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365 Brothers - Inspiring Black Men

In each episode, a Brother reflects on his life; recounts significant events; shares his interactions with law enforcement; and answers the signature question "If America was a woman, what would you say to her? You won't find a more engaging collection of conversations with diverse Black men anywhere else. Hear their wisdom. Get informed. Be inspired.


Author and Speaker, Dr. Herbert Harris on Living an Aligned Life on Your Terms 62:59 08/09/2022
Gumbo to Grill, Award Winning Restaurateur Chef D Cooks in Business 42:45 08/02/2022
Digital Creator Rodney Perry On Answering When Entrepreneurship Calls 58:26 07/26/2022
Jazz Pianist Miguel Landestoy Empowers and Educates Young Musicians 59:50 07/19/2022
Who's Country Is This? Is It Yours? 14:58 05/24/2022
Confronting the Vestiges of Colonial Masculinity with Mental Health and Masculinity Expert, Leroy Mitchell 60:52 05/17/2022
Dr. Greg Hall is Closing the Gap on Healthcare Disparities for African-Americans 60:18 05/10/2022
Where Are All The Black Male Nurses? Doctor of Nursing Practice Candidate, Demarcus Stevenson Tells Us 86:44 05/03/2022
Marine Biologist Dr. Eric Archer Tests The Bounds of Mastery in All Things 58:02 04/26/2022
Filmmaker John Wayne S., III Is A Fountain of Creativity and Enlightening Conversation 58:37 04/05/2022
IT Entrepreneur Marvin Smith Believes It's Time to Show Off Black American Exceptionalism 53:57 03/29/2022
Tyree Byndom of Black Demographics and Urban UniverCity Connects People With Their Destiny 56:11 03/22/2022
Data Scientist Bobby Rountree Makes Data Oh So Dapper 60:46 03/15/2022
Mr. Motivation, Shaun Murphy, is a Master Recruiter, Educator and Entrepreneur 53:38 02/15/2022
VP of Digital Channels Chris Barlow on Banking Options To Empower Us 47:07 02/08/2022
Melvin Graham Shines A Light on Black Business and Black Empowerment 54:27 02/01/2022
Crafting Policy from Data, Corey Ponder Has Worked in U.S. Intelligence and at Google, Facebook and Meta Platforms 57:48 01/25/2022
We're All Looking For That Magic Level of Freedom- Entrepreneur, Wendell Jordan 59:15 01/18/2022
Jarrett Thomas Drops Truth and Positive Consequences of Consistency and Authenticity 59:33 12/14/2021
Kevin Hoffman's Experiences as a Biracial Adoptee in 1960s Detroit Laid the Foundation For His Work as a Diversity and Inclusivity Trainer 56:41 12/07/2021
Jesse Ross Relies on Integrity, Transparency and Relationships To Build Community and Diversify Businesses 59:11 11/30/2021
Dancer and Entertainer Karee "Stingy" Everett Is a Demonstration in Loving and Forgiving our Imperfect Parents 46:12 11/23/2021
Former NBA Pro Sam Williams Lives a Life of Gratitude and Service 55:41 11/16/2021
Houston's Lee Ardoin Uses The Rules of Basketball To Pursue His Dreams 45:47 11/09/2021
From Monopoly Game Mogul to Real Life Marketing Guru and Entrepreneur, Sean Atkinson Was At The Forefront of Integrating His Industry 59:58 11/04/2021
Darryl Webster, A National Father of the Year Award Recipient and Clinical Social Worker Inspires Others to Overcome Anxiety and Depression as He Did 57:55 11/02/2021
Terrence McClain, AKA The Joy Fanatic, on Courage, Creativity and Landmark Education 47:43 10/19/2021
Microsoft's William Adams Cracked The Code on Increasing Diversity in Tech 59:26 10/05/2021
Civil Engineer Steve Henderson, Who Designs Highways and Train Systems, Shares What Propels Him 60:59 09/30/2021
Eric Curtis, Vice President of Engineering and Technology in the Aerospace Industry Exemplifies Tenacious Leadership 55:39 09/28/2021