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Leader’s Path is EXIT Realty’s gathering place to discuss everything Leadership. At EXIT Realty, we believe that strong leadership accelerates growth and strengthens individuals.


#164 Sheryll White: Building a powerful team to do three fundamental things in your brokerage
Sheryll and Marc White own EXIT Realty's top multiple office organization, EXIT Realty DTC, Cherry Creek, Pikes Peak.  Based in Colorado with two locations, Sheryll and her team of four leaders orchestrate a highly productive and mature sales team. A designated manager in each office plus a "Director of First Impressions" along with Sheryll and Marc, are a team that prides itself in attracting agents and moving them toward production in an intentional way.   In this episode, Sheryll explains the three basic foundations they use to attract and develop agents from brand new to their top tier.  It is masterful how this leadership team meets every week to plan activities and to build people. Grab a pen and pad ready to note these three core principles.
30:47 3/14/24
#163 Terri King: The Impact of Mindset, Relationships and Opportunities on Becoming Mission-Driven, Purposeful and Unstoppable!
One of the leadership topics they talk about at Buffini & Company is the difference between teaching, training, mentoring and coaching. People often use these terms interchangeably. During this episode, Terri King, Chief Customer Officer at Buffini & Company explains how they see teaching as a transfer of knowledge, training is a transfer of skill, mentoring is a transfer of experience, and coaching is unlocking a person’s potential. A teacher, trainer and mentor will give a person advice, insights, and action steps to take, but if the person doesn’t take action, it ends with inaction. A coach stays in there, works to help remove those things that get in our way, and champions the person to achieve great things. As leaders we sometimes wear all these hats! It helps to know which role we’re playing.
21:11 2/13/24
#162 The Amanda Stinton Story: A Leader Who Impacts Through Education and Networking
From the back side of association work to leading from the front with Women’s Council of REALTORS® as the new CEO, Amanda Stinton shares the impact that professional connections and windows of opportunity can make in a life years from now.   In this episode, Amanda and Lori talk about not being afraid to respectfully decline an opportunity that does not fit BUT also the importance of being able to say “Yes” when the right opportunities present themselves.    Ask yourself the question, “Is it a good use of my time?”  and look at the opportunity as a way to create new connections, new communities, and new opportunities that will strengthen and broaden you both personally and professionally.    
21:25 2/2/24
#161 Debbie and Mike Murdock: The Murdock Method
In the small town of Canton TX there is a real estate office towering above all others.  Canton has a population of under 5,000 with approximately 62,000 in the entire county plus every major brand in real estate; maybe 200 agents total. In that area are four Top 100 agents in all of EXIT. Debbie and Mike Murdock’s EXIT Realty Pro is home to approximately 45 agents - that is 23% of the total. Growth, production, market share and high agent count who are sponsoring like crazy. How? The Murdock Method.  Listen as Mike and Debbie share their secrets.
28:59 1/22/24
#160 Jim Mazziotti and Juana Beede: How to Build a Buyer for Your Brokerage from Within
EXIT Realty Bend in Bend, OR, is a three-act play of success.  In this episode, we discover how Jim Mazziotti started his EXIT brokerage from scratch, hired brand-new agent, Juana Beede, early on, trained and prepared her to be a very productive agent, and all was well.  Act one.   Then one day life changed for Jim, and he was faced with the decision to move to Texas. Having a succession plan is a must for any business but he had no idea that when Juana learned of his dilemma, she was interested in buying the brokerage.  Just as he had trained Juana to sell real estate, Jim began to mentor her to lead the office. Act two.   Jim then moved to a northern suburb of Dallas where he joined EXIT Elite Realty. Paul Reitz and team immediately put Jim to work mentoring agents there and within a year and a half Jim became the sales manager, all the while mentoring Juana back in Bend. Act three.   Listen to Jim and Juana tell the story of how it all happened.
31:30 1/4/24
#159 Leigh Brown: Real Estate Icon, Leader, Coach - Part 2
In part 2 of our interview with real estate industry icon, Leigh Brown, you’ll hear how her windows of opportunities become her own personal journey.  From there Lori and Leigh talk about Leigh’s volunteer leadership path and her insights on the current challenges at NAR and inside the real estate industry. Leigh works on her real estate business and just not in it.  Now she pays it forward by speaking and coaching.
