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Laying it Out

Stumble through the wacky world of ultimate frisbee alongside hosts Scotti Dempsey and Chelsea Pockets as they reminisce on and discuss the wide range of experiences that come with college ultimate, with advice and laughs along the way.


One More Year - An Interview with Contested Strip
Megan 'Bacon' Prazenica and Meghan 'Rho' Kemp-Gee of Contested Strip are releasing a book 'One More Year: The Ultimate Graphic Novel'. Scotti and Pockets sit down with them to get to know the creators, talk about their inspirations, and celebrate the success of the kickstarter.Check out the One More Year Kickstarter and the full Contested Strip Callahan video!
57:35 10/26/23
Regionals Preview & Review
Scotti and Pockets are back after a long (accidental) break to talk about their ultimate experiences in the last two months, and recap exciting regionals finishes. They also talk about the upcoming Mid-Atlantic regionals which was postponed by Tropical Storm Ophelia.
42:06 10/2/23
PEC & 141 Eggs
Pockets takes the helm for Mixed Club reporting with previews and reviews of major club tournaments. The duo then covers some more roster releases and talk about Wildwood as adults.
52:49 7/19/23
The Good, The Bad, and The Funny
Scotti and Pockets talk about their upcoming weekend plans, Ultimate Frisbee community events, and review some of their favorite and not-so-favorite roster announcements.
49:52 6/30/23
Back From The Dead
Scotti and Pockets are back from an accidental hiatus! Now that real-life has slowed down and Club Ultimate Frisbee is ramping up, P&S are back with a new episode. They talk about their plans for the club season, personal and team goals, and their thoughts on the PUL Championship Wildcard spot.
55:59 6/12/23
Come Play With Us…
Just another catch up episode where Scotti and Pockets sit down and chat about the new ultimate things in their lives! Scotti attended a hat tournament, and Pockets checked off another “ultimate frisbee person” infinity stone!
48:36 3/17/23
Catching Up - D3 Reporting, PUL Tryouts, and Guest Coaching
Before the season fully ramps up, Scotti and Pockets sit down down for a chit-chat catchup on all things frisbee going on in their lives. Scotti is now the D3 Women's Editor, and Pockets tries out for the PUL team Philly Surge!
32:10 2/24/23
Chilly Vibes at LeiOut - A D&D special
P&S are back again with another D&D episode featuring Laine Cravotta, Alex "Big Cat" Greene, Sir Sheldon Sponge VI, and Matt Norden! This time we take on LeiOut the rainy California weather.
66:10 2/3/23
Lei It Out
Scotti and Pockets have decided to take a break from the cold North East winter and fly over to the West Coast to take on two California Beach Ultimate Tournaments, LeiOut and Throwback. We interview Friend of the Pod™️ and Friend in Real Life™️ Connor to compare the two tournaments and get some survival tips.
43:00 1/13/23
Nationals Preview - Our Favorite Picks!
Scotti and Pockets discuss the teams (and players) they're excited to root for at the upcoming Club Nationals tournament.
39:45 10/14/22
THE Mike Ball talks Pro Champs
Scotti is out this week so Pockets sits down with "backup" host Mike Ball to discuss what is involved in running a tournament like Pro Champs.
55:00 9/9/22
Quarter Life Crisis
Philly Open, Summer League, ESC! OH MY! Scotti and Pockets give a recap of all things frisbee from the month of August. Also, Pockets is 25 now, and having a small mental breakdown about her frisbee future.
40:22 8/26/22
Wildwood & Dragons
Scotti and Pockets are joined by Ben Korman and Matt Norden to dive into a Wildwood adventure led by dungeon master and fellow Lehigh alumni Gustavo Gravy. The crew wakes up on the beach Sunday morning with no recollection of the night before and has to assemble a team, win Wildwood and of course, beware of the tram car. Bring your dice and join us on the boardwalk to see what adventures await this ragtag group of champions - including listener submitted people, items and obstacles!Find Matt’s environmental news podcast, The Planet Today at
97:04 8/12/22
Scotti Doesn't Know: World Games
While battling covid, Pockets attempts to explain the differences between Worlds, WUGC, and WUCC to Scotti. The girls also discuss a potential new sport for Ultiworld to cover, NUTDISC!
35:10 7/16/22
Summertime Madness
Pockets goes to her first club tournament of the year and shares some personal and team updates. Scotti goes to a weekend camping trip with her team and sleeps in a tent for the first time!For the main, P&S review listener-submitted Am I The Asshole? posts and share their opinions on who the wrongful party is.
50:55 6/30/22
Summertime Sadness: Mini Episode
Have the past couple weeks been brutal or is it just us? Scotti and Pockets reunite to record an episode together and discuss moving, getting covid and roster decisions!Chapters:00:55 Sad life updates 10:00 New Club teams20:51 NY Summer LeagueGet Laying it Out bonus segments and support Ultiworld with a subscription:
27:24 6/16/22
Heating up with Pockets and ... Dotti Scempsey?
This week Scotti is out and we're joined by her alter ego Dotti Scempsey (aka Sponge). Pockets talks to Sponge about his return to ultimate after taking a break during covid, and how he feels about being a more "casual" ultimate player for the summer. The pair also go over ultimate's hottest (silliest?) takes.
