Show cover of The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

Welcome to a place where we will talk all things Natural and Organic meat business, Ranching, American Quarter Horses, Family, and God! Pull up a seat grab your favorite beverage and lets chew the fat! How to build a team? What is a Cowboy? How to survive change? Why do entrepreneurs win? What is the truth about farming and ranching? Visit for transcriptions and more!


#81: Alan Day - Rancher and Author, The Horse Lover
H. Alan Day is the brother of Sandra Day O'Connor, the first female associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Alan has authored and co-authored several books and is dedicated to the preservation of wild horses. On this episode we dive into Alan's journey as an author, his dynamic with Sandra, and the process of shipping 1500 wild horses to his ranch and training them to live on his South Dakota property. Enjoy! Links: The Horse Lover by H. Alan Day Lazy B. by H. Alan Day & Sandra Day O'Connor Cowboy Up! by H. Alan Day The Cowboy Up Podcast Visit us online at Topics (1:36) - Introducing Alan (3:42) -  Alan’s dynamic with his sister (Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor) (6:13) - Alan’s journey as an author (9:10) - Ranching stories (11:21) - Where do wild horses come from? (12:16) - How did you get these wild horses to your ranch? (17:32) - What did you do with the horses once you had them? (20:13) - How long was the whole process til you were satisfied? (21:31) - Happy the horse (24:36) - Alan’s unique freeze brand (26:47) - Wrap up
29:25 11/25/2022
#80: Isabella Leslie - Race Horse Industry Player, Horse advocate, Resilient Human
Welcome to another episode of The Cowboy Perspective! I know Isabella's story will be valuable for you to hear! Links: Isabella on Twitter America's Best Racing My Racehorse Topics: (2:15) - Introducing Isabella (7:42) - Dealing with childhood illness (10:14) - How did you build so much resilience? (11:05) - What was the key to your cure? (15:36) - Saddle bred horses (17:53) - Isabelle’s career in Thoughrobred  (21:23) - Thoughts on gambling in horse racing (22:47) - Thoughts on Rich Strike winning the Kentucky Derby (29:39) - Do you get the impression there’s no allowance for forgiveness in today’s society? (30:46) - Thoughts on Anxiety (35:16) - The equine business (46:17) - What are your thoughts on horse slaughter? (49:53) - Losing a spot on the US World Cup team due to injury (53:33) - Where do you think you’ll be in the next five years?
57:57 11/11/2022
#79: Wes Kearney - Entrepreneur & Brew Master
Wes Kearney is a Brew Master and Entrepreneur. On this episode we dive into building leadership capital, learnings from being parents, being an introvert, life & death, and so much more. Enjoy! Links: - Visit us online: - Teddy’s Brewhaus - Kirbos Topics: (2:28) - Wes’ background  (8:21) -  Being an introvert (11:44) - The importance of a ‘recharge’ (16:16) - Don’t be a thermometor, be a thermostat (22:56) - Learnings from Parenting, Failure and Succeeding (29:21) - Building Leadership Capital (34:37) - Don’t be complacent (39:38) - What did working on a ranch teach you about the reality of life and death? (42:38) - Wes’ family dynamic & the reality of feeding the world (49:16) - Hunting (52:28) - What’s the value of a dollar? (58:28) - The power of community (1:03:13) - Thoughts on having a successful marriage (1:12:11) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
75:41 10/28/2022
#78: Ryan Richardson - USMC Force Reconnaissance and Scout Sniper Platoon Commander, Combat Veteran, Cowboy
Ryan Richardson joins us not only as a Marine, combat veteran and advocate for Heroes and Horses. He's also a fan of the show!  Ryan and I discuss his upbringing before deep-diving into his time in the Middle East as a United States Marine and the subsequent mental challenges he faced. We wrap on how Heroes and Horses has been a life-changing experience. Enjoy! Links: Visit us online at Heroes and Horses Dr. Mark Gordon on Joe Rogan Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frankl Topics: (2:54) - Ryan’s childhood and upbringing (8:43) - Thoughts on swearing, parenting, and marriage (14:34) - Ryan’s time in the Marines & getting married young (15:52) - Did 9/11 play a major role in you joining up? (17:45) - Life in the Marines (41:00) - What it feels like being in a war zone & stories from Iraq (1:07:02) - Life after the military and PTSD (1:21:33) - Heroes and Horses (1:58:46) - What do you think your kids will think about the work you’ve done in 20 years? (2:07:29) - How do you not drift away from the habits built at H&H? (2:09:14) - Wrap up & final thoughts The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
