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Welcome to The Diagnosis Success Podcast. Kyle Hunter will be your host. Diagnosis Success will be giving you behind the scenes views into motivational and inspirational concepts, entertainment industries, as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs. We will also be breaking down business models and examining the latest trends to help you succeed. Diagnosis Success blends business with pop culture for a unique and exciting look into the world of entrepreneurship. #diagnosissuccess 


S5 Ep5: Should Family Members Be A Deal Breaker with Tinika Sadiku 61:34 04/03/2022
S5 Ep4: The Power of Music Licensing with JS aka The Best 36:41 03/27/2022
S5 Ep3: The Power of Choice with David Nurse 36:31 03/19/2022
S5 Ep2: The Billion Dollar Coffee Industry with The Black Coffee Company 32:34 03/17/2022
S5 Ep1: How To Become a 9-5 Millionaire with Storm Leroy 62:34 02/25/2022
S4 Ep10: Music Production with Hilton Wright II 27:48 02/06/2022
S4 Ep9: If You Love Me Then You Will Lie To Me with Josef Branch (Part 2) 67:06 01/30/2022
S4 Ep8: If You Love Me Then You Will Lie To Me with Tinika Sadiku 88:23 01/23/2022
S4 Ep7: Obtaining Success with Musician Paul Rivers Bailey 25:35 01/05/2022
S4 Ep6: Music Production 101 with Silk Beats 64:10 01/02/2022
S4 Ep5: Music Success with Composer H. Kenneth 48:26 12/26/2021
S4 Ep4: The 3 Types of Relationships with Tinika Sadiku 68:15 12/16/2021
S4 Ep3: Music Success with Composer Maxton Waller 71:56 11/29/2021
S4 Ep2: How To Find Your Passion with Motivational Expert Toni Jefferson 34:22 11/20/2021
S4 Ep1: The Power of Purpose with Chief Global Strategist Earl Carr 59:08 11/14/2021
S3 Ep10: How Artists Can Succeed with Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bedford 42:38 11/04/2021
S3 Ep9: Music Licensing Success with Nelson K Johnson 60:39 10/24/2021
S3 Ep8: Real Talk About Covid-19 13:34 10/17/2021
S3 Ep7: Identifying Toxic Rightness 18:34 10/10/2021
S3 Ep6: How to Develop a Multi-Million Dollar Mind-state 09:46 10/03/2021
S3 Ep5: How to Become A Successful Manager with Slim Jeff 58:33 09/26/2021
S3 Ep4: Building a Six Figure Virtual Assistant Business with Annalisa Abell 26:04 08/22/2021
S3 Ep3: Poor Spiritual Hygiene 16:44 08/15/2021
S3 Ep2: Building a Million Dollar Construction Business with Shelton Quiller 44:06 08/08/2021
S3 Ep1: Becoming a Dynamic Music Producer with Es-K 44:21 08/01/2021
S2 Ep10: Rest In Power DMX 15:00 07/25/2021
S2 Ep9: Overcoming The Odds with Dr William Humphries 69:56 07/18/2021
S2 Ep8: Success in Music Journalism with Pay Kolm├╝s 37:02 07/11/2021
S2 Ep7: Music Licensing Talk with Audiosocket CEO Jenn Anderson Miller 42:10 07/04/2021
S2 Ep6: Finding Strategic Success with Connie Steele 36:58 06/27/2021