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Edge of NFT Podcast brings you not only the top 1% of what's going on with NFTs today but what will stand the test of time. We explore the nuts and bolts and the business side, but also the human element of how NFTs are changing the way we interact with the things that we love. This podcast is for the futurists and dreamers, disruptors and doers that are pumped about this ecosystem and driving where it goes next.


Edge Of W3BX Feat. Gabe Weis Of Stoics, Amen Rahh Of K12 Crypto And Zeneca
A lot of what fuels the growing NFT space is the relationships that people build around the concepts of community and co-creation. This is what events like W3BX are all about. In this episode, we go to Las Vegas with Josh Kriger as he talks to some of the hottest names in the Web3 community right now. Join in and get the latest scoop from Gabe Weis of Stoics, Amen Rahh of K12 Crypto, and Zeneca. Tune in and learn how the NFT community continues to grow even in a bear market!
40:10 12/9/22
Edge Of Asia 5: Andrew Ku, Phillipp A Sostmann, Emanuel Erdem & Kyoja Hwang
Welcome to another episode of The Edge of NFT coming straight to you from Seoul, Korea, for METACON. We bring you the latest insights on companies doing incredible stuff and building out the metaverse for Web2 and Web3 brands. Listen in to hear insights from today’s esteemed panel: Andrew Ku of Altava Group, Philipp Sostmann of PwC Germany, Emanuel Erdem of Exclusible, and Kyoja Hwang of LG U+. Hear them speak on the developing luxury NFT marketplace, metaverse-enabled agility through VR technology, luxury metaverse commerce, and heightened customer experiences through NFTs.
40:19 12/5/22
Matt Colon & Seth Green Of ReplicantX, The First Ever Show Produced On The Blockchain
The Web3 and NFT space is making huge inroads into the entertainment industry, and we have a lot of big names starting to take notice of its potential. This exciting episode features Seth Green and Matt Colon of ReplicantX, a new PFP collection from Steve Aoki, Seth Green, and the makers of Robot Chicken. ReplicantX is the trendsetter of on-chain community-driven storytelling. Stay tuned for this episode and learn all about ReplicantX as our hosts pick Seth and Matt’s brains. Learn all about the pros and cons of minting friendships on the blockchain, plus why we now live by the words, "Thou shalt respect the 'bago," and how the early '90s classic comic books still are guiding our present-day Web3 livelihood. Tune in for all these and so much more!
58:00 11/30/22
Andrew Choi Of SuperNormal - Leading Korea In NFTs And Web3, Plus: Pepe Soho’s Coming Home NFTs, And More…
Andrew Choi of SuperNormal tells us how West and East meet, and diverge in the global Web3 game. SuperNormal brings world-class expertise in culture and marketing within the Asian region. We learn how Co-founder ZIPCY has brought an aesthetic of quality and class to Korean NFTs. Stay tuned as three members of the PepeSoho team beam in to explain why Pepe Soho has been such a powerful project for them and many others.
53:10 11/25/22
Matt Medved Of NFT Now Invites Us To ‘The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis’ During Art Basel Miami 2022
Edge co-hosts Josh and Eathan chat with Matt Medved of NFT Now to find out about the groundbreaking activations they are planning during Art Basel Miami from Nov 29 to Dec 3, 2022. Matt tells us all about ‘The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis’ and how it interweaves with the past, present and future of NFT Now and Web3 in general.
23:22 11/24/22
Edge Of Asia 4: Seoul Meta Week, Feat. Trevor Owens (Ninjalerts), Jay Kimm (Boomco), RUSYENG (NFT Kartel)
In today’s episode of Edge of NFT, we bring you to Seoul Meta Week, a platform to create the blockchain-based ecosystem value and share knowledge of trends and information about the Metaverse, NFTs, Web3, and blockchain technology with the experts, NFT artists, NFT collectors, and top players in this industry. Tune in to hear from Trevor Owens of Ninjalerts, Jay Kimm of boomco, and RUSYENG of NFT Kartel as they talk about the trends and useful applications of the open-source network and blockchain technology.
36:14 11/23/22
John Crain & Zack Yanger Of SuperRare Labs On RarePass & The CryptoArt Movement, Plus: Ivan Perez Of Howl Labs, The IreneDAO Phenomenon, And More…
With the continuous rise of NFTs in today's economy, many things have been digitized and brought into the online world. The art market is one of the leading spaces to make this transition, giving artists a brand new platform to showcase their talent. John Crain and Zack Yanger Of SuperRare Labs are at the heart of this community, as they curate a diverse group of artists to promote and sell their work in independent NFT galleries and auctions. They join Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger to talk about making history in the CryptoArt Movement through RarePass, leading a revolution in creating innovative digitized art, and building a decentralized format through smart contracts. For this episode's Sponsored Hot Topic, Ivan Perez of Howl Labs talks about dynamic NFTs and how they combine NFT-based technology with the DeFi world. And for the segment Why It Is Viral, they highlight how a Chinese influencer named Irene made more than $7M selling NFTs all by herself.
