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IARFC's Podcast

Get insights and tips into various areas of your business from top producing consultants to founders and creators of very powerful tested and proven programs that were all designed to enhance your growth and help you reach thousands of motivated prospects.From the comfort of your office or home our podcast series will give access to hours of education and advice from speakers that are continually on stage at the biggest conferences in our industry. Many are keynote speakers that charge thousands of dollars to present. Don't miss this opportunity for self-improvement in your career.All brought to you by the IARFC® whose mission is to foster and enhance the growth of the Association for the benefit of the members and the clients they serve by providing a continuing source of information, education and networking. An association that strengthens the financial services profession through adherence to and promotion of ethical behavior by their members and focus on their continuing professional education.


Podcast Interview With: Ric Edelman
Ric Edelman is an over-the-top giant in the industry of financial services. In his highly interesting podcast, we track his progress from a 100 ft square office shared with his wife, to a major influencer in the financial planning profession of today. Ric created many “firsts” in the planning world and continues to advance his successful philosophy by combining high touch and high tech thus serving his mission to “educate people how money works”.
42:11 5/18/21
Podcast Interview With: Frank Maselli
Frank Maselli is a professional speaker, best-selling author, and 36-year veteran of the financial services industry. He urges advisors to challenge the “old school mindset” and start “passion prospecting.” He delves into prospects and clients concerns and how financial consultants can best service this sector by education, client events, and building a credibility factor  – affectively channeling aggressiveness and assertiveness.
34:48 4/13/21
Podcast Interview With: Dan Cuprill
Dan Cuprill is a successful financial consultant and Advisor Architect who maintains a systematic method to running a practice resulting in quality of life and more wealth. Dan discusses the processes that work to make him a “non-essential” without diminishing his influential role. He supports the concept of living with integrity while focusing on a profit goal. Not surprisingly he is “systematic” in his podcast and gives effective commentary on how to effectively manage what he feels are his precious assets - time and freedom.   
64:18 3/10/21
Our Inaugural Podcast Interview With: Jorge Villar
Jorge Villar (founder of RME360, now LeadingResponse) Originator of the "famed" Seminar Success marketing system. His enthusiastic views and vast experience will in no doubt convince entrepreneurial individuals that targeted direct marketing, combined with the digital Facebook platform, are still the fastest and most effective mediums to reach your ideal audience and increase your sales and income... dramatically!! 
57:06 7/16/20