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In his new series Action and Ambition, featured on, your host Andrew Medal goes behind the scenes to learn the backstories, mindsets, and actions of the world's most ambitious people.


Andy Ross On The Need To Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Neighbours, or Even A Room Full of Strangers
In this episode, we are joined by Andy Ross, The epitome of the American Dream, who has built an empire on his electric personality and abilities as a singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, bow hunter, car enthusiast, and entertainer. His patriotic country-rock sound has been featured on radio stations around the globe, with his signature song “American Rebel” laying the foundation for the launch of his company under the same name. American Rebel builds one of the most desirable residential safes on the market. It also offers concealed carry items like jackets, backpacks, and more, keeping your firearm covered and safe with its Proprietary Protection Pocket. Tune in to learn more!
31:11 12/03/2022
Amol Sion on New Treatments For Pain: Non-Addictive, 100% Effective, and Unique
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Amol Sion, a world-renowned pain management specialist that has discovered a new way to block a nerve using a new type of spinal cord stimulator. This type of nerve stimulator has been shown to drop pain scores down to zero in multiple patients in studies. It would be transformative for the industry if this could be proven with larger-scale studies. He is an inventor who has developed multiple pain management medications that are non-addicting, nonsedating, and multiple medical devices. He has also been recognized as one of America’s Top Doctors multiple times and is the recipient of the Patient’s Choice Award, an honor given only to the top 1% of physicians in the country. Tune in to learn more!
27:21 11/30/2022
Gearing Up and Surviving On The Healthcare Battlefield With Dr. Darwin Hale, Founder of Advocate Health Advisors
In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Darwin Hale, the Founder of Advocate Health Advisors, which focuses on advising and supporting independent insurance agents on the relationship between health, lifestyle, and the proper insurance plan. Currently, the company serves over 100,000 clients and 4,000 agents across 50 states, including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Advocate Health has implemented grass-roots advocacy programs designed to educate veterans’ service organizations within the community, enabling them to better assist veterans with their benefits and how best to access and use those resources. Don’t miss a thing on this. Tune in to learn more!
26:50 11/30/2022
Gil Villavecer Helps Dentists Become More Successiful By Providing Them With The Best Products To Give Their Patients Amazing Results
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Gil Villavecer, Partner of Frontier Dental Laboratories, the premier cosmetic dentistry laboratory in the US, UK, and Canada. Frontier manufactures world-class dental prosthetics for smile makeovers, veneers, crowns, bridges, and dental implants. Its technicians are obsessively studying the form, color, and shade to make a patient’s teeth better than the originals. They work with the most innovative technologies and materials, making each tooth beautiful and the best! Tune in to learn more!
26:13 11/30/2022
Vanessa Lau Helps Creators and CEOs Supercharge Their Income, Influence, and Impact Through Social Media
In this episode, we are joined by Vanessa Lau, an online entrepreneur, social media educator, and content marketing expert. She teaches new entrepreneurs how to build their influence and scale their businesses using the power of social media. After quitting her 9-5, she started a YouTube channel. She amassed a digital reach of 600k+ subscribers on YouTube and over 200k+ followers on Instagram, all while building a multi-million-dollar digital education business. Today she's passionate about helping creators and entrepreneurs tap into the social media space so they can monetize their expertise and create global impact. Tune in to learn more!    
30:35 11/25/2022
Curt Marvis Helps Top Brands Engage With Audiences In The US and Globally Across All Social Platforms
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Curt Marvis, the Co-Founder and CEO of QYOU Media which operates in India and the United States, producing and distributing content created by social media stars and digital content creators. They curate, produce and distribute premium content in India, including television networks and VOD for cable and satellite television, OTT, and mobile platforms. They manage influencer marketing campaigns for major film studios and brands in the United States. Curt is also recognized globally for his vast and successful experience in traditional and digital media and his pioneering efforts in digital distribution. He previously served as Lionsgate’s President of Digital Media, where he helped guide the company’s broad spectrum of digital distribution agreements. Tune in to learn more!
28:40 11/25/2022
Joe Ochal Delivers Eco-Friendly Chimney and Fireplace Repairs, Inspection, and Cleanings To Keep Families Safe
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Joe Ochal, the Founder of The Chimney Scientists, a full-service chimney and fireplace company based in southeastern Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia, which provides general services, including chimney and fireplace repairs, inspections, and cleanings. They also sell and install high-quality fireplace enhancements, such as gas inserts, wood stoves, and even firewood in bulk. Beyond their services, the Chimney Scientists is committed to providing full training and certifications to their employees and are helping tackle critical issues, locally and abroad, from watershed testing for healthier ecosystems to reducing emissions from burning firewood to improving health care access in West Africa. Tune in to learn more!
