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This is the Systems Simplified podcast where we feature top leaders who share stories on how to successfully systematize a business.


How To Create a System for Working With Your Spouse With Dré Slaman
Dré Slaman is the Co-founder and CEO of Farm to Fit, a healthy, ready-to-eat weekly meal delivery service in the Portland, Oregon, area. Farm to Fit was started in 2011 by Dré and her husband, G. Scott Brown, who were looking for a food delivery service in the Portland region. They couldn’t find one, so they decided to create one themselves. Over the years, they’ve expanded their kitchen space and hired 30 team members to keep up with the demand for their services.  In addition to being an entrepreneur, Dré is also an actress and a mother. She is the President-Elect of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Portland Chapter and holds a master of fine arts in acting from Northern Illinois University. In this episode: To build a successful business, developing great relationships, both personal and professional, is crucial. According to Dré Slaman, solid relationships and business networks are necessary for every leader looking to grow a thriving business.  Having spent 11 years in entrepreneurship, one of the biggest lessons Dré has learned is the value of surrounding yourself with a solid support system. As a business leader, she suggests developing a habit of asking for help and leaning on other people's expertise, knowledge, and experience to build a thriving business. If you work alongside your spouse, create systems and processes that guide you in running your business.  In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Dré Slaman, the Co-founder and CEO of Farm to Fit, about how to create a system for working with your spouse. Dré talks about starting a business with her husband, the value of developing a business support system, and tips for separating your personal and professional life.
21:55 11/25/2022
Systematizing Communication Between Contractors and Clients With Ron Nussbaum
Ron Nussbaum is the Co-founder and CEO of Nuttnest, a customer communication platform that helps contractors, builders, and home service providers communicate with homeowners more effectively to transform the customer experience. Ron served in the Marine Corps and then joined the construction industry, where he’s worked for over a decade. He is a visionary leader with expertise in the many facets of construction, including field, sales, leadership, and management. In this episode: Do you often experience communication breakdowns between your team members and clients? How can you ensure productive communication with clients to provide better service and avoid customer complaints?  Constructive communication is essential in building a thriving business. As a business leader, you must have appropriate systems and processes in place to cultivate exceptional communication between your team and clients. According to Ron Nussbaum, one of the first steps to take is setting clear expectations with your clients in a simple and understandable way. Effective communication prevents chaos and leads to happy long-term clients. Ron Nussbaum, the Co-founder and CEO of Nuttnest, joins Adi Klevit in this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast to talk about systematizing communication in the construction industry. They discuss the most significant sources of communication breakdowns, the effects of poor communication, and how Nuttnest promotes communication between contractors and clients.
25:39 11/18/2022
Systems and Processes To Prepare Your Business for Sale With Bill Patten
Bill Patten is the President and Owner of Sunbelt Business Brokers of Portland, a company that helps business owners value, price, and buy or sell their businesses. Bill has been in business for over 40 years and has successfully purchased and sold four businesses. One of his businesses earned recognition from Inc. magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing privately held businesses in the country. He uses his expertise to help other business owners sell or buy their businesses.  In this episode: What systems and processes do you need to have in place to prepare for selling your business? How can you increase your company's value to make it more attractive to investors?  Some of the most significant factors that determine the sellability of a business include its cash flow, turnover rate, and level of risk. To prepare your business for sale, build a thriving company that separates you from the crowd and makes you stand out from your competitors. Bill Patten's advice is to create barriers to entry to protect your business from competitors. This includes getting intellectual property protection, creating solid systems and processes, and increasing your cash flow.  Bill Patten, the President and Owner of Sunbelt Business Brokers of Portland, joins Adi Klevit in this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast to talk about preparing your business to be sold. They discuss the signs that a business is not ready to be sold, improving your systems and processes, the right time to contact a business broker, and how to make your company more attractive to investors.
37:53 11/16/2022
How To Leverage Technology To Create Systems in the Service Industry With Emma Dye
Emma Dye is the Founder and Chief Salad Officer of Crisp Salad Restaurant, a chain of restaurants in Portland, Oregon, that offers chopped-to-order salads, fabulous soups, wine, beer, Prosecco, and other goodies. She has created a company culture of respect and inclusivity by building a diverse team and providing a safe and fun environment for her employees. She donates 10% of her company's sales to a local nonprofit every month. Emma was recognized as Restaurateur of the Year for 2022 by the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association.  In this episode: How can you use technology and automation to provide a better customer experience? What can technology do to promote a great company culture? Technology offers great tools and opportunities to help companies improve their systems and processes. Being an early adopter of technology allowed Emma Dye to put in place systems for placing online orders and delivering products to her customers. In turn, it helped her create a better customer experience, and her business benefits through high accuracy, fast delivery of services, and increased efficiency among her employees. In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Emma Dye, the Founder and Chief Salad Officer of Crisp Salad Restaurant, about how to leverage technology to create systems in the service industry. Emma also talks about building her company's culture, tips for hiring and retaining great employees, and the future of technology in the restaurant industry.
