Show cover of The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

Welcome to a place where we will talk all things Natural and Organic meat business, Ranching, American Quarter Horses, Family, and God! Pull up a seat grab your favorite beverage and lets chew the fat! How to build a team? What is a Cowboy? How to survive change? Why do entrepreneurs win? What is the truth about farming and ranching? Visit for transcriptions and more!


#110 - Tucker Brown: Rancher, Advocate & Christian
Tucker Brown joins Neil live at the Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association convention. Tucker, a rancher and social media influencer, shares his journey and the importance of using social media to connect with a wider audience, debunking myths about the ranching lifestyle. He discusses the challenges and rewards of ranching, emphasizing the need for the agriculture community to engage with the broader public to gain respect and understanding for their work. The discussion also touches on family dynamics in ranching, the impact of social media on their business, and the significance of authenticity in sharing their lives online. Additionally, Tucker delves into the importance of faith, the concept of learning from successes and failures, and the importance of community and networking in the ranching industry. Links: Tucker on Instagram: @tuckerbrownrab Find all of Tucker's content at Visit us online: Topics: 00:51 The Power of Social Media in Sharing the Cowboy Culture 05:07 Challenges and Realities of Ranch Life 07:27 Learning and Growing on the Ranch 14:44 The Importance of Authenticity and Sharing One's Faith 18:32 Navigating Disagreements and Embracing Diverse Perspectives 21:59 Family Dynamics and Decision-Making at RA Brown Ranch 22:17 Navigating Ranch Leadership and Social Media 22:39 The Dynamics of Family and Foreman Roles 23:27 Embracing the Challenges of Leadership in Ranching 24:10 The Importance of Authenticity and Value in Ranching 24:53 Marketing and Brand Building in the Ranching Industry 27:21 Networking and Collaboration for Success 28:15 Competitive Spirit and Mutual Success in Ranching 29:32 Exploring the Growth and Value of Red Angus 32:27 The Significance of Horses in Ranch Life 34:57 Brotherly Bonds and Personal Growth 38:48 Dealing with Criticism and Building a Personal Brand 41:01 Looking Forward to Future Growth and Family Dynamics
42:16 4/26/24
#109 - Josh Weathers: Life, Music & Living with Integrity
In this episode of The Cowboy Perspective, Neil Dudley engages with Josh Weathers in a profound conversation that spans Weathers' personal life, career, and deep-rooted influences. Born in Arlington, Texas, Josh Weathers shares his musical journey that began at 19 when he found a guitar in a buddy's garage. The turning point came when his father, shortly before passing away, encouraged him to pursue music. Weathers' narrative intertwines his family's legacy, revealing his father's unconventional path from living overseas to playing football in Brownwood, Texas, and his grandfather's notable efforts during the Vietnam War era. The conversation shifts to Weathers' embracement of the cowboy lifestyle, influenced by his grandparent’s ethos and his own experiences in rodeo. Dudley and Weathers delve into the significance of integrity, hard work, and the cowboy perspective on life's challenges and opportunities. Weathers touches on his transition from music to missionary work in India with his wife, where they founded a school, demonstrating his commitment to make a meaningful impact beyond his music career. Their dialogue also covers Weathers' musical influences, the shifting landscape of country music, and his recent resurgence on social media platforms, thanks to his dedication to sharing his craft. Weathers' story is a testament to the power of faith, perseverance, and the intrinsic value of the cowboy perspective in shaping a fulfilling life and career. Links: Visit us online: Topics: 00:21 Meet Josh Weathers: A Life Shaped by Music and Rodeo 01:31 Family Ties: The Influence of Josh's Dad and Grandfather 02:55 The Brownwood Mafia and Local Legends 05:27 Cowboy Values: Integrity, Hard Work, and Humility 08:56 Parenting with Cowboy Principles Today 17:55 Josh Weathers' Musical Journey: From Choir to Country Star 21:31 Highland Cattle and Ranch Life: A Family Affair 23:40 Choosing Happiness and Sharing Moments 24:02 A Love Story Born from Rodeo 24:43 The Significance of Long-term Relationships 25:27 Exploring Biblical Wisdom and Contradictions 26:52 The Impact of Sodom and Gomorrah's Story 31:31 Personal Growth Through Global Experiences 37:23 The Power of Music and Social Media Influence 40:04 Navigating Fame with Faith 43:20 Backstage Stories and Nashville Dreams
