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Break Free From Corporate Podcast with Gavin Sequeira

Break Free From Corporate - Be Your Own Boss is the only podcast of its kind, designed especially for entrepreneurs that have come from the corporate world. Whether you are still in your corporate job waiting to break out and get your business idea off the ground, or if you are transitioning out of the corporate world to running your business full-time, or if you have already left the corporate world and have already made the transition yet seem to be stuck and unsure of how to get your business to really take off, then this podcast is for you. Every episode contains an insight into everyday entrepreneurs just like you and me, who have made the transition and set up successful businesses and they share their insights with us - to inspire us all to pursue our dreams, never give up and continually learn from others who've done it before. I know you are going to get some valuable tips that will surely save you thousands of dollars, and countless hours from avoiding the mistakes commonly made by first time business owners, especially those coming out of the corporate world. If you would like to share your support and see more episodes on this podcast, then please leave us a review which will help in attracting a bigger audience so that we can share our message with more people around the world... which means we impact more lives - and this is a cause us entrepreneurs can really get behind! Best wishes in your business moving forward! Gavin Sequeira -------- Who is Gavin Sequeira? Gavin is an advocate for resilience and change, having lived in a war-torn country, and escaping religious persecution growing up. Post migration to Australia and with 10+ years in the corporate world working for tech giants IBM and Oracle, Gavin was made redundant overnight, catapulting his spiritual and entrepreneurial journey. Today, Gavin lives his mission empowering entrepreneurs to work 'smarter' not harder using a combination of intuition coupled with the right systems and skills. Gavin is a regular guest speaker, author, and hosts his very own podcast show. He has been featured on Sky News Business, Huffington Post, Success Magazine, including leading newspapers and radio stations. Connect with Gavin Today! 📧 Email: 🧑‍🏫 Enquire about our highly successful and recommended Mentoring Program: 📑 Grab your FREE eBook guide - 8 Bulletproof Ways To Escape Your Corporate 9-5 Without Risking Your Income: 🖥 Listen to this FREE webinar - A Simple Corporate Escape Plan: 📕 ORDER your very own copy of 'Break Free From Corporate - Be Your Own Boss' physical book (personally signed by Gavin):


Gavin Sequeira interviews Steven English - Process Engineer Turned Speaker, Executive Coach And Trainer
In this podcast, Steven shares his journey out of engineering, a field he has studied and worked so hard to excel at, and where he had moved up as far as he could on the corporate ladder.  In one of his last jobs at Samsung, he experienced his darkest hours where his health took a toll fuelled with alcohol consumption. It was also during this time that he was involved in training and development where he experienced the joy of helping others to reach their potential and he explored options of learning and growing from experts he came across on a regular basis, working out how he could create an effective presentation skills class. This was a passion he would seek out to fulfill. Steven made the tough call letting his employer know that outside of his professional hours in the company, he would dedicate his time to teaching presentation skills classes and concentrate on his coaching. He took the time to plan his move with careful consideration. Steven is an advocate for getting to your truth as quickly as you can and start small and make a start at a time when you don't need the money, so that you are free to experiment and try things without the attachment of the outcome. He is also a believer that we all have the opportunity to be transitional characters and break the mould of whatever we find ourselves stuck in. From Toastmasters to TedX and everything in between, Steven continues to share his message and you can connect with him on LinkedIn or through his website:
60:06 3/23/22
Gavin Sequeira interviews Daniel Phung - Dentist Turned Marketing and PR Agency Owner
In this podcast, Daniel shares the journey of how his parents came to Australia during the Vietnam war as refugees with absolutely no money and no possessions. In his words, they were so poor that they would run out of food. Daniel believed that to be successful in life you had to be born into wealth and therefore he had no dreams. Using Tom Cruise as one of his idols who overcame poverty, he decided to turn his life around. By studying hard and working as a dentist he became successful but realized he could only help so many people in the day. This was also a time when he discovered the power of marketing and messaging to reach people in a unique way that spoke to their wants and needs. Fast forward to today, Daniel runs his own marketing agency 'Full Books Marketing' which helps personalities and brands scale their businesses and outreach through PR (Forbes, Vogue, Entrepreneur, Yahoo), social media verification, and business consulting through the use of innovative (and sometimes controversial) marketing methods. Daniel also runs his own podcast 'From Poverty To Success' and shares a lot of the wisdom and tips he has learned through his business and from various mentors that he passes on to the public. You can reach out to Daniel who is happy to provide a complimentary consultation to help you grow your business, by visiting:
65:06 3/23/22
Gavin Sequeira interviews Dave Henning - Marketing Consultant and Radio Host Turned Podcaster, Author and Motivational Speaker
