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Queries, Qualms, & Quirks

Queries, Qualms, & Quirks asks published authors to share their successful query letter and discuss their journey from first spark to day of publication. Author Sarah Nicolas interviews authors of all genres about how they got started writing, their writing process, getting their book deal, and their experiences with publication.


Science-Fiction Author Jackson Ford and the Secret First Draft 29:35 05/12/2022
Young Adult Author Sarah Dass and the Pressure of Representation 37:29 05/05/2022
Book Club Fiction Author Lyn Liao Butler and Too Much Query Personalization 31:54 04/28/2022
Nonfiction Author Jessica P. Pryde and a Dare from Daniel José Older 32:12 04/21/2022
Young Adult Author Lauren James and the Ten-Year Gap Year 38:40 04/14/2022
Middle Grade Author Payal Doshi and the Joy of Writing a Single Scene 45:06 04/07/2022
Middle Grade Author Meera Trehan and Falling Asleep on Page 75 46:28 03/31/2022
Horror Author Cynthia Pelayo and Your Person Versus Your Persona 39:17 03/24/2022
Fantasy Author David R. Slayton and the Two Hardest Publishing Decisions 44:08 03/17/2022
Middle Grade Author Shakirah Bourne and the Email That Will Change Your Life 41:30 03/10/2022
Middle Grade Author Maria Frazer and Not Quitting Your Day Job 44:34 03/03/2022
Young Adult Author Derek Milman and the Last Pre-Pandemic Book Tour 37:11 02/24/2022
Sci-Fi Thriller Author Rob Hart and Managing Expectations 28:46 02/17/2022
Young Adult Author Heidi Heilig and the Joy in Receiving Critique 40:57 02/10/2022
Disney Author Mari Mancusi and the Longing to Go Into the Unknown 31:32 02/03/2022
Literary Fiction Author Kirthana Ramisetti and the Twenty-Year Overnight Success 32:25 01/27/2022
Mystery Author Kathleen Marple Kalb and the Headline I Can’t Actually Use 28:45 01/20/2022
Thriller Author Ashley Winstead and Eating Ice Cream in the Dark 48:21 01/13/2022
Romance Author Ruby Barrett and the Opportunities Disguised as Failures 49:16 01/06/2022
Romance Author Charish Reid and the Kind of Professor She’d Like to Be 28:23 12/09/2021
Young Adult Author Kyrie McCauley and the Importance of Being Present 27:15 12/02/2021
Mystery Author Leslie Budewitz and the Lawyer to Author Pipeline 34:05 11/18/2021
Young Adult Author Dante Medema and the Book Auction at the End of the World 37:20 11/11/2021
Romance Author Farah Heron and the New Year Resolution Follow-Through 35:26 11/04/2021
Horror Author Jessica Lewis and the Korean Rap Editing Hack 19:10 10/28/2021
Young Adult Author Annie Sullivan and the Resurrected Manuscript 35:50 10/21/2021
Middle Grade Author Sarah McGuire and Threading the Needle of Confidence 41:48 10/14/2021
Historical Crime Author John Copenhaver and Finding Meaning in the Process 38:44 10/07/2021
Science Fiction Author AJ Super and the Measured Risk That Paid Off 29:34 09/30/2021
Picture Book Author Kira Bigwood and Taking an Opposite Action 29:33 09/23/2021