. Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
20:26 6/26/21
I Couldnt Date...
This episode is about my deal breaker; there are a few, but this is the big one. Of course, we can water each other in a relationship, but I ain't trynna be with somebody that has an untended garden. Come with your weeds pulled and hedges pruned, or forget it. "Yeah, you fine, but have you decolonized your mind?"Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
18:32 7/3/21
I Only Wanted To Be
This episode is about being non-binary. Realizing that I was non-binary and had been my entire life, was a trip. Finding the words to correlate to a feeling... you thought only you felt.Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
15:14 7/10/21
I Had To Stop Watching This Is Us
TW// black death, anti-blackness, violence. This episode is about why and when I had to stop watching "This Is Us" and many, many, many other shows. Television shows used to be called programming and that's exactly the purpose of the images and sounds funneled to us by the media--programming our minds. I like to suspend my disbelief as much as anybody, however, sometimes the shit gets too real.Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
33:36 7/17/21
I Live For Normani
This episode is about my complete dedication to the works of Normani. At the time of recording, it had been a minute since I'd heard any new Normani music and I was ready to choose VIOLENCE! Of course, I got all "conspiracy theory" and started talking about Tink, Nicole Wray, Kelly, and other brown-skinned girls whose career trajectories have not matched the quality of their talent.Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
19:25 7/24/21
I Have Been Menstruating For 20 Years
This episode is about menstruation. Many of us do it and even more of us LIE about it, or at least don't tell the full story. I get candid, per usual, about my experience with Aunt Flow, her first visit, and all the years we've spent together (too damn many, if you ask me).Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
30:34 7/31/21
I Started A Foot Fetish OnlyFans
Y'all... I dipped a toe into digital, sex work when I first got furloughed from my tech job. I'm always willing to bare it all...anonymously and I have cute feet ("it's not speculation, ya man said so") so I started a foot fetish OnlyFans.Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
16:07 9/4/21
I Dont Believe In Good and Bad
I am a New Yorker, and on this day, the twentieth anniversary of the destruction of The Twin Towers, I figured I'd speak on "good and bad." I relinquished ideas of "good and bad" many moons ago; for a more sustainable and tangible moral code. For me, things are either charming or tedious; they either uplift or degrade life; they're either tiring or inspiring and that's it. As a member of the living, I have a vested interest in life and anything that compromises said interest, has got to go. Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
15:50 9/11/21
I Almost...Maybe Got Got By A Married Man
This episode was recorded shortly after DMX was hospitalized, but before his actual passing. Rest In Power, Dark Man X. Chile...the cishet men finna drag me after dis, but what can I say? Saturn is my chart ruler, so when it comes to marriage, I don't play. Folks gone do what they want, this I know; but my standards and values are set up in a way, wherein, I can't fuck nobody's husband, but mine. That being said, had this man not been married, would I have not hesitated to deplete him of all his fluids? Undoubtedly. Was his being married the only thing stopping me from bustin' it WIDE open? Duh...he was fine AF. All and all, it's a funny story now and I can definitely look back at the moment and laugh.Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
20:26 9/18/21
I Was In A Sketch Comedy Group
This episode is about the end of my sketch comedy group. It's also the story of how I let an unhealed, raggedy heffa bring me out my character—NEVER AGAIN. I learned from this experience, that responding to disrespect with humility and grace, is the easiest way to determine if it is deliberate. When you give grace to someone who is being deliberately ungracious to you, they will continue to raise the stakes, in order to move you to anger. On the other hand, nothing mitigates accidental disrespect faster, than staying cool and being respectful.P.S. Yeah, I'm lowkey a raptress. 🤣😂🤣Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
24:17 9/25/21
Isms and Ish - Microsode
So I'm trying something new and dropping microsodes during the weekday. Less than two minute ramblings that maybe didn't fit into a specific episode or came to me all after the fact. This is a quicky on -isms. Isms are just an excuse to be harmful, and when there are no women, negroes, or queer folx to abuse; harmful people will direct their negativity at whoever is around. So be cautious and maybe require a higher standard for those you invite into your life. Hope y'all enjoy. Peace!Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
00:41 9/27/21
I Set My Family Home On Fire
I figured I'd set off Spooky Season with a scary story... One hot, summer night, in 2002, I almost fire and brimstoned my whole family. All I wanted to do was remove some old nail polish and the next thing I knew, I was an arsonist!Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
15:49 10/2/21
I Wanna Talk About Generational Trauma
Keeping up with spooky season, I decided to talk about some real scaurry shit–generational trauma. There are so many things we believe are too benign to be considered generational trauma, that are taking folks out. Religion, social taboos, delusion...can all be generational traumas/curses. And, how can we heal what we don't see as "that big'ah deal?"Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
24:06 10/9/21
Imma City Girl
C-i-t-y, you can see why... This episode is about growing up in N.Y.C. Staying in the vein of spooky season doe, it's also about gentrification–which is some scary shit. I also touch on being ready to throw the hands when it came to my man, back in the day, cause Queens queenz don't play 🤪. Patreon: Twitter: @letmebitchbitch IG: letmetellyousomethinbitch
18:18 10/16/21