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Pac Man Movie coming, Batgirl Canceled, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer 37:29 08/10/2022
Activision Blizzard games arent Must haves, Drdisrespects new Game reveal, TikTok Gaming 35:17 08/03/2022
What is Marvel Doing?!?! Multiversus Review 48:28 07/27/2022
S2 E27: Ms. Marvel Review! 33:18 07/20/2022
S2 E26: Thor Love and Thunder and The Boys Season 3 Review! 45:43 07/13/2022
S2 E25: Xbox Game pass, Theaters making a comeback and Get up and pee during a movie! 30:12 07/06/2022
S2 E24: Hideo Kojima wants to make The Boys Video game, Alexa waifu voice, Volunteers?! 46:04 06/29/2022
S2 E23: Blizzard making bank while being scummy, Lightyear tanks, Cod Wins again 42:12 06/22/2022
S2 E22: The Boys, Ms. Marvel, and a ton of game trailers! 54:47 06/16/2022
S2E21: State of Play waste of time, Top Gun is Movie of the Year, and PS5 worth it? 49:55 06/08/2022
S2 E20: Winnie the Poo goes Horror, Modern Warfare 2 on Steam, Roller Champions first Impressions 31:48 06/01/2022
S2 E19: Halo Creator Doesnt like the Tv Show, CW still on superheroes, She hulk Trailer thoughts! 41:28 05/25/2022
(Game News)S2 E18: Free Fall Guys, Multiversus trailer and gameplay, Gotham knights is trash! 42:21 05/18/2022
S2 E17: Doctor Strange Full Movie Review! (Spoilers) 51:41 05/11/2022
S2 E16: Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodhunt Review, and Activision Blizzard recent events 38:22 05/04/2022
S2 E15: We are in the DARK AGES of GAMING and here is WHY! 59:42 04/27/2022
S2 E14: Sonic 2 is the greatest game movie! Jason Momoa in Minecraft? 52:51 04/20/2022
S2 E13: Morbius the worst Marvel movie and this is why! 50:36 04/06/2022
S2E12: Can Will Smith smack some sense into 343?! 44:47 03/30/2022
S2 E11: Unity latest tech demo, Tekken anime, Halo BR, Video games becoming shows 51:38 03/23/2022
S2 E10: DC changing plans, Portable Gamecube, FromSoftware scummy?! 47:54 03/16/2022
S2 E9: This is why The Batman is the greatest movie ever 56:54 03/09/2022
S2 E8: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reaction, Morbius final trailer, COD better than Halo infinite?! 51:33 03/02/2022
S2 E7: Halo update, Peacemaker finale, Cuphead and other gaming news! 41:44 02/23/2022
S2 E6: Lost ark earky review, Nintendo Direct thoughts and discussion! 49:44 02/16/2022
S2 E5: Konami, Worms NFTs a scam? saves gaming, Vampire Survivors Review! 55:51 02/09/2022
S2 E4: Pokemon Legends Arceus Review, Sony buys Bungie, Battlefield free?? 60:40 02/02/2022
S2 E3: Microsoft buys Actiblizz, Runescape board game, Dark Souls exploit and more! 51:53 01/26/2022
S2 EP2: Peacemaker is the greatest tv show period, Attack on Titan isnt exciting yet? 52:13 01/19/2022
S2 EP1: Matrix Resurrections and Hawkeye Review 60:17 01/12/2022