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Shark Bite Biz is a small business growth podcast hosted by Forbes Contributor, David Strausser. David interviews various business owners and experts giving their tips on how to grow a business during the roaring 20’s. The fan favorite show takes you on a journey about how to expand personally, professionally, and your business during a global pandemic. Shark Bite Biz has featured award winning journalists like Soledad O’Brien, rock stars such as The Verve Pipe’s Brian Vander Ark, Legendary Music Producer Jack Douglas, American Idol’s own William Hung, a member of Aerosmith and The Hollywood Vampires. Additionally the show has featured some of the world’s top business experts like Lisa Anderson and Shiny Burcu Unsal as well as companies like UPS discussing how they handled the increase in demand during the peak of the Covid-19 crisis. More about the Host: David Strausser is an expert at enabling small businesses to drive growth via the promise of technology. As the General Manager of the Northeast for Vision33, David empowers his customers to digitally transform by automating business processes and maximizing business intelligence. David is a Forbes Contributor as a member of the Forbes Business Development Council and is also the CEO of a coffee business, Dead House Coffee. You can find David’s full bio here:


#151 Did the British Military Discover the Key to Leadership w/ Stuart Leo of 48:09 05/09/2022
#150 Harness the Power of SEO for Lead Generation w/ Jon Lightfoot of Strategic SEO Solutions 37:55 05/02/2022
#149 Coaching to Grow Stronger with Kristin Baker of LUMO 54:29 04/25/2022
#148 Grow Your e-Commerce Business with Robby Switzer, Co-Founder of Shopanova 36:43 04/18/2022
#147 Food As A Service with Dave ”Rev” Ciancio of Branded Strategic Hospitality 41:57 04/11/2022
#146 Growing a PT Practice without Insurance w/ Aaron LeBauer, Dr of Physical Therapy & Podcaster 62:11 04/04/2022
#145 Making Music for 30 Years with Joey Z, Founding Member of ”Life of Agony” & Joey Z Productions 62:11 03/28/2022
#144 Christine Means Business with CEO, Christine Hansen with David Strausser 51:47 03/21/2022
#143 Fixing Your Staff Shortage with Brett Trembly, Co-Founder of Get Staffed Up 40:55 03/14/2022
#142 Personal Brand Will Give You a Successful Career with Claire Bahn, CEO of Claire Bahn Group 74:31 03/07/2022
#141 End of ”The Great Resignation” with Evan Sohn, CNBC Contributor & CEO of 43:38 02/28/2022
#140 Just Meet People with Robbie Samuels, Business Growth Strategy Coach 49:11 02/21/2022
#139 Why Are Store Shelves Still Empty? Featuring Lisa Anderson of the LMA Consulting Group 53:56 02/14/2022
#138 Empowering Women Leaders, with Mark Grainger Co-Founder of BigImpactHQ 61:35 02/07/2022
#137 Wealth Without Wall Street’s Russ Morgan & Joey Mure 46:39 01/31/2022
#136 Press Releases that Actually Work with Mickie Kennedy, President of eReleases Press Releases 40:16 01/24/2022
#135 Hiring a Software Agency with Ryan Vice of Vice Software - Season 4 Debut 43:28 01/17/2022
#134 Future of the Workplace with Carl B Lewis Chief SAP Business One Ambassador at Vision33 45:40 12/20/2021
#133 Future of Live Streaming! w/ Howie Zales Founder HJZ Productions & VES 50:46 12/13/2021
#132 Double Your Revenue in 90 Days w/ Simon Severino of Strategy Sprints Podcast 47:14 12/06/2021
#131 Breaking Bad... News with Jeff Hahn of Apron Food & Beverage Communications 51:45 11/29/2021
#130 G.A.A.S. GWAR As a Service w/ Michael Bishop AKA The Human Thrall of The Berserker Blothar 44:23 11/22/2021
#129 Don‘t Think, Just Do it w/ Tiffany Largie of DTDT Nation 40:32 11/15/2021
#128 Don‘t Get Sabotaged in Business w/ Brandon Wilson, Author of ”Sabotage” & CEO of Wilbron Inc. 51:59 11/08/2021
#127 Creativity Always Gives Results w/ Alan Robert of Life of Agony & Beauty of Horror Creator 74:29 11/01/2021
#126 Eliminate Churn with Ryan Obernesser owner of O.B. Training Inc & Gym Profits, LLC 54:59 10/25/2021
#125 Say No to Lottery Tickets & Bitcoin with Jonathan DeYoe of Mindful Money 56:40 10/18/2021
#124 Law Goes Digital with Elizabeth Yang of Yang Law Offices 50:17 10/16/2021
#123 Blunt Advice for Your Business w/ Josh Patrick, Stage 2 Planning Partners 57:07 10/11/2021
#122 Dream It, Build It with Robert Clinkenbeard of The Radix Group 53:11 10/07/2021