46:12 4/16/24
#108 - Crockett Carothers - Jack of All Trades
Crockett Carothers shares his financial expertise to demonstrate how even cowboys can be fiscally shrewd. Links: Visit us online: Facebook @CrockettCarothers TikTok and Instagram @TheRealCrockettCarothers.  #TheWealthyCowboy Topics 01:54 Crockett's Background and Introduction 02:30 Transition into Life Changes 02:51 Career Shift to Life Insurance and Credit Card Processing 03:00 Discussion on Cowboys and Perspectives 04:28 Family Background and Becoming a Day Working Cowboy 05:42 Experience in Rodeo and Shifting Career Paths 07:00 Discussion on Horses, Rodeo, and Connections 07:52 Introduction to Crockett's Siblings 10:01 Favorite Horse and Its Impact 12:00 Where to Find Crockett's Content 13:00 Discussion on Wealth and Success 18:00 Credit Card Processing and Cash Discount Programs 22:00 Being Your Own Bank with Life Insurance 23:00 Explanation of Infinite Banking Concept 31:00 Whole Life Insurance Commissions 31:18 Selling Life Insurance 31:23 Designing Whole Life Policies 31:53 Selling Based on Client Needs 32:15 Long-Term Success in Sales 33:00 Importance of Word of Mouth 33:48 Wealthy People's Intentions 34:15 Patience in Infinite Banking 34:37 Building Discipline for Financial Success 35:00 Managing Active Income 35:29 Ethics in Infinite Banking 35:53 Avoiding Self-Sabotage in Business 36:15 Increasing Active Income for Investments 37:00 Challenges of a Cowboy's Career 37:16 Diversifying Income Streams 38:14 The Importance of Goal Setting 38:27 Structuring Plans to Achieve Goals 38:48 Clarity of Purpose in Podcasting 39:00 Building a Trusted Community 39:30 Networking and Building Trust in Business 39:43 The Value of Trust in Sales 40:06 Making Ethical Business Decisions 40:11 Different Types of Insurance Policies 40:30 Exploring Cattle Operations 40:53 Long-Term Planning in Cattle Business 41:15 Diversification with Sheep and Goats 42:00 Balancing Family and Business Responsibilities 42:58 Reflecting on Past Choices and Learning 43:29 The Role of Content Creation in Business 53:00 Navigating Social Media and Attention Economy    
58:30 12/22/23
#107 - Neil Visits 'The Boston Podcast'
The tables are turned as Neil finds himself a guest on The Boston Podcast.  Visit us online: The Boston Podcast: The Boston Podcast Network: Book: "The One Thing" by Gary Keller: Movie: “3:10 to Yuma” (2007):   Topics:  [01:42] Neil's background and growing up in Comanche, Texas. [02:20] The love for horses and horseback riding. [04:00] Cults and their influence.  [05:00] Duggar family and their unique lifestyle.  [08:05] The emotional connection between cowboys and horses.  [11:00] The concept of finding greatness and choosing your pursuit.  [12:25] The importance of personal responsibility and ethics.  [15:00] Small actions like cleaning your car or picking up trash.  [19:00] The types of guests Neil enjoys having on the "Cowboy Perspective" podcast.  [21:00] The importance of conversational, unscripted podcasts.  [33:39] ‘Burning Questions’ - Dallas Cowboys.  [35:00] Loyalty to the Red Raiders. [37:00] Recommended book - "The One Thing" by Gary Keller.  [40:00] Recommended movie - "3:10 to Yuma"  
48:53 12/8/23
#106 - Charmayne James: Barrel Racer; Trainer; Mom
If you have any interest in barrel racing, you likely know who Charmayne James is. She has a strong faith that is so very important in her career.She also happens to be a mom raising boys while she trains other barrel racers. Twitter: @charmaynejames Facebook: @OfficialCharmayneJames11 Clinic inquiries Store inquiries Visit us: Topics [00:50] Dupporting children's interests in rodeo.  [01:38] Advice for parents with children interested in rodeo.  [04:00] The challenge of teaching kids to be patient. [05:33] The myth that success comes without hard work.  [10:33] Struggles and achievements of children in sports [12:24] Early influence of family  [14:34] Bond between siblings and differences in interests.  [16:00] The bond between a rider and their horse.  [19:29] Being unique and embracing one's own journey.  [22:00] The value of faith in life.  [26:00] Finding joy in being part of others' success.  [30:04] Recognizing when someone's words don't match their actions. [31:53] Dealing with victim mentality in competitive sports. [35:25] Embracing one's individuality [40:00] Healthy eating and maintaining physical fitness. [43:44] Leaving a legacy through meaningful conversations [50:54] The potential for conversations to inspire and guide others. [51:00] Acknowledging the influence of stories and conversations.