133:43 10/14/2022
#77: Molly McAdams - Cowgirl, Leader, Visionary
Molly McAdams is the Executive Vice President of the Texas Beef Council and joins us today to discuss Secretariat, being a high-powered woman in the corporate world, building a team, delegation, branding, and a lot more! Enjoy. Visit us online at Molly on LinkedIn: Texas Beef Council: BBQuest: Topics:   (1:53) - Molly’s background and career (3:43) - Secretariat (6:17) - What was it like having a father who is a horse vet? (10:11) - Molly’s family dynamic (11:34) - Being a high-performing woman in the corporate world (21:34) - Do you get more from the wins or the losses? (28:29) - Thoughts on responsibility and building a team (34:15) - “Stay” interviews & conversations (38:11) - How do you approach delegation? (43:33) - People want to hear the story of your brand & dealing with critics of farming (49:49) - Wrap up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
51:50 09/23/2022
#76: 1998 State Champion Maidens
This episode I am joined by 4 members of the 1998 Texas Women's state championship basketball team from Comanche High School! We discuss why doing the things you hate help you be more successful, reminisce on teammates, comparing the popularity of women's sports to Texas Football and more! Enjoy.  Visit us online at (2:36) - Introducing the CHAMPS (8:28) - The importance of doing things you hate (13:59) - Parenting your kids through hard work (20:11) - Did you have people you looked up to on the team for inspiration? How was your chemistry on the floor? (28:23) - Shouting out the rest of the team & Memories (37:04) - Do you remember a time being most ‘scared’ of your coach? (38:21) - Do you feel any pressure, pride, or anxiety over the fact your team is one of the highest achieving in the school’s history? (45:36) - Why was there not a repeat title? (49:46) - Referees (54:24) - How do you think about comparing women’s basketball to major Texas sports like Football? (1:06:29) - What message would you give to young kids to think about if they want to be successful at something they try?
71:48 09/09/2022
#75 Dennis Pridgen - Coach, Christian, and Friend
Dennis has an incredible weight loss journey of losing over 190 lbs! We dive into Dennis' life, which is a hard road filled with trauma and abuse, leaving him depressed and weighing over 375 lbs.  But this story is not all about the bad and the sad! Dennis has completely turned his life around, starting the Get Lean Journey brand and becoming a coach, advocate for the Lord, and darn good friend! Enjoy. Links: Get Lean Journey on IG: Facebook: Topics: (2:47) - How did you get up to 375 lbs? (4:26) - Why do humans bully each other? (9:28) - Dennis’ childhood, trauma & depression (24:00) - Dennis’ weight loss journey, losing his mother, and contemplating suicide (38:54) - Dennis’ wife (44:48) - Loving America (47:38) - Final thoughts The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
52:04 08/26/2022
#74: Gary Bell - A Second Father
Gary Bell is a very special guest on this episode of The Cowboy Perspective. While we aren't related, he treated me like his own when I was a young man & friends with his son Dustin. Today we discuss his influence on me, his worldview as a farmer, the state of the world, some great stories and more. Enjoy! Visit us online at Topics: (2:57) - Cynthia’s perspective on Dustin and Neil as kids (5:10) - The Bell family influence (9:32) - Why Neil brought Gary on (11:39) - Gary’s childhood and background in Lubbock (17:02) - What do you love about farming and ranching? (18:33) - Thoughts on the public’s views toward farmers (20:24) - Gary’s early farming experiences (23:22) - Gary’s first memories of Neil (25:34) - The story of Gary’s  Encyclopedia (28:01) - Where’d you learn to fix things? (30:55) - What’s it like selling cows? (33:28) - Aunt Bonnie (36:24) - Gary’s views on music (37:30) - Farmhand stories (39:53) - Has America had it ‘too good’? (44:32) - Wrap up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