38:11 11/11/2022
Processes for Preparing a Company to Pivot With Natalie Nathanson
Natalie Nathanson is the Founder and CEO of Magnetude Consulting, a B2B marketing firm that provides fractional marketing services to small and medium tech-related businesses. The company services clients across the globe and brings specialized expertise in areas including cybersecurity, big data, AI, SaaS, B2B professional services, and emerging and established technology-related products and services. Natalie is also a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and a Thought Leader and Writer for the Forbes Agency Council. In this episode: Are you planning to rebrand, launch a new product, or enter a new market segment? What processes can you use to effectuate the change successfully? To pivot your business, you need a good strategy. The first step is to get a clear understanding of where you want to go and assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential challenges. You must also be agile and have the proper structure and team in place to develop and execute your plan. According to Natalie Nathanson, developing solid processes prevents chaos and acts as a risk mitigation measure. Natalie Nathanson, the Founder and CEO of Magnetude Consulting, joins Adi Klevit in this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast to talk about the process of preparing a company to pivot or implement a change. They also discuss the benefits of developing processes and procedures, working with a fractional marketing company, and assessing the effects of change after implementation.
30:13 11/09/2022
Systems and Processes for Creative Entrepreneurs With Odette D'Aniello
Odette D'Aniello is the Founder and CEO of Celebrity Cake Studio, a family-owned and operated retail cake boutique. The company has received numerous awards, including winning Best of Western Washington several times. Odette creates custom, artistic cakes that combine the aesthetic of taste with beauty. She is also the Owner of Dragonfly Cakes, the wholesale sister company to Celebrity Cake Studio, which designs, develops, and manufactures delicious handmade and clean-label petit fours (little cakes covered in decadent chocolate), tea cakes, and mini desserts.  Additionally, Odette is involved in various other areas, including being a US West Accelerator Expert for the Entrepreneurs'​ Organization, the Owner of True Nature Distribution LLC, and the Managing Partner for 26th St Holdings. In this episode: If you are a creative entrepreneur, how can you incorporate systems and processes into your business? Which structures can you develop to make your business thrive? For Odette D'Aniello, having boundaries has been critical in preventing chaos in her business. She uses daily checklists and routines, surrounds herself with trusted people who keep her in check, and learns from her mistakes. Systems and processes have helped Odette make better decisions and successfully integrate creativity into the business. In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Odette D'Aniello, the Founder and CEO of Celebrity Cake Studio, to talk about systems and processes for creative entrepreneurs. Odette explains how she uses the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in her business, how she merges creativity with systems and processes, and shares her strategy for creating a great company culture.
40:33 11/04/2022
The Relationship Between Data, Analytics, and Processes With Jay Bartot
Jay Bartot is the Co-founder and CEO of Zeitworks, an AI-powered business process intelligence platform that provides enterprises with the data-driven insights and tools they need to improve and transform their business process operations continuously. Zeitworks uses advanced machine learning and other technology to automatically discover and measure business processes to help unlock broken processes, identify bottlenecks, and make teams happier and more efficient. Jay has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and innovator. He has experience developing data and machine learning applications for a variety of verticals, including e-commerce, online advertising, travel, medical informatics, and consumer video creation. In this episode: How can you use data to improve your business processes? Can data improve your team's productivity and overall company performance? If you have many business systems and processes, it can be challenging to measure and evaluate their efficiency over time. It can also be difficult to identify variances in behavior and productivity across your team. The solution, according to Jay Bartot, lies in data analysis. Data helps to provide transparency throughout your organization and also helps you identify your best performers, fix deviations, and ensure continuous process improvement. In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Jay Bartot, the Co-founder and CEO of Zeitworks, about the relationship between data, analytics, and processes. Jay discusses the benefits of continuous process improvement, explains how to determine the usefulness of the data you generate, and talks about using data analytics to improve business processes.
26:37 10/28/2022
Using Systems and Processes To Scale and Diversify a Business With Hilary Key
Hilary Key is the Founder, President, and CEO of Art Steps, a school that teaches thousands of students classical, realistic drawing and painting skills. In 2020, with the sudden onset of the quarantine, Art Steps Online was born. She has been in business for 22 years and owns three Art Steps locations in Orange County, California.  Before Art Steps opened its oft-requested third location, Hilary's dream of forming a non-profit organization became a reality, and she started Bright Artists in 2015. After attending Fullerton College and the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts, Hilary received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on conceptual and abstract painting and performance art in 1998 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In this episode: Can you use systems and processes to avoid chaos? Can systems and processes create order in your business?  According to Hilary Key, a business is an organization made up of people and systems. It is critical that you keep it organized in order to grow and thrive. Systems and processes create order, prevent chaos, and drive success. Hilary's advice is to start by using simple strategies like checklists and begin to develop a culture of accountability. She successfully implemented these types of strategies to scale her own business.  In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Hilary Key, the Founder, President, and CEO of Art Steps, about the systems and processes she used to scale and diversify her business. Hilary explains why systems are important to creatives, shares her tips for ensuring that systems are followed, and talks about her future business plans.