In this podcast, Dave shares his journey that started back in the day, when he worked for the Kodak factory during his time at college. His career saw him try his hand at various different jobs in broadcasting as a radio and television instructor covering all aspects of the business from lead anchor to marketing and advertising, even writing award winning commercials. Dave continued on his journey and became an insurance agent, where he was dedicated to helping his clients meet their long-term goals and improve their quality of life without risk. Dave’s passion for others has seen him volunteer for many worthy projects with Emmaus Inn Ministries, Young Life and Kilgoris Project in Kenya to name a few! Today, Dave lives in beautiful Costa Rica and focuses his energy on helping people towards their retirement. He is a motivational speaker, best-selling author and also a podcaster doing what he loves, sharing powerful stories of encouragement, impactful interviews and and life changing dialogue. Having faced many life challenges such as postponing his masters to look after his child with spinal meningitis, beating bankruptcy and many others, Dave has a positive mantra of ‘perseverance’ and ‘persistence’ and believes that ‘people who have the most failures have the most successes!’ As a registered John Maxwell Coach Dave teaches people how to achieve passive residual income for life. Connect with Dave at
53:45 11/22/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Caitlin Strempel - Marketing Professional Turned Founder and CEO - Rising Ranks Digital
In this podcast, Caitlin shares her story of balancing a high pressured corporate marketing role at the agency where she worked and had to make a tough decision when her son was born with a heart condition. In searching for answers she turned to Google and was blown away with what she was discovering and often people would ‘fact-check’ for themselves online. She realised that she was playing small and the fear that was holding her back was tiny compared to what she just faced. Her realisation into how people search for information led her to niche down to become an SEO expert. Caitlin decided that she did not want to continue working 15 hour days in a corporate office and wanted to do something that she truly had the urge and passion to do. So she started offering paid marketing services and today this has evolved where Caitlin is now the founder and CEO of Rising Ranks digital agency, specialising in SEO management services, SEO website audits, and SEO coaching. Now, she enjoys the balance of working from home, spending time with her family, building her team as she grows the company. Caitlin supports the Phoenix Children’s Hospital that looked after her son and does great work to support her community. Visit: if you’d like to connect with Caitlin or speak to someone in her business to see if they can help you.
54:31 8/27/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews King Raj Singh - IT/Computer Technician Turned Real Estate Investor, Lead Singer And Passive Income Artiste
In this podcast, Raj shares how he was able to shift his mindset by following successful people, which led him out of his corporate job as an IT/Computer Consultant towards becoming a successful Real Estate Investor that saw him featured on late night TV. This enabled him to quit his full time job. However, when the housing market crashed, he had the challenge of having to rebuild from scratch and learnt an important lesson of not pouting all his eggs in one basket. This got Raj exploring into many vehicles where he could leverage passive income such as ATM machines, Forex investing, Amazon automated stores. Once again, he credits his knowledge from mentors and people he looked up to that had the success he was wanting to emulate.. and associated with the likes of Bob Proctor, Jordan Belfort, Dr. John Demartini, Tai Lopez and others. Raj shared his personal life journey in a TEDx talk to inspire people into taking action to change their mindset and their lives and he loves teaching people a systematic way of doing this to develop passive income and therefore more freedom in their lives. Raj is the Founder & CEO of Financial Freedom Mastery Academy, which provides people with an in depth insight into his proven, successful ‘5M Money Personality System’. Raj loves creating freedom to be able to ‘play’ more with like-minded people and encourages us all to do this. Visit: to connect with Raj and get access to a special gift he’s prepared for our audience, i.e. the ‘Money Personality Assessment’ complimentary, and I know that this will be a massive help no matter where you’re at.
62:27 8/11/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Ray Homsany - School Teacher Turned Entrepreneur And Online Educator And Facilitator
In this podcast, Ray Homsany shares his journey from being a teacher who loved what he did, to finding himself stuck in the red tape and administrative bureaucracy within the education industry. Ray loves teaching Maths, English and Science to his students, however was finding that because of the breakages in the system, he was not able to offer the quality time to his students and started to notice skill gaps emerging across the board. He needed to find a better way to do things and this led him towards face to face tutoring. The only issue was once again he was investing a lot of spare time doing this and he wanted more out of life and needed a smarter way of doing things. Ray was looking at how he could work independently from home, not have to travel as much, have an additional source of income and leverage his time so that he could travel and still keep working with his clients. Ray approached us with his dilemma and we began working closely to help him establish his own brand ‘Opera Estate Tuition’ so that he could have more freedom and flexibility in his life. Ray wanted to have more control over where he worked, who he worked with and have the ability to shape how the business operates without all the red tape he used to experience in the traditional school system. Ray talks about the importance of getting the right mindset in place and also having someone to guide you for moral support, which were key components that led to his success. Ray’s online teaching program is a big success in the community and was really useful during the Covid-19 pandemic times, when schools were shut and parents needed an alternative way to educate their kids. Ray made a big move interstate recently and whilst this was a logistical challenge, his business continued to grow uninterrupted because it was setup for success. Visit: to get in touch with Ray and find out more about his online tuition program.
