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This Folie a Deux Bull&@!#?!
We’re gonna be straight with you: this subject matter ended up being  more "infuriating bullshit" than "fun bullshit." We invite you to listen as Stacie peeks behind the curtain of the folie a deux phenomenon, and the hosts also put forth a surprising theory on the origin of “your mom” jokes.Music NotesBeata Dark by OB-LIX via PixabayOpus 39 by Nesrality via PixabayRisk by Studio Kolomna via PixabayWorks ConsultedFolie à deux - WikipediaThe nosological significance of Folie à Deux: a review of the literature - PMCFolie à deux - PMC.Bridget Cleary Changeling Murder - AtlasobscuraPapin Sisters - allthatsinteresting.comChristine and Léa Papin - WikipediaJune and Jennifer Gibbons - WikipediaTrue story behind ‘The Silent Twins’ movie with Letitia WrightMass Hysteria: Definition, Examples, Causes, and More10 Highly Unusual Examples Of Folie A Deux Or Shared Psychosis - ListverseSupport the show
90:00 4/13/23
Hot and Spicy Spice Boys on Ghost Ships
In this Episode the Episode, Rachel tells Stacie about The Flying Dutchman (the GHOST SHIP) and then the the Carroll A. Deering, a ghost ship of a different sort. There are also spice girls and cats. And the devil. And pirates. You really just have to listen.Check back for show notes!Support the show
81:17 1/9/23
Haunters Gonna Haunt
Join Stacie, Rachel, apartment ghosts, and house werewolves for a spooky Halloween-themed episode. First, Stacie shares tricks (and treats!) of the ghost-hunting trade so you know what to bring with you when you visit St. Louis's hauntedest house: the Lemp Mansion (which Rachel will tell you about). Music Notes: (Via Pixabay)Sinister Night by Soul Prod MusicCreepy Music Box by Dmitry TarasHalloween Time by Nicky PeWorks ConsultedTwo in five Americans say ghosts exist — and one in five say they've encountered one | YouGovParanormal television - WikipediaAlone in the Dark: An Oral History of MTV's Fear | Mental FlossThe History Of Ghost Hunting Equipment And How To Use ThemGoing Ghost Hunting? Here's the Essential Paranormal Equipment You'll NeedGhost StopSociety for Psychical Research - WikipediaSociety for Psychical ResearchTen Things about Ghosts and Haunting - Anthropology NewsThe Lager Caves of St. LouisSt. Louis Star and Times May 10, 1949Unveiling the real Johann Adam LempThe Lemp Mansion // St. Louis, Missouri // 314-664-8024.St. Louis Paranormal Research Society Facebook PageSpooky St. Louis Episode One: The Lemp MansionKMOV St. Louis The Fall of the House of LempThe Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, Missouri | HauntedRooms.comLemp Mansion’s ‘Lady in White’ ghost going viral after haunted tour | FOX 2The Haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis – Legends of America5 Signs Your House Is Haunted Support the show
123:25 10/31/22
It's All Logical, Except For This One Bit: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
In March of 2014, the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 shocked the world. How can an airplane simply vanish in the 21st century? Stacie dives deep into the mysterious circumstances, precedence, and impacts...but you should know that there are no answers here.Music Notes (All internal music is from Pixabay)Warped Love by NojisumaLone Wolf by Guilherme BernardesEuphoria by PlaysoundSpider by Soul Prod MusicWorks ConsultedGremlin - WikipediaWas Flight MH370 Found with an Eerie Black Box Recording Saying: “SOS, They Are Not Human”? Ty on Twitter: "i really need yall to listen1947 BSAA Avro Lancastrian Star Dust accident - Wikipedia Tragic Crash of Flight AF447 Shows the Unlikely but Catastrophic Consequences of AutomationAir France Flight 447 - WikipediaAir France flight 447: Confusion on the flight deckFlight envelope protection - WikipediaMissing Malaysia plane MH370: What we know - BBC NewsSAFETY INVESTIGATION REPORTMalaysia Airlines Flight 370 satellite communications - WikipediaMalaysia Airlines Flight 370 - WikipediaSeveral ground witnesses claim they saw Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 | CNNThe mystery of MH370 remains more than 5 years later — here are all the theories, dead ends, and unanswered questions from the most bizarre airline disaster of the centuryWing part washed up on beach is from missing MH370, Malaysia confirms | ReutersMalaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance theories - WikipediaMalaysia Airlines Flight 17 - WikipediaAircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System | SKYbrary Aviation SafetyFlight Data Recorder (FDR) | SKYbrary Aviation SafetySupport the show
123:30 10/16/22
The Tide You Over Bonusode!