61:15 11/24/23
#105 - Ty Murray Returns
Ty Murray, the “King of the Cowboys,” returns to the show for a record third time. Visit us online: ‘Greenlights’ by Matthew McConaughey:   Topics:  01:36 Larry Mahan's influence on Ty's career.  01:59 Ty's perspective on podcasts. 02:41 Gradual exposure to public speaking.  03:03 Matthew McConaughey's fame experience.  06:00 The downside of extreme fame.  07:00 Pursuit of passion over fame.  11:00 Parenting is like a challenge with no instructions.  15:00 Confidence and its importance.  22:00 Mental tricks and confidence.  31:14 Life lessons learned from a mentor in rodeo.  31:36 Embracing interviews, sponsorships, and public interactions in rodeo.  31:53 A shift in mentality among cowboys  34:00 A mentor's support for kids with potential.  35:18 Discussing horse clinics and better horsemanship.  36:32 The importance of treating horses with kindness and understanding.  38:00 Gaining insights that reshape one's horsemanship practices.  39:11 The educational and enjoyable aspects of riding with mentors.  45:00 Learning how to compete effectively.  48:00 The impact of sports on character development.  
46:19 11/10/23
#104 - Paul McEnroe: Man Behind the Barcode
Paul McEnroe has the most beautiful story. He's been on a journey from an orphan to a guy who led a team that developed the barcode. ‘The Barcode: How a Team Created One of the World's Most Ubiquitous Technologies’ Get the book: Tennessee Ernie Ford, '16 Tons': Visit us online: Topics: [02:38] Introduction to background and upbringing. [03:06] Early life and family in Ohio. [03:33] Education, move to California, and involvement with IBM. [04:00] Introduction to the cowboy way of life. [07:00] Adoption by a loving family. [11:00] Introduction to involvement in rodeo competitions. [14:36] The role of debate and communication skills in life. [15:21] Journey from education to IBM. [20:00] The perspective of cowboys in various aspects of life. [22:29] Introduction to Tina, wife. [27:24] The humility and learning attitude shared by cowboys. [30:10] The Path to Wealth  [32:00] The Role of Starting Your Own Business  [32:08] Focusing on Money vs. Other Values  [32:30] Contributing to Society and Helping Others  [33:13] The Impact of Real Happiness  [34:00] The Invention and Development of Barcodes  [37:46] Social Challenges Faced in Barcode Adoption  [44:12] The Transition to QR Codes  [45:32] Being Prepared for Unexpected Challenges  [52:31] Western and English Saddle Preferences  [54:55] Coping with Personal Loss and Finding Love Again  
59:21 10/27/23
#103 - Cowboy Artist Blu Dornan
Blu Dornan is an accomplished artist who is living a journey that is super interesting. He talks about where he gets his inspiration for his art, a lot about health and diet, and really just who he is. Links: Visit us online: Topics: [3:48] Dad handed down a love of art [11:03] COVID provided inspiration [21:03] High quality food and some fasting [22:00] Drawing with an inner feeling.  [29:27] Art at a reasonable price [31:12] The great cowboy artists  [48:08] Awesome advice from the wife [00:52:00] to Eastern philosophy Tibetan monks, Buddhism European philosophy, just anything. [52:06] Native American philosophy [57:06] Loving everybody [1:05:29] ‘We're just kind of inhabitants.’  [1:08:16] The cool thing about podcasting
71:53 10/13/23
#102 - Horseman, Podcaster, and Rancher Scott Hulme
Scott Hulme comes to the studio and tells us a little bit about what it's like being somewhere on the plains of Texas (which happens to be the name of his podcast). He's a horse trainer and he's a cowboy in the truest sense of that word. Visit us online: Somewhere on the Plains of Texas Podcast Books mentioned in the show: Green Lights, Matthew McConahey On audiobook Where the Rivers Run North, Sam Morton The One Thing, Gary Keller Topics: [03:24] World Champ gold buckle? [09:33] ‘Somebody somewhere's always working a horse.’ [12:50] Trusting the team [18:00] Picking the right cows [25:00] Accident claims a horse [31:33] A border collie dog named Duke  [36:07] Being able to hug your son [39:00] ‘I've never lost in my life. I either won or I learned.’ [42:52] Figuring out what you're not [45:00] Bo ran through the end zone.  [45:44] If you want to have nice fences, plant a post a day [49:00] Curbing our appetites [54:25] Kids don't like the pressure [56:08] Eat a frog in the morning [1:00:59] Giving your kids a reason to stay in the business [1:09:02] The guy behind the curtain [1:16:33] No dog's perfect, no spouse is perfect, no child's perfect [1:25:12] ‘Everywhere we've ever been is pulling a horse trailer.’ [1:30:33] Investing in yourself   
