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Let's Talk Relationship Not Religion

There is someone who died to have a relationship with you. Do you know who He is? Join us on this journey of discovery as we learn who He is and more importantly, who we are in Him! Fasten your seatbelts, this is going to be fun!


Relationship Wednesday with Muriel Dischel
Listen in as Muriel shares how she reconciled her feelings of waisted time as she ran from her pain and God, only to realize that God poured His grace upon her even during one of the heaviest times in her life.
42:10 10/25/23
Relationship Wednesday with Levar Greene Sr.
Listen in as Levar shares how even though his relationship with Jesus grows deeper each day, he still wonders if God got it right by calling him. As he is accepting who God has made him to be, he is reluctantly walking in his calling and trusting God every step of the way. 
45:43 10/18/23
Relationship Wednesday with James S. Jones
It's Armis Dei, not Armani. Listen in as James shares with the family how his mission of equipping kingdom soldiers for battle was given to him and that the armor of God is not something we wear like a suit. It's much deeper!!!
72:48 10/4/23
Relationship Wednesday with Evangelist Jesse Holmes Jr. and Cyndi Cain-Holmes
Listen in as Cyndi and Jesse share how making God the priority, not only deepened their relationship with God, but with each other as well.
73:58 9/6/23
Relationship Wednesday w/ Tara Malia Gregory
Listen in as Tara shares how her journey has given her the strength to be unapologetic about her faith, commitment and love for Christ.
68:05 8/30/23
Relationship Wednesday w/ Emory Anderson
You know how you can read a scripture over and over, BUT one day, that same scripture hits a little different? For Emory, that scripture was Luke 15:22. Listen as he shares how after having read that scripture multiple times, one day that scripture read him; creating a life of rejoicing the return!
55:53 8/16/23
Matchmaking 101
One of God's best attributes is His mercy. Why not lead with that?
14:50 5/8/23
Do You Know Him or Do You KNOW Him?
Many of us know of Him, but how many of us can say, we truly know Him? 
17:35 2/13/23
Relationship Wednesday w/ Shayla Hargrove
Listen in as Shayla shares how she is in the "refining fire" stage of her relationship with God. 
57:39 2/9/23
Chew Your Food
If you eat too fast, you just might miss the best part of the meal.
16:38 2/6/23
Don't put off til tomorrow what you SHOULD do today!
21:10 2/1/23
Relationship Wednesday with Rev Dr. Alisha Tatem
Join us as Rev. Dr. Alisha Tatem shares how her ministry is unique to her, through her art and how she still views God with a child-like wonder.
55:08 1/23/23
Don't Miss the Miracle
Don't look away, don't blink and don't get distracted...because you just might miss it.
12:09 1/23/23
Every Skill Set Can Be Used
You are already equipped for the job.
19:10 1/17/23
Happy New Year!!!
Everyday is a new beginning; a new opportunity to start anew. Be grateful for each day. 
06:30 1/3/23
Don't Be a Fool
Be bold enough to stand corrected!!!
15:33 11/28/22
Keep On Pushing!
Regardless of what you may or may not see, just keep praying!
13:59 11/14/22
Heed the Warning!
Every temptation comes with a warning label.
16:20 10/24/22
And So It Begins
The lack of personal accountability was present at the very beginning; and is still present today!
22:23 10/17/22
Grace Flows Both Ways!
Grace is so much more than your pre-meal prayer!
17:02 9/5/22
It's a Union Job!
You don't necessarily have to have a union have a union rep.
10:31 8/22/22
First on the Scene, Last to Leave.
Just because He's always with you, doesn't mean you are always letting Him lead!
12:12 8/15/22
Pray for Those Blinders
Blinders can work for you or against you.
08:29 8/8/22
It's Time to Be Proactive
It is time to be retrained!!!
13:32 8/1/22
There's Something in the Hallway
Never underestimate the blessings that are received in the hallway.
15:41 7/26/22
Tomorrow Is Not Promised - RIP Henry J Daniels
Join us as we honor a life lived on purpose, for purpose and with purpose!
07:50 7/18/22
Relationship Wednesday w/ Dan Ringo & Henry Daniels (RIP Henry)
When two or more come together... What a privilege it was to have Dan and Henry share with us their brotherhood, their journeys and their ever-growing love for God. Their mission is to be an example and leave a legacy. After listening in, you will realize that they are doing just that!
52:36 7/18/22
Stop the Clock!
How would you feel if your doctor stated the surgery would take an hour, no more, no less; even if a problem arose, no matter how serious, the doctor would not go beyond said time?
16:22 7/11/22
It's Just an Ax Head!
When was the last time you dealt with something as "small" as an ax head?
13:49 7/4/22
In Jesus Name
Have you ever been told something multiple times, but still didn't get it? Clearly I had to be told 5 times in order to get the message!
14:27 6/27/22

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