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Hosted by David Wright, a former actuary and reinsurance broker, now a technology executive. Not Unreasonable brings you interviews covering management, analytics, sales and economics interpreted through David's insurance and reinsurance background. Subscribe in iTunes, stitcher, or by rss feed. Sign up for my newsletter here and also see us on youtube!Show notes at


Tyler Cowen on Talent 66:27 05/17/2022
Howard Kunreuther on Behavioral Economics of Risk 61:54 04/22/2022
Robin Hanson on Distant Futures and Aliens 79:39 03/21/2022
Stan McChrystal on Risk and Leadership 67:58 01/26/2022
Ga Bartick on How To Sell 63:53 12/03/2021
Scott Sumner on Monetary Policy 73:28 11/20/2021
David Zuby on Crash Test Dummies 36:10 11/06/2021
Craig Hupper on ESG 89:40 10/25/2021
Joe Henrich on Cultural Evolution 60:50 10/04/2021
Mahbod Moghadam on Controversy 63:57 09/20/2021
Uwe Dulleck on Credence Goods 60:02 09/07/2021
Bryan Caplan on the Myth of the Rational Voter 59:19 07/18/2021
Jessica Leong on Who Actuaries Are 46:47 06/21/2021
Steve Mildenhall on Insurance History Part 2 47:17 05/12/2021
Doug Hubbard on How to Measure Anything 63:35 04/30/2021
Robert Hoekman on The Tao of User Experience 52:51 04/13/2021
David Soloff on O.T.T Risk 72:43 03/26/2021
Clip - David Soloff of OTT Risk on the Opportunity in Business Interruption Insurance 01:06 03/24/2021
Samir Shah on Innovating Capital 68:51 03/19/2021
Steve Mildenhall on The Macro History of The Insurance Market 61:21 03/11/2021
John Shettle on How to Sell Insurance 07:53 12/10/2020
Otakar Hubschmann on AI In Reinsurance 48:58 11/02/2020
Actuaries and Data Scientists at Root 55:43 08/17/2020
Alex Lazarow on Frontier Startups 54:11 07/29/2020
Mary Hirschfeld on Aquinas and the Market 64:23 07/03/2020
Ken Brandt on the Impact of COVID-19 61:30 06/05/2020
How COVID Hits the Poor with Jennifer Brady 31:35 03/25/2020
What COVID Might Mean For Insurance with Michael Tanzer 56:34 03/23/2020
Christy Ford Chapin on the History of Health Insurance in America 73:04 03/10/2020
Monica Mason on Catastrophe Modeling 61:09 11/19/2019