91:57 9/22/23
#101 - Tim Sexton and Kenny Dallas
Tim Sexton and Kenny Dallas put together a participation guide based on the last verse in the Old Testament of the Bible. They join the show to share a prayer and thoughts on spirituality. Visit us online: M46 Dads Drive Time podcast: Topics [1:58] Opening prayer.  [4:12] Bible marked Malachi 4:6; ‘He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children’ [8:11] The need for an ‘intentional daddy.’ [15:40] The role of men being diminished [19:07] Little islands and common struggles [20:03] Creating AA for daddies [25:23] Faith — it’s a long process [30:00] Only three things matter [35:50] A ministry born out of failure and weakness [40:29] ‘We want it to be intentional, but it’s gonna be imperfect.’  [47:23] M46 Dads Drive Time podcast
54:41 9/8/23
#100 - Alex Sheridan - The Video Content Expert
Follow Alex Sheridan on any social platform, and you're gonna get a lot of valuable information on how to interact, how to get attention, how to tell your story, and how to market your product, service or brand. Visit us online: Alex Sheridan on LinkedIn: [4:03]The LinkedIn algorithm changed. [6:18] Looking at your profile [7:03] What does your headline say?  [10:01] Understanding how different platforms work [12:33] 'It's just the mediums that have changed.’  [16:33] The elements of social media that people notice [20:00] Using AI to simplify [23:40] Direct mail in now unique [28:00] The future of YouTube [35:14] ‘Kids should be looking for growth.’ [41:08] Becoming a better father [41:57] Living the real dream life.  [51:41] Who are we as a country? [56:00] Where's Alex Sheridan going now?
61:15 8/25/23
#99 - Scott Hodges - Overcoming Tragedy
  Scott Hodges, an insurance professional, joins the show to talk about overcoming tragedy, including the death of his wife. Scott sets a great example of how you can persevere, become the person you want to be and have a beautiful life.  Visit us online:  Topics: (2:30) Being a coach's son  (3:00) Making friends in Texas  (4:23) Learning to love church (6:01) A childhood in Gustine Texas (8:19) Saying goodbye to dad (11:30) Literally his first rodeo (14:23) Choices and consequences (17:46) My uncle, the hero (21:14) Learning horsemanship (24:24) Tragedy strikes  (27:27) The insurance business (29:32) Everybody has a purpose in life (30:13) First death claim  (41:08) Letting kids find their path (43:27) Defining selling  (55:07) One family, one vision (1:02:07) Paying attention - the whole time (1:05: 10) Scott’s favorite horse  
70:13 8/11/23
#98 - Clinton Anderson: Uncut and Real Raw
Note: This podcast contains mature language. Horse trainer turned millionaire Clinton Anderson, founder of Downunder Horsemanship, joins the show to talk about his fans and enemies; and the unique equine industry. Clinton hosts a podcast where he “interviews successful business owners from all industries about how they started their careers and how they navigated the challenges and successes of running their own businesses while maintaining their personal lives.”  Visit us online: Clint Anderson’s podcast: Downunder Horsemanship Support our Sponsors: Topics: (5:49) The equine industry is ‘backwards’ (8:51) A love for long-range shooting (12:21) Losing loved ones and updating trusts (16:34) The value of golden handcuffs (21:44) Building loyalty (30:50) They ‘hate my guts,’ but they listen (38:43) A lesson from standup comedy (41:36) Focus on the good 30 seconds (47:40) Horse training - and people training (56:16) Grossing millions and still losing money (1:04:14) No desire to be ‘real famous’ (1:14:49) Sticking to the wheelhouse (1:26:15) The stories of the equine industry  
86:46 7/28/23
#97 - Clint Tunnel of Texas Rural Living
