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Here at Talk Bacc we’re constantly learning new perspectives and challenging norms, and doing it all with a crazy amount of kindness. Let's figure out life together and build an incredible community that's inclusive to everyone. On the show we’re going to talk about all things cool (of course), but most importantly talk BACC to stereotypes and judgements that we’ve all faced one time or another. Subscribe and stay up to date on all things related to the show @talkbacc on Instagram. Remember, spread good vibes and not germs.


How do I know what I want in life and ways to approach the thought process
Biggest episode takeaway--you may not want the billion dollar house and that's OK. It's actually really stressful to obtain anyway so let's work our way to just paying 1500 in rent (if we're lucky) and use the extra cash to take a vacay because you deserve it. This may or may not be a 2am episode but it's fine because consistency is key at that's two episodes in a week! Love that for us lol I'd love to know if you guys read these show notes because I think I use this space as a personal journal...
16:31 10/10/23
Job rejections and (unserious) ways to cope
WE WERE ON A BREAK but now we're back and uncovering the joys of life one episode at a time :) All Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccMain Link: Banger Intro/Outro song creds- Okay: Dono
07:27 10/3/23
Remember Why You Started
We love to see consistency. This episode of Talk  Bacc I recall why I bought mics and boom arms from Amazon in the first place. Of course it stems from a 12 year old dream but hey I'm not complaining
11:05 3/27/23
Is it a Journal or a Burn Book?
Please note that "burn book" in this episode is referred to as something you should get rid of after writing in it. So you could even have a burn sticky note. The fact is that you dispose of the thing you wrote on! For the pure reason that you deserve to move on from hard experiences and get rid of things in your life that remind you of tough times you don't want to remember. We love being self aware here.  Much love, NasAll Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccMain Link: 
06:29 3/21/23
Starting Over (yet again lol)
Yes, this in fact another apology episode for not being active lol Much love to you if you listen to the new episode and especially if you read the show notes :)Episode Takeaway: Picking yourself up from tough times is half the battle. The feeling you get from going back to the things that make you feel alive is unmatched and I hope you remember to make time for the things that bring you joy. Feels good to be back. 
07:09 3/19/23
Tis The Comeback Season
Let's hear it for the one episode release for the year! lol love that for me. The one episode of 2022 is dedicated to how I pulled myself out of extremely LOWWW lows and what the path to healing really looks like. It's so hard to get ourself out of a rut but I promise as long as you have LIFE and are living and breathing it's possible!
20:18 11/6/22
Lights, Camera, Trailblaze (A Career In The Entertainment Industry) w/ Sade Spence
I had the pleasure to kick back with award-winning entertainment-journalist and on-camera host, Sade Spence! We talk about how I found her on my Tik Tok For You page (in between all the Marvel edits), what it's like when Chris Evans tries to copy your style, and what it takes to build a career and purse a path in entertainment reporting and journalism.  Hope this episode fuels your fire to own who you are to pave your unique way to what you define as success!  ENJOY!! ps: feel free to rate and review :) All Things Sade:Instagram: @sadeaspenceWebsite & Portfolio: LinkTreeAll Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccMain Link: 
23:53 9/19/21
Burnouts Are For Tires Not Life
It may have been 5 million years since my last episode, but I have a good reason for that. I threw myself into work probably to distract myself either from the fact that I'm so single it hurts or because the transition from college to the working world is way tougher than I imagined. Hopefully this episode helps you get through a tough spot and if it resonates with you in any way at all, PLEASE LET ME KNOW and drop some love with a rating and review! I'm honored to feature some new fire music from the insanely talented Dono who's responsible for the Intro and Outro magic of this episode. All Things Dono: @dono.h All Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccTwitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