Stacie's officially hitched, and Rachel is going to learn time management some day, so these two wacky co-hosts are ready to start castin' pods again! Until the next full episode drops, enjoy a bonusode where the stakes are low but the hosts are high. Wait. No, not like that.Music NotesBounce by Coma-Media via PixabayLast Week Tonight Theme Song is actually a song called "Go" by Valley LodgeSupport the show
24:44 10/6/22
The Hypotenuse Point Will Lead you Back to Scientology Where We Belong
Saddle up, all you cowboy scientologists, because Juicy Clanger’s (that’s Stacie’s new spy name) personal mission is to educate you on scientology! Then Rachel tells the tale of Operation Snow White from conception to downfall. Plus the Arc Reactor AND Hydra in the SAME episode? Whaaaaat? - check it out!Music NotesNight Prowler by Psychronic via PixabayLet the Games Begin by Psychronic via PixabayWorks ConsultedUnrecognized charisma? A study and comparison of five charismatic leaders: Charles Taze Russell, Joseph Smith, L Ron Hubbard, Sw THERAPEUTIC CULT TO RELIGIOUS SECT of Scientology - WikipediaA Timeline of New Scientology Organizations Dedicated from 2010-2020L. Ron Hubbard - WikipediaL. Ron HubbardScientology Creeds and CodesMore Break-Ins Revealed In Scientology Spy Case - The Washington PostScientology Catechism - What is the Office of Special Affairs?Office of Special Affairs - WikipediaScientology's Secret Service: 2. The Guardian OfficePiercing the corporate veil: the true structure of ScientologyThe “Snow White” Program and the Church of Scientology: The True StoryTimeline of Scientology versus the IRSCalifornia. Court of Appeal (2nd Appellate District). Records and Briefs Charges Scientology Conspiracy - The Washington PostBurglaries and Lies Paved a Path to Prison - Los Angeles TimesChurch of Scientology, IRS Settle Dispute for $12.5 Million - WSJSupport the show
114:19 8/16/22
A Whole Ass Flying Saucer or Ew Deception? (Travis Walton Abduction)
In what was originally the second half of the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction episode, Rachel details the abduction of Travis Walton and its aftermath. No potatoes were harmed in the making of this podcast.Music Notes:Epic Dramatic Action Trailer by QubeSounds via PixabayCyber Attack by JuliusH via PixabayWorks Consulted:Top Secret UFO Projects on Netflix: Who Is Travis Walton, the Man Who Says He Was Abducted by Aliens in 1975?Travis Walton's Alien Abduction Lie Detection Test » Michael ShermerTravis Walton no Polígrafo Legendado em Português UFO ( The moment of truth)Travis: The True Story of Travis WaltonTravis Walton's Alien Abduction Lie Detection Test » Michael ShermerPodcast - Untold Radio AM Mike Heson RogersMike Heston Rogers Clears up Travis Walton Hoax reports Part 1Witness to Travis Walton's Alien Abduction Withdraws His AccountOctober 18, 2013 - Kate Valentine UFO Show Steve Pierce interviewSupport the show
78:46 7/15/22
The Alien with the Loose Tie and Funny Socks Abducted Betty and Barney Hill!
