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This is the Systems Simplified podcast where we feature top leaders who share stories on how to successfully systematize a business.


The Ultimate Business System for Independence With Mandi Ellefson
Mandi Ellefson is the Founder and CEO of Hands-Off CEO, which helps seven-figure consulting agencies scale. As the creator of the Scale to Freedom Scalable Service GrowthTM framework, she has consulted with hundreds of agency owners and CEOs, helping them free 20-50% of their week to focus on accelerating profits. Mandi is also the author of The Hands-Off CEO and the host of the Hands-Off CEO Podcast. In this episode: Are you being consumed by your company rather than having it serve you? How can you gain freedom from your business while ensuring it thrives and grows without your day-to-day involvement? After becoming burned out from managing her business single-handedly, consultant Mandi Ellefson developed a system to help entrepreneurs scale their service-based businesses to function independently. The process involves creating explicit agreements with your team and regularly implementing systems and processes to boost performance and create a culture of accountability. Mandi also notes that consulting businesses can increase profits dramatically by transitioning from traditional billing models to charging based on service value.  In today’s episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit sits down with Mandi Ellefson, the Founder and CEO of Hands-Off CEO, to discuss building a business that can scale effectively. She shares actionable steps for entrepreneurs and emphasizes the power of a clear vision.
25:16 6/19/24
How the Process of Gifting Can Drive Exponential Business Growth With John Ruhlin
John Ruhlin is the Co-founder of Giftology Group and Ruhlin Group, which are gift strategy and logistics companies. He is also the author of Giftology and the #1 all-time distributor of Cutco Knives in its 65-plus year history. As a master gift-giver, John forges lifetime relationships while generating enormous returns for his clients. His impressive list of clients includes the Chicago Cubs, Orlando Magic, the Chicago Bears, and many top entrepreneurs, including Darren Hardy and Cameron Hould.  In this episode: Sending thoughtfully chosen gifts can profoundly impact your business relationships. Consider the lasting impression you can create with your clients and network. How can you ensure these gestures authentically resonate with the receiver rather than coming off as clichéd? Gifting strategist John Ruhlin has developed a proven gift-giving process that strengthens relationships with clients and referral partners. Instead of sending gifts for momentous occasions, John emphasizes giving gifts during unexpected times to showcase genuine care beyond obligation. He also advises against branding the gifts with your logo to ensure they capture the recipients’ enjoyment rather than serve your marketing strategy. Personalized gifts tailored to your recipients’ preferences enhances the relationship-building process and creates loyal customers and partners. In today’s Systems Simplified episode, Adi Klevit welcomes John Ruhlin, the Co-founder of Giftology Group, who talks about leveraging customized gifting as a powerful business-building tool. John provides actionable insights into developing a giving philosophy that can systematize and maximize referrals, deepen client loyalty, and foster robust business networks.
47:22 6/14/24
From Bottleneck to Breakthrough: Systemizing Growth With Felix Velarde
Felix Velarde is the Founder and Chair of 2Y3X, a marketing firm designed to help agencies triple in size within two years. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and a pioneering figure in the digital marketing industry, with a career spanning over several decades. He founded one of the first web design agencies in the United Kingdom and grew it into a highly successful enterprise. Felix is recognized for his strategic leadership and expertise in scaling agencies rapidly through 2Y3X. As an anti-racism campaigner and advocate for inclusivity, he values integrity and balance within the workplace. He is also the author of Scale at Speed, a book aimed at helping businesses triple their revenue and build superstar teams. In this episode: If you ever felt your company’s operations solely relied on you, you may be stunting your growth. How can you transition from being the bottleneck at the top to a founder that fosters sustainable growth? After struggling for 20 years to scale his business and unlock the next stage of growth, agency expert Felix Velarde confronted his ego to move the needle on his company. Once you learn to accept help and embrace continuous learning, you can leverage a team of experts in various fields to enable creative problem-solving and growth. Felix also emphasizes the importance of robust systems and processes to gradually implement sustainable changes into your business operations.  Tune in to the latest Systems Simplified episode as Adi Klevit hosts Felix Velarde, the Founder and Chair of 2Y3X, to discuss systematizing businesses for scale. Felix offers a blueprint to overcome traditional growth hurdles through critical thinking, methodical change, and effective resource management.