21:35 10/26/2022
Systems and Processes for Identifying Companies To Invest in With Cameron Bell
Cameron Bell is a Partner at Fairmont Capital Partners, a lower-market private equity firm focusing on tech-enabled B2B companies with revenues between $1 million and $30 million. They work with founder and family-owned businesses to help them build, grow, and exit through strategic partnerships and capital structuring. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, Cameron's first business was a bootstrapped SaaS startup, one of his former businesses was awarded Startup of the Year in 2020, and he was also a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020. In this episode: If you want to sell and exit your company, what can you do to make it attractive to private equity firms? How can you increase your company's valuation?  As your business grows, there are a number of metrics you can look at to determine whether or not the business is profitable enough to entice investors. These factors include a strong customer base, solid profits, and efficient systems and processes. Evaluating those aspects can be beneficial in taking your business to the next level and determining if you can sell your company or acquire private equity funding to scale your business. Cameron Bell, a Partner at Fairmont Capital Partners, joins Adi Klevit in this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast to discuss the systems and processes for identifying investment-worthy companies. Cameron talks about his firm's ideal clients, the systems they implement in a new business, and the biggest challenge they face working with founder-owned companies.
29:10 10/21/2022
How To Know Which Processes and Procedures To Document With Mike Krass
Mike Krass is the Owner and Founder of MKG Marketing, the world's premier marketing agency for cybersecurity vendors. He focuses on helping businesses grow their sales pipeline through SEO, digital ads, and analytic programs. Mike founded MKG Marketing in 2011. He embraces a people-first philosophy, promotes strong work-life integration, and holds his employees and clients accountable. In this episode: Should you document all your business processes and procedures? Which criteria can you use to evaluate the need to create a system or standard operating procedure (SOP)? Mike Krass faced challenges running his business when his team grew to five employees. He realized that he needed well-documented systems and processes to ensure that his clients received consistent service. Using three key questions to decide which processes to document, Mike helped to improve his team's productivity and quality of work. He joins Adi Klevit to share his insights.  In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Mike Krass, the Owner and Founder of MKG Marketing, to discuss how to know which processes and procedures to document. They also discuss the benefits of documenting systems and the value of regular reviews of documented processes.
40:47 10/14/2022
Systems and Strategies for Achieving Financial Freedom With Jerry Fetta
Jerry Fetta is the Co-founder and CEO of Wealth DynamX, a full-service, national, cloud-based wealth creation firm. He helps thousands of clients across the US build wealth. His passion is to provide financial education to families and individuals so they can become solvent and achieve greater financial freedom. Jerry is also the author of The Blueprint To Financial Freedom. In this episode: Many people start a business with the goal of gaining financial freedom. To achieve that, you need systems and processes to build business freedom, which translates into financial freedom. What does this entail? To gain financial literacy and find a clear pathway to financial freedom, Jerry Fetta studied and learned from the most successful investors. Through this process, he devised a sequence of actions that investors can use to achieve financial independence, keep their finances organized, and grow their wealth. He now advises business owners looking for financial freedom to start with their end goal in mind. Jerry joins us today to share his insights.  In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Jerry Fetta, the Founder and CEO of Wealth DynamX, about systems and strategies for achieving financial freedom. Jerry talks about his blueprint for building financial independence, tips for reducing debt and taxes payable, and shares a case study from one of his clients.
24:53 10/12/2022
How To Use Processes To Scale a Business With Robert Delavan
Robert Delavan is the Founder of Delavan Realty Inc., a real estate brokerage company, and Delavan Property Management Inc., a property management company for residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout the Portland area. Through his 15 years of experience in finance, real estate management, and investments, Robert is able to analyze the value of every potential real estate transaction. He is committed to providing hands-on service with the ability to foresee expensive pitfalls and management issues when analyzing a property. Robert is also the Founder of Delavan Contracting Services, ROI Tax, ROI Marketing, and Admin by Design. In this episode: Building a successful business requires moving many pieces, from finding customers, dealing with contractors, and handling finances, to managing employees. What drives excellence is how well you execute all these processes.  When Robert Delavan started his own company, he focused on creating standard operating procedures and hiring employees with the right mindset for success. Over time, he helped develop his employees' talents to add more value to his business. He also perfected existing processes on a continuous basis to improve his company's level of efficiency and to scale. In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Robert Delavan, the Founder of Delavan Realty Inc. and Delavan Property Management Inc., to discuss how to use processes to scale a business. They also talk about the right mentality for success, the need for standard operating procedures, and the benefits of continuous process improvement. Stay tuned!
