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America’s ‘voice for recovery’ features engaging dialogue with America’s top authorities on addiction and recovery, including best-selling authors, front line treatment professionals, legislators and newsmakers, and inspiring interviews with individuals in long-term recovery.


An Amazing Young Woman Puts a Face and a Voice on Recovery
Erin Slagle a young woman who has been in long-term recovery for over 5 years talks about her journey from active addiction and the joy of recovery! And Actress ALi McGraw reflects on recovery and self worth
38:07 4/9/24
Remembering Mike Barry - An Agent of Change in the Recovery Community
On February 28th the national recovery community lost one of its most amazing and outspoken advocates: Mike Barry. RC2C host Neil Scott remembers the many things he has done for the recovery community.  He shares an interview he did with MIke from 2011. Neil also shares a poem that he wrote celebrating the memory of Mike Barry. We will close out the podcast with some thoughts on 'truth and trust 'from a person in long-term recovery - Lou Gossett Jr!
33:19 3/28/24
Former First Lady Betty Ford Puts Her Stamp on Recovery!
RC2C host Neil Scott brings listeners into the East Room of the White House for an incredible ceremony a couple of weeks ago for the unveiling of a First Class postage stamp, honoring former First Lady Betty Ford. On hand were the US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, Susan Ford Bales, Dr. Joseph Lee, and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden.  There is also a clip from the interview Neil Scott did with Mrs. Betty Ford over 40 years ago.
30:20 3/22/24
Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Judy Collins Reflects on Her Long-term Recovery
RC2C host Neil Scott shares an intimate conversation with Grammy Winner Judy Collins about her recovery including how - when was 13 years sober - dealt with the suicide of her son who was nearly 7 years sober at the time. It's a story of resilience and recovery!
31:51 3/16/24
How A Former World Series Manager Manages His Recovery
RC2C host Neil Scott dips into the audio archives for an inspirational interview with Clint Hurdle who managed the Colorado Rockies and took them to the World Series against the Boston Red Sox in 2007. Clint went on to be the hitting coach for the Texas Rangers and then managed the Pittsburgh Pirates. His real success has been his long-term recovery which he freely shares with others. And Dick Van Dyle talks about being powerless! Plus news about a new Netflix series about sobriety called 'Loudermilk'. Here is a trailer for the series ...  
32:00 2/8/24
Life Death & Recovery - A Wildlife Journey Through the Wilderness
In this edition of RC2C, host Neil Scott visits with Brad Orsted an award-winning wildlife filmmaker/photographer and the author of, Through the Wilderness: My Journey of Redemption and Healing in the American Wild. Brad will be launching a new workshop and is going to provide one scholarship for each workshop for someone who cannot afford it. He will share the peace and healing of nature that saved him, in the same place it all started for him, just north of Yellowstone. Here is a link for more information: Here is the link to the video docmentary "The Orphans of Grizzly Valley" which includes  the two orphan cubs he mentioned in the interview: And lastly, as mentioned in this edition of RC2C, here is a review of the brand new Broadway musical - a remake of the classic "Days of Wine and Roses".  
39:03 1/30/24
Recovering Out Loud - as Legislators Listen!
RC2C host Neil Scott shares highlights from the recent King County (Washington) Behavioral Health Legislative Form where several people in recovey shared their journey their stories and their recovery in front of some 20 elected officials who were sitting on the stage and listening to every word. You'll hear the stories as well as the reactions from some of the legislators. Plus Dick Van Dyke will share some personal thoughts on changes from within
65:06 1/15/24
A Woman in Recovery Fights on the Front Lines of the Fentanyl Epidemic
I this edition of RC2C we meet Stephanie Watts a woman who has been in long-term recovery for over 16 years having sent time in jail where she found the miracle of recovery. She now fights on the front linesin the battle against the Fentanyl epidemic. And actress Ali McGraw shares some thoght on freedom!
29:52 1/3/24
One Veteran's Victory: From Hero to Zero and Back again
Michael Pugh is a combat veteran whose biggest victory was over his addiction. It is a truly inspirtional story as told to RC2C host Neil Scott. Actor Lou Gossett Jr. will also add some reflections on truth and trust!
17:40 12/12/23
There at the Beginning - Dr. Bob's Son Remembers!
Archive gold!  Here is another interview from 30 years ago, with the son of the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Bob 'Smitty' Smith recalls the magical meoments in the early days of AA inclding the first time his dad, Dr. Bob Smith met Bill Wilson. And Actress Ai McGraw reflects on maturity in recovery. 