Stacie introduces the world to Delsey the Dachshund while taking us on the wild ride that is the first account of alien abduction: Betty and Barney Hill.  Content Warning: Descriptions of nonconsensual clothing removal, touching, and invasive medical procedures.Works ConsultedBarney and Betty Hill - WikipediaDonald Keyhoe - WikipediaHow Betty and Barney Hill's Alien Abduction Story Defined the Genre - HISTORYThe UFO Magazine UFO Encyclopedia by William J. BirnesA DRAMATIC UFO ENCOUNTER IN THE Walter N. WebbAlien abduction of married couple 'proven' by star map they drew claims statisticianThe Zeta Reticuli (or Ridiculi) Incident | Astronomy MagazineBetty and Barney Hill: The Original UFO AbductionThe Hill Abduction — UnresolvedZeta Reticuli: facts about the binary star sytemBarney Hill, UFO Witness born - African American RegistryMusic NotesCyber Attack - Dark Epic and Mystically Music by JuliusH via PixabaySupport the show
65:27 6/1/22
YeeHaw Cacaw, Mothman! (You Are So Welcome, Point Pleasant, West Virginia)
In our first episode of season 2, Stacie uncovers the TRUTH about the mysterious Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Then Rachel shares the lowdown of the annual Mothman Festival. Music NotesUnder Pressure by Michael Kobrin via PixabayCeltic Folk Song by Caffeine Creek Band via PixabayThe Mothman of Point Pleasant by Fish Fisher  [Gunpowder & Gasoline ℗ 2014 Michael J Fisher Released on: 2014-05-25]Works ConsultedKiller Moth | Batman WikiMan-Bat | Batman WikiMothman | Cryptid Wiki | FandomNewly Discovered Moth Looks Like the Mythical Mothman - Nerdist4 Alleged Mothman Sightings That Preceded DisastersThat Mothman: Would You Believe A Sandhill Crane? | TheMothMan WikiaTulpa - Wikipedia.Is the Mothman of West Virginia an Owl? | AudubonMothman and the Minnesota Bridge Collapse — The Singular Fortean SocietyThe Search for the Mysterious MothmanMothman: America's Notorious Winged Monster | MonstrumAn Ode to a Hometown Creature: Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia | Folklife MagazineThe Case Of The Chicago Mothman : NPREngineering: Silver BridgeThe Legend of Mothman - Paranormal W.Va.The Legend of Mothman – Paranormal W.Va. | WOWK 13 NewsThe True Impact of Mothman - Jeff Wamsley | What's Happalachenin'?: An Appalachian PodcastA Festival Staple: Serving Up the History and Mystery of the Mothman FestivalField Notes: An Interview with the Mothman Museum & Festival's Ashley Wamsley MorrisonJeff Wamsley | TheMothMan WikiaPoint loses Main Street icon: Carolin Harris, a co-founder of the Mothman Festival, dies at 74Carolin HarrisMothman Festival (2002 - 2010) | TheMothMan WikiaField Notes: An Interview with the Mothman Museum & Festival's Ashley Wamsley MorrisonSupport the show
107:17 5/2/22
What the Rule Book Actually Says About Dogs Playing Basketball
It's Fake Believe Podcast's anniversary! To make up for the deception and hoodwinking that Stacie and Rachel pulled LAST April Fools Day, they decided to actually do what they promised and make a podcast about Air Bud. Who knew there was so much dirt, cloning, world domination, and clowning in this beloved classic? Support the show
69:36 4/1/22
We Apologize to all the Irish Fairies and Leprechauns
Happy St. Patrick's Day! What better time to learn about Irish fairies? Stacie triggers an apple obsession from Rachel, and also imitates wind while somehow managing to give a history on Irish fairies. Then Rachel crushes all of Stacie's dreams of becoming a leprechaun. Of course there are bad Irish accents! But, TWIST! There's also a good one!Support the show
99:29 3/17/22
You Don't Want to be a Glober! The Earth is Flat!
Stacie proves with tons of irrefutable evidence that the Earth is flat and that you can be best friends with any type of printer. Rachel traces the long and winding but FLAT road that led to the creation of the International Flat Earth Research Society.Music NotesBest Buddies by Kinemesis via PixabayShowtime Cabaret Revue by JuliusH via PixabayThe Cradle of Your Soul by Lemon Music Studio via PixabayWorks ConsultedFAQ :: The Flat Earth SocietyModern Flat Earth BeliefsFighting flat-Earth theory – Physics WorldFlat Earth - WikipediaHow to debate a flat-Earther | SpaceThe Earth Is Flat, NASA and the Pope Are Liars: Things Learned at the Flat Earth Convention | Dallas ObserverSkyline Skepticism: The Lake Michigan MirageObservation of Chicago From Michigan – FlatEarth.wsFlat Earthers explain why NASA is lying about our planet being roundThe flat-Earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe. Does it hide a darker core? | CNNMeet the flat-Earthers of the modern eraThe Flat-Earth Bible.Behind the Curve DocumentaryFlat Earth Clues: End of the World by Mark SargentThe Flat Earth Society - Archived (with the Matrix and Adele ripoff)Schadewald, Plane TruthAnglo-Israelism: True or False?Wallace’s Woeful Wager: How a Founder of Modern Biology Got Suckered by Flat-Earthers - Scientific American Blog NetworkThe Curious History of The International Flat Earth Society | Smart News | Smithsonian MagazineThe Earth is flat? What planet is he on? | Controversies | The GuardianFlat Earth Society Press ReleaseSupport the show
