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Internet Vitalism.


Augustine, Girard, Closed Patreon, Bitcoin Maximalism 61:12 06/17/2021
How to Reboot the American Empire with Wolf Tivy, Editor-in-Chief of Palladium 73:13 06/04/2021
Other Life Live - Vaxxed, Reply to Luke Smith, Chat for God updates, etc. 45:18 05/30/2021
Ivan Illich: Deschooling and Conviviality with Nina Power 72:14 05/25/2021
Artificial Intelligence, Dogecoin, Arranged Marriages - Other Life 83:30 05/24/2021
Other Life with Bitcoin Sign Guy Christian Langalis 72:33 05/17/2021
Is the Normie Internet Satanic? Plus "White Male Fart Orgy," with Barrett Avner 54:24 05/09/2021
The Key Ideas of ReneĢ Girard: Mimetic Desire, Violence, and Christianity with Geoff Shullenberger 68:25 05/03/2021
Eric Weinstein's Geometric Unity 63:37 04/28/2021
Samo Burja on Intellectual Legitimacy and His Business Model as a Private Researcher 78:09 04/20/2021
Urbit for Creators with Josh Lehman, Director of Urbit Foundation 94:42 04/02/2021
On NFTs, Papa John, Twitter Purge, Meghan Markle, Q&A 63:51 03/26/2021
What Do Edgelord E-Girls Want? With @Unbridled_Id 53:43 03/18/2021
On TikTok Alpha Males and Eric Weinstein 95:51 03/10/2021
On Vaush, Tim Pool, and Antiracist Baby with Live Q&A 84:08 03/02/2021
A Literal Marketplace of Ideas with Mike Elias of 59:33 02/24/2021
My $5k Deal with Ben, China, Bitcoin, Christianity - Live Q&A 78:36 02/17/2021
On Outsider Teaching with Carl Jung Lecturer John David Ebert 62:08 02/11/2021
Quirked Up Whodies with Barrett Avner 83:12 02/07/2021
Revolt Against Wall Street with Day Trader Jacob 89:38 01/29/2021
Capitol Riots and Bitcoin Christianity 104:49 01/24/2021
Carl Jung's Model of the Psyche with John David Ebert 65:09 01/18/2021
Building Startup Cities with Dryden Brown of Bluebook Cities 54:46 01/11/2021
Leo Strauss on Persecution, Education, and Revelation with Michael Millerman 84:57 01/04/2021
Reality-Forking Communities with Erik Torenberg and Greg Isenberg 51:34 12/26/2020
Q&A on Crypto, Community, and the Future of Other Life 92:23 12/15/2020
The Business of Indie Philosophy Comics, with Philosopher-Illustrator Tom K of Uncivilized Books 52:18 12/11/2020
How Creators Are Creating Money for Their Communities, with Bradley Miles of Roll 49:43 12/04/2020
Tokenizing Content with Kenny Rowe of the Dalten Collective 35:19 11/29/2020
Can We Escape? On Deleuze and Heidegger with Johannes Niederhauser 81:33 11/17/2020