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NH Unscripted with Ray Dudley

3X New Hampshire Theatre Awards winner, actor, author Ray Dudley chats with the movers and shakers of the arts and entertainment industries to talk shop. We want to know all about them: their passions, their projects, their futures! Directors, actors, filmmakers, government officials, casting agents, etc. Examples of Theaters: Hatbox Theatre, Concord City Auditorium, Winnipesaukee Playhouse, Jean's Playhouse, The Players Ring, etc.


Last Gas - Heather Carmichael & Suzanne Watts
Heather and Suzanne spend some time educating me about their theater paths and about their performances in "Last Gas" which will be performed at the Concord City Auditorium May 6-8. Tickets:
59:01 04/29/2022
Last Gas - Wayland Bunnell and Patrick McGranaghan
Wayland Bunnell and Patrick McGranaghan take a moment to talk about the play "Last Gas" which will be opening shortly in the Concord City Auditorium. May 6-8, 2022 Directed by Wayland Bunnell Cast List Nat Paradis: Patrick McGranaghan Troy Paridis-Pulcifer: Ryan Flaherty Dwight Paradis: Eric Stanley Guy Gagnon: Jerry Smith Cherry-Tracy Pulcifer: Heather Carmichael Lureen Legassey Soloway: Suzanne Watts Synopsis: Last Gas by John Cariani Nat Paradis is a Red Sox-loving part-time dad who manages Paradis Last Convenient Store, the last convenient place to get gas--or anything-- before the Canadian border and on the edge of what's wild and what's not. If you remember our production of "Almost, Maine" in February of 2011, you'll remember how delightful Cariani's characters and situations are. Last Gas also takes place in way-northern Maine, in a very small, unincorporated town, T16-R8, where unusual things happen to ordinary people. Long-time member Wayland Bunnell (from way-northern Colebrook, New Hampshire) directs a cast of six, four of which are brand new to The Players: Suzanne Watts, Heather Carmichael, Eric Stanley and Patrick McGranaghan. Children's Theater veteran Ryan Flaherty plays the teenage son, and Jerry Smith (The Full Monty, The Drowsy Chaperone, and others) round out the cast. Both staff and actors are wonderful, devoted, and working hard to bring this amazing play to you. So come take another trip back to way-northern Maine and see how funny, touching, moving and universal the human condition is. There's more than moose that can cross and impact our paths!  
40:03 04/25/2022
White Rabbit Red Rabbit -the Audience
Our fifth and final WRRR interview in our series. This time we talk with Peggy Rae Johnson, an audience member who saw four different performances starring four different actors. Her insights are wonderful, honest, deep and sincere.
73:18 11/07/2021
White Rabbit Red Rabbit - The Actors part 3
My chats with the cast of White Rabbit Red Rabbit continues as I sit down with Aaron Compagna (#7) and Katie Dunn-Law (#9) about what it like for them to perform this intriguing play.
76:45 11/04/2021
White Rabbit Red Rabbit - the Actors part 2
In 2021 the Community Players of Concord staged nine performances, using nine different actors, of the play "White Rabbit Red Rabbit". No actor can have seen a previous production or have ever been in a previous production and once they've performed they can never perform it a second time. With no rehearsals, no directions and having never seeing the set before they walked onto it on their performance night, each performer was tasked with opening their script on stage for the first time and perform the piece. Today I talk with performer #8, Chris Avery. We discuss why he was chosen, the difficulty of the piece, what it did for him personally, etc.
58:39 10/18/2021
White Rabbit Red Rabbit - the Actors
In 2021 the Community Players of Concord staged nine performances, using nine different actors, of the play "White Rabbit Red Rabbit". No actor can have seen a previous production or have ever been in a previous production and once they've performed they can never perform it a second time. With no rehearsals, no directions and having never seeing the set before they walked onto it on their performance night, each performer was tasked with opening their script on stage for the first time and perform the piece. This is the first, of several actor interviews, of what it that night was like told by performer #5, my good friend, Katie Collins.