56:40 8/11/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Kay Suthar - Police Officer Turned Business Strategist, Author Speaker & CEO at Uncensored Society
In this podcast, Kay shares her journey that started as a youth worker for deaf kids, then saw her become an MMA fighter and then a police officer for several years. Whilst she loved her job, Kay noticed she was so badly affected by stress that her skin gave way and her throat almost closed up! In an effort to address this, she knew she needed a change and looked for other ways to earn an income. As she researched into entrepreneurship and through myriad of fortunate circumstances, including a strong determination to get involved in the Live events industry, she manifested this dream with an international events company and landed in Costa Rica, with absolutely no experience. When the company unfortunately folded, Kay was facing homelessness, but with her back against the wall, resorted to using her skills to help local small businesses in the area to improve their productivity and was able to generate an income and build on her resilience that would help her down the track. This experience taught her that things are not always going to be ok and she decided to put her knowledge and experience to work and share the truth with her clients. Kay authored a book ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ which currently sits in the Royal British Museum and it’s about the choices we make in life and how to get out of a dark path and make positive changes your life. She teaches that we can change our life as long we are able to tweak one of the 3 commodities that affect us, being change, time and money. Today, Kay is a successful coach, trainer and speaker and is the founder of ‘Uncensored Society’ which is her coaching business and she provides raw, real feedback and no excuses accountability for people to get results in their life. Visit: to get in touch with Kay directly and find out how to get involved with her programs. Make sure you check out her free gift available on there as well!
62:58 8/11/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Tara Solberg - Graphic Designer Turned Furniture & Homewares Business Owner
In this podcast, Tara shares how she left her job as a graphic designer working in the surf industry on the South coast of New South Wales, Australia. Tara loved what she did and her work took her around the world to capture images to promote their brand. It was during this period she met her husband who also worked at the surf brand as a graphic designer. Whilst they enjoyed what they did, the company made changes to the way they operated, there was a lot of office politics and suddenly the joy of her work was missing. The restrictions meant that she couldn’t be creative anymore and this was a turning point for Tara, and that's when she began exploring opportunities where they could do something that would allow them to be creative and grow. Today, Tara and her husband Danny run their own Furniture & Homewares business that really took off from day one and has gone from strength to strength. Tara discusses the challenges they faced in launching their business, however she also stresses on the importance of understanding the books from day one, having a strong ‘Why’ behind running their business, having a mentor in the industry that guided them and really evaluating whether such a business could support their lifestyle, particularly if they wanted to start a family. Tara dedicates some of her time to mentor other women who are looking to start their own business and has her own online course called ‘Trade Wins’ that shares all the tips and tricks on how to get their own store up and running based on her personal experience. Visit: to check out Tara’s business and we encourage you to reach out if you’d like to connect with her.
59:34 8/11/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Tracy Tully - Teacher and Principal Turned Author, Speaker and Mentor At Motivation & Resilience for Wealth
In this podcast, Tracy shares her journey growing up in Northern Queensland, Australia with her dad being a Flying doctor and having to travel and change schools constantly. This taught her resilience as a kid growing up. Her 30+ year career as a teacher and principal in remote parts of Queensland made her witness a lot of troublesome issues like bullying, trauma, paedophilia, violence, drugs and corruption. This pushed her to turn into a whistle blower on what was happening in the industry. She became a well known disruptor and one of the first principals to defiantly shut her school down during a flood, against regulations. When Tracy walked away from the industry, her ability to shift her attitude and flip her perception around fear, saw her bounce right back and land a gig the very same day working with the Air Surveillance and Coast Watch Patrol team flying across the country. She’s since carried on this entrepreneurial path and never looked back. Tracy is the author of ‘Fearless, Buckleup and Build Resilience’ and through her business ‘Motivation & Resilience for Wealth’, she helps her clients co-author books, whilst being a big advocate for small business. Tracy is a sought after speaker on topics like change, disruption and resilience. Her Innov8 Awards program is a way of celebrating peoples success in their business. Visit: to get in touch with Tracy and get involved with one of her programs or awards or to book her as a speaker.
57:45 8/11/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Gail Swift - Sales Manager Turned Youth Advocate and Founder of Plans To Prosper Coaching
In this podcast, Gail shares her journey of trying to find out what her passion was. Starting from her early days she completed speech and theatre degree and wanting to be a stage manager and work in theatre and with her interest in sales, she ended up in Television in Chicago area working as a sales manager. Whilst she loved the fast paced life, high income and was able to travel to exotic places, buy lots of things with her disposable income, she took on a lot of stress which eventually resulted in her having infertility issues and multiple miscarriages. Coupled with this was that her work environment became politically charged and she was coerced into having to lie just to keep her job. This was out of integrity for Gail and that’s when she decided to walk away from her job. After working on a farm and a womens shelter doing something she was passionate about, turning to God and Jesus, with renewed faith and pure joy in what she did helping others and the lack of stress, Gail finally fell pregnant. Today, Gail is a speaker and certified Kolbe trainer and coach. Her mission is ‘Helping People Find and Follow What They Are Meant to do in Life!’ Today, Gail partners with youth advocates around the world to impact youth to find their voice and speak up. Through her business ‘Plans To Prosper Coaching’, Gail teaches people how to ask questions, rather than make suggestions, on what works for them and what doesn’t, rather than simply following others opinions. She loves seeing her students become confident as they make decisions on their future, alleviating the fears that are holding them back. She is involved in charitable work helping free women trapped in the sex trafficking world and one of her goals is to get to basecamp on Mount Everest! Visit: to find out more about what Gail does and to reach out to her.
