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Ask The Hearing Doctors

Experienced, professional Doctors of Audiology answer questions about hearing loss, tinnitus and other hearing disorders, as well as the latest technology for diagnosing and treating them.


What is a Central Auditory Processing Disorder? 12:07 03/05/2022
How Do I Know if I Have a Balance Disorder? 03:00 03/05/2022
5 Myths About Falls 05:18 03/05/2022
What’s New in Widex Hearing Technology? 13:09 03/05/2022
Hearing Doctors is Offering a New service!! Hearing Aid Rentals 03:22 03/04/2022
Hearing Aid Trial Period Explained 04:58 03/04/2022
Cooking with Hearing Loss - Important Safety and Communication Tips 03:04 03/04/2022
Solutions for Unilateral Hearing Loss 05:34 03/04/2022
Millions of Americans Have Hearing Loss: Do You Know Someone? 06:17 03/04/2022
Can Hearing Aids Help Mild Hearing Loss? 04:24 03/04/2022
How to Fix Your Balance Problems Without Surgery 04:11 02/17/2022
What Do Your Ears Have To Do with Balance? 06:09 02/17/2022
I Keep Falling, What Should I Do? 05:41 02/17/2022
Are You Feeling Dizzy? 08:04 02/17/2022
Dr. Richard Gans, Founder of the American Institute of Balance 06:13 02/17/2022
You CAN Regain Your Hearing: One Man's Fight to Hear Again 23:03 11/21/2021
Eliminate Moisture in Your Hearing Aids with REDUX 23:22 11/21/2021
Does My Child Have Hearing Loss? 14:18 11/21/2021
How Does a Smartphone Work with My Hearing Aids? 10:27 11/21/2021
Help!! What's Wrong with My Hearing Aid? 05:39 11/21/2021
Is It Safe to Use Wireless Hearing Aids? 05:04 11/21/2021
Can Wearing Headphones or Earbuds Cause Hearing Loss? 09:56 11/21/2021
Why Do My Hearing Aids Squeal? 05:58 11/21/2021
Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries - What You Need to Know 08:45 11/21/2021
Can I Fly with Hearing Aids? 06:17 11/21/2021
Importance of Hearing Healthcare in Senior Living 15:13 11/21/2021
What is Meniere's Disease? 05:12 11/21/2021
Importance of Speech Testing 08:40 11/21/2021
Can I Wear Someone Else's Hearing Aids? 05:44 11/21/2021
Best Practices in Audiology 11:01 11/21/2021