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Recovery Coast to Coast

America’s ‘voice for recovery’ features engaging dialogue with America’s top authorities on addiction and recovery, including best-selling authors, front line treatment professionals, legislators and newsmakers, and inspiring interviews with individuals in long-term recovery.


NY Times Best-Selling Author Anne Lamott Shares her Love Affair with Sobriety, plus the ABC's of AA and Recovery Reflections on Forgiveness from Actress Ali McGraw 34:18 08/01/2022
Serenity Lance Celebrates 50 Years, and Matt Yunker Takes us on a 29 Year Journey from Shame and Guilt to Long Term Recovery, plus Actress Ali McGraw Reflects on her Recovery 39:13 07/25/2022
Emmy Award Winning Actor John Larroquette Talks About Being 'Struck Sober' and Tessa Voss, Administrator of the Betty Ford Treatment Center shares insights about Treatment 28:49 07/17/2022
How Does the SMART Recovery Program Differ from AA, and Clair G. Rides the Recovery Roller Coaster. Plus Recovery Reflections from Actor Lou Gossett, Jr. 61:18 07/17/2022
Recovery so Simple Even a (Geico) Caveman Can Do It . . . and has for 26 years! Plus reflections on Forgiveness from Academy Award Nominee Actress Ali McGraw 26:19 06/17/2022
Recovery Onstage! Touring Sober, One Stage at a Time with the Black Feathers 46:45 05/28/2022
A 12 Step Funfest, Addiction Through the Eyes of a Child, and Keith Richards Reflects on Hope! 48:18 05/20/2022
Singer/Songwriter Scott Cook Talks About Personal Recovery and President Biden Speaks Openly about Addiction and Recovery 30:34 05/05/2022
NY Times Best-selling author JA Jance and former US Representative Patrick Kennedy talk about fictional and real recovery! 46:12 04/30/2022
Singer/Songwriter Steve Poltz Recovers Outloud 60:01 03/14/2022
A Moving Story of a Former Television News Anchor Who Lost Her Daughter to A Drug Overdose 49:06 03/11/2022
Healing the Healers - TAPNET Peer Assistance Program 37:06 03/11/2022
Giving Grief Meaning - A Candid Conversation about Grief and Recovery 46:44 02/03/2022
Joan Brown - a 38 Year Journey in Recovery 24:16 02/01/2022
The Long and Winding Road to Recovery with Rob Lohman 25:52 02/01/2022
Betty Ford's Daughter shares her family's personal story of addiction and recovery ... plus words of wisdom from actress Julie Harris 37:34 12/07/2021
Carrying the Message with Music and Becoming Sober Curious, plus more insight from Dick Van Dyke 43:07 11/18/2021
First Drink at 9; Hard Drugs at 15; and Sober at 17. Now, 18 years in Recovery! Megan's Story. 47:25 11/08/2021
A Journey in Long Term Recovery: 32 Years of Experience, Strength and Hope 22:53 10/22/2021
Singer/Songwriter Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary) talks about his life in recovery, Elizabeth P. shares her 11 years of ongoing gratitude 35:01 10/10/2021
Joe Powell - Recovery Ambassador Celebrating 33 Years of Freedom From Alcohol and Other Drugs. Plus, some thoughts on recovery from legendary actor Dick Van Dyke! 28:39 10/08/2021
Julie & Jimmy share powerful life-altering stories of long term recovery 40:36 09/30/2021
Ian Flanigan - Finalist on 'The Voice' shares his recovery journey 41:51 09/17/2021
Tribute to a Legend: Dr. Joe Pursch 34:46 09/06/2021
NAATP Moves Addiction Treatment Forward 72:50 08/20/2021
TAAP Addiction Conference Update and the Miraculous Recovery of Ruvin M 67:54 08/17/2021
Saved by a Song - featuring singer/songwriter Mary Gauthier 54:22 07/29/2021
The Golden Thread - The Legacy of Hope 48:34 07/23/2021
The New Marijuana, a celebrity relapse, and Dick Van Dyke shares some thoughts on recovery 34:54 06/11/2021
Tony P. - From Relapse to Recovery and Dick Van Dyke on Guilt & Remorse 43:30 04/27/2021