36:12 10/16/2021
White Rabbit Red Rabbit - the Producers
What's it like to produce a play where your actors never see the script until they get on a live stage? No rehearsals, no directions, the actor doesn't see the set or the script until the performance! Wayland and Lacy give me all the details, well, as much as they can divulge anyhow, about the craziness of the play "White Rabbit Red Rabbit".
54:45 10/04/2021
Matt Cahoon & A.J. Ditty
A few years ago Matt Cahoon from theater Kapow contacted A.J. Ditty and asked if he would write a play for him. That play is about to be staged in Derry, NH and Charlestown, MA. Matt and A.J. take some time to discuss the process, the cast and the production in general. We especially discuss the back story of the play and the very interesting casting choices that were made to enhance the productions value.
73:11 09/20/2021
Joel Mercier - 2020
Just as the "you-know-what" ramps up in the USA I chat with Joel about himself, Jeans Playhouse and how they're prepping for the deep sleep the virus is putting on live theatre.
49:14 06/11/2021
Neil Pankurst - 2020
Neil and I take time to chat about the impact of the pandemic on theater in general and The Winnie Playhouse in particular.
37:28 06/11/2021
Chuck Emmons - 2019
Chuck gives us an overview of what the NHCTA and NETC are all about. He also talks a bit about adjudicating show and tries to get me to open up about myself.
68:01 06/03/2021
Queen City Improv - 2019
Improve for the People! In our first (YES you read that right: OUR FIRST) podcast video we bring Aaron Compagna and Toby H. Paul from QCI (Queen City Improv) into the studio and talk about what the hell is improv comedy and why in the world would anyone want to do it?  
73:05 05/29/2021
Jim Webber - 2019
Jim Webber and I talk about his background and his early days in L.A. as well as ideas about set design. Then, around the 40 minute mark, we talk about "Somethings Afoot" a play he's producing for the Community Players of Concord.  
76:48 05/29/2021
Donald Tongue - 2019 Part II
In part 2 Donald helps us to see the evolution and future of New World Theatre as well as discussing the plays he hopes will hit Broadway and the crazy intensive process that all his plays go through before they're ready to hit the stage.
43:34 05/25/2021
Donald Tongue - 2019 Part I
In part 1 Donald and I talk about his early days of writing and how it progressed over the years, about his connection to the old Smothers Brothers tv show and how that connection may have been the ultimate cause for the shows cancellation. We discuss the nuts and bolts of playwriting such as what a dramaturg is, what the Dramatists Guild is and all of the autonomy that a playwright has.  
47:59 05/24/2021
Doug Balakovich - 2019
Doug sits down with NH Unscripted and talks about being a double for Kevin James, his battle with cancer, working on set with Adam Sandler, his time with the YouTube series Paragods and many other topics relating to acting and auditions!  
111:47 05/24/2021
Brett Mallard - 2019
Brett and I talk all about his love for the musical Sweeney Todd, his collection of harmonicas, his blues DJ station "Blow Me Away Blues", actor egos, his prep work for his blues station and, lastly, how he'd love to podcast/broadcast live from the NHTAs.
71:36 05/20/2021
Karielle Anzaldi - 2019
Karielle sits with NH Unscripted and talks about her the church she attends, her involvement in its ministries and then we move on to Singing in the Rain, a production she recently directed. Next up is her modeling career as well as her dipping her toes into the field of photography. Lastly, we talk about her future and what that would look like.
57:02 05/20/2021
Dan Pelletier - 2021
Dan chats us up about how CZ started, his zany schedule, the CZ podcast, his love for helping his students learn as well as the mission CZT is on to get out the best possible theater experience that they can.
61:52 05/14/2021
Scott Severance - 2019
Scott chats about his touring production of "Christmas Carol", his acting life and PerSeverance Productions.