32:33 6/7/24
Creating and Systematizing High-Converting Webinars With Jason Fladlien
Jason Fladlien is the Co-founder of Rapid Crush, a company renowned for its groundbreaking marketing strategies and expertise in webinars. He has driven over $250 million in sales, reaching over 150,000 customers across 131 countries, making him a pivotal figure in the online marketing arena.  Known for his unique journey from a Hare Krishna monk to a rapper before diving into the world of marketing, Jason’s diverse background fuels his innovative approaches to digital marketing and product launches. His work with webinars has set sales records across various industries and has led him to develop best practices that define today’s digital marketing strategies. In this episode: A carefully structured webinar can engage audiences and drive sales. Yet without proper engagement tactics, webinars can become pointless corporate meetings. How can you develop a process to turn any webinar into an irresistible selling machine? Digital engagement mastermind Jason Fladlien has developed a system for creating sales-converting webinars. The framework begins with building a well-maintained email list to invite participants. During the webinar, develop captivating introductions that set the tone for a valuable webinar experience and select topics that address major audience pain points. You can then follow up with an offer that provides solutions to these problems, utilizing strategic pricing and value perception.  Tune in to the latest Systems Simplified episode as Adi Klevit hosts Jason Fladlien, the Co-founder of Rapid Crush, who talks about the components of sales webinars. Jason emphasizes the importance of a focused introduction, strategic content development, and the effective handling of audience questions to ensure engagement and conversions.
58:55 6/5/24
The Art of Commercializing Products and the Power of Processes With David Boyle
David Boyle is the Founder and Consultant at Boyle Brands, a package food and beverage consulting firm that provides leadership and technical support in supply chain and product development. As a 3x founder and serial entrepreneur, he has helped launch over 200 CPG product lines. David has worked with Fortune 500 companies and A-list celebrities and influencers in the natural food and beverage industry, specializing in commercializing products.  In this episode: Many entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed with tasks that could be delegated, caught in an endless loop of in-business activities. What does it take to break free from being the bottleneck of your company? How can you transition from a one-person show to an organized, expanding entrepreneurial venture? Having accidentally stumbled into entrepreneurship, David Boyle realized he had to reduce his company’s reliance on him to scale further. As you gradually reduce your workload, David says to audit yourself to recognize where you spend your efforts. This will allow you to identify inefficiencies and tasks that can be systemized or delegated. When documenting and implementing systems, involve your team in the refinement process to enhance productivity and free yourself from the day-to-day. Join Adi Klevit in today’s episode of Systems Simplified as she hosts David Boyle, the Founder and Consultant at Boyle Brands, who talks about systemizing business operations to foster company growth. David emphasizes the impact of having robust processes and procedures, the return on investment they present, and how they can free up the most valuable asset — time.
29:01 5/31/24
10 Foundational Systems To Transform Your Business Culture With Kyle McDowell
Kyle McDowell is a coach, inspirational speaker, and the best-selling author of Begin With WE, which shares how to build and sustain a culture of excellence. As a former corporate executive who spent 30 years leading tens of thousands of employees in Fortune 10 companies, he guides leaders in creating impactful and enduring business transformations. Kyle focuses on changing leadership dynamics and systemic behavioral culture.  In this episode: Have you ever wondered if there was a more efficient way to lead your team rather than maintaining a reactive mindset? How can you transform and improve your organization’s dynamics? A corporate leader turned business coach, Kyle McDowell has developed 10 systems to elevate leadership and organizational culture. These principles, including honesty, accountability, action, and correcting mistakes, collectively enhance team performance. Leaders can also empower their teams by embracing challenges, focusing on outcomes rather than tasks, and mastering the details of their craft. Culture-focused processes impact business success and how team members support and interact with each other.  Join Adi Klevit in today’s edition of Systems Simplified as she hosts Kyle McDowell to talk about transformational leadership approaches. Kyle shares his disillusionment with corporate culture, how to overcome business and personal challenges, and his impactful principles.
27:51 5/24/24
The Power of Processes in a Traditional Industry With Liza Roeser
Liza Roeser is the Founder of FiftyFlowers and FlowerFix, online platforms delivering fresh flowers from farm to doorstep. She also founded Farm Exports to support farm-to-door deliveries. Starting with a $4,200 investment from Peace Corps savings, Liza built an eight-figure business without outside funding. She is passionate about business, leadership, and entrepreneurship.  In this episode: Most entrepreneurs view systemization and creativity as opposing concepts, but with an open mind, they can become synonymous. How can you systemize your creative passions into a thriving business? Floral industry disruptor Liza Roeser began with a vision to brighten up the world with flowers. Having transformed a simple flower delivery service into a full-fledged e-commerce business, Liza emphasizes building a strong company culture that values systems and processes. This includes fostering open communication, focusing exclusively on your business strengths, and aligning strategic systems with personal values. You must also remain accessible to new ideas that can propel your business further. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit converses with Liza Roeser, the Founder of FiftyFlowers, about her journey scaling a passion business. Liza talks about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, the significance of process and predictability, and how to maintain an innovative edge in a traditional industry.