48:43 08/12/2022
#73: Kameron Mazurek - Lawyer, Insurance Agent & CPA
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kameron on this episode, he's an insurance agent, lawyer, CPA and passionate historian. We discuss his "office" life that came from a cowboy upbringing, his faith and religious upbringing in the Jewish community and then we spend a lot of time discussing abortion and the Roe V. Wade decision. Enjoy! Visit us online at Topics: (1:28) - Kameron’s background, Office life vs. Ranch life, and the scripture (7:55) - Have you ever changed your mind on how you think about things? (11:20) - Kameron’s family dynamic and childhood (14:15) - What do you think caused you to become such a high performer? (18:09) - Kameron on losing his brother (23:25) - Thoughts on Roe v. Wade & abortion (42:35) - What’s happening in the insurance world that people should be thinking about? (49:22) - Kameron’s other careers as a Lawyer and CPA (56:30) - Kameron’s relationship with his mother (59:17) - Wrap up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
61:42 07/08/2022
#72: Joey Svendsen & Tony Jones - The Ethics Behind Killing Animals for Food
A special episode for y'all this time around the pasture! I had the pleasure of joining Joey and Tony for a triple-podcast of Pastor with No Answers, The Reverend Hunter & The Cowboy Perspective. We spend the majority of this episode discussing the ethics and arguments around the humane killing of animals for food. We also discuss Pederson's practices, whether dogs are better as pets or tools, and more!    Links: Pastor with No Answers Podcast Reverend Hunter podcast Nature is Metal on Instagram How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend by Monks of New Skete   Topics: (0:33) - The Triple recording, Westboro Baptist episodes and podcasting (5:17) - Opening with Bible Study and laying out the agenda for the episode (6:54) - How we think about treating dogs and animals (13:53) - How do you think about treating nature? (19:42) - How would you react to someone strangling a dog? (21:18) - Thoughts on hunting and the humane killing of animals we eat (50:05) - Neil’s takeaways from this episode (52:13) - Thoughts on the Cowboy Spirit (55:42) - Butcher Box vs. Pederson’s Natural Farms (57:24) - Pheasant Hunting (59:49) - Wrap up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
62:20 06/24/2022
#71: Kevin Elkins - Silver Craftsman
Kevin Elkins joins me on the podcast today to talk about everything custom silver buckles, spurs, bits, and jewelry! We also talk about his days riding Broncs in the PRCA, the sacrifices he's had to make for this business, family, and more. Enjoy! Visit us online at Check out Kevin’s Instagram: Topics: (2:14) - Introducing Kevin and his artwork (5:45) - The process of making custom Silver buckles, spurs, bits and jewelry (15:46) - How do you feel about defining what you do as “art”? (18:54) - Do you model your work after anyone? (22:07) - How do you feel about your customers? (24:26) - What happens if a customer doesn’t like what you’ve made? (26:02) - Kevin’s childhood & family dynamic (30:59) - How do you think about improving on your craft? (32:02) - Riding Broncos in the PRCA (35:06) - Craftsmanship vs. perfectionism (37:22) - Kevin’s family and sacrifices to be an entrepreneur (49:11) - The power of humility (53:11) - Kevin’s favorite pieces, things in the works, and the business side of craftsmanship! (58:29) - Wrap up and final thoughts
61:01 06/10/2022
#70: Cowboy Perspectives & An Original Poem
Short episode this week, y'all! We're talking about some Cowboy Perspectives and Ranch life as well as an original poem by yours truly dedicated to the memory of the great Joe T. Gore. Enjoy! Visit us online at The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
13:35 05/27/2022
#69: Bo Lacy - Neil was Bit by a Rattle Snake!