38:38 10/07/2022
Systems for Creating a Content Strategy To Scale a Business With Wendy Lieber
Wendy Lieber is the Co-founder and CEO of ContentBacon, an inbound marketing company that helps build brands that people know, like, and trust. ContentBacon's client intake process helps them learn about their clients' industry, customers, prospects, opportunities, and brand personality to develop unique content to create more awareness and grow their businesses. Wendy is also a board member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization. In this episode: To grow and scale your business, you need customers. Lead generation is critical in building an audience interested in what you have to offer, and when done correctly, it can produce tremendous ROI for your business.  Content marketing is a great way to grow an audience and keep them engaged. There are many channels companies can leverage to attract and communicate with their audience, share their unique story, and help differentiate their brand from other players in the industry. However, it is essential that you identify your ideal customers, understand their needs, and provide products that meet those needs. Wendy Lieber, an experienced content strategist, explains that an efficient content strategy consists of scalable processes and systems that others can learn from and replicate to achieve growth. So how can you create an effective content strategy? Wendy Lieber, the Co-founder and CEO of ContentBacon, joins Adi Klevit in this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast to talk about systems and processes for creating an efficient content strategy. Wendy discusses tips for growing an audience, creating and sharing content on various platforms, and working with a content management company.
41:28 09/30/2022
How Marketing Strategies Work in Conjunction With Operations Systems With Ryan Redding
Ryan Redding is a business consultant, marketing strategist, and the Founder and CEO of DP Marketing Services, a full-service agency specializing in websites, SEO, PPC, social media, and reputation management for tier-two businesses. DP Marketing Services provides digital marketing solutions for HVAC, plumbing, and other home services companies so they can produce quality leads and generate higher profits. Ryan has experience working in multiple industries and market sectors. He is the Owner of Hippie Cow, LLC, a web design and SEO agency for small businesses. He was previously the Acting Director of the Center for Technology Commercialization at Oklahoma State University and is the host of the Blue Collar CEO podcast. In this episode: What does it take to have an effective marketing strategy? If you don’t have your operations systems in place, marketing won’t be an adequate driver for more business. What do you need to know to make sure you're optimizing your marketing strategy?  Having spent many years in the marketing profession, Ryan Redding knows that operations are the key drivers of ROI. All functions of a company have to work together in a system for the business to thrive. Marketing can create awareness and drive leads, but your company’s operations must convert those leads into paying customers. All the marketing your company does will only make a difference if you have the proper system in place to handle those leads. In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Ryan Redding, the Founder and CEO of DP Marketing Services, to talk about the five most common marketing myths and why having the proper operations system in place is vital. Ryan explains why marketing does not solve all business problems, why the human element is essential when creating a marketing strategy, and how marketing is a systemized process where many components work together.
29:09 09/28/2022
How To Create a Happy and Successful Life With Julia Barbaro
Julia Barbaro is a Certified Life and Marriage Coach. After witnessing the power of coaching, she was inspired to give back and help others. As a married mother of six home-schooled children, Julia has the tools to motivate couples and their families to set goals, seek out their soul purpose, and envision what they want out of life.  To teach children decision-making skills and about the different paths they can take in life, Julia authored two children's books, The Cannolis Exploded! and A Gelato Blast! She hosts The Julia & Gino Show with her husband, where they discuss marriage, family, and business. She is also an integral part of the operation of her husband Gino’s business ventures, including Jake & Gino and the Rand family of companies. In this episode: What does it take to create a happy and successful life? How can you overcome worry, know what’s important, and create a balanced life that works well for you?  Married for 24 years with six children, a coaching career, and as a businesswoman, Julia Barbaro knows that life comes with its challenges. Success and happiness come from learning how to handle the various obstacles that come up daily in both your personal and professional life. When this happens, Julia starts by defining her core values and goals and then determining what is most important to her. In her business life, she happily works alongside her husband by understanding that there is no competition between them. They focus on their strengths, stay in their lanes, and help each other with their weaknesses. As a coach, Julia advises people to take one step at a time without worrying about doing everything at once. She also encourages people to take responsibility, be kind to each other, and surround themselves with positive and encouraging people.  In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Julia Barbaro, a Certified Life and Marriage Coach, to talk about how to create a happy and successful life. Julia discusses the systems she implemented to balance her life, overcome worry and her fear of public speaking, and her tips for working with your spouse.