67:21 05/13/2021
Charles Wilbert - 2019
In a heart warming sitdown, Charles and I talk about how he got his love for the theater (hint: it has to do with Eugene O'Neill), how and when he decided to begin writing (he's written over 20 plays), his passion for O'Neill and Thoreau, his successes and his not successes, and we finish with a discussion about his latest play script "Fitzgerald at Your Service". Charles is a retired resident playwright and English professor at Southern NH University, Manchester, NH, where he taught playwriting, literature, and creative writing. He directly annually at SNHU a stage reading of one of his plays. Charles has a deep admiration for Henry David Thoreau and has written three stage plays and one mini-series about this important figure in American history. One of his Thoreau plays was performed on the Second Stage Lincoln Center, NYC. Charles studied playwriting at the Roger Simon Studio and at the HB Studio in NYC. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America. Charles has written over thirty stage plays, some of which have won national playwriting competitions. He has over thirty years’ experience as a director. Three of his plays have been published. His one-woman play about Gertrude Stein toured New England and New York State. He is an experienced workshop presenter and public speaker. Charles will be directing many of the Schoolhouse Players’ productions.
73:49 05/13/2021
Tom Seiler - 2019
Tom is an actor (stage & film), writer, producer who has an extremely diverse background. He's written scripts and made films in L.A., was a camera man for several years for CNN, was on the NH Film Division board for awhile and has performed in over 200 plays! He also tells the story of how he was supposed be on one of the planes that hit the Twin Towers on 9/11. He started acting at the age of 9 and to date has appeared in almost 200 plays including Dracula, The Fantastics, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Oklahoma, Man of La Mancha, Dial M for Murder, The Seven Year Itch, Dam Yankees, The Graduate and Neil Simmons Rumors, among many others. While attending college in Miami, Florida he appeared as an extra in a number of pictures including Darker Than Amber and The Aquaknots, both shot at the Ivan Tors Studios in North Miami. He made his first film as a writer/director/producer, The Barrington Oak, in 1978 and then spent the next 10 years in TV news, the first three working as a cameraman for CNN. He followed that with four years at WCSH-TV in Portland, Maineas a camerman/editor. In 1996 he arrived in Hollywood and to date has completed 20 films, produced 5 and written 16 screen plays. He has played opposite Timothy Bottoms,Maureen McCormick, Edward Albert,LeLe Sobiski, Timmothy Hutton and Christopher Atkins (in 4 different pictures) A 45 year resident of New Hampshire with his wife and 4 cats. He spent 4 years on the New Hampshire Film Commission, 2 years as Chairman.
106:42 05/13/2021
Mo Demers - 2019
Mo and I sit down and talk the joys, pains, headaches and passion of creating a theater group that, despite having no home of their own, has become a very successful entity after 5 years. Creative thinking, finding their niche and having a dedicated group of volunteers has given them the edge in what has become a very crowded field.
118:00 05/12/2021
Billy Butler - 2019
Billy Butler is an actor, musician, producer in the New Hampshire area. Recently he landed the role of Bob Crachit in the new Dolly Parton Smokey Mountain Christmas. A great discussion of what art really is.
92:23 05/12/2021
Andrew Pinard (2) - 2019
Andrew discusses the Amazing Randy, hypnosis and spoon bending as well as the Hatbox Theatre and its upcoming season.
95:05 05/12/2021
Rob Dionne - 2019
Rob and Ray discuss the Majestic Theatre, Robs beginnings in the performaning arts world and the many, many, many irons he has in the fire. Piano man, CEO, keyboard player for the Rockin' Daddios, tutor, choir director, producer and more!!
118:29 05/12/2021
Matt Newton - 2019
NH Unscripted sits down with Matt Newton, Bureau Chief, NH Division of Film and Digital Media, to discuss the current and future state of filmmaking in New Hampshire. 603-271-2220
81:46 05/12/2021
Joe Gleason - 2019
NH Unscripted sits back down with Joe Gleason to discuss the new venue Bank of NH Stage since its recent grand opening. We talked tech, performing artists, budgets, food and a lot more! CCA
57:47 05/12/2021
Ginnie Lupi - 2019
Does your project need some funding? Duh. Ginnie's office is the place to start. This is all about how to get grant money in the state of NH.
73:32 05/11/2021
G Matthew Gaskell - 2019
Jackie Gleasons "The Honeymooners", Sid Ceasars (Your Show of Shows) and Bob Newharts standup comedy are all examples of influences in the writing of Mr. Gaskell. And boy does it show it. His brain just drips comedy and I wanted to find out all about how he does it. Greg lets us in on his process, his influences and his mind. Scary I know.
60:42 05/11/2021