35:59 5/22/24
Building Process Excellence in Digital Marketing With Damon Burton
Damon Burton is the Founder and President of SEO National, an agency providing personalized search engine optimization. As a seasoned entrepreneur and SEO expert, he has outranked billion-dollar companies on Google and provided his clients with innovative marketing and SEO strategies. Damon has a passion for helping businesses grow and thrive through effective documentation and implementation of SOPs. In this episode: Have you ever wondered how some businesses navigate through troubled economic waters while others sink? How do some entrepreneurs beat the odds, scaling their businesses and maintaining quality even during downturns? Rigorously documented processes and sound SEO strategies could be the backbone of their approach. According to SEO savant Damon Burton, search engine marketing is the foundation for growth and sustainability in the modern business landscape. He emphasizes focusing on website optimization, content quality, and external credibility to increase your company’s online presence. Creating and consolidating processes across a single platform also enables growth and quality control. By understanding and conveying the rationale behind each process, you can provide clear guidance to your team. In today’s episode of Systems Simplified, Damon Burton, the Founder and President of SEO National, joins Adi Klevit to talk about SEO and systematizing business processes. Damon discusses how creating comprehensive processes provided his team with the necessary tools to deliver results consistently and shares insights on establishing robust and flexible SOPs.
23:06 5/17/24
Maximizing Business Potential Through Strategic Systems With Jill Chiappe
Jill Chiappe is the Founder and CEO of Coachability, an executive coaching and consulting firm. As an executive coach, she has over two decades of experience working with Fortune 100 companies. Jill’s recent work includes developing courses to scale businesses and enhance team training.  In this episode: Many executives feel swamped by the grind of daily business operations, unable to foresee a clear path for growth or even find time for personal interests. What might you be missing, and how can systems revolutionize the way you work? Systems coach Jill Chiappe maintains that implementing strategic processes helps alleviate the burden of overwork. These include developing a detailed training program for your team to operate cohesively and independently. You can also craft a comprehensive dashboard to reflect KPIs and other critical metrics. These systems can extend to meetings, as establishing structured meeting protocols and clear objectives can advance goals significantly.  In today’s Systems Simplified episode, Jill Chiappe, the Founder and CEO of Coachability, joins Adi Klevit to talk about how systems promote a harmonious work-life balance. Jill shares the common disruptions executives face in their daily lives, how her professional journey has shaped her coaching career, and how processes save time, money, and resources.
26:33 5/10/24
Systemizing for Scalability: Gary Cohen's Blueprint to Business Excellence
Gary Cohen is the Vice President of Certified Contractors Network (CCN), a company dedicated to teaching best practices for systemizing businesses in the home improvement industry. With 30 years in the retail industry and over 15 years as a C-suite executive and leadership coach, Gary stepped out of retirement to leverage his expertise in learning and development with CCN. He's passionate about helping contractors scale their profits and revenues by implementing effective processes and procedures. In this episode: Are you tired of the chaos in your business and dreaming of turning it into a profitable enterprise? Documenting systems and processes can be the secret to achieving this transformation. How can you make this shift within your operation? Systems and processes boost efficiency and profitability and enhance customer satisfaction, employee retention, and the potential for profitable business sales. Former C-suite executive and process master Gary Cohen expresses the importance of beginning with foundational processes before updating and refining them to meet dynamic operational environments. To ensure everyone follows these processes, you must establish leadership buy-in and accountability metrics. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit welcomes Gary Cohen, the Vice President of Certified Contractors Network (CCN), to discuss the power of systematized processes and procedures documentation. Gary shares CCN’s company mission, the impact of customer satisfaction on business growth, and how to retain employees effectively.
29:45 5/8/24
Master the Cold Calling Process: Transform Rejection Into Sales Success With Nancy Calabrese
Nancy Calabrese is the Founder and CEO of One of a Kind Sales, a company specializing in lead generation, appointment setting, and sales training for the B2B community. The company creates, documents, and executes sales calls and processes, aiming to set quality appointments that close deals.  With a background as a headhunter and experience launching an inside sales department, Nancy brings over three decades of sales expertise to the table. An advocate of professional sales training, she remains active in mastering the art of conversations and sales through continuous learning.  In this episode: Cold calls can be a business growth engine, but they require seamlessly navigating conversations, booking appointments, and closing sales. What is the formula for converting those persistent "nos" into lucrative "yeses"? When it comes to securing leads and generating sales, Nancy Calabrese, a seasoned sales leader, emphasizes quality over quantity. With a clear and concise sales pitch and effective communication, you can increase the likelihood of booking appointments. Relating to customer pain points and demonstrating empathy in the sales process is crucial for increasing conversions. Nancy also recommends utilizing a systematic follow-up process for leads. In this Systems Simplified podcast episode, Nancy Calabrese, the Founder and CEO of One of a Kind Sales, joins Adi Klevit to discuss crafting successful sales processes and mastering cold calling techniques. Nancy distills her extensive knowledge into practical tips, such as the significance of Sandler sales training, the effective approach to qualifying a lead, and the power of maintaining communication without being intrusive.
