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Fake Believe: Conspiracies, Cults & Cryptids

Are you telling us you still believe in the moon? Wow, okay, you’d better take a listen to our podcast. We’ll tell you the truth about this world and all of the craziness that truth entails! Subscribe to Fake Believe: Conspiracies, Cults and Cryptids, and hear hosts Stacie and Rachel discuss nonsense every week! If you don’t like it, you’re “one of them," and, frankly, we can’t help you.


YeeHaw Cacaw, Mothman! (You Are So Welcome, Point Pleasant, West Virginia) 107:17 05/02/2022
What the Rule Book Actually Says About Dogs Playing Basketball 69:36 04/01/2022
We Apologize to all the Irish Fairies and Leprechauns 99:29 03/17/2022
You Don't Want to be a Glober! The Earth is Flat! 122:54 03/03/2022
Colloidal Silver is for Dorks: Amy Carlson & Love Has Won 120:00 02/18/2022
Men in Black are Alien LARPERS, the Musical 108:45 02/03/2022
John Lennon and the YMCIA 79:55 01/20/2022
Dr. Pepper Says Paul is Dead and Math is Real 121:48 01/06/2022
Christmas Bonusode: The Santa Clause 47:34 12/23/2021
Time Traveling Taquitos and Barack Obama's Leprechaun Roommate 115:06 12/16/2021
Krampus, Gryla, and Other Propaganda for the War on Christmas 87:50 12/02/2021
Thunderbirds, Lightning Birds, and...Hyena Cowboys? 100:12 11/18/2021
The Sneaky Knights Templar Have the Holy Grail! 96:49 11/04/2021
Halloween Bonusode! 42:45 10/31/2021
Witches are Cool, Vampires Drool 118:45 10/21/2021
The Hollow Earth is Real (Unlike the Moon) 101:55 10/07/2021
The Devil's Chasing Clout: Black-Eyed Kids and Hellhounds 97:01 09/23/2021
Mobile Hooks and Blobby Feet! Kraken and Nessie Can't Be Beat! 110:26 09/10/2021
A Belly Full of Beef and Now You're Trippin: The Manson Family 103:08 08/26/2021
Not Every Lizard Person is an Inter-Galactic Peace Genie 93:23 08/12/2021
Until a Raccoon Proves Me Wrong, I'm Gonna Say Roanoke is Lost 78:04 07/29/2021
Evidence Schmevidence in the Dyatlov Pass 74:45 07/15/2021
Bonusode 2: Birds Aren't Real Rally Recap 18:03 07/05/2021
Gotta Have It! Flying and Spying! (Because Birds Aren't Real) 79:02 07/01/2021
Neither the Wendigo nor Werewolf is the Batman of the Forest 82:18 06/17/2021
Heaven's Gate, a Confetti of Wrong 85:12 06/03/2021
Bonusode 1 + An Announcement 13:14 05/27/2021
There's No Rule That Says You Can't Storm Area 51* (*Yes there is.) 87:09 05/20/2021
Doo Doo Diligence on the Mandela Effect 76:16 05/13/2021
The Biggest of the Cutie Pies: Yeti and Bigfoot 75:26 05/06/2021