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Join Building Brum’s Conor Nolan for a brand new construction and built environment podcast series. Conor will be talking with developers, contractors, architects, planners, business development managers and many more construction professionals from the built environment. Discussing developments across the region and the changing trends within the industry. For more information about Building Brum partner's ScanTech Digital and Solus please visit:


The future of the High Street with Creative Retail 33:18 08/01/2022
How I Built This 66:08 07/27/2022
Supporting communities and building construction legacies within Birmingham 33:48 06/30/2022
Delivering Net-Zero Developments 31:14 05/18/2022
Onsite sustainability with Sunbelt Rentals 28:14 04/06/2022
Destination Digbeth with Jo Salmon - Oval Real Estate - Head of Estates 21:45 03/02/2022
De-engineering Snow Hill’s streets 25:17 02/21/2022
R&D Tax credits, is it an industrial PPI? Or a driver for innovation? 24:53 02/14/2022
Wolverhampton: The latest destination for design lead office development 36:53 01/06/2022
Danny Parmer - Birmingham and beyond 2021 26:10 12/02/2021
Modern methods of construction | The enabler, not the outcome 28:50 11/30/2021
Now or Never with Willmott Dixon 35:31 10/28/2021
Creating exceptional homes and sustainable communities with the Hill Group 25:43 10/25/2021
Careys and Social Value: Carbon, Compliance+ and Community 34:02 09/20/2021
WSP x ICE: The opportunity Net Zero has to redefine infrastructure 26:49 09/20/2021
Capital & Centric x Stoke-on-Trent 37:45 07/21/2021
Construction to the North, South, East and West 26:08 07/14/2021
HS2 Midlands Stations with Hala Lloyd: From Major Projects to Mega Projects 43:21 06/28/2021
Past, Present and Future with Willmott Dixon 31:39 06/02/2021
Port Loop & Modern Methods Of Construction 34:25 05/04/2021
Birmingham Future City Plan 31:57 03/22/2021
Capital Projects & The Year Of The Pivot 35:57 02/23/2021
Project Director, Property Developer and Restaurateur 38:55 01/26/2021
HBD in the Midlands 45:12 12/16/2020
Future Cities, Smart Cities, Our Cities. 25:16 11/20/2020
The Greatness Of Birmingham - The Office Perspective 30:00 10/09/2020