65:39 8/11/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Johann Nogueira - Sales Consultant Turned Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and Founder at Business Authorities
In this podcast, Johann shares his amazing journey which started when he was 15 working for McDonalds and then Hugo Boss where he was top sales consultant. When he found out that he wasn’t being rewarded well enough and these were his early experiences working for others. He graduated with honours in genetically modified canola, only to find out shortly after he began that the Australian government put a ban on this type of work, so effectively he was without a career. He pursued a PHD as a backup, however within a year he was discouraged when he found out how much his supervisor earned and this was the turning point where he began his entrepreneurial journey to make money a smarter way. By leveraging online and systems he had made a small fortune online selling survey software, got into trading jewellery and even founded his own digital marketing agency which did amazing projects for big clients such as the airport and the Defence Force. Johann’s business success saw his scale one of his business to $20M in just 4 years and these days he loves teaching entrepreneurs how to work smarter and build their business the right way and does this through his mentoring business called Business Authorities, where it about planning and putting the right systems in place. Johann reminds us that by being surrounded by the right people that are like-minded and on a similar journey as you, the conversations become centred around ideas and possibilities, spirituality and mindfulness. Johann supports B1G1 that is making significant impacts around the world through its many projects and his community are leaving their impact on the planet with all the great work they do to support each other and their contributions back to society. Visit: where you will have access to the very best of Johann’s brain on how to systematically build, grow, scale your business.
57:50 8/11/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Zahrina Robertson - Marketing Professional Turned Photographer, Videographer & Personal Brand Visibility Expert
In this podcast, Zahrina shares her journey from the corporate world where she was in Marketing for fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) and was doing really well. She was achieving great results professionally, however unfortunately became the subject of bullying from one of her colleagues. This ended up affecting her skin and was not good for her mental health and unfortunately the way management handled it was not really supportive. This is where Zahrina made a promise to herself that if she didn’t enjoy doing something, she simply wouldn’t do it. This was a turning point that encouraged Zahrina to become an entrepreneur and focus on her passion of photography. Today, Zahrina works with coaches, thought leaders, speakers, authors and business people elevating their brands and focuses on story telling using video and imagery and utilised the skills in marketing that she learned in corporate. She allowed her business to grow organically from photography to videography and then onto branding, being this trailblazer in her field whilst nurturing a growing family. She is an international speaker, runs her own art gallery online which allows her the creativity space to be herself and showcases her designs and work with the business community, as well as celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Simon Sinek and other influencers. She supports many charities such as the Seabin project that work to clean the oceans. Visit: for more information and to connect with Zahrina and her work and as well  her social media profiles.
49:52 8/11/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Angel Ribo - Sales Manager & Trainer Turned The CEO Confidant and Pre-eminent Advisor to CEOs
In this podcast, Angel shares his journey that started in Spain where he worked for several hi-tech companies helping CEO’s and C-level executives to accelerate the growth of their business, as a business development expert, training sales teams and uncovering hidden gems within the company. This took him to the Americas and Latin America. He really enjoyed helping people taking their game to the next level and experiment with new unconventional ideas and training. When he left corporate America, he found that there is no perfect path. He recommends people to start working on something and take imperfect action now. Angel recommends we take a 10,000 feet view when talking to prospects. He is a big believer in sharing your mission with others and don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way. It’s the only way he believes we can course correct ourselves and start achieving our goals. Angel shares the importance of developing our critical thinking, to see things that others won’t. He tells us that we all have talents and gifts and that we need to be authentic in sharing this, so that we attract the customers that are waiting for us. Angel is extremely passionate about helping underprivileged kids that live in poverty in Latin America to become entrepreneurs. His foundation is called Wisdom For Kids and is responsible for delivering energy based life changing workshops to these kids in their communities. He is a force for good and is empowering everyone he comes in touch with. Visit: to connect with Angel and find out more about what he does.
