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PubTalk Live & AgentChat Live

PubTalk Live is the live publishing talk show that broadcasts the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month live on YouTube. The podcast is the audio pulled from the show after the broadcast has ended. See more info at AgentChat Live is a spinoff of PubTalk Live that features casual chats with literary agents with the intention of helping writers get to know the agents a little bit better.


Agent Office Hours with Literary Agent Sarah N. Fisk 44:52 03/26/2022
AgentChat Live with Sarah N. Fisk at Tobias Literary 55:56 02/19/2022
PubTalk Live: Ask the Agents Panel: Contract Terms 63:00 10/24/2021
PubTalk Live Author Journeys with Jessica Vitalis 56:42 10/10/2021
PubTalk Live: Nina LaCour and audiobook narrator Jorjeana Marie 68:23 09/12/2021
PubTalk Live 8-28-21 with Danny and Sarah Simpson-Weiss 60:49 08/29/2021
AgentChat Live with T.S. Ferguson of Azantian Literary Agency 29:25 08/21/2021
PubTalk Live: Author Journeys with Gail Z Martin aka Morgan Brice 49:31 08/15/2021
AgentChat Live with Adria Goetz of Martin Literary Management 40:58 08/12/2021
PubTalk Live 7-31-21 with authors and podcasters Emily Thiede and Daniel Ford 67:26 08/01/2021
AgentChat Live with Kaitlyn Johnson of Belcastro Agency 32:33 07/29/2021
PubTalk Live: Author Journeys with Emily Colin 64:51 07/11/2021
PubTalk Live 6-26-21 with Stephanie Cooke and Graphic Novelist Whitney Gardner 50:03 06/27/2021
PubTalk Live: Author Journeys with Judge and Mystery Author Debra H. Goldstein 61:42 06/13/2021
AgentChat Live with Cortney Radocaj of Belcastro Agency 44:14 06/11/2021
PubTalk Live 5-22-21 with Leah Hong and publicist Siena Koncsol 62:59 05/23/2021
AgentChat Live with Jemiscoe Chambers-Black of Andrea Brown Literary Agency 45:21 05/18/2021
PubTalk Live: Author Journeys with YA Author Gabi Justice 57:58 05/09/2021
PubTalk Live with Kylie Schachte and Angela Ackerman, co-creator of The Emotion Thesaurus 65:05 04/25/2021
PubTalk Live with E.J. Wenstrom and Gabriela Pereira, founder of DIYMFA 64:37 04/11/2021
AgentChat Live with Devon Halliday of Transatlantic Agency 37:09 04/07/2021
PubTalk Live with 2020 Pitch Wars Mentees 76:15 03/28/2021
AgentChat Live with Andrea Somberg of Harvey Klinger 57:23 03/22/2021
PubTalk Live: Supriya Kelkar with publisher, founder, and editor at Tu Books Stacy Whitman 68:09 03/14/2021
AgentChat Live with Amanda Orozco at Transatlantic Agency 46:22 03/06/2021
PubTalk Live: Author Cyndy Etler and publishing icon and influencer Jane Friedman 64:34 02/28/2021
AgentChat Live with Kimberley Cameron of Kimberley Cameron & Associates 36:54 02/23/2021
PubTalk Live: Author Tere Michaels and book convention director Jennifer Morris 63:50 02/14/2021
AgentChat Live with Erin Casey of Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency 45:05 02/07/2021
PubTalk Live: Author J. Elle and Illumicrate founder Daphne Lao Tonge 56:52 01/23/2021