122:54 3/3/22
Colloidal Silver is for Dorks: Amy Carlson & Love Has Won
Stacie busts out the insult generator to give background on Amy Carlson and her weird ass cult, Love Has Won. Then Rachel discusses Carlson’s strange death and what became of the cult after she selfishly abandoned them to ascend. Music Notes (all songs via Pixabay)Fear by Pratap SardarLeaves in the Wind by Julius HThe Way Home by Zakhar ValahaWorks ConsultedHow Love Has Won Leader Amy Carlson Stroud Convinced Women She's God | Marie Claire (US) |Inside the Bizarre Cult Love Has Won Led by 'Mother God' Amy Carlson'Love Has Won': Spiritual Sect From 'Mother God' to Mummified Corpse - Rolling StoneLove Has Won - WikipediaDare to Doubt | Leaving and Recovering from CultsDr. Phil Season 19 Episode 2: Mother God’s Followers and Alleged Victims Face Off4 psychological techniques cults use to recruit members - Big ThinkCults of hatredUltimate Insult generator - random insults'Love Has Won' Leader Amy Carlson's Cause of Death ReleasedHow Love Has Won Leader Amy Carlson Stroud Convinced Women She's God | Marie Claire (US)"Love Has Won" Cult Leader Found Deceased Near Crestone, Members Arrested - THE GURU MAGAZINEIs It Legal to Mummify Your Cult Leader?How did Amy Carlson die? Colorado cult leader's mummified body was decked with lightsThe INSANE story of the Love Has Won cult & Amy Carlson | DEEP DIVESupport the show
120:00 2/18/22
Men in Black are Alien LARPERS, the Musical
Precious science is really on our side with this one! Stacie explains the 'ologies' of alien study and the classifications of aliens these branches of science have developed. Then Rachel shares key case files of encounters with the real Men in Black and possible theories behind them. There's also some singing.Music NotesLurking Evil by Dareen CurtisStar Ship Battle by Alexis Ortiz Sofield via PixabayWorks ConsultedGrey alien - WikipediaAlien autopsy - WikipediaInsectoid - WikipediaNordic aliens - WikipediaUfology - WikipediaThe UFO Magazine UFO Encyclopedia by William J. BirnesXenology - WikipediaAbout To The Stars*Communicating with Extraterrestrials.Pentagon officially releases three leaked 'UFO' videos - National | Globalnews.caUFO Hunters: EVIDENCE UNCOVERED of UFO Crash in Washington (S1, E1) | Full Episode | HistoryThey Knew Too Much About Flying SaucersThe UFO Sightings That Launched 'Men in Black' MythologyThe Man Who Introduced the World to Flying Saucers - The Atlantic9 Freaky Encounters With The Real 'Men In Black' That'll Seriously Give You The Creeps | Thought CatalogCia's Declassified Files On Ufos And Alien Life Can Now Be DownloadedNirmāṇakāya - WikipediaThe "Men in Black" Experience and Tradition: Analogues with the Traditional Devil HypothesisThe Rise And Fall Of 2000's Singing Wall-Fish Big Mouth Billy BassThe Real Men in Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO PhenomenaSupport the show
108:45 2/3/22
John Lennon and the YMCIA
Content Warning: Discussions of suicide, including descriptions of methods.It turns out that the YMCA does "make real your dreams"... and your nightmares. Rachel digs into the assassination of John Lennon and the possible motivations and implications of his murder.Music NotesMutamento by Mirko Boroni via PixabayLazy Desert by Astrofreq via PixabayWorks ConsultedJohn Lennon & Yoko Ono Interview: Apple Offices, London 5/8/1969 - Beatles Interviews Databaseleadmonarch 1 Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind ControlDrugs as Weapons Against Us |The Illuminati Controls the Music Industry – Lennon's Real Assassins Named – & More | EU | Before It's NewsWas John Lennon Actually Murdered by the CIA?The Last Days of John Lennon by James PattersonLet Me Take You Down: Inside the Mind of Mark David Chapman, the Man Who Killed John Lennon by Jack JonesSupport the show
79:55 1/20/22
Dr. Pepper Says Paul is Dead and Math is Real