29:00 5/3/24
Scaling Success: Tenacity and the Power of Processes With Chase Harmer
Chase Harmer is the Founder of Wishes Inc, a platform designed to make charitable giving instant, tax-deductible, and transparent. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he built and sold a $40 million business at the age of 32. A veteran in the payments industry, Chase has a track record of scaling startups and creating innovative technological solutions. In this episode: In today's fast-paced business environment, the lack of effective processes can lead to significant roadblocks and prevent companies from scaling. Entrepreneurs often find themselves tangled in the complexities of managing a growing business, leading to burnout and missed opportunities. How can you implement and embrace processes to elevate your business? Establishing well-documented processes is crucial but frequently overlooked, especially as businesses transition from startups to industry leaders. Chase Harmer, a seasoned entrepreneur, faced similar challenges during his journey to success. Recognizing the importance of processes, he learned to delegate effectively and avoid being entrenched in daily operations. Chase's strategic shift enabled him to scale his business and exit successfully. When implementing strategic systems for the first time, he recommends remaining flexible to improve processes continuously and prioritizing transparency and accountability to instill trust in your team. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit interviews Chase Harmer, the Founder of Wishes Inc, about transforming businesses through processes and procedures. Chase discusses the future of technological innovation in charity, the role of human connection in giving, and how to overcome the challenges of building processes in a large company.
18:38 4/26/24
Belief and Trust as the Foundation for Process Adoption With Shawn Feurer
Shawn Feurer is a seasoned coach and entrepreneur with a rich background in systematizing businesses. He has over 20 years of experience in the home improvement industry and as a business process trainer. Transitioning from operating a successful construction company to coaching, Shawn helps individuals reprogram their subconscious minds, overcome limiting beliefs, and align their mindset with their business goals. In this episode: During business growth, leaders often face pushback when trying to sustain documented processes. How do you turn the daunting task of systematizing a business into a growth powerhouse where processes are embraced by all? How much of an impact does mindset have on the success of these procedures? As a construction industry professional turned mindset coach, Shawn Feurer illustrates the significance of aligning beliefs with business practices. He underscores that without the right mindset and cultural support from the top, even the most effective processes fall short. By integrating systematic operations with psychology, you can achieve structured success.  In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit chats with Shawn Feurer about understanding and mastering the combination of business processes and mindset. Shawn highlights the crucial need for accountability and integrity among business leaders to foster a culture that supports and benefits from effective processes.
20:23 4/24/24
Streamlining Business Success: Systematize Digital Marketing With Michelle Nedelec
Michelle Nedelec is the Co-founder and Executive Coach at Awareness Strategies, a digital marketing agency helping businesses generate leads, increase profits, and close sales. As an experienced coach, podcast host, international speaker, and best-selling author, she has over two decades of experience in digital marketing for trades and professional services. Michelle possesses a profound ability to translate complex tech into relatable language for entrepreneurs, aiding them in understanding their business systems. In this episode: Have you ever considered the untapped potential of your existing client database? This could be the overlooked goldmine that holds the key to your next business breakthrough. How can re-engaging with past clients lead to significant revenue growth? Digital marketing powerhouse Michelle Nedelec tackles the common pitfalls businesses encounter when attempting to scale digitally. She illustrates her strategic digital marketing process, emphasizing the importance of both understanding your clients’ end goals and implementing cohesive messaging across various platforms. Michelle also explains that tidying up a client database can help businesses reconnect with past customers and potentially unlock a stream of revenue that has been previously ignored. Additionally, you can conduct a comprehensive website audit to systemize the user experience and increase conversion rates.  In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit meets with Michelle Nedelec, the Co-founder and Executive Coach at Awareness Strategies, to discuss the transformative impact of well-implemented systems and targeted digital marketing campaigns. Michelle delves into converting technical jargon into actionable strategies, optimizing past client engagements, and the significance of comprehensive, up-to-date business processes.
27:02 4/19/24
From Chaos to Clarity: How Systems Transform Organizations With Tony Morando
Tony Morando is the Chief Sales Officer at World Emblem, the #1 producer of custom emblems for apparel businesses. He has been a key player in guiding the company through significant expansion phases, growing the employee base from 100 to just under 1,300 across Mexico, the US, and Canada. With a leadership style rooted in authenticity and empathy, Tony has an aptitude for uplifting his team and creating a productive work environment. In this episode: Systems and processes are often associated with micromanagement, but when implemented into your culture, they can drive transformative results. How can documenting processes benefit your business? Having scaled and diversified a company using systems and processes, Tony Morando advocates for their integration throughout each department. Precise documentation provides clear expectations and promotes retention by empowering employees to take initiative. Leadership teams must embed systems and processes into the company culture by communicating and reinforcing core values. Join Adi Klevit in this episode of Systems Simplified as she chats with Tony Morando, the Chief Sales Officer at World Emblem, about transforming organizations through process documentation. Tony talks about World Emblem’s stratospheric growth, why systems and processes don’t enable micromanagement, and how to integrate them into your culture.