Clint Tunnel of Texas Rural Living joins the show to talk about his business, his life and the importance of contributing to a community. H.O. "Cowboy" Kelly Visit us online: Support our Sponsor: Topics: (3:45) Middle initials and confidence (4:39) Emotional intelligence (11:13) Where Clint came from (18:08) Kelly’s artwork (21:48) Perspective is a big word (27:12) A diagnosis of diabetes (30:43) Love every child differently (36:26) A child’s ordeal (43:41) Children are resilient (46:01) Grim news: ‘He may not smile again’ (50:14) ‘Faith is all we had’ (55:47) ‘Messed up people only’ (1:00:42) A tale of two churches (1:07:47) Music as a release (1:16:38) A piano prodigy              
84:43 7/14/23
#96 - Curtis Stahnke, Legendary Principal
Did you ever go to school? Have you ever sent your kids to school? Well, if you have, you probably have dealt with an administrator and maybe specifically a principal or a dean. Today’s guest, Curtis Stahnke, was the principal of Comanche Elementary School and he was just a superstar. Visit us online: Support our Sponsor: Topics: (1:55) Longhorn art (3:30) Mr. Stahnke’s backstory (6:35) Contributing to society (8:47) Becoming a principal (13:30) Dealing with the rascals (16:13) Kids that have it rough at home (22:07) Trying not to laugh (26:04) Respect (31:23) Emotional Capital (36:25) Partner in crime (42:42) The photo business (46:10) Early adopters (51:39) It takes discipline (53:46) Diving right in (57:51) Retirement: a misnomer  
68:16 6/23/23
#95 - Juvenal Sierra: Banker, Dad, Positive Contributor
This week's guest, Juvenal Sierra, is a perfect example of one of those people I look up to. He's in my community. We interact a lot. I see his kids around -- and I'm impressed with his kids, as well as he and Lisa's job of raising them. So thanks for listening. If you ever thought: How does somebody stay so calm in competitive situations? You need to keep listening. Visit us online: Support our Sponsor: Topics: (2:07) School Days (3:28) Juvenal’s backstory (5:19) Dad and Mexico (8:57) More on the Sierra family (10:54) Family love, family discipline (15:51) Close quarters in the family home (20:07) Not a lot, but no complaints (23:13) Being competitive (26:39) Softball with the right attitude (31:54) The value of being passionate (37:40) When Juvenal met the missus (44:16) The state of banking (49:49) Introducing kids to matters of money (57:45) Building credit (1:04:37) ‘Be a part of your community’    
68:20 6/9/23
#94 - Kelsy Bellah - Comanche County Living Magazine Editor-in-Chief
Hey everybody. We're back! And I’m excited for everybody to meet Kelsy Bellah. She is the editor-in-chief of Comanche County Living Magazine. She wanted to interview me and I said, well, only if I can interview you. And surprise, surprise, her story is brilliant, motivational, sad, and exciting. We talk about the challenge of running a magazine in a social-media era — and a lot more. Visit us online: Support our Sponsor: More on Kelsy at Topics: (2:35) Neil’s inspiration (4:04) ‘If you're not podcasting, you're getting behind.’ (5:03) The mystery of a podcast audience (11:24) Leaving your voice behind (14:52) Kelsy: Remembering her husband (18:00) Her backstory (21:14) A tragedy and the aftermath (23:23) The farmer and the horse (26:10) Covid as a blessing (30:42) Magazines still matter (35:42) A cowgirl perspective (41:41) Kindness to the elderly (46:00) A challenging childhood (56:38) Values of reading and listening (1:03:40) Sharing her story (1:07:26) Years bring wisdom (1:08:25) Neil’s top lessons (1:16:28) Neil and his dad (1:25:38) Learning to fly  (1:31:16) Resumes vs. Experience (1:38:01) Podcast planning  
104:56 5/26/23
#93: James Wilson - Historian and Former Elementary Principal
Thanks for continuing to tune in to our history of Comanche series! I sat down with James Wilson to discuss his incredible life as a member of our wonderful community. Enjoy! Check out our Sponsor: Visit us onlnine: Topics: (2:46) - Introducing James, his family history & his upbringing in Comanche (19:11) - James’ career in the military & being alive during the athletic integration of black players (23:12) - Meeting Mrs. Wilson (25:50) - James’ working in the Texas school system (34:58) - Faith and God (38:23) - James’ kids (41:19) - Being active in an old age (44:39) - Praying for Comanche
50:20 4/21/23
#92: Kaylee Parks - Vice President, Managing Member & Owner at Southwestern Group
