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Public Speaking with Peter George

Do you want to be calm, confident, and credible every time you speak in public? Then tune in to the Public Speaking with Peter George where you'll learn how superior public speaking skills can help you increase your impact, influence, and income -- whether you're speaking on stage, presenting in meetings, or selling to prospects.


QuickBites: How to Break the Rules and Break Out of the Boundaries 02:55 12/02/2021
How Word Choices Impact Your Message with Terre Short 24:35 11/29/2021
How Improv Comedy Can Help You Be a Better, More Engaging and Funnier Speaker with Avish Parashar 29:53 11/22/2021
QuickBites: How to Begin Crafting a Compelling Talk 02:48 11/18/2021
How to Embrace Being an Introvert and Thrive at Public Speaking with Dr. Ty Belknap 22:02 11/15/2021
QuickBites: How to Incorporate the Rule of 3 Into Your Talks 04:58 11/11/2021
How to Make Your Business Storytelling Stickier with Neil Gordon 27:17 11/08/2021
QuickBites: Focus on Connection Not Perfection 03:22 11/04/2021
How to Use Public Speaking to Level-Up Your Business with Steve Preda 22:55 11/01/2021
QuickBites: How to Use Your Stance to Convey Confidence 04:14 10/28/2021
How to Deal with What's Holding You Back with Luke Menkes 19:07 10/25/2021
QuickBites: How to Use Emphasis to Express Meaning 02:12 10/22/2021
How to Breathe Properly So You Can Stay Calm and Engage with Dr. Amy Novotny 25:07 10/18/2021
QuickBites: The Top 10 Things My Mom Taught Me About Public Speaking 04:41 10/14/2021
How to Manage Your Voice for a Healthy Sound and Compelling Message with Alana McKenzie 24:04 10/12/2021
QuickBites: How Introverts Have an Advantage When Speaking in Public 03:53 10/07/2021
Comparing and Contrasting Speaking and Writing Skills with Geralyn Gendreau 19:22 10/04/2021
QuickBites: How to Construct a Solid Foundation for Your Talks 04:32 09/30/2021
How to Be Happy in the Pursuit of Your Dreams with Mike Duffy 26:16 09/27/2021
QuickBites: How to Use the Most Powerful Word in Your Presentations 03:38 09/23/2021
How to Connect with Young Audiences with Ryan Sweat 24:30 09/20/2021
QuickBites: How to Keep Your Brain From Screwing Up Your Talks 03:23 09/16/2021
How to Learn and Borrow from Speakers, Musicians, and Comedians with Jeff Belanger 34:14 09/13/2021
QuickBites: How to Connect with Your Audience Before Walking on Stage 04:50 09/09/2021
How to Use Speaking Skills to Elevate Your Leadership Skills with Simon Trevarthen 37:11 09/06/2021
QuickBites: How to Help Your Audience Follow You Throughout Your Presentations 04:01 09/03/2021
How Vocal Variety Adds Color to Your Presentations with Madonna Hanna 32:46 08/30/2021
QuickBites: How to Know If You Connected With Your Audience 02:36 08/26/2021
How to Motivate and Inspire with Darrell Williams 19:30 08/23/2021
QuickBites: How to Meet Your Audience Where They Are 04:01 08/19/2021