51:13 6/3/22
Keepin' it 7500
This week Scotti sits down with Ultiworld Head D3 Editor THE Mike Ball to talk about all things D3 Nationals. What are the matchups of the weekend? Who are the players to watch? We’re excited to see the action for the three days In Milwaukee, WI!
46:46 5/20/22
PS and the Search for the Golden Snitch
Scotti and Pockets break outside the ultimate frisbee community to talk to members of a different niche sport, Quidditch! We sit down with members of the Philadelphia Freedom Quidditch club to discuss how to play the sport and compare the Quidditch and frisbee communities.
41:26 5/9/22
Fools Fest & Lindsay Soo
After over a year of LiO, it's time to hear from the editor behind the mic, Lindsay Soo! Scotti and Pockets talk with them about the current PUL season, how they prepare for high level ultimate, and the possible future of the league.
42:45 4/7/22
1 Year of Laying It Out
It’s the one year anniversary of the pod and Pockets and Scotti sit down to reflect on the past year of the podcast, how it’s impacted them and the highs and lows. In other exciting news, Pockets is moving and looking at club teams in the New Jersey area. A year ago, Scotti moved to a new city where she knew no one to break into the ultimate scene. Now that it’s Pockets’ turn, Scotti offers her advice on how she turned strangers into friends and teammates!
50:15 3/24/22
Spring Cleaning
S&P do a mental spring cleaning exercise by going through their thoughts and feelings from winter frisbee to shake out in the breeze. They also discuss their spring and summer goals and outline the steps they need to take to achieve them.In their weekly discussion of personal frisbee news, Scotti talks about attending her first college ultimate tournament of the year -- No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn. Pockets discusses planning and coaching her first solo practice.
43:35 3/11/22
Chilly Philly
This week, Scotti and Pockets bundle up and talk about the cold weather we’ve been playing through and the wacky weather we can expect going into March tournaments. From frosted mornings to weirdly warm afternoons which come with muddy fields and wet socks, spring tournament weekends leave every player unsure what to pack and wear. Drawing from their experience at these college tournaments, the girls share their tricks to staying warm and reflect on their own poor choices that left them shivering.
46:31 2/25/22
Jersey Talk
Scotti and Pockets sit down with Zakk Mabrey of P1 sports to talk about the logistics of running tournaments and owning a jersey design company, while also reminiscing about College Nationals shenanigans.
41:02 2/11/22
AMA with Scotti and Pockets
This week Scotti and Pockets sit down TOGETHER IN PHILLY (!) to have some fun with an Ask Me Anything for the off-season. The girls look back on some of their formative frisbee moments and answer some fun personal questions as well. How do we handle stress on the field? What are our favorite Natties moments? What's Wawa's frisbee name? Hang out with your favorite podcast hosts and get to know us a little better!
53:22 1/28/22
Natties Postgame Report
After a trip to Norco, California, and a whirlwind Nationals weekend, Scotti and Pockets return from their respective holiday breaks with life updates to talk winter frisbee, job changes, and debrief on Nationals. Having reported on her first official Ultiworld tournament, Scotti reflects on the friendships she made and lessons she learned in that short time. As a coach, Pockets discusses her goals for the spring and the value of team bonding during away tournaments.
52:02 1/14/22
The Natties We Know
College Nationals is right around the corner, and Scotti and Pockets are excited to go and report and coach. The girls catch up on what frisbee antics they’ve gotten up to since the Thanksgiving break and offer some advice for first time nationals attendees. This is going to be a fun weekend!
47:22 12/10/21
Discmemes, Schemes, and Fall League Queens
After a whirlwind weekend of Metro East college regionals, coaching Haverween and playing PADA fall league finals, Scotti and Pockets recap all the frisbee they’ve gotten to play and watch. Additionally, the girls sit down with Calvin Ciorba, who runs @discmemes on Instagram, to talk about his first college season, qualifying for Nationals with Richmond, and his experience starting and running an Instagram account with 33.7K followers. What is the secret behind making hit memes while turning Instagram into a personal business? And how can Scotti and Pockets improve the Laying it Out Instagram? If you don’t already follow Calvin, be sure to check him out at @discmemes on Instagram or
54:09 11/11/21
Natties for N00bs
While Scotti and Pockets did not make it out to San Diego last weekend, they did religiously watch the live streamed games, tune into the Twitter memes, and cheer on their friends. To weigh in on what actually happened at Nationals, P&S are joined by fellow Lehigh alum and friend Ethan “Pharaoh” Holmgren, who played for AMP this year. Being less than a year out of college himself, Pharaoh fills Scotti and Pockets in on his experience jumping right to the top of club ultimate and finding himself a rookie once again.
51:23 10/29/21
The Postseason Special!
Regionals is over, and Scotti and Pockets look towards the fall and all the exciting new activities that come with it. Now that the competitive season is over, there are lots of opportunities to have fun, and P&S share some thoughts about the differences between hanging out with your college team and your club team. Both hosts reflect on whether or not they’ve bitten off more than they can chew in terms of fall league, coaching and maintaining a social life. Is this what being an adult is? At the end of the episode, weigh in on Scotti and Pockets’ bet about who will win mixed nationals!
39:05 10/15/21