44:43 11/29/23
From Chaos to Compassion - Maeve O'Neill's Story of Family Recovery
RC2C host Neil Scott welcomes Maeve O'Neill who grew up in a chaotic home with two parents who suffered from mental illness and addiction. That chaos fueled her compassion for people strggling with addicitve disease. She has dedicated her life to helping others. And actor - and a person in long term recovery - Lou Gossett Jr. shares some thoughts on recovery and self-forgiveness.
19:37 11/21/23
51 Years - For the Love of Recovery! Plus Refelctions on Recovery from Dick Van Dyke
Long-term recovery is front and center, as RC2C host Neil Scott introduces listeners to Tayna Pritt, who has been in recovery for over 51 years Her story is so inspiring! Award-winning actor - and a grateful person in long-term recovery - will also share some personal reflections on recovery living 'Miracle to Miracle'
32:33 11/16/23
Drinking at 10; A 17 Year Journey to Find Long Term Recovery
Tom Hogan has been in recovery for 29 years. But getting to that point of starting his recovery the roads were long and wide He had his first drink at the age of 10. He eventually found out what was missing in his life as he fully committed to a life of healing and happiness. And actress Julie Harris shares some personal thoughts on the priorities in recovery.
29:15 10/12/23
The Government Puts Recovery Front and Center ... Meet the Director of the Office of Recovery!!
RC2C host Neil Scott welcomes Paolo del Veccio, the director of the recently formed 'Office of Recovery' under the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMSHA) in the US Department of Health and Human Services which recently celebrated its one year anniversary. Mr. del Vecchio has been in long term recovery for the past 38 years! Neil also shares  a comment from Washington Governor Jay Inslee about recovery!  
23:50 10/11/23
Author JA Jance - How Alcoholism Changed Her Life Forever, and Sparked a Brilliant Career as a Mystery Writer
NY Times Best Selling author JA Jance joins RC2C host Neil Scott to discuss her latest novel "Blessings of the Lost Girls," as well as discussing her life as the wife of a practicing alcoholic. Following his death from chronic alcoholism, she started her writing career, with a characther who found recovery and lives on in the pages of the JP Beaumont series to this day! A new book in that series is next!
37:10 10/10/23
Heavyweight Boxer Gerry Cooney Wins the Biggest Fight of His Life, and John Stover Reads a Letter to His Disease
RC2C Host Neil Scott dips into the audio archives for an interview he did wth former heavyweight boxer Gerry Cooney, whose heavweght fights included Ken Norton George Foreman Michael Spinx, and Larry Holmes But his biggest opponent and one that he knocked out was alcoholism!
23:35 9/20/23
Award Winning Movie Producer Commits to Recovery and 'The Recovery Café'!
Paul Steinbroner winner of the NAATP 2023 Michael Q. Ford Journlism Award, talks about his latest project about the amazing 'Recovery Cafe'! RC2C host Neil Scott shares his conversation with this legendary film maker. And actor DickVan Dyke shares his thoughts on 'generosity of spirit'! Here is a link to a trailer about the Recovery Cafe! And a link to additional information ...    
31:08 9/2/23
From Near Death Detox to Success in Sobriety - an 11 Year Journey!
RC2C Host Neil Scott shares an intimate conversation with Bob Sttedman, a very successful real estate broker who was placed in a medically induced detox coma after hiding his drinking from everyone expect for himself! He found recovery - his own personal program of recovery - and has mainteded long term recovery for 11 years! And actor Lou Gossett Jr. shares some reflections on personal recovery!    
28:48 8/29/23
What's So Funny About Addiction? Mark Lundholm Has the Answer!
Veteran comedian and a guy in long-term recovery, Mark Lundholm shares some insights into recovery, gratitude and humor with RC2C host Neil Scott. Included in this edition of the podcast are clips from some of Mark's funny onstage perormances! marklundholmcom And iconc actor Dick Van Dyke shares some reflections on recovery!  
30:26 8/23/23
Recovery & the Movies; Mutual Support to Enhance Recovery
RC2C Host Neil Scott catches up with Ted Perkins, who has started an intriquing proect  for people in recvery. It's called 'Recovery Movie Meetups'.  He shares the insiration and the startu of this prjectHis website is:   And actress ulie Harris rounds ut the podcast with some thoughts on meditation . . . 
27:47 8/14/23
Rock, Roll & Recovery: What It Was Like (Drinking and Drugging with George Harrison, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton) and What It's Like now, in Long Term Recovery!
Host Neil Scott delves into the RC2C archives and shares an interview with a woman in long-term recovery, Chris O'Dell. Chris was right in the middle of the 'Sex. Drugs & Rock 'n Roll' culture, living and working with The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Claton, Leon Russell, and others She lived to tell about it, and how it led to her recovery, in the book: 'Miss O'Dell: My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and the Women They Loved' Here are links to four songs that are mentioned in the interview: Miss O'Dell, by George Harrison  Pisces Apple Lady by Leon Russell  Hummingbird by Leon Russell  Hey Jude by The Beatles And actress Ali McGraw closes out the podcast with reflections on 'Affirming Honesty!'  
