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John Anderson & Trevor Thomas chat all things WI, focusing on Wisconsin’s sports & sporting life. The people, stories & Statriotism of America's Dairyland.


Packers HOF GM Ron Wolf
The Architect of the resurgence of the Green Bay Packers! Join us as we go Inside Wisconsin with former Packers GM, and now Pro Football Hall of Famer, Ron Wolf! & wherever you catch podcasts.
82:32 11/24/2022
Grocery Mogul Mark Skogen
Episode 43 is now LIVE! We chat with Festival Foods CEO Mark Skogen, share a Top 5 list that takes us back to the songs of 1983, and a John Wisconsin “Turkey Bowl” story for the & wherever you catch podcasts.
73:14 11/10/2022
Deeper Roots | Episode 5 | The Fisherman
In Episode 5 of Deeper Roots with Blain's Farm & Fleet, we spend time with John Dettloff, long-time Musky fishing guide on the Chippewa Flowage at Indian Trail Resort.Catch the video episode now at
11:37 11/03/2022
The King of Snow - Dan Ariens
Snow, Packers, Biathlons, Sledding Hills, and more!Join us! Let's go Inside Wisconsin with the CEO & Chairman of Ariens Co. - Dan Ariens!
71:05 10/27/2022
London & The Voice of Lambeau!
John Anderson from London. The Voice of Lambeau Field, Bill Jartz! And a chat with our "London Insider" Olivia Harlan Dekker!Join us! Let's go Inside Wisconsin!📺📻
71:10 10/13/2022
Deeper Roots | Episode FORE | The Golfer
Episode FORE is here! Inside Wisconsin's Deeper Roots with Blain's Farm & Fleet! Our thanks to Tyler Luedtke of Crystal Lake Golf Course in Plymouth for having us out and sharing his story with us.Make sure to check out the video. You won't want to miss these bloopers., and wherever you catch your favorite podcasts.
10:51 10/06/2022
NFL Vet Dave Krieg of tiny Milton College
He was born in Iola, Wisconsin, played High School football at D.C. Everest, went on to play College football at tiny (and now defunct) Milton College, and against all odds, played 19 seasons in the NFL.We talk football, Wisconsin hunting, and so much more. You will love this chat with NFL Veteran Dave Krieg!Check out the video at! 
64:13 09/29/2022
Brewers Radio Lane Grindle
Milwaukee Brewers stories galore with radio play-by-play man Lane Grindle.  That time when JA called out Steve Stricker & it completely backfired.  Our Top 5 sports goosebumps causing moments.  We learn why Jeff Levering loves heights. And so much more! & wherever you catch podcasts.
72:52 09/15/2022
Deeper Roots | Episode Three | The REKO
A certified organic farm, in Fredonia, Wisconsin, shows us a twist on Wisconsin farming many of us may not recognize. Chickens, poultry, and a REKO revolution, ope my!Meet Vanessa of The Victory Garden Farm.These are the people, the stories, and the Statriotism of Inside Wisconsin.Welcome to Deeper Roots with  Blain's Farm & Fleet! 
13:46 09/08/2022
2022 Packers Season Preview
John Anderson is a walking sports encyclopedia. This, we know. But when it comes to the Green Bay Packers, ESPN Packers Reporter Rob Demovsky, and 620 WTMJ Sports Director Greg Matzek give him a run for his money.You're gonna wanna write some of this down. Not while you're driving though.Join us! Let's go Inside Wisconsin and preview the upcoming Packers for more!
80:53 09/01/2022
Deeper Roots | Episode Two | The Cheese Pro
Deep Wisconsin roots were established on a dairy farm. Like many farm kids, early adulthood brough change and opportunity. After years in Idaho as a Journalist, Jeanne Carpenter returned to Wisconsin, and all but single handedly saved the Wisconsin Cheese Industry. Now, she owns the Firefly Coffeehouse in Oregon, Wisconsin, and is one of only a few dozen American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals in America's Dairyland.These are the people, the stories, and the Statriotism from Inside Wisconsin.Welcome to Deeper Roots, with Blain's Farm & Fleet!
10:37 08/25/2022
Long-time Packers Athletic Trainer Pepper Burruss
He was the Athletic Trainer for Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers... and literally every Packers player in between. After 26 years with Green Bay, and 42 years in the NFL, now retired Athletic Trainer Pepper Burruss shares unimaginable behind-the-scenes stories from his years in Green Bay, his love of Wisconsin, and his thoughts on some of the legendary Packers he had the privilege to treat over the years.Make sure to leave a 5 star review and check us out on YouTube!
85:32 08/18/2022
Kung Fu Kenny & Double Z!
One is the 2nd fastest man in the world. The other is the 3rd best Decathlete in the world. One of the hosts has hosted Track & Field broadcasts for ESPN, The Olympics, and the World Championships. The other is Trevor.Enjoy our chat with Silver Medal Sprinter Kenny Bednarek, and Bronze Medal Decathlete Zach Ziemek! Two Wisconsin loving Track & Field stars.Check out the video on!
59:24 08/04/2022
Deeper Roots | Episode One | The Farmer
A farmer, a factory worker, and a stud Sheapshead player. That was Merlin Witte.Farmers. Brewers. Hunters. Packers. Badgers. Cheeseheads. Neighbors.No matter what name we go by, we are bound together by our roots.These are the people, the stories, and the Statriotism from Inside Wisconsin.Welcome to Deeper Roots, with Blain's Farm and Fleet.