67:28 8/11/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Getrude Matshe - Systems Analyst Turned Author, Inspirational Speaker and Global Curator of HerStory Circle
In this podcast, Getrude shares her transformational journey that has taken  her and her family from their home country of Zimbabwe in Africa across the world throughout Asia, Europe, United States and New Zealand. Her parents instilled her with important life skills which included having a long-term vision and using her creative skills to solve everyday problems creating business opportunities that make a difference in peoples lives. Her first job was as a systems analyst saw her gain invaluable technology and business skills, which has helped propel her as what can only be defined as a ‘serial entrepreneur’. Getrude is a woman of purpose and she is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential and finding their individual life purpose. She is the Global Curator & Founder of HerStory Circle, a movement designed to share women’s stories across the globe and empower change in the community. Getrude is well known for several accomplishments as an African textile artist, fashion designer, inspirational speaker having spoken 3 times on the TED stage and has been described as a vibrant bundle of African energy whose zest and passion for life inspires everyone she meets. She is a Celebrated Author and Coach, having written several books. She is also a Philanthropy Consultant, Aids advocate, Rooney International Scholar, New Zealand Rotary Member and founding director/CEO of New Zealand Medical Recruiters. She is also recognised as an Independent Film Maker, Lecturer at the University of New Mexico & CEO of The Africa Thrive Foundation. There are so many gems and important life-lessons to pick up from our chat with Getrude, we know you will find this episode nothing short of inspirational. Visit to connect with Getrude, find out more about her work and how you can get involved.
65:50 6/14/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews James Tuckerman - Corporate Affairs Officer Turned Digital Publisher and Business Growth Hacker
In this podcast, James shares his journey of studying Arts and Law and qualifying as a lawyer but never ending up in the profession, often cited as someone who was too ‘hip hop’. This was the universe signalling that he was meant for something else. He started his career in public relations, corporate affairs and investor relations at a large telco company, where he worked on fun promotional events launching various products and raising capital for various projects. This then transitioned into corporate issues management dealing with some very morally challenging projects and it was at this point, where James questioned the integrity and authenticity of what he was doing, his contribution to the world, and where his true purpose lay. A chance meeting with a venture capitalist gave him the confidence to take a ‘micro gamble’ during the GFC and launch a blog, which ended up becoming Anthill magazine, and now rates as one of the top business and finance print magazines in the country. James believes strongly in following one’s passion and convictions and not feeling lost like a cog in the wheel in some large organisation. He mentions the benefits of taking little micro gambles on what you believe in and is living proof that you can change your lifestyle and destiny doing what you are passionate about. He relocated his family to the country where he and his family enjoy the clean air and relaxed country lifestyle, nevertheless, he continues to make waves in the business community through his multiple projects. In addition to Anthill magazine, James is co-founder of B2B Group, which includes online school and community, where you can find a variety of useful courses, automated tools and software to help you as a small business owners make your journey easier. Visit to connect with James and his team.
63:06 6/9/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Scott Trevethan - Corporate Accountant Turned Author and SME Business Evangelist
In this podcast, Scott shares how he started off his career as a chartered accountant working for a national engineering group and then went onto work for a large tobacco company where he got a wide range of experience including roles in financial accounting, internal auditing and even marketing management and was able to see the big picture of how business worked. During a recession, he ended up working in the insolvency side of business where he saw first hand the exposure and risk that small businesses faced. It was at this point where Scott started looking at ways in which he could make a difference and add value to the small businesses community that he considered the true ‘heroes’ that didn’t have access to the same resources as a big business. Scott went on to start several businesses from ideas he had including a franchise specialising in specialty tortilla wraps! After several learnings, and being forced to go back to the drawing board, Scott’s next job led him to start his own consulting practice, which morphed into a virtual CFO business and then grew to become a successful public practice. But it didn’t stop there. He was hungry to do more and grew his team offshore, launching Financial Fanatics, specialising in general accounting, leasing and bookkeeping. Today, Scott trains and empowers teams to learn the accounting skills to help more businesses out there and he is really making a difference within the small business community. Scott is an author, a keen sailor and is involved in supporting kids orphanages in Thailand through his charity work. You can reach out to Scott on Linkedin or through his website
64:16 6/9/21
Gavin Sequeira interviews Alex Barbas - Sales Specialist Turned Linkedin Client Acquisition Expert
In this podcast, Alex shares his exciting journey on how he got started in business. From his early days as a courier driver and being a rifleman in the Australian army, Alex learnt a lot about structure, discipline and hard work. Also, his time at university once again reinforced the importance of having structure and his desire to learn set him up for his time in the corporate world. Alex’s love of sports led him to join the retail and operations division of Nike and soon he was heading up customer service for Australia and New Zealand. This role gave him great exposure in sales, working with people, solving problems and process management. Unfortunately, a restructure in the company forced Alex into having to move within the company to save himself being made redundant and this was a turning point in his career. Post Nike, Alex shifted gears and joined the world of digital marketing, where he worked for an agency and really honed in on his interest in the emerging world of digital marketing. This experience set him up to then start his own agency to suit his lifestyle. Through offering various different services initially Alex found his niche in the lead generation and acquisition space. Today, Alex runs a successful business called SellingTM ( and helps businesses acquire more leads and customers through Linkedin as his main platform. Through his evolving journey to get to this point, Alex shares a lot of lessons he learnt along the way on what works and what doesn’t. We hope you enjoy this conversation and pick up on the many great tips shared by Alex that will definitely help you in your journey, as you transition out of corporate and get your business going!