Welcome to the next to last episode of our History of Comanche, TX! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kaylee Parks, one of the amazing leaders at Southwestern Group. We discuss her upbringing in Comanche, balancing work and family, and keeping up with her husband Cole. Enjoy! Visit us online: Support our Sponsor: Topics: (2:39) - Kaylee’s family & upbringing in Comanche (5:49) - Why Kaylee wanted to be involved in this series (15:21) - What are some of the challenges facing the financial industry right now? (17:46) - What’s it like trying to keep up with Cole? (19:39) - Balancing a growing business and growing family (26:11) - Favorite Comanche stories
32:43 4/20/23
#91: Fain McDaniel & David Gore - Comanche Texas Historians
Thanks for continuing to tune in to our history of Comanche series! I sat down with Fain McDaniel and David Gore from the Comanche County Museum to map out the entire history of Comanche, Texas. Enjoy! Visit us online: Support our sponsor: Links: Comanche Museum Belve Bean LD Cox John Wesley Hardin Brushy Bill Roberts   Topics: (3:05) - The history of Comanche, from the very beginning! (10:57) - The arrival of the Spaniards (20:52) - Warring with Indians & the naming of Comanche (30:33) - Wagon Routes and US Army forts in Comanche (35:46) - The official incorporation of Comanche (37:57) - The initial construction of buildings and structures (40:29) - The fire problem & Comanche Outlaw stories (53:12) - Talkin’ Old Comanche buildings (1:02:06) - Fain’s love for history (1:07:59) - Belve Bean, LD Cox & other notable Comanche figures (1:14:30) - Comanche importance in Texas trade & Bill “Brushy” Roberts
82:46 4/19/23
#90: Jay Firsching - Historic Building Expert
Thanks for continuing to join us on the History of Comanche, TX series! I had a great conversation with Jay where he broke down Historic Preservation Districts and the work to establish a District here in Comanche. Enjoy! Links: Jay on LinkedIn Visit us online: Support our Sponsor:   Topics: (4:03) - Introducing Jay (7:00) - Historic Preservation stories & the business behind what makes a building significant (17:27) - What value would it be for Comanche to have a Historic Preservation District? (23:38) - How to identify and designate a Historic Preservation. (51:48) - Comanche’s history of being burned down and blown up (54:05) - Comanche National & First Comanche (58:43) - Losing building blueprints
62:05 4/18/23
#89: Fredda Jones - Historian and Teacher
Welcome to our history of Comanche, TX series! Our first guest is Fredda Jones, who has a deep knowledge of our history as well as an amazing background growing up in our town. We cover a lot of ground and are excited to share it with y'all, enjoy! Visit us online: Support our Sponsor: Links: Leta Andrews - Women's Basketball Hall of Fame Fredda on Facebook Topics: (2:40) - It’s important to do hard things (4:29) - The winningest basketball coach in the nation (10:15) - Striving to win and be the best you can be (13:54) - Winning a national championship in track (24:53) - Reminiscing on friendships (34:20) -  Comanche history (45:25) - Fredda’s love for history (1:02:00) - The story of Boss Green (1:07:33) - Losing a Child & motherhood
83:12 4/17/23
#88: Guy Bell with Jason & Christie Beyer - Influencers and Entrepreneurs
We got a packed episode for y'all! I am joined by local social media influencer Guy Bell (@TheGuyBell) and Owners of the Barfield Boutique Hotel Jason and Christie Beyer. We discuss how Jason and Christie built this amazing hotel (we recorded this one at The Barfield, so check us out on YouTube!) and talk with Jason about his approach to content. We discuss building brands, our Faith, how to have a successful marriage and raising kids! Enjoy.  Links: Guy on TikTok The Barfield Hotel Bacon Bash Texas! Night on the Strip Topics: (3:15) - Introducing the guests & discussing Amarillo (13:45) - Thoughts on kids and social media (17:43) - Guy’s background (20:12) - King of Soul (21:53) - The Barfield (24:53) - What does West Texas mean to you? (27:57) - This or That! (30:14) - How are you building your brand? (36:44) - Dale Brisby (39:56) - How do you deal with the negative and positive feedback from social media? (46:18) - Branding at the Barfield (54:27) - Using Historic Tax Credits to fund the hotel (58:15)- Faith and God (1:02:01) - Managing a successful marriage (1:11:08) - Is self-esteem the #1 thing for kids? (1:20:18) - What causes people to be cruel to one another? (1:29:05) - Calls to Action!