66:54 11/18/22
Edge Of Asia 3: Token2049 & All That Matters, Feat. Yohan Lee (Sandbox), Max Kordek (Lisk), Jeff Morris Jr. (Chapter One), & Jagdeep Sidhu (Syscoin)
Live from Token2049, a premier crypto event organized annually in Singapore and London, Josh Kriger sits down for an insightful conversation with some of the leading figures in crypto. In this episode, Yohan Lee and his team at Sandbox share how they’re achieving steady growth even during the bear market, as well as the exciting stuff they’re doing in Singapore and Asia. Max Kordek of Lisk tell us what he sees blockchain development going and how Lisk is contributing to the space. Jeff Morris Jr. of Chapter One shares how NFTs can affect the subscription space and why you don’t need to start with decentralization for everything. Meanwhile, Jagdeep Sidhu of Syscoin explain how DAOs are going to be the critical piece upon which our future structures will be built, and what Syscoin is doing to evolve the sophistication of DAOs. Join in and get the latest scoop from some of the biggest voices in crypto today!
55:05 11/17/22
Jack O’Holleran Of SKALE, The Blockchain Network Of The Future, Plus: All About Nexus Voyagers Network, And More...
Blockchains don’t have to be difficult or expensive to use. Today, Jack O’Holleran from SKALE talks with the team about the first interoperable blockchain network fully optimized for Web3 user experience and security. Imagine a blockchain network capable of running an unlimited number of fast, on-demand, pooled-security Blockchains with zero gas fees to end users. Want to learn more? Tune in to discover this blockchain network of the future.
47:32 11/16/22
Karl Jacob Of - The Stablecoin Backed By U.S. Homes, Plus: Pinar Oncu Of AtlasSpace - The Enterprise Metaverse, And More…
A mortgage is hardly accessible to everybody but banks and the government. But through savvy blockchain technology uses, this can finally be opened up to people of all levels of wealth. Eathan Janney, together with guest hosts Zach Sekar and Ben Noble, talks with Karl Jacob of Karl shares how their platform helps Defi investors acquire a consistent yield through Stablecoin backed by home mortgages. He explains how they use the power of NFTs to make properties exist both in the blockchain and the real world. For this episode's Sponsored Hot Topic, Pınar Öncü of AtlasSpace talks about their efforts to onboard traditional enterprises into the metaverse to revamp the future of work in this digital age.
63:17 11/11/22
Edge Of Asia 2: Token2049 & All That Matters, Feat. David Shin & Youngsik (Yoshi) Shin Of Klaytn & Dreamer Of DeFi Kingdom
Live from Token2049, a premier crypto event organized annually in Singapore and London, Josh Kriger meets the leading voices in the crypto space. David Shin and Youngsik Shin from Klaytn talk about the company’s interesting roots and share what’s going on with Klaytn and why it’s globally significant to both the web2 and web3 worlds. Dreamer, the President at Kingdom Studios, also talks about their collaboration with Klaytn and how Kingdom Studios is gamifying DeFi Kingdom. Don’t miss this episode to learn more about the market, the web3 gaming culture, and a blockchain solution everyone needs to know about from the founders and executives themselves.
51:52 11/9/22
Will Weinraub Of Cryptoys, Collectible And Playable Digital Toys, Plus: Rafi Lounge Wellness NFT, And More…
He joins Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger to discuss how this NFT gaming platform provides players with a refreshing yet nostalgic experience. He also talks about their groundbreaking partnership with the legendary toy company Mattel.He joins Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger to discuss how this NFT gaming platform provides players with a refreshing yet nostalgic experience. He also talks about their groundbreaking partnership with the legendary toy company Mattel.With the dawn of NFTs, the toy industry has now entered a brand new era. Instead of playing with physical toys, children can now go digital to build collectibles online and play with other people from all over the world. After observing this behavior, Will Weinraub started Cryptoys to bring toy, gaming, and entertainment worlds together and create one expansive universe. He joins Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger to discuss how this NFT gaming platform provides players with a refreshing yet nostalgic experience. He also talks about their groundbreaking partnership with the legendary toy company Mattel. For this episode's Sponsored Hot Topic, Rafi Anteby shares how he helps people reconnect with their own consciousness through Rafi Lounge, the world's first members-only Web3 lounge.