20:35 4/12/24
Elevating the Customer Experience: An Empathetic Process With Richard Weylman
Richard Weylman is an award-winning business consultant, Hall of Fame keynote speaker, customer service Hall of Fame inductee, and international best-selling author. He offers personalized strategies for Fortune 500 companies to acquire and retain lifelong clients. As a researcher and serial entrepreneur, Richard delivers dynamic presentations to achieve tangible outcomes and measurable results.  In this episode: Nearly every business has become commoditized, making it difficult to differentiate your products and services from competitors. Customers now have hundreds of choices at their fingertips. How can you create a system that elevates their experience and positions your business as the top choice? Customer experience thought leader Richard Weylman says customers no longer care about your product or platform; they demand personalized and humanized interactions. These exchanges should involve identifying the customer’s desired outcome and helping them achieve it. Since the pandemic, consumers have reevaluated their purchasing decisions, so brands must develop a process that mirrors this desire. Richard’s process entails communicating with customers by providing thoughtful, kind, caring, and empathetic services.  Tune in to this episode of Systems Simplified as Adi Klevit sits down with Richard Weylman to discuss how he elevates the customer experience. Richard explains how to acquire and retain new clients, his system for networking events, and the components of an exceptional customer experience.
30:01 4/10/24
Multi-Business Systems for Success With Trevor Blake
Trevor Blake is a serial entrepreneur and a best-selling author of multiple books, including the New York Times bestseller Three Simple Steps. With a unique business alliance model, he has founded, managed, and sold five companies for a combined value of over $300 million. As a respected coach, Trevor has created two experiential courses for personal growth and business development.  In this episode: With strategic systems and willpower, anyone can become a financially liberated entrepreneur. How can you build and grow a company that isn’t dependent on you? Having built seven companies in multiple industries, serial entrepreneur and coach Trevor Blake credits his success to a strategic business process that allowed him to focus on growth and marketing. The process involved leveraging skilled independent vendors rather than employees to perform specific functions. By developing a system that can manage your company, you can become independent. However, Trevor stresses the importance of making your vendors feel valued by demonstrating their tangible impact. Join Adi Klevit in today’s episode of Systems Simplified as she welcomes serial entrepreneur, coach, and author Trevor Blake to discuss his unconventional business model. Trevor shares how to foster positivity in the workplace, his humble upbringing, and the benefits of using vendors.
28:49 4/5/24
System Safety: It’s Not Just for Airlines With Andrew Dingee
Andrew Dingee is the Founder and CEO of System Safety, a safety solutions consulting agency. As a safety executive, airline pilot, and Marine fighter pilot, he improves safety management systems to achieve the lowest possible risks. Andrew’s approach has enhanced event reporting, allowing further insight into system errors. He is also a keynote speaker and the author of Delivering the Right Stuff, which recounts how US airlines corrected major mishaps. In this episode: US airlines have spent decades developing and perfecting systems to ensure the safety and trust of citizens and the industry. What can organizations learn from airline safety? With experience as an airline and fighter pilot, safety consultant Andrew Dingee maintains the value and relevance of checklists for every business. These quality assurance lists promote accountability and reduce errors and risks by evaluating and managing processes and workflows. An effective checklist includes a comprehensive and informative title and encourages users to execute systems and perform work correctly rather than through memorization. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit invites Andrew Dingee, the Founder and CEO of System Safety, to talk about reducing errors and risks in business processes. Andrew describes the premise of his book, why companies need system safety, and how to measure process effectiveness.
21:54 3/29/24
The Process Tool for Field Sales With Sebastian Jimenez
Sebastian Jimenez is the CEO of Rilla, a leading speech analytics software tool for outside sales and service. The company serves businesses in the home service, CPG, medical, finance, and retail sectors. He was recognized by Forbes as one of the Cloud 100 Rising Stars. In this episode: The highest-performing sales businesses are not always managed by the smartest or most creative people. It’s not uncommon for executives to fail hundreds of times before developing a fully functional sales system. How can you maximize your chances of success? According to sales tech wizard Sebastian Jimenez, the first step to ensuring rapid growth is to develop a basic sales process. However, the process won’t be precise initially, so Sebastian recommends leveraging an AI tool to evaluate and refine it for use throughout the company. When training your team to follow the process, focus on a single component that corresponds with a key business area you need to improve. This gives your team practice and ensures optimum results. In today’s Systems Simplified podcast episode, Adi Klevit sits down with Sebastian Jimenez, the CEO of Rilla, to talk about perfecting field sales processes. Sebastian shares the origins of Rilla, his business philosophy of reinforcement learning, and the importance of developing a sales system.