My good friend and workout partner Bo Lacy joined me on this episode to talk about my being bit by a rattle snake this week. We also talk about parenting, friendship, working out and more. Enjoy! Visit us online at Links: Legion Rising by Jeff Morris Topics: (3:20) - Neil was bit by a Rattle Snake! (27:51) - Bo and Neil’s friendship (33:18) - Social Media, Winning vs. Losing, and instilling confidence in your kids (53:07) - How the way parents act affects kids (1:03:07) - Wrap up & Final thoughts The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
68:10 05/13/2022
#68: Jim Sharp - Founding Father of the Professional Bull Riders
The first guy to ride all 10 bulls at the National Finals Rodeo (The SuperBowl of Rodeo) and almost made it 20 in a row as he rode his first 9 the following year. Please enjoy this conversation with my friend Jim Sharp. If you know Jim you will know he is quiet about his success and career. I really appreciate him sharing with me and the TCP Nation in this episode. He is a multiple-time bull riding world champion and a Great hand in the pasture and branding pen. Links: Jim Sharp's PBR stats Topics: (2:20) - Are the other pro bull riders different behind the scenes? (4:07) - Jim’s family background and how he got into bull riding (7:28) - Who’d you look up to in rodeo? (8:38) - Jim’s siblings (12:01) - Why Jim decided to retire from bull riding (14:37) - How did you process the reality of the danger of bull riding? (15:33) - Did you play any sports growing up? (18:03) - What was Layne Frost like? (19:59) - How did rodeoing with the best affect your work ethic? (22:28) - Riding 10 rounds in the NFR (24:58) - Jim’s son (27:59) - What was the PBR like? (33:11) - Do you pay attention to the circuit now? (34:34) - Brazilian rope holding techniques (37:02) - Grappling with being called the GOAT (40:12) - What do you do these days? (45:33) - Wrap up
51:56 04/22/2022
#67: Rob Rastovich - CTO at ThingLogix, Inc
Rob is a cowboy through and through. He grew up on a ranch and maintains a cattle ranch to this day in Central Oregon. Rob also has had an interesting career outside the cowboy world. Rob has been actively involved in technology for nearly 30 years, from building a top 10 e-commerce site in a time when e-commerce was still in its infancy to establishing what is now known as Amazon’s AWS IoT. On this episode we talk about Rob's tech career, beef alternatives, automation and the philosophy behind becoming wealthy. Enjoy! Topics: (3:51) - Rob’s background and family in ranching (7:19) - Do you think growing up in that environment has played well in your business career? (12:44) - Rob’s father & leaving ranching to go into tech (14:52) - What is a CTO? (16:45) - What’s something that people think is a fad right now but will be around long term? (22:39) - What is IoT? (Internet of Things) (26:21) - As we take humans out of processes where do we go? (31:13) - Thoughts on beef alternatives, vegetarians and conservationists (38:24) - Rob’s Barley Beef (43:05) - Thoughts on becoming wealthy (47:15) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
49:45 04/08/2022
#66 Chet Garner - DayTripper and a whole lot More!
We've got a treat for y'all today, Chet Garner from The Daytripper Podcast joins the show to discuss how he built the show, the relationship between money & happiness, the importance of travel, parenting and a whole lot more! Visit us online at Links: The Day Tripper Podcast Chet on Social Media: YouTube Twitter Facebook Dropping Bombs with Brad Lea The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren Shape by Jordan Ellenberg Austin Couch Potatoes   Topics: (4:12) - How have you been able to do this show for so long without traditional sponsors? (11:39) - Money doesn’t inspire passion or happiness (17:06) - How does a sponsor judge if your show is successful? (22:41) - Passions & Skills are signs from God (25:34) -  Taking your passion with you when you can’t make money off it (29:29) - What’s your ultimate vision for The Day Tripper? (34:29) - How travel affects your perspective (39:38) - Chet’s Bison Leather couch (42:51) - Crossfit (45:58) - Parenting (57:15) - Chet’s background and family The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
70:51 03/25/2022
#65: Jay Samit - Author, Innovator, Artist
Would you like to make $100 million in your first year of business? Jay Samit has taught people how to do that. I hope you guys stick around and listen to what he has to say here. Remember, disruption is not about what happens to you, it's about how you respond. Enjoy! Visit us online at Links: Disrupt You! by Jay Samit Future Proofing You by Jay Samit Marketing Outrageously by John Spoelstra Topics: (3:05) - Jay’s inspiration for painting cowboy scenery & his books (12:08) - Thoughts on confidence (17:16) - Thoughts on college (21:50) - Business Philosophy (33:00) - Thoughts on NFT’s & Crypto (36:23) - Finding passion through your work (40:53) - What’s the value of a dollar or a Bitcoin? (44:53) - Wrap up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.
47:17 03/11/2022
#64 Chance Conrado - Horseman, Businessman, "The Gauge" podcast host
Chance Conrado is host of "The Gauge" Podcast and joins me on this episode for a deep dive into the horse world, barrel racing, business philosophy and crypto for cowboys. Enjoy! Visit us online at Links: The Gauge Podcast Chance on LinkedIn The Man from Snowy River  Ed Mylett Podcast with Mike Rowe Topics: (3:37) - How did you come up with the intro to your podcast? (6:30) - Chance’s childhood with horses (13:42) - Authoritarian father’s  (20:34) - Are some of the best head horses rejected barrel horses? (25:19) -  Chance’s early career as a horseman & thoughts on the horse industry (31:46) - What are the top three horses in the barrel racing world right now? (35:58) - Thoughts on Bitcoin and what drove Chance away from the cowboy world (41:38) - Religion (43:50) - Chance cleaning his life up & dealing with jealousy and insecurity (52:25) - More on Crypto (55:06) - Chance’s custom trailer business & thoughts on business philosophy and more crypto! (1:17:29) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Peterson & Root and Roam.