60:02 11/8/22
Jeremy Ryan AKA NFT Demon Of Super Gremlin Society, Plus: Casey Craig Of ARCrypto, Why These Gary Vee & Mr. Dayger Músic Vids Are Viral, And More...
Jeremy Ryan was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told he had no chance of surviving. But by some miracle, he did not only survive, but he even became a remarkable artist. He now uses his passion for creating NFT art collections to support cancer patients. Jeremy joins Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger to share how his collection Super Gremlin Society documents his battle with brain cancer and allocates funding for cancer-related research. For this episode's sponsored Hot Topic, Casey Craig of ARCrypto jumps in to share how they educate people getting into cryptocurrency and DeFi. And for the show's brand new segment Why It Is Viral, they feature a video of Gary Vee pushing his interviewee into an information overload and a pretty sick bassline from a music NFT sample by Mr. Dayger.
49:16 11/5/22
200th Episode! Inside The Edge Of Company, Edge Lore, Building NFT LA, Past Reflections, What’s To Come, And More…
Come celebrate with us! We've hit the milestone of 200 episodes. Have a cozy chat with the co-hosts of Edge Of NFT, the founders and creators of The Edge Of Company and the upcoming NFT LA event! Learn about what's going on behind-the-scenes, what we've been thinking about, and imagine the shape of things to come with us!
39:48 11/4/22
Daniel Killeen & Dominic Carbonaro Of Ava Labs On The Art Of Creating Avalanche NFTs With The Future-Proof Blockchain Built to Scale
Ava Labs has been making waves in the digital community. They are the team behind Avalanche NFTs, the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry today. This open program for decentralized applications is surprisingly fast, eco-friendly, and low-cost. Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger dig deeper into Avalanche with Daniel Killeen and Dominic Carbonaro of Ava Labs. The two explain how they push for NFT's integration in the enterprise and art spaces, giving founders and artists a brand new landscape to showcase their skills. They discuss why they focus on NFT opportunities that may not be considered exciting or sexy right now but promise outstanding long-term impact. Daniel and Dominic also talk about Ava Lab's Core web, which aims to eliminate Web3's two-dimensional clunky interface and create a seamless experience.
40:33 11/2/22
Eran Elhanani & Constantin Kogan Of BullPerks & GamesPad, Plus: Vesa With Utility Stacked NFT Art Cars, And More…
Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan are the co-founders of BullPerks and GamesPad—the world’s first holistic gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem. In this episode, they share with us their big vision of creating a vertically-integrated gaming ecosystem. With different studio partnerships and decentralized deal flow, Eran and Constantin have an ambitious and creative project in their hands. They also share how they go the extra mile to care for their employees worldwide. BullPerks and GamesPad are surely to watch for! What is more, VESA joins the conversation and shares his latest work in Dubai with NFT Cars as well as Egyptian Pyramids and more!
64:58 10/28/22
Michael Rubinelli Of Tyranno Studios, The Premier Web3 Gaming Studio Building Blockchain Brawlers, Plus Jean-Charles (JC) Gaudechon Of OneFootball Labs, And More…
Tyranno is an NFT and blockchain pioneer that grew out of the Wax ecosystem. It's time to make it very clear, they can and have been creating well beyond Wax. Listen in and find out about their impressive capabilities. Catch OneFootball during the Hot Topic segment. They are integrating NFTs seamlessly with one of the most popular sport on the globe.
70:39 10/22/22
Edge Of Asia 1: Token2049 & All That Matters, Feat. WhaleShark, Jason Ma & Lucaz Lee Of Affyn
Listen to Edge co-host Josh Kriger speaking with global leaders in NFT from domains as far reaching as art, music, and the metaverse.  In this special episode, he chats with some of the leading names in the industry: Whaleshark, Jaeson Ma, and Lucaz Lee. Aside from talking about their own thriving and promising ventures, they also discuss the current situation of the NFT scene in Asia, particularly in its southeastern region. Tune in as they explore the rich prospects to uncover within Web3, NFT's incredible power in community building, and reinventing traditional gaming models using the metaverse.
58:01 10/21/22
Edge Of Science & Data: Data Con LA + IM Data 2022 Panel Feat. Josh Kriger + Stanley Bishop & Gordon Gould (New Atlantis) 
In today’s episode of the Edge of NFT Podcast, Josh Kriger sits down with Gordon Gould and Stanley Bishop from New Atlantis, an open platform for ocean and biodiversity regeneration, to unpack the origin of decentralized science and how that movement is serviced by the utilities that NFTs offer. Part of the New Atlantis’ core team, Gordon and Stanley dive into biodiversity markets, bioinformatics technology, tokenomics, biodiversity credits, IP ownership, and even the MRNA technology for the COVID vaccine. NFTs truly have a lot of fantastic roles. Tune in to discover what's now possible with NFTs, data, and open science and how you can take part in helping save the ocean and get compensated for it.