11:00 8/22/21
Blind Ambition w/ Aaron Golub
Talk about trials and the first legally Blind D1 athlete and an ex-NFL free agent,  Aaron Golub gives his recipe on how he makes lemonade from the crazy lemons life has handed him thus far.  All Things AaronInstagram: @aaronjgolub Website: Ambition Podcast: Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccTwitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
30:32 6/29/21
Trusting Your Entrepreneurial Process w/ Jeff Lopes
MISSED ME???? Talk Bacc took some time to recalibrate but we are BACK and bringing the heat with serial entrepreneur Jeff Lopes! Jeff is guiding us to a hustle mindset that won't cause burnout and will teach you about trusting your gut and YOUR process. It's your world, and everybody else is just living in it.*cue main character energy*All Things JeffInstagram: @jefflopesWebsite: / Link Tree: Knows Inc Podcast: Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccTwitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
36:46 5/25/21
Finding your Purpose Factor w/ Gabrielle Bosche
Gabrielle Bosche is enlightening the Talk Bacc listeners on the necessary self-discovery needed to identify YOUR PURPOSE. Written by Gabrielle and Brian Bosche,  we talk about the "The Purpose Factor" book which covers the real misguided meaning behind passion and the steps to gain clarity to live a more purposeful life.  Get ready to discover the TRUE difference between simply existing and really living! All Things Gabrielle:Instagram: @gabrielleboscheWebsite: The Purpose Company: Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccTwitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
42:29 5/4/21
Vibe Your Way To Viral w/ Austin Kaiser
In this episode, we are launching into the MODERN DAY RENAISSANCE  with Austin Kaiser owner of the creative instagram community- @adviceforartists. We talk about one of his incredible books "Putting Wings on Ideas - How Content Travels and Becomes Popular" and his journey as a creative. It's always an absolute honor to be a part of the documentation of artists and creatives and I hope this conversation encourages you to CONTINUE to express your uniqueness through art. All Things AustinInstagram: @adviceforartists / @kaisermane Website: Fest Clip: Art FestAll Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccTwitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
29:38 4/13/21
The Growth Now Movement w/ Justin Schenck
Host of The Growth Now Movement podcast, Justin Schenck, is helping you rewire what it means to...Fully embrace opportunities that come your wayBecome aware of the life you WANT vs. what you’re actually livingTap into rock bottom moments to become a better version of yourselfRate, review and SHARE this episode! All Things Justin:Growth Now Movement Podcast: @justintschenck Website: Merch Link: Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbaccTwitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
25:02 4/6/21
Better Than Espresso: Sorry Not Sorry
We are TALKING BACC to people who need you to over explain yourself for their comfort. Care for yourself the same way you take care of others.All Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbacc Twitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
08:15 3/30/21
More Power To You w/ Tommie Parker
We are making POWER MOVES with the host of the Powerful One podcast, Tommie Parker. Tommie drops some knowledge for us as we learn about the imperfect lessons we learn, from imperfect teachers and how it shapes our IMPERFECT realities--bro it's mind blowing stuff. ENJOY. All Things Tommie:Instagram: @mountainteepWebsite: Powerful OneMain Link: Things Talk Bacc:Instagram: @talkbacc / @nas_baccTwitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
33:52 3/23/21
F is For Friends Who Do Stuff Together w/ Noah Connor
We are KICKIN BACK with my bro from college, Noah Connor.  This episode was funny for no reason. ENJOY!All Things Noah:Instagram: @noahconnor15All Things Nas and Talk Bacc:Instagram:  @nas_bacc / @talkbacc Twitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