34:27 12/19/23
#158 Leigh Brown: Real Estate Icon, Leader, Coach - Part 1
Stop what you are doing to really listen to this industry icon talk about how she has taken her spit fire personality and created an amazing business with authentic video and an amazing team.  Leigh Brown learned early on to replace herself with someone who could do the things she either didn’t want to do or wasn’t good at doing. In part 1, Leigh shares how her mentor recognized that she had something to give so he nudged her to be on a panel.  It was then she realized she was not just getting nuggets from others, but she was able to share with others who started asking for more.  That was the start of her speaking and then coaching journey. She continued to pour into herself and learned from all different platforms and coaches so that she could be a better version of herself.  She created her own content and then reproduced other producing agents, brokers, and leaders.
19:53 12/6/23
#157 John Farrell: A True Legend
John's not a young man, but when I answered a call from him, he was as enthusiastic as a little kid.  He was so excited he just had to share with me his news that after 40 years in real estate averaging hundreds of transactions a year, he had set a new personal best.    John's first career was playing guitar in his band all over Upstate New York but when he found real estate there was no looking back.  Sounds like there are a few stories you may want to hear.   EXIT Realty Homeward Bound is a family affair. Based in Vestal, NY this is one of our most successful offices that truly make us proud.  Recently you heard a podcast episode featuring John's son, Robert Farrell, who is the company's general manager, sharing with us the successful formula he uses to lead in his marketplace and build strong individuals along the way.   Can you imagine closing an average of 181 deals yearly and making it look easy? John holds every production award EXIT Realty has and we had to make up one just for him.   So, what was the new personal best he was so excited to share?  Hear it for yourself as we chat with a true legend.
35:38 10/31/23
#156 Tom Stanton and Tommy Stanton: “You’re My REALTOR®!”
In Gulf Shores, AL, real estate is a family affair. After years in the construction business, Tom started his real estate sales career and built a significant presence in the coastal area. When he and his wife, Toni Stanton, discovered EXIT Realty, the model fit their values, and over the years they have built an excellent brokerage.   When their son, Tommy, graduated from Troy University uncertain about his future and having no interest in the family business, he was asked to help with organizational projects. He found he fit after all and now plays major roles in the two offices: EXIT Realty Gulf Shores and EXIT Realty Orange Beach, an upscale community. Following in Dad's footsteps in local real estate leadership, Tommy is a board past president and state director.   This family triad is very successful.  Listen as Tommy shares the company vision statement, and you’ll feel their passion for people and excellence. Tom is so well known in his area he loves being greeted the phrase, “You’re My REALTOR®!”, which are sweetest three words any of us can hear.    We present the Stantons and know you will enjoy hearing from these professionals and great leaders; real salt of the earth people.
45:16 10/19/23
#155 Marian DuVall: An Office on Both Ends of the Bridge
In the small Ohio town of Belpre, Ohio, is a lady with two charming offices on each side of the Ohio River.  Charm galore and backed up by a mature engaged businesswoman, Marian DuVall, Broker/Owner of  EXIT Riverbend Realty has built an enterprise to envy.  I am always amazed at how our small market offices fare against all the large brands, and in Marian's case, she’s scaring the big boys for sure.   At Broker/Owner training or Master Broker Summit, Marian is there soaking it all in and when she speaks we listen because her confidence and strength demand it. In this episode, Marian explains her approach to having strong administrative help, technology engagement and then being selective to hire the best folks in town. Her total focus is on being the real deal in caring service to clients, community and her team.  Marian's is a big story from a small town.
25:59 10/3/23
#154 Diana Zaya: The Real Estate Maverick Couples Data and Analytics
During our conversation we hear how Diana Zaya spent her first year as a starving real estate agent working hard, marketing, networking, holding open houses, and answering the phone, all without a sale.  Her persistence led to multiple millions in sales by her third year in the business.   After taking some time away from the industry she came back to real estate on the affiliate side and worked in various roles.  Her latest role on the data analytics side gave her a sneak peek into what was missing once brokers had the data.  They did not know what to do with it or how to follow through and follow back within 3, 6, 12, or even 18 months. So, after some frustration and months of planning, MaverickRE Consulting was created.  Diana took the leap and started her own company focused on helping brokers create and nurture systems and incentivize strategies for better agent recruitment and retention outcomes to grow their brokerages.  Hers is a true story of find the need and fill the need.  You will not want to miss this opportunity to hear the rest.