46:17 10/19/22
NFTLA Live Twitter Space: An Inside Look At Signature Experiences By Autograph With Dillon Rosenblatt And Ryan McMahill
Entertainment is becoming less about watching and more about interaction, all thanks to the power of NFTs. With dynamic NFTs, fandoms and collectors are now beginning to enjoy utility-packed and community-driven experiences. In this NFTLA Live Twitter Space discussion, Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger talk to those at the forefront of this exciting evolution: Dillon Rosenblatt and Ryan McMahill of Autograph. They discuss their dynamic NFT offer Signature Experiences that gives sports fans a unique chance to connect with their favorite athletes. Dillon and Ryan explain how they produce NFT collectibles that immortalize sports legend Tom Brady, which includes real-time analytics, statistics, and even a photorealistic 3D scan of his body.
57:30 10/14/22
Andrew Klein of Sweet™ On Creating Authentic Fan Experiences for the World’s Biggest Brands, Plus: Matthew Hoffman of Trusted Advisor, And More…
To really bring about mass adoption for NFTs, those who are already in the space need to think of ways to make participation more inclusive. This is what Andrew Klein and the team at Sweet™ are doing. In this episode, Andrew explains how Sweet™ works with some of the world’s biggest brands to create authentic experiences for creators, collectors and fans alike. The work that they are doing in this exciting venture is set to bring a huge chunk of the masses into Web3. Join in as Andrew explains his role in all of this and shares his insight on where the whole industry is going with regards to mass adoption. Plus, on this episode’s hot topics, we are joined by Matthew Hoffman of Trusted Advisor to talk about the huge gaming event that’s coming up this November in LA and more!
54:59 10/12/22
Raamayan And Christopher Pitcher Of Creation - The Platform Powering Creativity 3.0, Plus: Starbucks’ NFT-Based Loyalty Program, And More…
VEME, the Web3 creator network that focuses on transforming fans into co-creators and investors, will now be known as Creation. In this episode, we are joined by VEME founder Raamayan and his Chief Strategy Officer, Cristopher Pitcher, who explain the rationale of the rebrand and the unique value their platform is bringing to creators and fans alike. Web3 is enabling platforms to push the definitions of co-creation to the outer edge, and the folks at Creation are making the most of that ability. Join in and learn how content creation is going to change forever with this new platform built on the edge of NFT. Plus, learn how Starbucks is going about its NFT-based loyalty program and a bunch of other hot topics from this episode.
58:57 10/7/22
Nino Saez Of Utopia On Integrating Innovation, Philanthropy, and Transparency Into Web3, Plus: Vikram Bhushan Of Hypermine Labs, And More…‣
The metaverse is expanding and evolving at an unprecedented scale. Nino Saez saw this interconnected virtual world as a chance to monetize his talents and give back to the community through philanthropy work. Joining Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger, the phil-entrepreneur shares his mission of transforming the metaverse into a utopia through his company aptly called Utopia. Nino talks about his partnership with Deepak Chopra, the importance of constant learning and transparency in revolutionizing Web3, and centralizing his work around serving others. He also opens up about his experiences running a virtual team and the role of community ownership in the digital ecosystem he currently builds.
62:26 10/5/22
Daniel Crothers Of VeVe On Offering Premium Licensed Collectibles From Leading Brands, Plus: Starbucks’ NFT Based Loyalty Program, And More…
When it comes to the digital collectibles space, VeVe is a trailblazer. Long before NFTs were cool, this company had been pioneering the building of a marketplace and community around premium digital collectibles from the brands that we all know and love. Daniel Crothers, the co-founder of VeVe, is an early adopter of disruptive technologies and he believes it is the platform’s mission to replicate every aspect of the physical world of collecting to the digital world. Tune in to this episode of The Edge of NFT as he shares everything from the genesis of VeVe, the many cool things they have done so far, and what they’re looking forward to in the future. Plus, on our hot sponsored topic for this episode, we get to hear from Jamieson Hill about Shellz Orb’s epic NFT project. Stay tuned!
