Show cover of The Stress to Success S.H.I.F.T.

The Stress to Success S.H.I.F.T.

Lately, have you felt stressed, lacking energy, motivation, or wellbeing? Do you want to be successful in ALL areas of your life? Many people today are feeling bankrupt physically, mentally, or emotionally… suffering from burnout or other chronic conditions and struggling to thrive. The good news is: There is Hope and Help... You can Self-Heal. Join Dr. Irene Cop MD DC, as she shares powerful tools so you can shift from Burnout to Breakthrough and enjoy the level of success and happiness you deserve. Dr. Irene uses an innovative approach, based on her 25 years’ experience spanning both eastern and western medical approaches, combined with other world-class experts and inspirational stories, to bring you the best life solutions. She leads the Global S.H.I.F.T. Initiative, empowering you to improve your health and success with Self-Healing Innovations Fast-tracking Transformation (S.H.I.F.T.).


Corporate Strategies to Eradicate Physician Burnout with Colleen Qvist 36:22 11/25/2021
Sleeping Your Way to Success with Amisha Klawonn 35:28 11/17/2021
The 5-Step Stress to Success S.H.I.F.T. Blueprint (and the 4 Barriers Blocking You!) 41:23 11/10/2021
3 SOS Tools to Bounce Back from Burnout and SHIFT from Stress to Success 41:42 11/02/2021
Breaking Up With Your Old Relationship Patterns with Carrie Jeroslaw 29:39 10/26/2021
Overcoming Success Self-sabotage with Dr. Dan Cardellichio 42:00 10/17/2021
How Healing Your Stress Can Improve Your Multiple Sclerosis with Robert Sieger 50:39 10/06/2021
Shifting from Tragedy to Triumph with Rachel Beck 51:09 09/29/2021
Growing Unstoppable Confidence After Hitting Rock Bottom with Stephen De Sede 29:13 09/24/2021
What If It's Not Depression? -- with Dr. Achina Stein 27:12 09/15/2021
Self-Healing from Post Betrayal Syndrome with Dr. Debi Silber 22:04 09/08/2021
Self-Healing from Self-Imposed Shame with Dr. Irene Cop 26:44 08/31/2021
D.R.E.A.M. Wellness with Dr. Brian Stenzler 23:29 08/24/2021
Self-Healing from Trauma and PTSD Using Tapping 22:56 08/17/2021
Mental Health, Resilience, and Trauma Amongst First Responders with Jonni Redick 31:35 08/10/2021
And because you weren’t perfect, you were a failure. 33:10 08/06/2021
Helping Your Children Make Successful Career Choices with Dr. Jen Price 24:39 07/29/2021
Developing Resilience After Adversity with Jonathan MacDonald 30:56 07/27/2021
Emotional Blocks Causing Pain with Joanna Chodorowska 27:42 07/23/2021
Combining Art And Science in Healing and Life with Amy Lee Segami 24:39 07/20/2021
Self-Healing Through the Self-Love Revolution with Jonathan Troen 26:43 07/15/2021
Shifting from a Fear-Based to Love-Based Leadership Model 29:52 07/13/2021
It's Gonna Be Alright Helping Children and Parents Self-Heal with Dr. Roseann 25:51 07/08/2021
Episode 025 - Burnout in Silicon Valley with Lisa Duerre 24:41 07/06/2021
Days for Girls with Celeste Mergens 26:35 07/01/2021
Self-Healing by Managing the Practicalities of Divorce with Kat Timpson 24:24 06/29/2021
It's Not You, It's Your Energy with Danielle Ingenito 20:01 06/24/2021
The Healing Power of Orgasm with Hannah Sanford 37:51 06/22/2021
Self-Heal Your Communication with Your Partner with Dr. Sarah Rattray 26:05 06/17/2021
Stress as a Cause of Diabetes with Dr. Beverly Yates 26:22 06/15/2021