29:48 11/25/2022
Ej Saunders, CEO of Blaze Digital Solutions, Builds and Executes Marketing Strategies That Double Business Revenues in 12 Months or Less
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Ej Saunders, the CEO of Blaze Digital Solutions, a digital marketing team that builds profitable digital ad experiences for small businesses. Ej and his team are passionate about driving positive change and delivering results, approaching every campaign and strategy focused on developing relationships and bringing the highest value to their clients and those who interact with their ads. Tune in to learn more!
30:07 11/25/2022
Darrell Martin Smoothens Trader’s Financial Struggles With Apex Trader Funding
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Darrell Martin, the founder of Apex Trader Funding, a community of traders that believe in helping others trade well. He has accomplished success in trading models getting $300,000 in payouts with just one funding company, and set out to make a better one where he was not capped. They offer among the easiest to pass, lowest cost, highest contract plans with the fewest rules to empower you to move forward to a performance account so you can get paid. Tune in to learn more!
27:00 11/23/2022
Kjeld Schigt On Refreshing Your Life With Surfing and Reconnecting To Nature
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Kjeld Schigt, Owner of Kalon Surf, a resort experience for people to relax, learn to surf, and reconnect to nature. Schigt has built Kalon alongside his wife, Silene, and they are enriching the community of Costa Rica and all who visit them. Before starting Kalon, Kjeld lived all over the globe while working for multinational companies such as BP, Heineken, and Unilever. Don’t miss a thing on this. Tune in to learn more!
24:33 11/23/2022
Chris Troka Helps Businesses Unlock Their Full Potential With The Tools and Tech Within Focused-Biz
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Chris Troka, the Founder and CEO of Focused-Biz, offering a 14-in-1 business app and digital marketing to help start and grow businesses. He strives to help other entrepreneurs with their businesses by providing website and marketing services to help them scale. His advice to business owners is, “You need to remove the friction between your prospect and you. Engage in more touch points with personalized marketing. Make it easier to connect and buy. Make the experience personal.” Tune in to learn more!
26:30 11/23/2022
Andrew Evans Helps Leaders Succeed By Equipping Them With The Appropriate Tools, Mindset, and Habits Needed in Our World Today
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Andrew Evans, a serial entrepreneur and the host of the Ace Weekly Podcast that guide aspiring leaders toward the higher versions of themselves. Andrew’s mission is to support the shift in human consciousness on the planet by equipping others with the tools, mindset, and habits needed today. He is also the founder of a Real Estate Fund building hotels and healing centers worldwide. Don’t miss a thing on this. Tune in to learn more!
29:09 11/21/2022
The Love of Marketing and Creating Successful Brands With Nancy Chan, the CEO of Epion Brands
In this episode, we are joined by Nancy Chan, the CEO of Epion Brands, the makers of Kori Krill Oil, a multi-benefit Omega-3 supplement sourced from Antarctic krill. She is a veteran marketer who has successfully created brand love across diverse categories, including Food, Personal Care, and Beauty for brands like Dove, Knorr, Nexxus Hair Care, and eos. Don’t miss a thing on this. Tune in to learn more!
24:03 11/21/2022
Remotebase is solving the developer hiring challenge
In this episode we meet Qasim Salam, the CEO and co-founder of Remotebase, a recruitment marketplace for developers and engineers. The company recently announced a $2.1m funding round as they launched a new hiring platform for all businesses called Talently. We will hear more about how it helps developers find job opportunities while inviting tech recruiters and hiring managers to seek dedicated remote developer teams by exploring more than 60,000 pre-vetted developer profiles on the go. The app presents the closest match to customer requirements and immediately locks interviews with those developers so that companies can save 100s of hours of their time finding, vetting and hiring the candidates.
30:20 11/21/2022
The Key To Becoming A Great Writer With Philip E. Barrington, The Author of Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davis
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Philip E. Barrington, an Internationally acclaimed award-winning author. In his latest novel, Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davis, he presents the story of a man in crisis. Barrington reveals a suspense-driven plot centered on a man named Grant Davis. Grant wakes up one morning to discover his life has been turned on its head, and at the root of the upheaval are the people he trusted the most. Running for his life, Grant must piece together clues to figure out who is behind the effort to ruin him. Barrington aims to highlight how quickly circumstances can change. He says, "It's a rollercoaster ride of how someone's life can be turned upside down in a split second!" Tune in to learn more!