29:46 09/23/2022
How To Build a Business That Aligns With Your Personal Mission Statement and Core Values With Midori Verity
Midori Verity is the CEO of Fuel to Fire, an invite-only accountability group for driven female entrepreneurs and leaders focused on big goals. As a serial entrepreneur with three decades of vetted experience, Midori knows what it takes to start, grow, and rapidly scale a business with ease. In this episode: Are you struggling to do everything inside your business? Are you feeling burned out? How can you stay afloat and reach your goals? As an experienced entrepreneur, mentor, and coach, Midori Verity knows that the secret is to start by staying in your zone of genius. Figure out what you excel at, what you love to do, focus on your talents, and delegate the rest to others so you can stay laser-focused on your goals. Building a business that aligns with your personal mission statement and core values helps you and your employees remain clear on where the company is going. Creating an efficient system and framework will guide and accelerate you towards your objectives. Midori says that by adding an accountability group of like-minded people to your repertoire, you will get the extra support you need to elevate your business and get the results your want. In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Midori Verity, the CEO of Fuel to Fire, to discuss how accountability groups help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Midori talks about the challenges she faced building her first company, the components of a personal mission statement, and the value and many benefits of accountability groups.
24:55 09/16/2022
How To Use Systems and Processes To Promote Efficiency and Grow Your Business With Mark Miller
Mark Miller is the Co-founder and President of Historic, a brand strategy and design thinking group based in Phoenix with clients all over the US. Historic’s main focus is primarily on servicing nonprofits and cause-oriented businesses. Mark is a strategic and creative leader with an extensive background in company culture, branding, marketing, creative processes, and systems. He is also the author of Culture Built My Brand: The Secret to Winning More Customers Through Company Culture. In this episode: What new processes can you develop to grow and scale your company? Which areas need restructuring to improve operations? Do you have systems and processes in place that are burning cash?  Just because you’ve been doing something a particular way for a long time does not mean you have to continue. Challenge your standard operating procedures and reexamine your usual way of doing things because you may devise more efficient methods. When you discover a better way to achieve your end goal, developing and documenting a detailed step-by-step process is essential. Using a feedback loop will help your company continue to be creative and improve techniques, especially if you employ a diverse team. Having a diversified team, a great company culture, and solid processes will go a long way toward driving profitable growth. Processes improve execution, promote efficiency, and enhance the customer experience. In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit hosts Mark Miller, the Co-founder and President of Historic, to talk about challenging your status quo and using systems and processes to provide a better customer experience. Mark discusses the steps Historic uses to document processes internally, how to use processes to get unstuck, and the value of having a feedback loop.
29:19 09/14/2022
Creating Systems for Increasing Engagement and Repurposing Content With Kate Bradley Chernis
Kate Bradley Chernis is the Founder and CEO of Lately, a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate high-performing, transformative social media content to drive optimum engagement. She is a former rock 'n' roll DJ and served over 20 million listeners as music director and on-air host at Sirius XM. She is also an award-winning radio producer, engineer, and voice talent with 25 years of national broadcast communications, brand-building, sales, and marketing expertise. Kate used her music and radio talents to create Lately's AI. In this episode: In a highly competitive world, what can businesses do to cut through the noise to reach a wider audience? How can they create an emotional connection with clients? The secret to effective marketing is creating an emotional connection with your audience. Reaching a larger audience may require businesses to vary their content. The solution: repurpose old content to suit the needs of a diverse audience. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit hosts Kate Bradley Chernis, the Founder and CEO of Lately, to talk about creating systems for increasing engagement. Kate explains how the idea for Lately's AI came to fruition, how the platform serves small businesses, and discusses the value of repurposing content.
46:23 09/09/2022
The Value of Being Part of a Supportive Community With Adi Kaskavalciyan
Adi Kaskavalciyan is the Co-founder of The Wealthy Contractor and gFour Marketing Group. The Wealthy Contractor provides real-world education, training, and best practices to help home improvement and home services business owners achieve more success, wealth, and freedom. Through gFour Marketing Group, Adi and her husband, Brian Kaskavalciyan, help clients nationwide create profitable, long-lasting customer relationships by using their award-winning done-for-you marketing programs. They help contractors bring in more referrals, reviews, and repeat business. In this episode: Do you want to become a business owner? What challenges would you face growing your business? Do you work on your business or in your business? Sometimes entrepreneurs think the answers are for them to figure out alone. As a successful entrepreneur who has “been there, done that,” Adi Kaskavalciyan says, the most successful people accept that they don't know everything and surround themselves with people who are experts in the areas where they're lacking. Building a successful business is a journey full of many ups and downs. You have to be committed to it and find the right resources to help you along the way. But what makes this journey easier is having a supportive community.  In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Adi Kaskavalciyan, the Co-founder of The Wealthy Contractor and gFour Marketing Group, to discuss the value of being part of a supportive community. They also discuss secrets to being a wealthy entrepreneur, what successful and wealthy contractors have in common, and how The Wealthy Contractor supports entrepreneurs.
