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The Influencer Green Room

Inside the Influencer Green Room is where successful Creators, brands, and Strategists talk about audience growth tactics, brand deals, monetization, strategies, and the business of being an Influencer. Get real advice from Creators who have actually done it (and not some rando on Twitter...)Come hang out with us if you are serious about growing your audience and influence!


AI is awesome for Creators - here is why: 33:45 05/09/2022
How to come up with your next video idea - YouTube Strategist reveals his process! 37:18 03/28/2022
NFT for Creators - What every creator needs to know about the NFT space 38:01 03/14/2022
How to negotiate with brands and earn more money with your content with Justin Moore 43:40 02/24/2022
YouTube Strategist React To Popular YouTube Growth Advice with Mario Joost 38:18 02/08/2022
The secret to earning more affiliate money - GeniusLink CEO, Jesse Lakes tells us how 68:00 02/02/2022
5 ways to make more money with your content 19:48 08/10/2021
Why do some videos get more exposure on YouTube? 17:36 07/27/2021
From Small YouTube Channel to 8 figure business 44:06 06/29/2021
100 videos in 100 days - HOW? 41:01 06/22/2021
The ONE thing EVERY Creator should focus on for massive YouTube growth! 14:31 06/08/2021
YouTube Shorts opportunities with Jake Fellman 44:08 05/27/2021
Look out for these RED FLAGS buried inside Influencer brand-deal contracts with Jonathan Katz 52:59 05/25/2021
Why Mobile Creators Are SERIOUS Influencers with Dee Nimmin 34:03 05/18/2021
2 million TikTok followers - Hot Tips from the The Korean Vegan 35:15 05/11/2021
Branding for Influencers is NOT about a logo - Phil Pallen breaks it down 41:28 05/04/2021
How you can compete in a saturated niche with Laura Vitale 31:22 04/27/2021
How not to fail with Influencer Merch - Insights from the CEO of Crowdmade 39:41 04/20/2021
Live Streaming like a pro - here is how with Luria Petrucci 33:39 04/13/2021
Should Influencer work with Managers and Talent Agents? Larry Shapiro breaks it down 42:08 04/06/2021
How YouTube Data Analyst gets millions of views for his clients with Mario Joos 42:59 03/30/2021
How do Influencer get those brand deals? - Kristen Hills shares her approach 46:12 03/23/2021
What is The Influencer Green Room? 08:43 03/17/2021
Entire Merch Strategy Revealed: From Hoodie to Custom Merch with Jase Bennett 51:29 03/16/2021
A Cook Named Matt: From unemployment to viral on TikTok - How? 40:24 03/16/2021