58:02 12/23/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews Kevin Urrutia - Web Developer Turned Digital Marketing Agency Founder
In this podcast, Kevin shares how his rather fun journey in and out of corporate to entrepreneur and business visionary. From his early days as a data analyst and web designer, Kevin worked out he loved to figure out how stuff worked and spent his time learning, creating and designing. His definition of ‘work’ was doing what he loved and he spent many hours improving on his skills. This took him to his dream job in Silicon Valley as a front-end developer for a technology company that seemed to have all the right aspects he was looking for, i.e. a job he loved doing, great culture and the ability to learn and be creative. Kevin quickly went on to apply his skills in various startups including a cleaning business, in which he was a pioneer at the time applying technology to a traditional business. Interestingly, this is where he learnt all about growing a team, hiring, training and putting in place structure and systems to scale and expand. Kevin took his creative passion into launching more ecommerce startups in a variety of markets such as luggage, dog services and even eye lashes amongst many others! Through all of his experiences, Kevin discovered he had a passion to help other founders get their business started and scale and this led him to partner with his best friend creating Voy Media ( which is a super successful advertising, marketing and venture capitalist company that works with many fortune 500 companies down to startups. The company is growing rapidly and has many shared values that include greatness, creativity and having a growth mindset. Kevin is also an author and podcaster and shares some truly awesome tips on what it’s like to follow your passion and just do it. We hope you enjoy this chat and pick up on the many great tips shared by Kevin, and give yourself permission to explore your creative side in business!
65:31 12/23/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews Amy To - Financial Planner Turned Restauranter & Community Builder
In this podcast, Amy shares how she began her journey in the corporate world working in several roles ranging from customer service to financial planning and it wasn’t till early on in her marriage that an opportunity for her husband Alan and her to enter the hospitality business as restaurant owners became a reality. Amy shares all the highs and lows over the last several years of being in business and how they literally learnt on the job. Neither had business experience or an understanding of the restaurant business, but they took it upon themselves to learn everything they could and really listen to their customers, creating a cafe restaurant for the people, by the people. Fast forward to today and 17 years later, Amor Mexico is a thriving restaurant, but its become more than just an eatery. It is a community hub that focuses on people and stories. Amy has worked tirelessly to develop a culture in her business that underpins the success of the restaurant and makes it stand out. Amy shares her deep philosophy of learning, growing and having fun whilst growing her business and having gratitude for everything that happens. You will pick up many gems in this enlightening conversation. Visit Amor Mexico at
58:40 12/2/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews Anfernee Chansamooth - Call Centre Manager Turned Web Content Strategist
In this podcast, Anfernee shares his adventurous journey that took him from the shores of Australia across the world to Canada and then across the world again to his ancestral birthplace of Laos. Anfernee has done everything from being a team leader at a large corporate call centre, to project management, sales consultant and marketing advisor in various large and small organisations, to blogging, teaching salsa, volunteering with a kids charity, to speaking and other advisory roles with startups. Anfernee has seen it all and has developed a deep understanding of psychology and human behaviour, what drives people and the power of telling ones story. He’s also someone who has seen the good and the bad side of business, been through redundancies and the fallout as a result of poor policies implementation by management. He knows firsthand the pressures of work and the profound impact it can have on the social and mental health of people in the workforce. Today, Anfernee combines all his experience helping leaders and business owners on strategies to better manage their business, look after their people and through effective content be able to share their story in a way that inspires their customers and prospects. He helps business owners to grow their business through sound marketing practices, teaching them how to protect and leverage their brand and share client success stories on professional network platforms such as Linkedin. Enjoy this candid discussion with Anfernee as he bares all to give you a real insight into what an entrepreneurial journey looks like and how to navigate your path towards finding your passion. Check out his case study guide to sharing customer success stories at
66:06 12/2/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews James McCraken - Sales Consultant Turned Mortgage Broker Advisor
In this podcast, James shares how he started his career in the corporate world in Sales and very quickly decided that he wanted to help others succeed more than just pursuing individual achievement. He then went into Sales management which unfortunately came with a pay cut, however, this led him to gain experience in becoming more of a coach and mentor to others, which he thoroughly enjoyed. When the day came where he was told his role was redundant, he decided to back himself and get into business doing what he was passionate about, even though this was a challenging time, as he had a young family and many financial obligations. Over the years, James worked decided to focus on helping Mortgage brokers to improve and scale their business. He is a firm believer that when starting out, you’re best of just getting going sooner rather than later. As you progress and learn over time you can begin to plan your vision, structure your business and implement systems and try to refine your niche. James’ business is called ‘The Successful Adviser’ ( and he has a Facebook group called ‘Brokers Super Group’ specifically for Mortgage brokers.