25:54 09/02/2022
Processes for Wisdom and Knowledge Transfer With Jon LoDuca
Jon LoDuca is the Founder of PlaybookBuilder, a revolutionary knowledge management tool that helps drive higher results in organizations by supporting a continuous learning culture. PlaybookBuilder enables innovative organizations to onboard, train, and drive the adoption of their learning content and share it with team members, prospects, clients, and vendors.  In this episode: How can knowledge be extracted from an individual, packaged, and used as an asset for the company? Your employees' wisdom, expertise, and knowledge are your company's greatest assets. However, without structured processes in place, this knowledge and expertise can't serve your company well. Not sharing this knowledge and wisdom limits growth and makes it harder to scale operations. It also makes it difficult to exit the business and have a smooth transfer to a new owner. Capturing and sharing learning content and tools with your team, clients, vendors, and prospects is in your best interest. So, what processes do you need to have in place to enable knowledge transfer? In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Jon LoDuca, the Founder of PlaybookBuilder, to talk about processes for wisdom and knowledge transfer. They discuss why not having processes in place prevents a company from scaling, the benefits of collaboration, and how Jon's PlaybookBuilder works.
53:24 08/31/2022
Best Practices for Hiring, Onboarding, and Delegating To Virtual Assistants With Jeff J. Hunter
Jeff J. Hunter is the Founder and CEO of VA Staffer, a 170-plus-person virtual assistant staffing and marketing agency. He helps entrepreneurs and startups build and scale remote teams to dominate their brand category through his C.O.R.E. branding method. Jeff’s company has been featured in several publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc., as well as on ABC and CBS. In addition to his VA Staffer business, Jeff is the Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Branded Media, where he creates solid, recognizable, legacy-driven personal brands for companies and influencers. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, business, computer information systems, marketing, and operations management. He is also the host of the Savage Marketer podcast.  In this episode: What does it take to become the industry leader in your area of expertise? How does a business stand out and get a fighting chance in a world full of noise? Companies need to recognize the value of hiring talented people and virtual assistants to help in building a scalable brand. Jeff J. Hunter developed the C.O.R.E. method for hiring, training, and delegating to virtual assistants. Virtual assistants can handle many of your routine tasks — lead generation, advertising, data entry, contact management, and social media marketing — so leaders can focus on growing their businesses. His method helps businesses and entrepreneurs stand out and have a competitive advantage in this crowded marketplace. Jeff J. Hunter, the Founder and CEO of VA Staffer, joins Adi Klevit in this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast to talk about best practices for hiring, onboarding, and training virtual assistants. Jeff explains how virtual assistants can create standard operating procedures, shares strategies for delegating, and talks about his C.O.R.E. branding method.
35:03 08/26/2022
Creating Systems and Infrastructure to Build a Sellable Business With Chris Guinn III
Chris Guinn III is the Principal Broker and Co-owner of Dwell Realty, a real estate brokerage firm. He started his entrepreneurial journey 35 years ago in residential sales before starting Dwell Realty in 2009 with his friend Tracey Hicks. Not long afterward, Chris decided to get into property management which led to the founding of Dwell Property Management, where he manages residential and commercial properties in the Portland Metro area. In this episode: How can you build a sellable business? What infrastructure do you need to create a transferable company? Although Chris Guinn III built a successful salon business, he found it challenging to sell it to transition to a new industry. He realized he did not have the proper infrastructure in place to transfer it to a new owner. He learned the importance of having well-documented processes and procedures to make it attractive to buyers.  In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit joins Chris Guinn III, the Principal Broker and Co-owner of Dwell Realty, to discuss the lessons he learned about building a sellable business. Chris talks about starting a real estate firm, how he has benefited from property management, and the systems he created for his company.
38:29 08/19/2022
The Benefits of Creating Employee Engagement Systems With Dondi Scumaci
Dondi Scumaci is the President of Dondi Scumaci, Inc., where she and her team consult with organizations to develop better employees, leadership, and overall company culture through its public and private seminars, keynotes, and management retreats.  Dondi has many years of experience as an executive in the financial industry and transitioned to consultancy to help businesses and people thrive. She is the author of many books, including the best-seller Designed For Success: The 10 Commandments for Women in the Workplace. Dondi is an international speaker best known for her high-energy presentations and workshops designed to inspire employees, executives, and entrepreneurs to reach their potential. In this episode: People need to feel connected with others, that their work has meaning, and that they’re an important part of the company’s vision. It makes employees more productive, communicate and collaborate effectively, and fuels overall engagement. How can that be done? People feel engaged when they find meaning and purpose in their work, making them want to release their potential. During the pandemic, people became isolated, so companies need to find ways for them to reconnect because collaboration is integral to effective teams. Involvement in the company vision, having processes in place, and receiving support help form employee connectivity and a sense of community. If they know they're part of the bigger picture, it drives their commitment to their jobs, and they feel involved in the meaning and purpose behind their work and the impact of their role in the company. Giving feedback, especially the positive kind, is also key, and companies can support their employees through a mentorship or coaching program to build engagement. Engagement creates a solid company culture, a sense of community and collaboration, and drives the company vision. What else can leaders do to motivate and engage their people? Dondi Scumaci, President of Dondi Scumaci, Inc., joins Adi Klevit in this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast to talk about systems for creating engagement. They discuss how a sense of community helps fuel engagement, differentiate mentorship from coaching, the art of delegation, and share best practices for a constructive feedback system.