91:29 3/24/23
#87: Dave Hollenbach - Author, Speaker, Fireman
Welcome back! We had the absolute pleasure to have Battalion Chief David Hollenbach on the show, Dave is an international best-selling author, speaker, and host of the From Embers to Excellence Podcast.  We discuss how Dave overcame substantial obstacles in his youth, losing his career, dealing with mental health issues, PTSD and so much more. This episode is really impactful and we hope you enjoy! Visit us online Links: Hollenbach Leadership From Embers to Excellence Podcast Fireproof by Dave Hollenbach   Topics: (2:43) - Dave’s background and upbringing (5:32) - Dave’s unlucky leg (12:56) - Failure & mental health (22:31) - How do you become a better leader? (29:44) - How should someone execute their goals? (39:44) - Advice to Veterans
44:41 3/10/23
#86: Drew Myers - Author, Speaker, Runner
Drew Myers is a story seeker, radio host, author, speaker and podcaster! He wrote the Tacos and Chocolate Diet and joined us on this fantastic episode. We discuss Drew's faith, why he chose to become a public persona, intentionality coaching and Drew's incredible streak of running a mile every single day for over eleven years. Enjoy! Links: The Tacos and Chocolate Diet by Drew Myers The Soft White Underbelly on YouTube M46 Dads Steve Bardin on The Cowboy Perspective Into the Wild by John Krakauer Topics: (1:58) - Introducing Drew (6:33) - Faith & Death (10:08) - What led you to become this public persona? (14:41) - Drew coaches Neil on becoming more effective (23:29) - Why do you run a mile every day? (27:27) - How did it feel breaking an 11 year running streak? (38:28) - Drew’s Intentionality Coaching (42:56) - Should all of your coaching tactics be from your own mind? (46:35) - How do you approach parenting? (48:26) - What’s your diet like?
55:15 2/10/23
#85: Steven Bardin - Owner of Texas Pro Lake Management
Welcome back! We've got the great Steven Bardin in the studio to discuss his business: Texas Pro Lake Management. We discuss fishing for fun vs. food, why college might not be necessary anymore, how Steven has grown his business and a whole lot more. Enjoy! Links: Texas Pro Lake Management Tarleton Department of Wildlife and Natural Resources Texas Brigades Black Bass Stewardship Group Toyota ShareLunker Program   Topics: (2:54) - Introducing Steven (3:36) - Steven’s upbringing and career (8:38) - What got you interested in fishing in the first place? (12:38) - Fishing for fun vs. for food (15:14) - Does Mother Nature cull the population? (17:46) - Is there a revenue opportunity farmers and ranchers should consider with a day pond? (18:47) - How big is Ten Acre Lake? (20:25) - Do you like school? (23:50) - Do you think college is necessary anymore? (38:25) - How many people work for you? (39:33) - What are you going to do about your company name when you’re worldwide? (41:06)  - With your hiring standards how has it been for you to hire the people you want? (45:38) - How do you approach price negotiation? (49:50) - How do you feel so confident in passing up customers? (52:06) - What is your end goal for the company? (55:13) - How do you approach marketing? (59:59)  - Why don’t you have any kids? (1:04:01) - Is there anything you would like to say that you haven’t had a chance to?