25:03 9/25/23
#153 Dave Harris: A Positive EXIT Example
Dave Harris is a mature, true professional in both real estate and business.  After four decades in real estate, he has been spending the last decade building EXIT Cape Realty with three locations on Cape Cod.   Historic quaint towns allow for small local offices that pack a punch in sales and market awareness. Check his website to look at some beautiful properties.   Dave is a positive EXIT example in every way, totally emersed in everything EXIT Realty offers. He also owns a real estate licensing school and has developed solid onboarding and training systems that grow and keep superstars.   Dave is a fine man who makes us all look so good in a unique corner of the U.S..  
26:30 9/6/23
#152 Brian Lawton: What’s Important to You and Who Knows It?
In all of the effective real estate offices I have seen, the company's vision and/or mission statement is posted or painted for all to read. Brian Lawton has built a two-office company, EXIT Realty HGM, based in Janesville, WI and his offices cover an area two hours north of Chicago that are small markets while they make a big name for themselves.   Brian, an educator, with a master's in educational leadership, brings his deep and mature knowledge into EXIT Realty and by design builds something special. He says, “I'm a dad, I build companies, take cold showers, give speeches, finish races, and help agents and investors live with intention.”   So what is Brian's vision statement?  Listen and you will find out, and here is a tip, it is in his company's name.
42:07 8/11/23
#151 Julie Jenkins: Build You and Build Others
Julie Jenkins is the Broker/Owner of EXIT Realty Twin Bridges, Brokerage, in Sarnia, Ontario. She is passionate about helping others and is committed to making a difference in her hometown. She is a strong advocate for women in business and was one of the founding members of Women In Networking, Sarnia's longest running and largest women's business network.   Her track record for success as a leader in the community is widely recognized through the multiple nominations and awards she has received. She has racked up six nominations and two wins at the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce’s annual Outstanding Business Achievement Awards, as well as a nomination for an Ontario Premier’s Award. She was also awarded EXIT Realty Corp International's Canadian Broker of the Year in 2019 and was named "Humanitarian of the Year" in 2022.   In this episode we hear how Julie took advantage of an opportunity she wasn’t ready for but always wanted.  From there she has continued to grow herself, grow others, and grow the business.  Her passion for growth affects every decision she makes along the way.  Julie loves what she does and who she does it with, and it shows.  Her leadership elevates others, and they make an impact in the communities they serve.
22:02 7/25/23
#149 Sherri Johnson: Sherri Johnson: The Confidence to Do What You Want to Do
From running a successful real estate business, to managing brokerages with 750 agents, to stepping into an executive role, coach and consultant, Sherri Johnson always knew her heart was in leading others to achieve what they committed to do. Sharing her personal experiences along with those she has coached and mentored gives her the prospective to help shape and enhance the trajectory of others as long as they are willing to put in the work.
32:38 7/5/23
#148 Craig Nester: Saving You Money and Getting More Business
EXIT Realty has a Strategic Partner team that is totally amazing.  Craig Nester, our Team Leader of Strategic Partner Relationships, is out in the industry sourcing the newest and best tools then bringing them to us fully vetted and willing to offer the best products at the best prices (plus they’re  willing to do special things for us).  This is a MUST LISTEN to fully appreciate what Craig and EXIT Realty provides to truly sell more and attract more.
31:16 6/27/23
#147 Marci James: A Goal of Leadership from Day 1
From stay-at-home mom to real estate industry leader, learn how Marci James took the initiative to go after what she wanted, did more than she had to, and established her own seat at the table.
19:49 6/20/23
#146 Jon Niemeyer: Salt of the Earth
Jon and Kristy Niemeyer of EXIT Realty North Star are in a small town in Iowa.  The Niemeyer name there is solid gold known by city leaders and everyday folks just like them. Their journey of converting an old, local, independent real estate office to an EXIT brokerage of quality and commitment is a sweet story.  You will find out Jon’s #oneword and why he chose it.