21:28 3/27/24
Why Every Business Needs to Document Processes With Adam Radulovic
Adam Radulovic is the Founder and President of, a company specializing in outsourcing IT departments for small businesses. With a unique business alignment process, eliminates 80% of technology issues by proactively auditing and optimizing IT systems.  Before founding, Adam was the Director at Divine Parlano, a software company renowned for enhancing knowledge worker effectiveness in Fortune 500 companies, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2007. In this episode: As a business owner, you may spend most of your day reacting to immediate situations. Yet this becomes less manageable at scale, making establishing and documenting business processes crucial. How can you ensure proper process documentation, revision, and adherence? IT services expert Adam Radulovic has developed an internal governance process that holds employees responsible for authoring, documenting, and updating systems. If a situation arises without an established process to rectify it, Adam says team members must assume the responsibility for creating the system. He also recommends holding quarterly team reviews to simplify process creation and refinement and define and eliminate duplication.  Tune in to this episode of Systems Simplified as Adi Klevit hosts Adam Radulovic, the Founder and President of, to talk about process documentation as a fundamental business tool. Adam explains why processes don’t hinder creativity, the technological issues companies should resolve in advance, and his turning point for documenting business processes.
24:03 3/22/24
The Client Acquisition System for Business Success With Erin Marcus
Erin Marcus is the Founder and CEO of Conquer Your Business, a business success consultancy that creates brand and business strategies to build six- and seven-figure companies. As a chief strategist and thought leader, she has been advising clients for 25 years after transitioning from corporate executive to entrepreneur. Erin has received several notable awards, including several Business of the Year awards and was Trailblazer of the Year twice. She is also an international speaker and the host of the Ready Yet?! podcast. In this episode: Ambitious entrepreneurs are passionate about generating ideas but are often burdened by financial, operational, and time constraints. How can you elevate your business to the next level to achieve creative freedom? Business growth advisor Erin Marcus has developed a proprietary client acquisition system to allow driven entrepreneurs to harness their zones of genius. You can apply the process in various ways based on your company’s current stage: growth, leverage, or scale. During the growth phase, focus on networking to acquire initial clients. The leveraging phase involves positioning your message in front of your target audience through speaking engagements. To scale effectively, you must establish sales funnels and develop unique service offerings. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit hosts Erin Marcus, the Founder and CEO of Conquer Your Business, to discuss the systems of entrepreneurial acceleration. Erin talks about tapping into your genius zone, the key systems of entrepreneurial success, and the three stages of business.
23:16 3/15/24
Systemizing the Customer Experience With Damian Kernahan
Damian Kernahan is the CEO of Proto CX, a service design consultancy helping companies improve their customer and employee experiences. As a customer experience consultant, he bridges the gap between customer expectations and service delivery, revolutionizing how businesses interact with their clients. Damian has worked in prototyping services for ventures like the Sydney Metro Project, demonstrating his commitment to creating seamless end-to-end customer journeys.  In this episode: When asked if they deliver superior customer service, 88% of global businesses said yes. However, only 8% of their customers agreed. This disconnect often occurs when companies don’t follow through on the promises they make to their clients. How can you deliver a seamless customer experience at every stage of the journey? Customer experience driver Damian Kernahan says it’s not enough to simply make a promise to a customer. You have to identify and exceed customer expectations to optimize and improve their journey. This involves developing a research process that includes interviewing clients, partners, and staff and compiling customer satisfaction scores, complaint data, and social media reviews. After pinpointing the central problems, expectations, and needs, integrate systems to prioritize and solve them. In today’s Systems Simplified episode, Adi Klevit sits down with Damian Kernahan, the CEO of Proto CX, to discuss optimizing the customer experience. Damian shares the most prevalent issues with traditional customer journeys, the main systems of an end-to-end customer journey, and how he refines the customer experience.
23:25 3/13/24
Developing a Process Around Business Continuity With Erika Andresen
Erika Andresen is the Founder and Business Continuity Expert at EaaS Consulting LLC, which advises companies on disaster preparedness and operational continuity. As an expert in emergency management and business continuity, she has 10 years of experience advising on disaster response for an international organization. After a career as a corporate attorney, Erika served in the US Army JAG Corps, where she attained the rank of major, advising generals on state-side operations, responding to disasters, and managing terrorist threats in Afghanistan. She is also the best-selling author of How to Not Kill Your Business. In this episode: Business risks and disasters are more than just unlikely what-if scenarios. These circumstances demand a precise level of preparedness and can include everything from unexpected growth and founder deaths to natural disasters and active shooter situations. How can you safeguard your business against potential threats? With deep expertise in disaster preparedness and risk mitigation, former attorney and veteran Erika Andresen asserts the fundamental importance of creating and documenting processes to mitigate and prevent disruptions. Her business continuity assurance process involves identifying vulnerabilities and threats and performing a risk analysis. After creating and refining processes accordingly, establish single points of failure that would be impacted by potential disasters. You can then develop security control measures and backups to ensure proper risk management. Tune in to this episode of Systems Simplified as Adi Klevit hosts Erika Andresen, the Founder and Business Continuity Expert at EaaS Consulting LLC, for a conversation about business continuity systems. Erika shares the key principles of a business continuity strategy, how to manage a business during explosive growth, and how she accelerated a company’s growth through business continuity.
