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The Armor Men's Health Hour

The Armor Men's Health Hour with hosts Dr. Sandeep Mistry and Donna Lee is a weekly show covering a multitude of medical topics important to men. Dr. Mistry is a Board Certified Urologist and will be discussing topics such as erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, testosterone therapy, fertility, kidney stones, vasectomies and so much more. Their holistic approach to men's health that includes nutrition, weight loss, sleep health, sex therapy and pelvic floor physical therapy will also be showcased. In addition, they have prominent and respected physicians and specialists throughout the Austin area who will give their views on important men's health topics such as orthopedics, cardiology, endocrinology, internal medicine and general wellness.


Too High Testosterone? Dr. Mistry Answers Listener Question on ED, Dutasteride, and Testosterone Therapy 10:43 01/01/2022
Treating Your BPH: Dr. Mistry and Dr. Jacomides Discuss Pros/Cons of Treatments for Enlarged Prostate 10:47 01/01/2022
How the Four Types of Sexual Dysfunction in Women Affect Relationships and How To Treat Them 10:49 01/01/2022
Should I Give Up On Getting It Up? A Listener Wonders If It's Too Late To Treat His ED 10:41 01/01/2022
Have You Heard About HIFU? Why HIFU May Be Your Best Bet To Beat Prostate Cancer 10:43 12/25/2021
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize: Dr. Makkouk of Austin Eye Center On the Link Between Vision and Major Health Concerns 10:47 12/25/2021
New Year, New Penis! Resurrect Your Buried Penis With a Penile Prosthesis or Penile Enhancement Surgery to Improve Form AND Function! 10:44 12/25/2021
Trouble After a Hydrocelectomy? Dr. Mistry on Removing Hydroceles, Spermatoceles, and Even the Epididymis 10:42 12/25/2021
50 Shades of Semen: What Does The Color of Your Ejaculate Say About Your Health? 10:40 12/18/2021
Early Prostate Cancer: Dr. Mistry On Different Factors That Affect Treatment Approaches 10:42 12/18/2021
Dysfunctional ED Treatment? For Best Results, See...NAU Urology Specialists! 10:43 12/18/2021
"Tingle Balls" Making You Grinchy This Holiday Season? Dr. Mistry Explains Why Your Testicles Are Tingling 10:42 12/18/2021
Cardiac Canary In the Coal Mine: Why ED Can Indicate Heart Health Problems and How Dr. Nathan Pekar of Victory Medical Can Help With a Heartwise Physical 10:50 12/11/2021
Testis Masses and Penile Shortening: Dr. Mistry Explains Spermatoceles and Atypical Causes of Penile Shortening 10:34 12/11/2021
Dustin Fontenot on Interpreting Your PSA Results and Whether Spark Wave Could Treat Your ED 10:43 12/11/2021
State-of-the-Art Prostate Surgeries: Dr. Mistry Describes the Urolift, Rezum, Aquablation, and More! 10:44 12/11/2021
Treating Hydroceles and Abdominal Pain: Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee Answer Listeners' Questions 10:46 12/04/2021
Feeling the Burn? Dr. Erik Lough on the Difficulties of Treating Acid Reflux 10:43 12/04/2021
Make Your Prescriptions Work For You: Why Dr. Mistry Loves Compounding Pharmacies like Nucara Pharmacy 10:45 12/04/2021
Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction: Dr. Mistry On Protecting Your Vascular Health 10:49 12/04/2021
When The Floodgates Open: What You Should Know About Potentially Deadly "Overflow Incontinence" 10:43 11/27/2021
Will Testosterone Therapy Lower My Sperm Count? Donna Lee and Dustin Fontenot, PA-C Answer a Listener Question 10:46 11/27/2021
How the Four Types of Sexual Dysfunction in Women Affect Relationships and How To Treat Them 10:49 11/27/2021
Taking Male Enhancement Seriously: Where Aesthetics and Dysfunction Meet 10:44 11/27/2021
Which Testosterone Option Is Right For You? Dr. Mistry Explains Injections, Pills, Pellets, and Creams 10:44 11/20/2021
Allergic To Sex? Dr. Mistry Answers Listener Question on Sneezing After Sex 10:43 11/20/2021
Can I Get a Vasectomy If I Have Peyronie's? Dr. Mistry Answers A Listener's Question 10:42 11/20/2021
Give Thanks For HIFU: The Prostate Cancer Treatment With Minimal Side Effects 10:39 11/20/2021
Kidney Stoned: Dr. Mistry Explains Why Tiny Stones Hurt So Much And What You Can Do For The Pain 10:13 11/13/2021
With "Exact View" Micro Ultrasound, We've Got Prostate Cancer In Our Sights 10:49 11/13/2021