81:30 02/25/2022
#63 Rebecca Conley - Sommelier and Business Woman
Rebecca Conley is a Sommelier and today she joins me on the podcast to talk everything about wine! We discuss her early career as an international model, falling in love with the wine process, what makes Texas special for wine and she gives us some recommendations to go try. Enjoy! Visit us online at J.W. Hardin Wine Co. Red Loves Wine Rebecca on Twitter Topics: (2:22) - Rebecca’s background and modeling career (9:08) - What’s one lesson that sticks with you from your time modeling? (12:30) - What happened when you got out of modeling? (14:55) - Getting into the wine industry & working in New York Hospitality (18:08) - Where did your early maturity come from? (22:24) - Moving back to Texas from New York & becoming a sommelier (28:40) - Wine 101 (34:20) - Rebecca’s career in wine (37:45) - What makes Napa more ideal than Texas for wine? (40:16) - Older wine is more expensive because there’s less of it (41:43) - Restaurants and wine (45:41) - “How you order wine tells so much about you” (48:58) - Rebecca’s business she’s building: J.W. Hardin (56:41) - Rebecca’s wine recommendations & wrap up Ron Yates - Amalgamation Farmhouse Vineyard - Boyfriend Texas GSM - Melange The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
62:37 02/11/2022
#62 Kris Dehnert, CEO & Randall Thompson, Founder - Dugout Mugs
I am joined by Kris Dehnert & Randall Thompson, the CEO and founder of Dugout Mugs to talk about building their business, how their partnership started, the specifics behind their cool mugs and some thoughts on business philosophy. Enjoy! Visit us online at Links: Dugout Mugs website Randall on Social Kris on Social Ed Mylett & Kurt Warner Podcast Topics: (2:03) - Randall, do you feel like you have a cowboy perspective? (4:00) - How do you go about licensing a product like this? (7:01) - How did the two of you meet? (8:25) - You can’t build your business without building yourself (11:38) - Why brushing off failure is important (15:35) - Thoughts on profitability & the supply chain (18:14) - Does every dugout mug come from an actual baseball bat? (19:07) - Is there anything proprietary about the product? (21:39) - Defense wins championships (27:51) - What do you do to better yourself professionally? (30:29) - Are you working on an NFT Project? (31:34) - What is the value of a dollar? (38:20) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Peterson & Root and Roam.
40:25 01/28/2022
#61 Grant Bear - Christian Brother and Friend
This episode is going to be a bit different, I talk with Grant Bear about the mistakes he made in life that caused him to end up in prison. We talk about how his childhood affected his later decisions, what prison taught him, his relationship with God and a whole lot more. Enjoy! Visit us online at Links: Petals Patch boutique Topics: (2:16) - Grant’s background & Family (7:05) - Grant’s early life with his father (10:07) - Making the decision to start doing drugs in high school (15:31) - How access to the world has changed via smart phones & changing what the ‘ideal’ body looks like (19:38) - How Grant ended up in Jail & lessons learned (30:19) - Dealing with the stigma of past actions & going to prison (35:02) - Life inside Prison (45:49) - Faith & building a relationship with God (50:16) - The tough questions (51:52) - Ending with a Prayer The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
54:44 01/14/2022
#60 Cooper Flinn - Cowboy, Friend, Creator