62:27 9/30/22
Keith Kowal Of Swirlds Labs On Accelerating Hedera’s Bright Future, Plus: Dominique "Mitch Mula" Mitchell Of Lil Bitcoin / Crypto Money Records, And More…
The use cases of NFTs are expanding every day and a time may come where identification will become purely digital. Keith Kowal, Director of Product Management at Swirlds Labs, catapulting development and progress for Hedera, the world's most used sustainable enterprise-grade public network created to make your digital world exactly as it should be—yours. In this episode, he joins hosts Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger to discuss what they’re doing to create a decentralized digital identity and the potential threats and solutions that come along with it. Keith also talks about how they’re implementing a carbon neutral baseline and other environmentally sustainable efforts to help preserve the planet. Plus, stay tuned for our Hot Topics discussion with Dominique Mitchell Co-Founder of Crypto Money Records and Lil Bitcoin, a decentralized avatar rapper. Don’t miss out!
49:57 9/28/22
Steve Aoki & Neil Strauss @ NFT LA
Joining us today is a special guest with a keynote discussion coming straight from NFT LA. Steve Aoki is a world-renowned music producer and the Founder of Dim Mak Records. He is also a lifelong collector in dGen, and a Web3 trailblazer with A0K1VERSE, a new ecosystem bridging the metaverse with the real world. Steve sits down for an interview with author Neil Strauss on how he’s working to build and empower communities in the Web3 space to encourage collaboration between creators. How is it different from Web2? How can players benefit from getting involved? Get the answers straight from Steve himself, along with his thoughts on preserving the space and protecting it from big companies trying to move in. Stay tuned.
26:17 9/23/22
Nicole Sales Giles Of Christie’s - The Top-Tier Auction House Leading In NFTs, Plus: Kris Bennett Of Blockchain Training Alliance, And More…
Christie's is one of the top international auction houses worldwide, overseeing hundreds and thousands of luxurious art pieces from different parts of the globe. Answering the inevitable call of innovation, they are now embracing a brand new medium: digital art. Nicole Sales Giles, Christie's Business Director of Digital Art Sales, reveals how she helped pave the way for the historic auction house to jump into the thriving world of NFT. Joining Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger, Nicole explains how they now directly connect and collaborate with founders and artists in search of the most impressive pieces of NFTs to add to their collection. In a sponsored hot topic, the trio talks to Chris Bennet of Alliance to share how they onboard people into Blockchain through stellar education paths.
44:27 9/21/22
Jamie Jackson Of Mythical Games - Venture-Backed Next-Gen Game Technology, Plus: Jasper Donat of Branded, And More…
The gaming industry is perhaps one of the most prolific industries today. With the significant advances and developments in the blockchain and NFT space, integration of the two is inevitable. Today's guest is a games industry veteran of 20 years making all the right moves to do just that. Jamie Jackson is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Mythical Games, the next-gen game technology studio creating universal economies driven by player ownership of NFTs. He joins Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger to discuss the exciting innovations they're working on to bring blockchain tech and player ownership into the classic gaming world. They're all about having that "game first" mentality to bring the best experiences to gamers everywhere. Plus, join our chat with our special Hot Topics guest Jasper Donat, CEO of Branded, as he shares the latest news about his company and the upcoming All That Matters event in Singapore later this month. Stay tuned!
52:13 9/16/22
Johnna Powell Of ConsenSys NFT, Providing Next-Level Leadership In Web3 & NFTs, Plus: Anthony Duca Of Cavrnus, And More…
ConsenSys has emerged as not only one of the leading contributors to blockchain technology and the ecosystem of Web3. They have also, emerged as global thought leaders in technology and beyond. Today's guest, Johnna Powell boasts a PhD from MIT in Electrical Engineering and brings a wonderfully fresh and intelligent perspective to what's going on with NFTs today. Listen in to hear what she and ConsenSys are up to--a plethora of wonderful endeavors. Keep listening for hot topics where we interview Anthony Duca Of Cavrnus and find out about his passion for creating beautiful metaverse capabilities that are simple and frictionless to engage with across a diversity of device types.
50:10 9/14/22
Rob Richardson Of DisruptArt, The Global Marketplace Revolutionizing The Impact Of Art, Music, Fashion & Film, Plus: Rick Farman Of Superf3st, And More…
DisruptArt envisions a community where artists of all sorts intersect so they can create dialogue about social impact, contemporary art and the blockchain. CEO Rob Richardson is in the heart of this collaborative endeavor. He joins the show to share with us how his personal challenges helped lead to the inception of DisruptArt, how the platform changes the dynamic between artists and the community, and how Web 3 and NFT technology will impact the world moving forward. We’re also joined on this episode by Rick Farman, who talks about Superf3st, the platform that will finally enable his career-long dream of building a music and arts festival from the ground up. Join in and learn about two of today’s most innovative projects that straddle the intersection between the arts, community, social impact and the blockchain.
63:18 9/7/22