62:42 9/28/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews Melina Macdonald - Travel Consultant Turned Personality Profiler
In this podcast, Melina shares her journey from her early days working in retail sales where she was quickly thrust into management and developed a unique ability to assess people, understand where they were coming from and find creative ways to solve problems. Her early ventures into photography and wedding expos saw her question the way the industry worked and she used her creative flair and talent to revolutionise the industry. As a travel consultant, Melina was a top achiever and used her thirst for adventure that took her around the globe exploring and learning her art of dealing with people, rescuing animals, caring for children and a love of nature. Fast forward to today, Melina runs a successful business from home as a relationship expert and personality profiler. Her business is called Sacred Potential ( and in her practice, she uses tools such as human design, liquid crystals and a variety of other products to quickly get to the heart of what drives you as a human being, what type of work you should be doing, how you can improve your relationships, health and spirituality. She gives you permission to be your authentic self as she often says everyone else is taken. Be inspired by Melina’s story of evolution as she shares how everyone can work out their true purpose and do the work they were born to do!
65:31 9/4/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews Geoff McDonald - Project Architect Turned Author, Movie Maker And Ideas Architect
In this podcast, Geoff shares his story that took him as a young man around the world in search of his passion. Starting off as an architect of buildings, Geoff realised he could never be satisfied doing the same thing over and over. He was a creative soul that needed to be free and just couldn’t see himself confined to being at a desk or cubicle for the rest of his career. This decision saw Geoff’s corporate days short-lived. Through his many travels around the US followed by the UK, Geoff developed his own ideas of what he’d like to pursue. He was a voracious reader and formed Book Rapper ( one of his earlier businesses that shared book summaries from some of the worlds most influential authors, now shared over 100.000 times. His podcast has had a growing following for several years and his current business The Ideas Architect ( helps businesses design and package their own ideas. His approach is non-conventional, yet refreshing. He is invited to speak at many conferences and is a mentor to many, including engineering graduate students from the University of Melbourne. Geoff lives a nomadic lifestyle, moving from place to place by choice and his business has the freedom to operate anywhere he goes. Geoff’s story will definitely get you to question what you are doing to ensure you don’t just settle, rather to pursue your dreams and venture out of your comfort zone to achieve your fullest potential.
64:41 9/1/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews Daniel Phillips - IT Professional Turned Historian and Ghost Tour Operator
In this podcast, Daniel shares his story of how he faced a tough choice of staying in a corporate IT job that would compromise his integrity with the direction the business was heading. After deciding this was not the path for him, he made a conscious effort to pursuing something that he was more passionate about, even though at that stage he couldn’t see any way of making money from it. At the time, Daniel had been doing a lot of work researching local history and speaking to relatives of people from nearby towns and documenting their journeys and achievements and recording them on devices that would play next to statues in parks, or graves in cemeteries. This soon this became a full-time effort to get these stories out to the general public. As his reputation grew, Daniel attracted media attention and gained a lot of traction through schools wanting to take their students on history tours. This expanded over time to people from all walks of life wanting to learn more. Fast forward to today and Daniel is the owner and operator of Sydney History Tours (, Virtual History Australia ( and Sydney Ghost Tours (, all of which aim to educate and entertain their audience that now come from around the world. Daniel’s story is one of resilience and never giving up. He shares a lot of insights for every aspiring business owner/entrepreneur that has a dream or a passion and more importantly shares his simple philosophy on how to make it happen!
74:07 9/1/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews Melo Calarco - Corporate Salesman Turned High Performance and Mindfulness Coach
In this podcast, Melo shares a journey that has taken him several times around the world to find his true passion in life. Melo learned to manage highly challenging and stressful situations, build mental endurance and rise above adversity from his life lessons on the road where he cycled, trekked and travelled over 30,000km’s around the planet on his mountain bike. He traversed Africa, Asia, India, Nepal, Europe and North America, along the way he had to overcome many obstacles and demanding encounters, including near-death experiences. While travelling he has also immersed himself in the meditative and spiritual practices from the remote corners of the globe. Melo worked in corporate sales, however, this left him unfulfilled and misaligned with his core values. Through a series of moves into personal training and coaching, Mel began to explore his passion to help more people get results. Fast forward to today, through his personal brand ( he now shares that deep experience in his professional role as a certified performance coach and mindfulness facilitator with corporate CEO’s, managers and directors of large companies, as well as sporting professionals, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and individuals that want to be the absolute best at their craft. His programs have been described as 'truly transformational!'