32:21 11/17/2022
Priya Kumari Uses Books To Promote Peace Education, Emotional Hygiene, and The Science of Well-Being By Sharing Stories From Under-Represented Indian and Asian Cultures
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Priya Kumari, an award-winning children's author and the founder of Eternal Tree books, an independent publishing house that creates books inspired by Indian culture and native traditions for global distribution. Their most popular book, Leaf Talks Peace: Buddha’s Message of Harmony, is the first ever picture book by an Indian author to be endorsed by The Dalai Lama. Priya’s mission is to publish uplifting books created by visionary authors and artists of all ages to share stories from under-represented Indian and Asian cultures promoting peace education, emotional hygiene, the science of well-being, and cultural competence. Tune in to learn more!
23:29 11/17/2022
David Kwartler Help Secure Personal Injury Settlements and Verdicts
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is David Kwartler, the CEO of Kwartler Manus, LLC., a personal injury law firm that started with two lawyers renting shared office space and has grown to over 40 employees in multiple offices. They have represented thousands of clients and secured many seven-figure settlements and verdicts. Their primary focus is on client satisfaction and efficiencies, using best-in-class technologies to accomplish those objectives. Don’t miss a thing on this. Tune in to learn more!
21:56 11/17/2022
Tre Lucas is Transforming How E-commerce Stores Market and Sell Their Products With Designed-To-Scale 3D and AR Experiences
In this episode, we are joined by Tre Lucas, the co-founder, and CEO of levAR, a leading-edge Augmented Reality, and 3D Product Visualization platform that empowers brands through creating and distributing immersive shopping and product experiences. Before founding levAR, Tre served as the President of Concepts, where he brought expertise in growth strategy, brand positioning, and operational excellence to help grow the international sneaker boutique to its eventual sale to Zappos. At Concepts, Tre was an early advocate of advanced technologies like augmented reality within the retail setting and has applied that expertise to levAR’s development and growth. Don’t miss a thing on this. Tune in to learn more!
26:14 11/16/2022
Ryan Williams Provides Individuals and Institutions Access To Previously Inaccessible Real Estate and Alternative Investments
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Ryan Williams, the Founder, Executive Chairman, and Co-Chairman of the Global Investment Committee at Cadre, a groundbreaking commercial real estate investment platform that offers institutional and individual investors the opportunity to access expertly curated real estate opportunities. Cadre offers lower minimums, lower fees, and unprecedented potential for liquidity to its investors, institutions, and individuals. Cadre's data-driven and transparent investment platform opens participation in a historically opaque and illiquid asset class. Tune in to learn more!
25:45 11/16/2022
Karan Talati Co-Founder, and CEO of First Resonance, is Transforming The Manufacturing World With The Next-Generation Software Platform ION
In this episode, we are joined by Karan Talati, Co-Founder, and CEO of First Resonance, a venture-backed startup based in Downtown LA. First Resonance is developing the next-generation manufacturing software platform for modern manufacturers. It is powering next-generation hardware companies with a manufacturing intelligence platform built to accelerate operations by ~30% while providing the traceability required for quality-critical products in aerospace, automotive, and other complex manufacturing environments. Having raised $20m in venture capital, First Resonance is now powering over 40 manufacturing leaders in world-defining categories like eVTOLs, rocket launches, spacecraft, electric boats, construction robots, and more. Don’t miss a thing on this. Tune in to learn more!
33:15 11/15/2022
Jen Tran On How Real Estate Investing is Evolving
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Jen Tran, an accomplished real estate agent renowned for her strategic yet personal approach to the real estate process. She brings knowledge and passion to every transaction, winning the trust of her clients and colleagues. As a mother of three who is very involved in her children’s school life and extracurricular activities, Jen understands the needs of a family and gives a sensitivity to her client’s journey that can only be credited to her personal experience. Today, she explains how real estate investing is changing. Don’t miss a thing on this. Tune in to learn more!
28:25 11/15/2022
Following Our Hearts and Living A Fulfiling Life With Max Gloeckner The Founder of Evolve
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Max Gloeckner, an international speaker and passionate Freedom coach using the mindset, technology, and the power of frequencies to help people evolve in life. He is also the founder of Evolve, a community of conscious entrepreneurs. Before Evolve, Max worked in multiple unfulfilling jobs, including the German military, when he realized life should be more inspiring than the reality known to him. He decided to change and search for profound experiences, adventures, and, ultimately, more purpose in life. Today, he helps people live a more fulfilling life by following their heart desires. Tune in to learn more!