68:41 1/27/23
#84: Riley Peterson - Rancher, Horseman, Content Creator at Stonefield Ranch
Riley Peterson from the Stonefield Ranch YouTube channel joins the podcast to discuss horsemanship, content creation, and the voluntary hardship of being a cowboy. He offers great insight into fatherhood, faith, and the world of Quarter horses. Enjoy! Links: Stonefield Ranch on YouTube TCP with Ryan Richardson Zane Davis on The Gauge Podcast 4 Tips for Buying Horses on Stonefield Ranch   Topics: (2:02) - Riley’s background and upbringing (5:39) - Being a member of LDS (8:51) - What inspired you to start your YT channel? (12:35) - What does it mean to be naturally gifted with a horse? (17:51) - How do you come up with content? (21:23) - Do your kids enjoy cowboying? (24:36) - global influences on cowboy culture & fatherhood (29:25) - Cowboying is voluntary hardship (32:40) - Would you say you’re an extrovert or an introvert? (34:56) - What makes someone go from average to great? (37:42) - Quarter Horses (46:22) - How do you set up your technology for high quality content? (51:34) - Podcasting vs. YouTube (53:42) - Riley’s leg in the tech world
57:56 1/13/23
#83: Braxton Mitchell - Extension Agent, Speaker, Cowboy
We've got a great conversation in this episode with Braxton Mitchell. Braxton is an Extension agent and a true cowboy. We get to talkin' about Braxton's childhood following in his father's footsteps, playing college rugby and learning to rodeo. We spend a good bit of time discussing the importance of faith, God, and love before touching on how failure plays an important role in life. enjoy! Visit us online at Links: The Cowboy Perspective Cups of love episode M46 Dads   Topics: (2:52) - Introducing Braxton (4:10) -  Life as an Extension agent (5:30) - Braxton’s family dynamic and childhood (12:37) - Learning how to cowboy (15:31) - College life, Rodeo, and work ethic (38:06) - Faith & love (46:48) - Failure (51:18) - What’s next for you? (54:36) - Wrapping up
59:55 12/23/22
#82: Bill Ellis & Family - Bill Ellis Tire Station
On this episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the Ellis family of Bill Ellis Tire Station. On the mic are Bill, Zane, Cameron, Laurie, and Gessica. We discuss building the tire business, Bill's career as a Pastor, childhood experiences, and crazy stories from the station; enjoy! Visit us online at Links: Bill Ellis Tire Station on Facebook Topics: (2:42) - Introducing the Ellis family (3:42) - Why did you build your business around tires? (7:51) - Life as a Pastor (11:41) - Why do you choose to operate the tire business 24/7? (14:15) - Zane and Cameron’s childhood experiences (17:06) - Laurie’s background (20:03) - What’s a typical work day like at the tire station? (22:27) - What’s the most important aspect of your business? (24:17) - How do you think about the customer? (26:26) - Talkin’ to the kids (27:40) - The experience of marrying into the Ellis family (29:41) - Do you plan on opening new locations? (32:06) - How do you fix these massive tractor tires? (36:06) - What are some great stories from working at the stand? (48:56) - Church and Christianity (52:14) - Neil’s memories of Bill and reflecting on hard work (56:25) - Final thoughts
60:59 12/9/22
#81: Alan Day - Rancher and Author, The Horse Lover
H. Alan Day is the brother of Sandra Day O'Connor, the first female associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Alan has authored and co-authored several books and is dedicated to the preservation of wild horses. On this episode we dive into Alan's journey as an author, his dynamic with Sandra, and the process of shipping 1500 wild horses to his ranch and training them to live on his South Dakota property. Enjoy! Links: The Horse Lover by H. Alan Day Lazy B. by H. Alan Day & Sandra Day O'Connor Cowboy Up! by H. Alan Day The Cowboy Up Podcast Visit us online at Topics (1:36) - Introducing Alan (3:42) -  Alan’s dynamic with his sister (Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor) (6:13) - Alan’s journey as an author (9:10) - Ranching stories (11:21) - Where do wild horses come from? (12:16) - How did you get these wild horses to your ranch? (17:32) - What did you do with the horses once you had them? (20:13) - How long was the whole process til you were satisfied? (21:31) - Happy the horse (24:36) - Alan’s unique freeze brand (26:47) - Wrap up
29:25 11/25/22