28:13 3/8/24
Scaling Your Digital Marketing Process With Natalie Nichols
Natalie Nichols is the Co-founder of Concertina Team, an ethical offshoring company in the Philippines that specializes in building in-house marketing, sales, and customer service teams. As a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, she mentors entrepreneurs to scale and exit businesses through online strategies, net-positive business models, strategic relationships, and marketing. Natalie is a serial entrepreneur, acts as a growth advisor to large public global projects, and has managed prominent IT and infrastructure projects. In this episode: If you want to scale beyond seven figures, you must develop sound marketing strategies to gain traction. So how can you establish repeatable marketing processes to fuel growth? As a marketing success driver, Natalie Nichols has created a three-tiered framework to optimize digital marketing. The system involves lead generation, organic growth, and traffic. You can leverage LinkedIn Outreach and email and SMS marketing to generate leads. Initiating and sustaining organic growth requires implementing a basic SEO strategy to increase your website’s visibility. You can then create social content like blogs and videos to support your SEO efforts. Natalie also recommends gaining recognition and building a reputation in your industry to drive additional traffic. Once you’ve executed these pillars, create and document a repeatable process around them. Tune in to the latest episode of Systems Simplified as Adi Klevit invites Natalie Nichols, the Co-founder of Concertina Team, to discuss developing a scalable digital marketing process. Natalie shares public relations strategies to drive traffic, the universal value of systems and processes, and how to generate leads across various industries.
31:21 3/1/24
Profit Planning Systems for Empowerment With Danielle Hayden
Danielle Hayden is the Founder and CEO of Kickstart Accounting, Inc., an accounting firm assisting female entrepreneurs with their finances to grow their businesses and become more profitable. With over 10 years of experience as a corporate CFO, she helps business owners with bookkeeping, financial analysis, and education. Danielle is also the author of the Profit Planner book series. In this episode: Numerous entrepreneurs struggle to decipher their finances for optimal profitability. They often correlate their self-worth with their financial statements, believing their inadequacy determines their companies’ trajectory. How can you regain control of your finances to empower yourself and propel your business forward? With a passion for helping small business owners systemize their finances, veteran CFO Danielle Hayden maintains that a healthy, sustainable, and profitable business requires a set of precise systems and an adequate work-life balance. Her financial planning process involves strategic bookkeeping to make informed business decisions and accountability for requesting assistance. Much of profitability entails making calculated investments to reach your long-term goals. This may include increasing your spending to boost ROI. In this Systems Simplified podcast episode, Adi Klevit chats with Danielle Hayden, the Founder and CEO of Kickstart Accounting, Inc., about her financial planning process for profitability. Danielle reveals the premise of her Profit Planner book series, entrepreneurs’ most costly profit planning mistakes, and her empowering transition from a corporate CFO to an entrepreneur.
22:57 2/28/24
Optimizing Business Systems for Profitability and Freedom With Victoria Downing
Victoria Downing is the President of Remodelers Advantage, a consulting group helping remodeling companies build robust, consistently profitable businesses. After spending 10 years in marketing, advertising, and sales, she joined Remodelers Advantage to help remodeling entrepreneurs create lead-generation programs. Victoria helped launch Remodelers Advantage Roundtables, a peer group for owners of companies generating $1 million or more annually. In this episode: Many entrepreneurs launch a business to achieve freedom. However, this independence is often elusive as business owners discover the time it takes to manage an operation. What pitfalls can you avoid to gain freedom? With practical expertise in business optimization, remodeling industry veteran Victoria Downing observes that business owners often struggle with financial statements, staff management, and task delegation. To minimize barriers and ensure smooth systems, you must acquire the discipline to create annual budgets, support talented players and dismiss unproductive ones, and implement replicable processes for task delegation. Victoria also notes that entrepreneurship can be lonely, so by joining peer groups with experienced members, you can gain solidarity. On today’s episode of Systems Simplified, Victoria Downing, the President of Remodelers Advantage, joins Adi Klevit to talk about optimizing a business for success. Victoria explains why she helps remodeling businesses become profitable, how to manage teams and delegate responsibilities, and the benefits of peer organizations.