29:02 11/14/2022
StoryTap Bridges The Gap Between The In-Person Experience and Online Experience
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Bernadette Butler, Co-Founder and CEO of StoryTap, a platform that increases engagement, conversions, and customer care with authentic data-driven video at scale. StoryTap's automated video technology is changing how site visitors interact with a brand website, enabling brands to harness that same in-person emotion to drive incredible never-seen-before website performance. It helps brands give their customers and employees a voice by sharing video stories to increase brand engagement, conversions, and retention. Tune in to learn more!
20:54 11/14/2022
Paul Moss Gives Drivers a Better Way To Buy Insurance with HeyDriver!
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Paul Moss, the CEO and founder of HeyDriver!, a consumer-focused car insurance shopping and buying platform. Moss spent over 17 years in the insurance industry and leveraged that knowledge to create proprietary insurance comparison technology that gives drivers accurate quotes in as few as four minutes. He is also the CEO of Moss Corporation, which helps consumers get the insurance coverage they need by connecting to the insurance agent/carrier that will be the best fit. Tune in to learn more!
28:33 11/14/2022
Scaling Regenerative Agriculture Through Finance and Technology With Simon Haldrup
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Simon Haldrup, the Co-Founder and CEO of Agreena, a platform that supports farmers in their transition to regenerative agriculture with the issuance of third-party verified carbon certificates - which can be kept by the farmer or sold onto the voluntary carbon market (VCM) for offset purposes. Agreena enables significant and immediate climate change mitigation by providing high-quality carbon removal credits based on soil carbon sequestration, a validated, scalable, and nature-based technique to remove existing carbon from the atmosphere. Tune in to learn more!
25:43 11/09/2022
Ryan Bloomer is Shaping The World of Fintech, Work, and Health By Supporting Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Ryan Bloomer, the Founder and Managing Partner of K50 Ventures, the most trusted first-check investor for mission-driven founders building a better future for the 99%. They invest up to $2M in pre-seed and seed-stage companies in the US and LATAM that focus on improving access, affordability, and well-being across the categories of Health, Finance, and Work & Learning. Since 2016, they have invested in 170+ companies, including Groww, Mammoth Biosciences, Self, Tul, Frubana, Kueski, Fintual, Valon, Real, Osana Salud, June Homes, among others. In addition to K50, Ryan is also a founding partner and advisor of Kairos HQ, a venture studio that co-founded Cera, Rhino, Bilt, Alloy, and Little Spoon. Tune in to learn more!
31:50 11/09/2022
Flavia Leal Helps People Reinvent Themselves Through Education
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Flavia Leal, the founder of Flavia Leal Beauty School, which transforms lives through education by preparing students for the State Board Examination and licensing in Aesthetics and Nails. They offer students more opportunities to enter a new career, improve their knowledge and conquer their professional dream. They believe that the foundation of success is a strong character built with respect, appearance, and professionalism. Flavia supports students and helps them conquer their dreams. Tune in to learn more!
32:01 11/09/2022
Making credit worthy and building a digital lending company with Sashank Rishyasringa at axio
Today we meet Sashank Rishyasringa, who co-founded axio in 2013. The company has grown to become India's leading digital finance company with over 6 million users and the team is on a mission to make credit worthy for all! Prior to co-founding axio, Sashank worked at McKinsey & Company, where he advised several Fortune 500 companies, national governments, and non-profits. Sashank holds an MBA from Stanford University and graduated from Princeton University by specializing in Economics and Finance.
21:43 11/08/2022
Mapping your growth success with Drivetrain
In this episode we meet Alok Goel, co-founder and CEO of Drivetrain which is helping companies stay on a growth track. Before starting Drivetrain, Alok was a partner at VC firm Elevation Capital, a $670mn global VC fund. During the 6 years there, he set up the SaaS investment practice, evaluated hundreds of SaaS companies and served on the boards of many. During that period he became fascinated on how companies plan to grow asking himself “why do some companies grow faster while others get stuck?” Fundamentally, a data driven approach and planning are key to unlocking a successful growth trajectory. So, he set out to make the Google Maps for business growth, that helps create plans, tells whether we’re on track and helps course-correct when we veer off. That’s the idea that led to the birth of Drivetrain.
21:28 11/08/2022
Azhar Siddiqui, Co-Founder, and CEO of RepStack Improves The Digital Journey of Agencies By Placing Talented Virtual Assistants in Key Roles
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Azhar Siddiqui, Co-Founder, and CEO of RepStack, a fast-paced start-up focused on improving the digital journey of agencies based in the US and Canada. They bring experienced and pre-qualified candidates and resources with marketing, sales, and design experience to help grow your sales and improve your in-house marketing skills. Their goal is to enable digital marketing agency owners to step back from the day-to-day of the agencies while activating massive growth by strategically placing their Virtual Assistants in key roles inside the digital marketing agency.
47:30 11/07/2022