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Break Free From Corporate Podcast with Gavin Sequeira

Break Free From Corporate - Be Your Own Boss is the only podcast of its kind, designed especially for entrepreneurs that have come from the corporate world. Whether you are still in your corporate job waiting to break out and get your business idea off the ground, or if you are transitioning out of the corporate world to running your business full-time, or if you have already left the corporate world and have already made the transition yet seem to be stuck and unsure of how to get your business to really take off, then this podcast is for you. Every episode contains an insight into everyday entrepreneurs just like you and me, who have made the transition and set up successful businesses and they share their insights with us - to inspire us all to pursue our dreams, never give up and continually learn from others who've done it before. I know you are going to get some valuable tips that will surely save you thousands of dollars, and countless hours from avoiding the mistakes commonly made by first time business owners, especially those coming out of the corporate world. If you would like to share your support and see more episodes on this podcast, then please leave us a review which will help in attracting a bigger audience so that we can share our message with more people around the world... which means we impact more lives - and this is a cause us entrepreneurs can really get behind! Best wishes in your business moving forward! Gavin Sequeira -------- Who is Gavin Sequeira? Gavin is an advocate for resilience and change, having lived in a war-torn country, and escaping religious persecution growing up. Post migration to Australia and with 10+ years in the corporate world working for tech giants IBM and Oracle, Gavin was made redundant overnight, catapulting his spiritual and entrepreneurial journey. Today, Gavin lives his mission empowering entrepreneurs to work 'smarter' not harder using a combination of intuition coupled with the right systems and skills. Gavin is a regular guest speaker, author, and hosts his very own podcast show. He has been featured on Sky News Business, Huffington Post, Success Magazine, including leading newspapers and radio stations. Connect with Gavin Today! 📧 Email: 🧑‍🏫 Enquire about our highly successful and recommended Mentoring Program: 📑 Grab your FREE eBook guide - 8 Bulletproof Ways To Escape Your Corporate 9-5 Without Risking Your Income: 🖥 Listen to this FREE webinar - A Simple Corporate Escape Plan: 📕 ORDER your very own copy of 'Break Free From Corporate - Be Your Own Boss' physical book (personally signed by Gavin):


Gavin Sequeira interviews Steven English - Process Engineer Turned Speaker, Executive Coach And Trainer 60:06 03/23/2022
Gavin Sequeira interviews Daniel Phung - Dentist Turned Marketing and PR Agency Owner 65:06 03/23/2022
Gavin Sequeira interviews Dave Henning - Marketing Consultant and Radio Host Turned Podcaster, Author and Motivational Speaker 53:45 11/22/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Caitlin Strempel - Marketing Professional Turned Founder and CEO - Rising Ranks Digital 54:31 08/27/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews King Raj Singh - IT/Computer Technician Turned Real Estate Investor, Lead Singer And Passive Income Artiste 62:27 08/11/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Ray Homsany - School Teacher Turned Entrepreneur And Online Educator And Facilitator 56:40 08/11/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Kay Suthar - Police Officer Turned Business Strategist, Author Speaker & CEO at Uncensored Society 62:58 08/11/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Tara Solberg - Graphic Designer Turned Furniture & Homewares Business Owner 59:34 08/11/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Tracy Tully - Teacher and Principal Turned Author, Speaker and Mentor At Motivation & Resilience for Wealth 57:45 08/11/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Gail Swift - Sales Manager Turned Youth Advocate and Founder of Plans To Prosper Coaching 65:39 08/11/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Johann Nogueira - Sales Consultant Turned Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and Founder at Business Authorities 57:50 08/11/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Zahrina Robertson - Marketing Professional Turned Photographer, Videographer & Personal Brand Visibility Expert 49:52 08/11/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Angel Ribo - Sales Manager & Trainer Turned The CEO Confidant and Pre-eminent Advisor to CEOs 67:28 08/11/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Getrude Matshe - Systems Analyst Turned Author, Inspirational Speaker and Global Curator of HerStory Circle 65:50 06/14/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews James Tuckerman - Corporate Affairs Officer Turned Digital Publisher and Business Growth Hacker 63:06 06/09/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Scott Trevethan - Corporate Accountant Turned Author and SME Business Evangelist 64:16 06/09/2021
Gavin Sequeira interviews Alex Barbas - Sales Specialist Turned Linkedin Client Acquisition Expert 58:02 12/23/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews Kevin Urrutia - Web Developer Turned Digital Marketing Agency Founder 65:31 12/23/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews Amy To - Financial Planner Turned Restauranter & Community Builder 58:40 12/02/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews Anfernee Chansamooth - Call Centre Manager Turned Web Content Strategist 66:06 12/02/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews James McCraken - Sales Consultant Turned Mortgage Broker Advisor 62:42 09/28/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews Melina Macdonald - Travel Consultant Turned Personality Profiler 65:31 09/04/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews Geoff McDonald - Project Architect Turned Author, Movie Maker And Ideas Architect 64:41 09/01/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews Daniel Phillips - IT Professional Turned Historian and Ghost Tour Operator 74:07 09/01/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews Melo Calarco - Corporate Salesman Turned High Performance and Mindfulness Coach 54:22 08/26/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews Frank De Palma - Product Marketing Manager Turned Advertising and Design Agency Owner 63:55 08/21/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews Sandy Hutchison - Human Resources Director Turned Career Transition Specialist 52:11 08/21/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews Terry Tran - Banker and Funds Manager Turned Private Investor And Trading Mentor 46:35 08/21/2020
Gavin Sequeira interviews Liza Choa – Corporate Sales Gun Turned Digital Content Advisor 29:39 09/03/2015
Gavin Sequeira interviews Mimi Fong - Corporate Lawyer and Recruitment Specialist Turned Dream Job Coach 48:52 07/29/2015