47:19 8/7/23
Two Stories: One Vision - Paving the Path to Recovery
In this edition of RC2C, Neil Scott shares a conversation with two men in long-term recovery, who are paving the road to recovery for others on the streets of New York City. And, iconic actress Ali McGraw talks about self-worth and recovery!
28:18 7/29/23
Two Recovery Leaders and Legends, with Nearly 70 Years of Combined Recovery Share Their Story, Wisdom, and A New Free Resource!
RC2C host Neil Scott shares two converstions with two leaders andlegends in the field of addiction and recovery ... John Curtis, founder and CEO of The Retreat and Tom Coderre, Regional Director of SAMSHA, and a natioal advocate for recovery! 
38:11 7/13/23
Leading the Charge for Long-Term Recovery and Ethical Addiction Treatment, NAATP Leads the Way
Neil Scott travels to Washington, DC to broadcast from the 44th Annual NAATP Leadership Conference, where he spent some time with CEO Marvin Ventrell, a person in long-term recovery. A look at treatment today, and a vision for tomorrow!
35:12 7/3/23
Former National TV Anchor Sobers Up, and Recovers Out Loud; Laurie Dhue's 16 Year Recovery Journey!
RC2C Host Neil Scott sits down with Lauri Dhue, former news anchor at MSNBC, CNN, and Fox, She recounts her descent into alcoholism and her amazing journey in long-term recovery. She is now a recovery advocate and has started an amazing program for recovery education, called REAL (Recovery Education & Applied Learning). Check out her website:
34:40 6/15/23
A Rare Interview with Betty Ford: Smashing Stigma with Style and Grace
It was 45 years ago this month that Former First Lady Betty Ford went into treatment for her alcoholism and addiction to painkillers, following an intervention. Some 4 years later, in the summer of 1982, Neil Scott, who was then the editor of 'Alcoholism & Addiction Magazine,' visited Mrs. Ford at her home in Rancho Mirage. Neil was doing a cover story on Mrs. Ford's recovery. This was well before the opening of the Betty Ford Center at Eisenhower Hospital! Recently, Neil found the recording of that exclusive interview that was done some 41 years ago, which is being shared on today's podcast. Actress Ali McGraw will close out the podcast with some thoughts on affirming honesty!
54:21 4/20/23
Ryan Leaf: A Come From Behind Victory of Personal Recovery!
During his college football career, Washington State Quarterback Ryan Leaf was destined for NFL greatness. He was the 2nd pick in the 1998 NFL Draft, right behind Peyton Manning. However, he was tackled and brought down hard by alcohol and other drugs. His career was a bust. He was arrested multiple times, did hard-time in a Montana prison, suffered relapses . . . but managed to stay alive long enough to find 'the end zone' - long-term recovery. His greatest victory ever! Ryan is candid and contrite in his conversation with RC2C host Neil Scott. And actress Julie Harries reflects on blessings in recovery.  
29:28 4/14/23
52 Years and Counting: A Story of Long Term Recovery, plus Reflections on Recovery from Actor Lou Gossett Jr.
RC2C host Neil Scott has an intimate conversation with John Frederick, who recently celebrated 52 years of recovery, one day at a time. John's latest book 'StarCatcher' is a must-read: Plus some reflections on recovery, honesty and trust!    
35:37 4/7/23
Recovery Odyssey: A Beginning From an End. John C's Long Road Back, with Co-Host Michelle Salamanca. Plus a Recovery Connection with Dick Van Dyke
For 20 years he drank and used recklessly, but John C. never gave up. He went in and out of treatment centers and AA until he finally found a way to stay clean and sober. Co-Host Michelle Salamanca joins Neil in this edition of RC2C. "Keep Coming back . . . " - and he did! Plus iconic actor Dick Van Dyke looks at recovery, eye to eye!
46:15 3/25/23
Brene Brown Shares Thoughts on Shame, and Sharon Hannan Talks About Gratitude in Recovery, Plus Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso) Is Serious About Mental Health!
One of America's leading authorities on shame, Brene Brown, sits down with RC2C host Neil Scott to talk about shame and vulnerability for people in recovery. Brene Brown's 'Ted Talk' on Shame -                        And Sharon Hannan 'recovers out loud' about her 6-year journey in recovery, filled with gratitude and joy! And we close out the podcast with a comedian who is serious. Jason Sudeikis, plays the lovable, always positive 'Ted Lasso' on the AppleTV+  series by the same name. He gets serious about mental health, in remarks at the White House.
51:58 3/22/23