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Internet Vitalism.


What's Going on With Milady Maker? How to Think About Decentralized and Controversial Art 65:38 05/27/2022
The Pathless Path with Indie Consultant Paul Millerd 90:15 05/24/2022
Coffee With Hitler: Writing Poetry and Novels with Steff and Autumn 81:28 05/19/2022
10% More Psycho: On Tolstoy, Gandhi, and Christ with Mike Elias of 79:32 05/13/2022
Building a Village DAO with Andrew Hitchcock of Montanoso 51:22 05/09/2022
Only God Can Cancel Us: On Immanent Cyberculture with Endproject 70:27 05/06/2022
Personal Knowledge Management is Bull5h1† — Other Life 34:31 05/04/2022
Web3 Gaming is Mostly a Scam with Charlie Smith, Co-Founder of Nifty Island 55:16 05/02/2022
Alt-Lit and Indie Sleaze Redux with DefaultFriend 78:24 04/29/2022
Building DAOs on Urbit with Holium & The Combine 71:43 04/25/2022
Human Forever with James Poulos 77:01 04/20/2022
Riva Tez on Epistemological Freedom: Feyerabend, Science Funding, and How to Do Whatever You Want 72:46 04/13/2022
The Improvement Illusion and the Dying NYRB 28:34 04/09/2022
Milady, Angelicism, and the Imperceptible Country 60:13 04/02/2022
Quantum Computing and Anarcho-Communist Swarm Intelligence with Jonathan Paprocki | The Urbit Series 73:04 03/23/2022
Demystifying the Politics of Urbit Governance with Anthony Arroyo of The Combine | The Urbit Series 79:45 03/18/2022
Alien Invasions From the Future with Sam Frank, Writer and Galaxy Owner | The Urbit Series 76:22 03/13/2022
How the CCRU Predicted Crypto and DeFi 57:28 03/12/2022
Urbit, Blockchains, and the Next Billion Users with Ted Blackman, Engineer at Tlon | The Urbit Series 58:10 03/08/2022
Materials for a Theory of the E-Girl with Soph and **** of Remilia Collective | The Urbit Series 54:39 03/02/2022
The Most Correct Computer (How Urbit Wins) with Philip Monk, CTO of Tlon | The Urbit Series 65:43 02/21/2022
Building Web3 Products on Urbit with Nico Arqueros of dcSpark | The Urbit Series 54:14 02/14/2022
"Rationalists Are a Bunch of Queers" with Wet Brain | The Urbit Series 68:14 02/07/2022
The 100-Year Computer with Galen Wolfe-Pauly | The Urbit Series 70:23 02/01/2022
The Only Dignified Computer with Tirrel Corporation | The Urbit Series 65:46 01/26/2022
The Most Beautiful Computer with Édouard Urcades | The Urbit Series 68:38 01/21/2022
Chivalry, Christian Vitalism, and Building a Theory Brand on Twitter with Parker from Chivalry Guild 54:55 01/11/2022
Truth Machines Against the Gerontocracy with Richard Craib of Numerai 71:57 12/14/2021
The Bitcoin Whitepaper, Nick Land, and Kant 23:15 12/10/2021
Exit, Voice, and Loyalty by Albert Hirschman (Lecture) 42:50 11/29/2021