Cooper Flinn is a cowboy through and through. He is behind the saddle pads over at Equibrand Products and my former rodeo teammate! We discuss his life growing up and family dynamic, Equibrand saddle pads, leather working and his role as a father and his experience with his son being born premature. Enjoy! Visit us online at Links: Equibrand Saddle Pads Ed Mylett & Kurt Warner Podcast ep Harper's Heroes Facebook Page Topics: (3:14) - Cooper’s background, family & career (7:53) - The resilience of Cowboys (10:16) - Cooper’s father and unofficial grandfather (17:19) - What’s the value of getting your master’s degree? (21:09) - Don’t be afraid of change! (24:28) - Leadership Philosophies (28:29) - The world of saddle pads & Equibrand (44:34) - Leather working and the joy of building things with your hands (49:30) - The experience of having a premature child (1:04:28) - Wrap up and final thoughts The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
69:13 12/31/2021
#59 Brent Bennett - Cowboy, Crossfitter, Content Creator
Brent Bennet is a full-time cowboy and fitness enthusiast. On this episode we get to talking about how Brent taught himself to rodeo as a kid, his journey working for 30 years before leaving the 9-5 world to become a cowboy. We also dive deep into his workout regimen, which includes running at least 2 miles everyday at 4am! Enjoy! Links Brent on YouTube Brent on Facebook The Gauge Podcast The Ed Mylett Show Be Your Best Horsemanship Visit us online at Topics (1:54) - Brent’s background in learning to rodeo, he self deprecation of cowboy culture & chasing your dream (15:13) - Why’d you start making YouTube videos of your cowboy life? (18:49) - Brent’s weight loss journey (29:39) - Weight loss’ parallel with everything in life (34:00) - Everyone knows about eating healthy, why do we still not do it? (35:15) - The media’s portrayal of division in our country (36:35) - Teaching the next generation of cowboys (39:04) - Brent’s workouts! (51:08) - Wrap up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
53:54 12/10/2021
#58 Rhonda Dudley - My Mom, Mentor, and Biggest Fan
It's always a blessing having another Dudley on the podcast! This episode me and Mom get to talking about the most important things she passed on to me, life as a grandparent, and her role as the problem solver. We also talk about her fitness journey, finding a life partner and so much more. Enjoy! Visit us online at (3:44) - How to make friends, listening to advice & complimenting folks: Important learnings from mom (6:42) - What’s it like being the problem solver for people in your life? (10:26) - What’s it like being a grandparent? (11:52) - Rhonda’s fitness journey & parenting (16:16) - Can you be the best version of yourself without being pushed by someone? (22:30) - The importance of food knowledge (28:57) - Why do you like numbers so much? (32:40) - Do you worry that you might have passed on negative lessons or experiences to us? (35:52) - Why are you scared to be thought of as weak? (44:16) - Nobody is looking at you, nobody cares! (45:58) - Picking the right life partner (50:28) - Dealing with the loss of a sibling (53:38) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam. 
56:45 11/29/2021
#57 Cody Harvey - Founder of
Cody Harvey is an American entrepreneur and Chief Visionary behind a plethora of market-disrupting technologies. In his roles as President and Chief Strategist at Kennected, Cody is constantly looking ahead - trying to anticipate macroeconomic environmental changes and proactively planning for the future of his company. Cody’s newest venture is Breakout Audio app available on IOS and Android! On this episode, Cody and I dive deep into his career, his faith and desire to allow open & honest conversations, world traveling, entrepreneurship and much more. Enjoy! Visit Check out Breakout here: or Visit Kennected: (1:40) - Cody’s career and background that lead to starting Breakout (5:24) - Faith & being open to perspectives you don’t agree with (8:18) - Cody’s Travel experiences (10:58) - How do you block the urge to respond negatively when you’re treated poorly? (13:45) - Thoughts on Entrepreneurship & Strategy (19:41) - Jay Abraham (20:47) - What is the value of a dollar or a bitcoin? (21:49) - Do you feel like you understand Blockchain? (24:13) - How much Crypto do you have? (26:47) - Wrap up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.  