36:28 08/17/2022
Creating a Differentiated Brand With David Brier
David Brier is the Founder and CEO of DBD International, Ltd., a branding consultancy that helps build brands for clients worldwide, no matter your size, location, or industry. He is a branding expert and the recipient of over 330 international industry awards in branding, rebrands, design, and brand strategy.  He received the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship medallion and has been featured in Adweek, Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and numerous podcasts. David is also the author of the award-winning book Brand Intervention: 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have into the Brand You Need. In this episode: Customers buy transformations — products or services that make things simpler, better, easier, tastier, smaller, or bigger. How can you use your company’s unique story as a selling point to differentiate itself from competitors? How can your brand add value for customers? The most essential factor in building your brand is the experience people have with your product or service — the actual differentiator of using it, interacting with it, and the transformation it helps bring about. With a wealth of branding experience behind him, David Brier's advice is to start by focusing on customers' problems and needs. He helps companies create a unique brand that relates and interacts better with customers. Customers look for brands that fill the gap between where they are and where they want to be — they are looking for a solution. Once you can do that for them, your business will grow. In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews David Brier, Founder and CEO of DBD International, Ltd., about his system for creating a differentiated brand. David also talks about his book, explains what branding means, and discusses how companies can become extraordinary and differentiate themselves from competitors.
37:01 08/12/2022
Logical and Tailored HR Processes Specific to Your Organization With Cindy Free
Cindy Free is the Owner and CEO of HR Annie Consulting, a human resources consulting firm located in Portland, Oregon. She started her career in the ski industry, and after college, she started working in HR. She officially joined HR Annie Consulting in 2012. The company was originally founded by her mother, Ann ”Annie” Reed, in 2009. Annie transferred ownership to Cindy in 2016. HR Annie Consulting specializes in high-quality human resources solutions using a tailor-made approach. The team works with many small to mid-sized clients to help them with their HR needs. Cindy is responsible for all functions of the HR Annie team, including sales, marketing, customer service, project management, and overall customer satisfaction. In this episode: Your business requires employees to function, so treating them well is essential. They are your most valuable asset. If you don't take good care of them, they won’t be as productive or happy in their roles, and your business will suffer. Does your company need a better HR plan?  Having a human resources infrastructure is crucial not just for the sake of legal compliance but also for the success of the company and the well-being of its employees. Every business needs an HR infrastructure with systems and standard operating procedures in place for guidance. In the long-term, companies benefit from a low employee turnover rate and a more productive team. Cindy Free, the Owner and CEO of HR Annie Consulting, is Adi Klevit's guest on this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, where she talks about systems for human resources management and how they use a tailor-made approach with companies. Cindy explains how she works with clients, why documentation and systems are vital for a solid human resources structure, and best practices to ensure legal compliance.
33:23 08/05/2022
The Benefits of Implementing a Total Business Operating Systems Solution With Isaiah Nolte
Isaiah Nolte is the COO at Traction Tools, a cloud-based software platform that helps organizations implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) with ease. It helps businesses manage meetings, operations, member permissions, and communications across the organization. Its "To-Dos" functionality enables users to create a list of tasks during meetings and send automatic reminders. Isaiah is a Professional EOS Integrator at EOS Worldwide. Prior to his current position, he was the Operations Leader and then the Integrator and President of Traction Tools. Before joining Traction Tools, he was the Sales and Tech Leader at Marketing Concepts. In this episode: Are you wasting time in an endless stream of meetings? Do you have trouble staying on task and prioritizing your responsibilities? Is it challenging for you to stay organized? A software systems solution could help you and your company with all those challenges.  Many companies have adopted the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) because it helps prioritize time, execute duties, and achieve better results. Useful software helps promote clarity and accountability to manage workloads, priorities, and goals efficiently. For the EOS system to work efficiently, you need the right software to execute it. Traction Tools allows you to take the components of EOS and use them so everybody in the company can access the areas focused on what they need to know. Once it’s integrated into your business, you’ll be glad you didn’t try to reinvent the wheel.   In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Isaiah Nolte, the COO at Traction Tools, about the benefits of using its software to implement a business operating system. Isaiah discusses common challenges leaders face with how they spend their time, explains how to use Traction Tools to create actionable items to promote accountability, and how it’s used for teams to collaborate on essential company goals.