31:50 3/16/21
Low Carb Doesn't Mean No Carb w/ Heather DiBiasi, MS, RDN
I said LOW CARB not NO CARB--there's quite a difference. Enjoy this episode as Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Heather DiBiasi, tells us the truth about carbs and how we don't have to deprive ourselves of our fav snacks for our beach bod. All Things Heather:Instagram: @lowcarb.nutritionWebsite: Low Carb Weight Loss Facebook: Low Carb NutritionAll Things Talk Bacc:Instagram: @talkbacc / @nas_baccTwitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
44:39 3/9/21
Get Off The Couch w/ Mayur Kamireddy
Here's the inspo you need start working out ASAP for your own health and wellness! It's always easier said than done so maybe this convo will help get you started :)All Things Mayur: Instagram: @maayur @maayurfitAll Things Talk Bacc: Instagram: @talkbacc / @nas_bacc Twitter: @talk_baccMain Link: 
08:37 3/2/21
The Win Win Effect w/ Chris Ross
Let's adapt that winning mindset with Chris Ross. All Things Chris:Instagram: @lordchrisross /  Websites: Things Talk Bacc: / Instagram: @talkbacc / @nas_bacc / Twitter: @talk_bacc
41:36 2/22/21
Better Than Espresso: There's No U in Mean
Bro, just let  people live their life and be nice about it. Follow Talk Bacc on the gram:@talkbacc@nas_bacc
02:56 2/16/21
Embrace Pain to Avoid Suffering w/ Brian Bogert
YES you read that right. Human behavior and performance coach, Brian Bogert, goes in depth about how we can extract lessons from our struggles by EMBRACING pain to AVOID suffering. (Trust me, it doesn't sound as impossible when he explains it) All Things Brian:Instagram: @bogertbrian // Websites: / nolimitsprelude.comAll Things Talk Bacc: / Instagram: @talkbacc / @nas_bacc / Twitter: @talk_bacc
38:57 2/8/21
Better Than Espresso BONUS Episode: Body Neutrality
Give yourself some early Valentine's Day love with this bonus episode of Talk Bacc. We tackle the concept of body neutrality and what it means to really appreciate our bodies. PLEASE subscribe, rate and review! PSA: Spread good vibes not germsFollow Talk Bacc on the gram:@talkbacc@nas_bacc
03:48 1/26/21
It's Actually Not Me, It's You
The mic has been LIT as we enter 2021 with some "Artist Appreciation" to the incredible Moe Vision (@moevsn) and I give a mini recap of the highs and lows when starting the podcast from last year until now. Subscribe, rate and review!Spread good vibes not germsFollow on the gram:@talkbacc@nas_baccIntro/Outro Creds: Song- Medicine by Aimless
08:07 1/7/21
Get In (Then Out) Of Your Feelings
I have 4 steps for you guys to help work through all the good, bad and ugly emotions we all experience one time or another. If this process helps you out at all PLEASE reach out and let me know!  Leave a review, subscribe and share!Follow Talk Bacc on:Instagram @talkbaccTwitter @talk_bacc
07:34 12/19/20
Better Than Espresso BONUS Episode: Not Guilty
This is the FIRST episode of the Better Than Espresso bonus series!Just some thoughts you guys might find useful to start your day/week/month/life. Sit back and enjoy some positive affirmations from yours truly :)Follow Talk Bacc on:Instagram @talkbaccTwitter @talk_bacc
06:08 11/29/20
Talk Sporty To Me
Let's get SPORTY with it and talk about 5th grade Nas and her Patriots obsession, my beef with baseball, lacrosse,  and how I didn't bandwagon (I promise) on the Caps. Subscribe for access to new episodes and follow the @talkbacc Instagram page!Click here for all things Talk BaccCreds:Intro/Outro song - Medicine By: AimlessSegment breaks- Beachfront By: Muzzy B
17:12 11/17/20
Mom(s) & Pop(s)
In this episode, we're talking about The Rents, UFC champs, diapers and fake piercings. HUGE shoutout to all the parental figures in the world. Thank you for everything Follow the show's IG page @talkbacc and Subscribe for first access to new episodes!***If you just want my rebel story go to 6:40***
13:15 11/3/20
These Tickets Are Not To Your Downfall
In this episode, we're talking 2020, hospital bed epiphanies and of course MGK. Yes, in that order. Here at Talk Bacc we have one rule and one rule only; spread good vibes not germs. Stay up to date on the show by following @talkbacc on Instagram and Subscribe for access to newly released episodes!
09:55 10/27/20
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01:30 10/21/20