30:08 11/12/2021
#56 Adam Posner - Founder of NHP Talent Group, Host of ThePozcast
Adam Posner is the Founder and President Director at NHP Talent Group: A Talent Access Consultancy, specializing in recruitment strategy, talent process and operations @ Start-ups, Agencies and Brands. They focus on experts within Marketing, Performance Media, Creative, Product and Content Creation.  On this episode, we discuss Adam's early career and his relationship with Gary Vaynerchuk, the current labor shortages, participation trophies and a whole lot more. Enjoy! Visit Check out Adam's Podcast here (3:07) - Adam’s background and career working for Gary Vee before starting his own company (10:52) - Adam’s thoughts on the current labor shortages (20:30) - “Doing it to be in The Hall of Fame is stupid” (23:09) - Participation trophies and teaching children about competition (27:48) - Adam’s Favorite podcasts The Jordan Harbinger Podcast  Jordan Harbinger - Going to North Korea Jordan Harbinger with Mafia Hitman (36:42) - What’s the toughest apology you’ve ever had to make? (38:02) - Business and Leadership is being put under pressure (38:28) - Truth and Recruiting (42:07) - Having the confidence to ask and be ready for a ‘no’ (45:58) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
48:47 10/22/2021
#55 BBT Special - Owen and Sandi Carlson
Loyal consumers of bacon at Bacon Bash Texas – Owen and Sandi Carlson represent what is best in humanity. They live through tough realities with love and a heart for others. Pederson’s is honored to dedicate a month of the podcast to Bacon Bash Texas and all it stands for! Fun fact: Owen and Sandi founded Niki Warms the Cold in honor of their daughter Niki Carlson and spend much of their time making sure the needy, across Texas, know they are seen and have a coat or blanket to keep warm! Visit (2:46) - Owen and Sandi Introductions  (4:33) - Bacon Bash 2021 (5:14) - The story behind Niki Warms the Cold (12:42) - Why is Bacon Bash supporting Type 1 Diabetes? (15:03) - Continuous Glucose Monitors to help those with Type 1 Diabetes (15:53) - The Horny Toad (17:07) - Cranfills Gap, TX  (18:13) - What happens at Bacon Bash? (20:25) - Hooty-Hoo! (23:32) - Advice for those struggling with the loss of a child (26:23) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
30:48 10/08/2021
#54 Bob Howard - Business Owner and Entrepreneur
Bob Howard is the Founder of 855 BUGS and recently sold the company to Terminix. He has a major list of accomplishments including being elected Mayor of Woodway, Texas and an elder within his church. This episode is fantastic as we talk about faith, leadership, partnerships in business and a whole lot more in between fits of laughter. This is one you won't want to miss, enjoy! Visit (1:49) - Bob’s career and background 855 BUGS (6:49) - Bob’s faith background (11:05) - Leadership: What is it? (19:32) - Would you consider your company a ‘family’? (20:53) - How do you manage your connection with your company and growth given everything going on with you outside of work? (22:45) - It’s Lonely at the Top:  (31:45) - Dealing with partnerships in business (33:39) - Bob’s experience as Mayor (38:05) - Bob’s favorite books The Go-Getter by Peter Kyne  I Want my Church to Grow by C.B. Hogue (40:06) - The origin of the question: “What’s the value of a dollar or a bitcoin?” (41:48) - What’s the value of a dollar or a bitcoin? (46:17) - Do you think you’re tightly wound? (50:20) - The beauty of dreaming big (54:17) - How Bob built and sold his company They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
69:41 09/24/2021
#53 Marcus Sheridan - Author of "They Ask You Answer"
Marcus Sheridan is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker and has been dubbed a “Web Marketing Guru” by the New York Times and in 2017 Forbes names Marcus one of 20 “Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss.” Mashable rated his book, “They Ask, you Answer” the “#1 Marketing Book” to read in 2017. Forbes listed it as one of “11 Marketing Books Every CMO Should Read.” On this episode, we talk with Marcus about his content strategy for LinkedIn, his self-taught marketing journey, the problem with how Universities teach marketing today and a whole lot more. Enjoy! Visit Check out Marcus' Book here (2:43) - Thoughts on Out Of Office email replies (4:04) - LinkedIn (6:26) - Teaching youth to be a responsible employee and worker (9:37) - The goal of pain in life (10:45) - The marketing industry should not require college degrees (13:01) - Marcus on being a self-taught marketer (16:08) - The importance of a good office culture (20:32) - Accepting that you will not resonate with everyone (23:31) - Wrap Up The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam.
26:29 09/10/2021
#52 Ryan Lofton - Friend and Entrepreneur
I had the incredible pleasure to catch up with my friend Ryan Lofton. We recorded this one several months ago, before he was brought in as the CEO of Root & Roam Integrated Marketing Agency. We talk about old times, being fathers, the value of hard work, Ryan's career journey spanning several industries, faith, suffering and more. Enjoy! Visit (3:05) - Ryan’s background and childhood (7:53) - Fatherhood & hard work (11:27) - Ryan’s early career  (18:00) - Going through the ’08 crisis  To Sell is Human - Daniel Pink (25:14) - Ryan’s experience working in Orphan care (28:02) - Ryan’s son (32:38) - Chariot Innovations (41:59) - Faith Shattered Dreams by Larry Crabb (44:57) - Suffering (46:30) - The importance of reading, audio books and podcasts Cant Hurt Me by David Goggins (49:24) - The value of a dollar & a bitcoin (52:22) - The best email Neil’s ever receieved: Ryan’s Sales Note  The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Peterson, Neil Dudley and Root & Roam. 
59:24 08/27/2021