54:22 8/26/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews Frank De Palma - Product Marketing Manager Turned Advertising and Design Agency Owner
In this podcast, Frank shares his personal journey of how he made the daring choice to pave his own path and leave behind a well-established career in the corporate world. In his early 20’s he was already a successful marketing and product manager for some of the biggest brand names in the country like Cadbury, Kraft and Uncle Tobys. However, Frank noticed that there was a lot of opportunities left on the table that the big corporations were constantly leaving behind. Also, there was no central place for clients to get the help they needed and the marketing, design and advertising world were very segregated. In a bold move, Frank made a decision to back himself and his skills and create his own business that would bring all the pieces of the puzzle together in one place and create a unique one-stop-shop experience for the client and deliver exceptional value. Now well over 20 years in business for himself, Frank still prides himself on looking after his clients needs ensuring they get the very best service. His business Pinpoint Design Group ( now looks after some of the biggest brands in the country and yet Frank is still humble and happy to help where he can. For a truly remarkable story of success, follow Franks story as he shares the challenges he faced and overcame and how to remain resilient in tough times. This is a must for all aspiring business owners!
63:55 8/21/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews Sandy Hutchison - Human Resources Director Turned Career Transition Specialist
In this podcast, Sandy shares her journey from her earlier time in Canada to her home in Australia and the challenges of being in an executive role as HR director of big companies as well as balancing her time as wife and mother of 2 young children. Sandy saw that there was a major lack of care and services that were being offered to people that were made redundant from their jobs and after speaking to hundreds of people and outplacement providers, she decided to do something about this and create change in the industry. Sandy had a bold vision to set up an online business that offered a holistic range of services around training, health and wellness, meditation, coaching, mentoring and many others, to ensure a strong transition plan was in place to look after these employees. Today, her business Career Money Life ( has won numerous industry awards and she is considered by many to be a pioneer in her field. Sandy’s biggest passion is being able to help others and be there for her family. If you’re looking to be inspired, then listen to this episode, as Sandy shares great pearls of wisdom she gained over the years. Sandy encourages us all that it is possible to make a positive change in one’s life if you have self-belief, a vision that you hold on to and the will to persevere no matter what life throws at you.
52:11 8/21/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews Terry Tran - Banker and Funds Manager Turned Private Investor And Trading Mentor
In this podcast, Terry bares all in sharing his journey from humble beginnings that saw his family flee on a boat during the Vietnam war. Coming to Australia with literally nothing but the clothes on his back and growing up with a single Mum from an early age, Terry appreciated how hard it was to survive and work hard for your money. He saw others in the same boat struggling to make ends meet and decided early on he was going to do something different to help change this trend. During a successful corporate career, Terry gained much recognition in the area of trading and investing. Unfortunately, long hours at work led to him to suffer multiple health scares that one day landed him in hospital after a tragic fall. This was the turning point Terry needed to exit the corporate world. He decided to go on his own and put his talent to work to help people manage their money and invest safely. Fast forward to the present and Terry has been blessed by none other than billionaire trading genius Warren Buffet himself and today he operates a successful global company The Freedom Trader ( where you can find lots of tips, advice, online programs and training for anyone aspiring to create wealth outside of their immediate job or business and secure their future. Be inspired by how one man’s courage journey has helped so many change the course of their lives!
46:35 8/21/20
Gavin Sequeira interviews Liza Choa – Corporate Sales Gun Turned Digital Content Advisor
In this podcast, Liza openly shares how she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey to start a part time business whilst being in a demanding corporate sales job where she excelled. Not satisfied with smashing her targets and being a top achiever, Liza yearned for having time freedom and looking after her health and was getting burnt out with stress. Her journey to begin her online business in the network marketing business saw her reach top leadership positions and through her dedication she changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. Her passion with the industry has seen her now consult and shape the future direction of the network marketing industry from a digital communications perspective. Her business Content Maximiser provides solutions for all types of businesses ( Today, Liza is in control of her own time, looks after her health, is able to live a balanced lifestyle and is busy changing more and more lives as she spreads her teachings across industries and therefore hundreds and thousands of everyday consumers. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did and hope you take away a lot of great advice from Liza.
29:39 9/3/15
Gavin Sequeira interviews Mimi Fong - Corporate Lawyer and Recruitment Specialist Turned Dream Job Coach
In this podcast, Mimi shares her compelling story of transition – one I’m sure you’ll be amazed at for no challenge was too hard. Coming from a traditional background of working hard, Mimi did exactly this as a senior corporate lawyer, then transitioned her skills into the recruitment industry and did this for a numer of years and travelled overseas with her work. Picking up valuable skills in dealing with people and developing a real passion for matching people with their ‘dream jobs’ was what eventually led Mimi to get into starting her own coaching business. After supplementing her skills with NLP training, Mimi now offers an online program and coaching through her business Mimi Fong ( and she is always ready to help anyone looking to find their passion and discover what they’d love to do. Along this journey, Mimi has encountered and overcome several of life’s challenges such as a messy divorce, having a baby and building a business in the background. If you want to draw strength from someone positive and see that no matter what your situation is in life, you can overcome it and work with your passion to develop that dream career you’re looking for. This will surely inspire you to step it up and take action!
48:52 7/29/15