35:24 08/03/2022
The Art of Establishing Credibility With Mitchell Levy
Mitchell Levy is a global credibility expert, a 2x TEDx speaker, an international best-selling author of 65 books, and an Executive Coach for the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches community. Mitchell has interviewed 500 thought leaders on credibility, which led him to publish an international bestseller book, Credibility Nation. He has also delivered a powerful TEDx Talk on humanity, created courses, and built a Credibility Nation membership community to help people live, learn, grow, and surround themselves with the "right" people on a similar journey. He’s an accomplished entrepreneur who has created 20 businesses in Silicon Valley, including four publishing companies that have published over 750 books. He’s provided strategic consulting to hundreds of companies and has been the chairman of a board of a NASDAQ-listed company. In this episode: What does it take to become a credibility expert? What can you do to be viewed as credible? Credibility is your character and other people’s perception of your character. According to Mitchell Levy, credibility is a journey and not a destination. It is the quality in which we are trusted, known, and liked. When presenting an elevator pitch or your CPoP (Customer Point of Possibilities) statement, credibility is essential to make an impact on your audience. You have to establish trust with them quickly, so they want to know you and work with you rather than your competitors. To create credibility and be likable, you must be authentic and consistent, display integrity, be vulnerable, and respect people, among other things.  In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Mitchell Levy, a global credibility expert, about his proven process of creating credibility. Mitchell also discusses the 10 aspects of creating credibility, why it takes three seconds on your online presence to generate trust, how to state your purpose succinctly, and guides Adi to create her personal CPoP statement and what comes next.
40:27 07/29/2022
Processes for Business Development With Jackie Kibler
Jackie Kibler is a Certified EOS Implementer™ for EOS Worldwide. She is passionate about helping CEOs and business leaders transform their companies and, ultimately, the quality of their lives. Jackie has held various leadership roles for about 30 years, with 10 of them being a coach for CEOs. As a Certified EOS Implementer™, she has clients all over the US in a variety of industries. Jackie is also a Certified KOLBE Consultant at the J.W. Kibler Group. In this episode: Having a proven business development process is one of the best things you can do to grow your business. It can help in attracting leads, qualifying them, and driving sales. Being a Certified EOS Implementer™, Jackie Kibler learned that many companies lack a well-defined structure for business development. She now advises leaders to put in place the right structures for executing sales, creating a value proposition for prospects, and building business networks. This makes work easier for teams and helps create a healthy company culture.  In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Jackie Kibler, a Certified EOS Implementer™ for EOS Worldwide, to talk about processes for business development. Jackie explains how EOS works, discusses the benefits of having a proven process, and shares tips for business networking.
34:10 07/22/2022
How To Live an Extraordinary Life With Jeremy Ryan Slate
Jeremy Ryan Slate is the Founder of The Create Your Own Life Show, a podcast that studies the highest performers in the world. He is also the Co-founder and CEO of Command Your Brand Media, a public relations firm that helps premium brands and leaders maximize the power of podcasts to change the world. Jeremy was ranked #1 in iTunes’ business category and #78 in the Top 100. Throughout his career, he has received numerous recognitions, including being named one of the top 26 podcasts for entrepreneurs by CIO magazine and the top podcast to listen to by Inc. magazine. In this episode: Do you want to live an extraordinary life? What if you knew the tenets of being extraordinary are a repeatable and predictable process? Through his trials and tribulations, Jeremy Ryan Slate discovered what it takes to become extraordinary and achieve success. He shows people what success actually looks like — it’s hard, it’s gritty, and sometimes you have to work at it a long time to get there. However, if you know the right strategies and apply them to the right things, you can achieve many great things and help out a lot of people. Jeremy helps people who believe they were meant for more and want to achieve a higher level in life, and it starts with the courage to push yourself. In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Jeremy Ryan Slate, the Founder of The Create Your Own Life Show and the Co-founder and CEO of Command Your Brand Media, to lay out the step-by-step components necessary for people to become extraordinary. Jeremy talks about the realities of achieving success, what success looks like, and what it takes to get there.
40:41 07/20/2022
The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success with Bob Burg
Bob Burg is the Founder of The Go-Giver Community Network, an organization that connects private, global businesses. In the past 30 years, he’s helped companies and leaders evolve their communication habits in order to increase their sales and grow their businesses. He is also the Co-author of The Go-Giver, a book that talks about the five laws of stratospheric success, what they are, and how they can be implemented in everyday life. In this episode: Can giving value to others help your business grow and succeed? What are the five key principles entrepreneurs should focus on in order to prosper? The Co-author of The Go-Giver, Bob Burg, has been helping companies and people alike achieve extraordinary results both professionally and personally. In his career of over 30 years, he’s addressed audiences and shared the stage with notable leaders, athletes, broadcast personalities, and politicians, including the former President of the United States. His goal is to help shift your focus to that you are providing immense value to others and to yourself.  Bob Burg, Founder of The Go-Giver Community Network, is Adi Klevit’s guest on this episode of the Systems Simplified Podcast. Bob shares his experiences while co-writing The Go-Giver with John David Mann, how it’s different from his past works, and what makes it so special. He also talks about how The Go-Giver Community Network helps businesses, the importance of finding a mentor, and the value of authentic relationships when conducting business.
30:07 07/15/2022