09:24 07/28/2022
Leader. Coach. Speaker. Champion. Mr. Steve Jones
Defined by numbers, he's the definition of a Hall of Fame coach. Defined by leadership, he co-authored the best selling book. Literally. Defined by his wife, he's a dedicated father... and his golf game could use some work. Defined by his players, there's no one they'd rather follow.Enjoy our conversation with Wisconsin High School Football mogul turned motivational speaker and best-selling author, Mr. Steve Jones.Video:
59:47 07/21/2022
John Anderson Homecoming - Bringing Awareness to Mental Health
John Anderson returns home in a special episode, where John and Trevor are live at the Green Bay Rockers game to raise money for The Production Farm, a non-profit entity 100% dedicated to the behavioral and mental health of kids right here in Wisconsin.
40:52 07/07/2022
Queen of the Brewers - Sophia Minnaert
Raised in Madison. Alum of Marquette. Interned at ESPN. And has been on our TV telling us about our favorite teams ever since. Sophia Minnaert has the dream job of a lot of people, including hers. And there's nobody better for the role.Enjoy our chat with Milwaukee Brewers reporter, and life-long Wisconsinite, Sophia Minnaert!Click subscribe!
60:01 06/23/2022
Wisconsin Badgers & Indianapolis Colts star running back - Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor loves Madison like he grew up here. The Terrace, Cheese Curds, the Lakes... the guy gets it.  No... he gets US.  You will love this chat with Wisconsin Badgers running back turned Indianapolis Colts number one weapon (sorry, Matt Ryan), Jonathan Taylor.Make sure to check out the video podcast on
59:58 06/09/2022
Homegrown Wisconsin Athletic Director Chris McIntosh
Born in Wisconsin. Raised in Wisconsin. Played for Wisconsin. And now runs athletics at Wisconsin.Even you couldn't write it any better then that.Here's our chat with the University of Wisconsin - Madison Athletic Director Chris McIntosh.
60:02 05/26/2022
Funniest Brewer Ever Brent Suter
He's been a Brewer his entire professional career, and he's clearly become someone fans and teammates absolutely love. Enjoy this conversation with lefty reliever, fan favorite, and downright funny man, Milwaukee Brewers Brent Suter!Subscribe!, and wherever you catch your favorite podcasts.
58:34 05/12/2022
Packers Draft with Mel Kiper, Wes Hodkiewicz, and Burke Griffin!
Our Packers 2022 NFL Draft Special! ESPN NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper, Green Bay's CBS Affiliate -  WRFV-TV Sports Director Burke Griffin, and Digital Reporter Wes Hodkiewicz. Join us! Let's go Inside Wisconsin, diving deep into the Green Bay Packers 2022 NFL Draft!
74:00 04/27/2022
Wisconsin's "Gold Medal Triple Jumper" - Kenny Harrison
He. Jumped. Over. The. Landing. Zone. Let’s go Inside Wisconsin with Wisconsin's "Gold Medal Triple Jumper" - Kenny Harrison!
59:57 04/14/2022
The best Wisconsin Badger football player ever - Joe Thomas
The best Wisconsin Badger football player of all time, and one of the greatest offensive lineman in NFL history, Joe Thomas, joins us on Inside Wisconsin. Yea, that Joe Thomas. This guy bleeds Wisconsin. Enjoy!
59:36 03/31/2022
Wisconsin Badgers Super Senior Brad Davison
It's go time, Wisconsin! March. Is. Here. And what better way to get jacked for the tourney then with Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Super Senior Brad Davison. He's a good dude, and you will love this chat. Join us! Let's go Inside Wisconsin with Brad Davison!
60:01 03/17/2022
UWGB Stud turned proud Indiana Pacer Keifer Sykes
Former UWGB standout, and now proud Indiana Pacer, Keifer Sykes, joins us for a quick chat we like to call "A Slice of Cheese!"  You will absolutely love this dude's success story. 
32:24 03/10/2022
Architect of Wisconsin Basketball - Dick Bennett
Wisconsin Basketball as a whole has been standing on the shoulders of Legendary Coach Dick Bennett for 40+ years, and as you’d guess, the humble man takes very little credit for it. We do our best to extract his basketball, leadership, and general life insights in the latest episode of Inside Wisconsin. Subscribe!
60:39 03/03/2022
Episode 24: Bonnie Blair
5 time Olympic Gold Medalist Speed Skater Bonnie Blair joins us on Inside Wisconsin! And we also hear about the top 5 worst Wisconsin winter injuries that BayCare Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Brian Klika has seen in his day. Subscribe today!
59:54 02/17/2022
Episode 23: Craig Culver
Join us for the Wisconsin home-grown story of Culvers. You'll love it almost as much as you love their cheese curds.Subscribe today!, and wherever you catch your favorite podcasts.
56:36 02/03/2022
Episode 22: Wes Hodkiewicz Digital Reporter Wes Hodkiewicz (@WesHod) joins us next on Inside Wisconsin! You will love these stories from inside and behind the scenes at Lambeau Field.Subscribe today!, and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.
60:03 01/20/2022
Episode 21: Jeff Levering
Milwaukee Brewers TV & Radio Play by Play man Jeff Levering joins us on Inside Wisconsin!
59:50 01/06/2022