17:48 6/13/23
#145 Sean Carpenter: Building your Business with the 4H’s
Listen to how Sean Carpenter has followed his passion for real estate not only as a practicing REALTOR®, but also as a Director of Training and Development, a coach, and a national speaker.  Sean speaks about real estate, building relationships and solving problems and has fun along the way!
30:20 6/6/23
#144 Nick Libert Revisited:
This episode is a firehose from a deep well. During this revisit with Nick Libert, Broker/Owner of EXIT Strategy Realty with four locations in IL, he shares details of how he energizes his staff, his partners and his agents.  We quickly notice it is not all energy, but a well-organized team who are constantly refining what and how they do things. Totally amazing. Always good to have Nick Libert back in the saddle.
37:55 5/30/23
#143 Gayle Matt: From Administrator to Owner
Listen to Gayle’s journey from supporting her mom in the back office to owning her own brokerage which is home to fun, productive agents who work together as a team at EXIT Realty Results. Taking what she learned from her early days to stepping up, leading and finding herself, Gayle utilized her strengths along the way to be a BOSS .
19:04 5/23/23
#142 Meet EXIT’s Ambassador Trainers
EXIT Realty's Ambassador training now has thousands of graduates in North America.  This is becoming an exclusive club and graduates are proudly wearing their Ambassador pin.  Hear all four hand-picked facilitators, Mike McCarron, Angel Tucker, Erica Nasby, and Rick O'Neil,  as they share stories from classes and some heartwarming follow-ups on the amazing progress many are making. Remember, if you're in EXIT, be an Ambassador!
40:11 5/16/23
#141 Tundra Pippens: All-In Tundra
Wait ‘til you hear a relatively new member of EXIT share her amazing success with her EXIT Elite Realty brokerage.  Tundra shares how she built her culture of collaboration, production and sponsoring.
32:43 5/9/23
#140 Robert Farrell: Like Father, Like Son
In Upstate New York the Farrells are a real estate dynasty.  Robert Farrell is the managing Broker and co-owner of the company founded by his father, John Farrell, EXIT Realty Homeward Bound. At 9 years old, Robert helped his father do open houses and place signs and now he leads one of New York’s finest.  Theirs is a warm family story indeed.
37:56 5/2/23
#139 Rob & Shannon Malcom: From homelessness to homeownership to leadership
In Part 2 of Lori’s conversation with Rob and Shannon, they discuss their journey to EXIT Realty and their big plans for the future.  Listen and discover why they were recently awarded the EXIT Realty Alabama Transformational Growth Award for the leadership of their EXIT Realty Birmingham family. 
28:26 4/25/23
#138 Rob & Shannon Malcom: From homelessness to homeownership to leadership
By taking a chance on each other at their darkest times, Rob and Shannon Malcom were able to overcome addiction and homelessness and are now changing lives in their communities with their investment business, but they didn’t stop there. They were recently awarded the EXIT Realty Alabama Transformational Growth Award for the leadership of their EXIT Realty Birmingham family. Part 1 of 2. 
34:14 4/18/23
#137 Jeff Mistretta: Homegrown Leadership
Co-owner of EXIT Realty Achieve and EXIT Realty Premier, both on Long Island, NY, Jeff Mistretta shares how he was chosen then groomed to become a co-owner of two EXIT franchises. A perfect leadership example of talent recognition and development.  Who will take your dream and run with it when you want to retire?
36:14 4/11/23
#136 Steve and Izabela Forbes: What happens when you’re raised EXIT?
Does the name Forbes sound familiar?  EXIT King Realty on the west coast of Florida is a three-office dynamo that dominates the marketplace.  The founding team, Steve and Izabela Forbes, are dynamic leaders who were raised to work, think and build something very special.
38:30 4/4/23
#135 Katie Lance: Merging a passion for marketing and a love for real estate
Learn from industry social media guru, Katie Lance, as she talks with Lori about how you can get back your time and be smart on social!  Hear how she balances being a business owner while working alongside her husband and partner in life and business.
32:06 3/28/23
#133 Michael McCarron: A Huge EXIT Heart Worn on His Sleeve
Mike McCarron, EXIT’s Supervisor of Growth and Development for Canada, exudes pure energy when he talks about his first meeting with Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris, EXIT's amazing growth in Atlantic Canada, and his Canadian Ambassadors. Note: All stats quoted are estimates based on the 2021 calendar year’s production.  
37:50 3/14/23