21:27 2/23/24
Brand Story-Telling and Identity Discovery Systems With Chris Smith
Chris Smith is the Founder of The Possibility Company, a training company helping entrepreneurs and financial advisors communicate their stories. While working as a financial advisor, he inspired his firm to elevate its story and message to acquire new assets, scale, and create a lasting legacy. As a coach, Chris developed the Campfire Effect to help purpose-driven, mission-focused entrepreneurs differentiate themselves in the market. In this episode: When marketing their services, many entrepreneurs unintentionally commoditize themselves by speaking too much about their industries. How can you discover and communicate your identity and purpose to differentiate yourself in the market? Clarity coach Chris Smith maintains that who you are is not what you do. Accordingly, he has developed a system that teaches entrepreneurs to separate their identities from their industries. By focusing on the outcome of your services, you can identify a unique purpose that separates you from your competitors. Communicating this purpose requires conveying a relatable and relevant story of a struggle, realization, and transformation. Chris also recommends monetizing your process to provide additional clarity for prospective clients.  In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit sits down with Chris Smith, the Founder of The Possibility Company and Campfire Effect, to talk about finding your identity and purpose. Chris shares brand story-telling systems, how he helps entrepreneurs uncover their unique identities, and the mistakes businesses make when relaying their services.
39:36 2/16/24
Elevating Your Business and Life Through Repeatable Processes With Jason Yarusi
Jason Yarusi is the Founder and Managing Member of Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily investment firm repositioning properties through operational efficiencies, renovations, and rebranding. Since 2017, the company has amassed over 2,300 apartment units. As a real estate syndicator, investor, and private fund manager, Jason manages over $245 million in multifamily real estate assets. He hosts the Multifamily Live podcast, which provides content and tools to build and strengthen a multifamily investment business.  In this episode: If you’ve lost direction in your business, how can you get yourself back on track? Research shows that 40% of habits are repeated. So with a strategic plan, you can replicate healthy habits to define your future. After facing unimaginable hardships and losing money constantly, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Jason Yarusi discovered that by implementing processes and systems, he could create alternative habits to take his business to new heights. If you want to transform your company’s trajectory, you must create precise and strategic processes that can be replicated. This allows you to measure performance and adjust systems based on the results. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Jason Yarusi, the Founder and Managing Member of Yarusi Holdings, joins Adi Klevit to talk about transforming your business through systems and processes. Jason shares information about the Live 100 program, how he reinvented his father’s business, and how to ensure ROI with systems and processes.
20:12 2/14/24
Foundational Systems for Expert Meetings and Events With Andy McNeill
Andy McNeill is the Founder and CEO of American Meetings, Inc. (AMI), a global meeting services organization providing high-level in-person, virtual, and hybrid meeting services to global organizations. With over 25 years of experience in the meetings and events space, he has assisted firms in various industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, sports marketing, and investment banking. Andy was recognized by Affinity Inc as an LGBT business leader. In this episode: Business meetings and events are effective for client engagement and relationship building. What systems can you implement to execute compelling meeting experiences? As a trailblazer in the meetings and events industry, Andy McNeill says every business should develop a strong meeting process that integrates virtual and in-person events. This involves identifying an objective and creating engaging and informative content that aligns with the goal. You must also establish a system for measuring ROI and goal-aligned outcomes from the meeting or event. Andy emphasizes following up with prospects and potential opportunities to accelerate branding and recognition for your organization. Join Adi Klevit in this episode of Systems Simplified as she interviews Andy McNeill, the Founder and CEO of American Meetings, Inc. (AMI), about meeting and event facilitation processes. Andy shares systems for creating a valuable company retreat, the qualities of successful meetings, and how to identify ideal conference locations.
28:57 2/9/24
The Ultimate Sales System for Repeat Buyers With Jim Padilla
Jim Padilla is the Founder and CEO of Gain The Edge, which provides sales systems, strategies, and teams to legacy-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. As a master sales trainer and expert team builder, he created and led a seven-figure international sales training team and has built high-performing sports and business teams for over 20 years. Jim has helped generate over a quarter billion dollars in sales growth for clients like Josh Turner and Zig Ziglar. In this episode: Most sales professionals focus too much on generating new leads and securing fast conversions. Yet 90% of your addressable market will purchase more than once. So how can you create a system that guides and nurtures repeat clients through the customer journey? Seasoned sales consultant Jim Padilla speaks to the value of systemizing and personalizing the customer journey. Most clients begin their trajectory by presenting a prevailing issue, so rather than rushing them through the purchasing process, take the time to provide relevant solutions. You can then guide them through the funnel by offering complimentary services that enhance value. Throughout the process, you must maintain consistent communication to ensure you remain top-of-mind. This may involve facilitating outreach efforts like surveys, referrals, and events. On today’s Systems Simplified episode, Adi Klevit interviews Jim Padilla, the Founder and CEO of Gain The Edge, about creating a valuable sales system for clients. Jim describes the main differences between buyers, leads, and subscribers, how his upbringing influenced his sales career, and how to target existing customers.
34:13 2/2/24