Content warning: suicide, car crashes, and grievingFollow Stacie down the long and winding road of the life of Paul McCartney--or Faul, as he's now known by those of us in the know.  It's time to come together and hear the truth! It might be difficult, but we have to let it be.  Also, in my life, I have found slides to be super helpful, so follow along with Stacie's slide deck while you listen! Strawberry fields forever!We obviously do not own the rights to any of the music samples in this episode.Music Notes:Magic Sofa Ride by Mushroom Funghi Strawberry Fields Forever (Remastered 2009) · The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour℗ 2009 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group)Released on: 1967-11-27Producer: George MartinComposer  Lyricist: John LennonComposer  Lyricist: Paul McCartneyI Am The Walrus (Remastered 2009) · The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour℗ 2009 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group)Released on: 1967-11-27Producer: George MartinComposer  Lyricist: John LennonComposer  Lyricist: Paul McCartneyRevolution 9 (Remastered 2009) - The BeatlesThe Beatles℗ 2009 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group)Released on: 1968-11-22Producer, Unknown, Other: George MartinComposer  Lyricist: John LennonComposer  Lyricist: Paul McCartneyMagical Mystery Tour (Remastered 2009) · The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour℗ 2009 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group)Released on: 1967-11-27Producer: George MartinComposer  Lyricist: John LennonComposer  Lyricist: Paul McCartneySgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise / Remastered 2009) · The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band℗ 2009 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group)Released on: 1967-06-01Producer: George MartinComposer  Lyricist: John LennonComposer  Lyricist: Paul McCartneyWorks Consulted:The Beatles 'Paul Is Dead' mythDid Paul McCartney really die in 1966? Paul McCartney Is Dead: Bizarre Story of Music's Most Notorious Rumor - Rolling StonePaul is dead You Gave Me The Answer - 'Paul Is Live' | PaulMcCartney.comThe Beatles discography Beatles | Members, Songs, Albums, & Facts | BritannicaHow the Beatles Got Together and Became the Best-Selling Band of All TimeThe Beatles - WikipediaThe Beatles Lyrics: The Stories Behind the Music, Including the Handwritten Drafts of More Than 100 Classic Beatles Songs - Edited by Hunter Davies the show
121:48 1/6/22
Christmas Bonusode: The Santa Clause
Content Warning - Discussions of suicide: the hosts speak of fictionalized suicide in a tone that may be objectionable to some listeners.Stacie and Rachel invited special guests Zach and Tiffany to join them as Stacie and Zach unveil the conspiracy that drives the narrative arc of Tim Allen's "The Santa Clause." Did you have questions about this movie? They're answered here! Join us whether you love it, hate it, or love to hate it--or even if you haven't seen it yet.  Because the conspiracy that drives this episode is... Christmas Magic.Support the show
47:34 12/23/21
Time Traveling Taquitos and Barack Obama's Leprechaun Roommate
It is pretty obvious from the title, but this episode is all about Project Pegasus--the secret Time Traveling Program being kept secret by the secret government--and the foretold whistleblower Andy Basiago.  Stacie begins by teaching listeners how to time travel, then Rachel takes over to blow the lid off the pots and kettles that are keeping Andy Basiago from mixing metaphors and getting the truth out about the space/time continuum!Thanks to Julius H via Pixabay for the song  Cyber Attack.Works Consulted Says He Traveled Through Time and to Mars | Nisqually Valley NewsFBI Records: The Vault — Nikola Tesla Part 01 of 03The Mystery of Nikola Tesla's Missing Files - HISTORYConspiracy Theory: Time Travel and Nikola Tesla – The WHS HowlList of Nikola Tesla patents - WikipediaAndrew Basiago - Time Travel: Fact or Fiction?DARPA - Ascension GlossaryFrank Olson - WikipediaList of Nikola Tesla patents - WikipediaTesla coil - WikipediaDARPA Sixty YearsAndy Basiago - Life on Mars Whistleblower or Crackpot?Corey Feldman Lyrics, Songs, and AlbumsThe Colbert Report: Obama In Secret Space Program – Forbidden Knowledge TVExopolitics and Obama's Trips to Mars | Article about Exopolitics and Obama's Trips to Mars by The Free DictionaryTime Travel and Project PegasusAndrew Basiago - Project Pegasus & Time Travel to 1 Million BCJesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory - Season 3, Episode 3Support the show
115:06 12/16/21
Krampus, Gryla, and Other Propaganda for the War on Christmas
Stacie and Rachel are here to kick off the holiday season with a festive talk about cannibalism, hell, and Bjork! First, travel through the Alpine region and learn the terrifying true (?) tale of Krampus and his lesser-known associate, Frau Perchta.  Then head on over to Iceland to arm yourself with the knowledge of Gryla, her Yule Lads, and the adorable (?) Yule cat, Jolakotturinn.  Music NotesCarol of the Bells by Julius H via PixabayZahady Rock Music and Keyboard by Elen Lackner via PixabayWorks ConsultedMeet Krampus, the Christmas Devil Who Punishes Naughty Children - HISTORY9 Facts About Krampus, the Demonic Christmas Monster | Mental FlossThe Devil's in the Details: The Krampus Conundrum – Sacred Matters MagazineWhat is Frau Perchta? Goddess or Belly-Slitter? | A German Girl in AmericaPerchta - WikipediaPerchten: Austria's wild pagan festival you have to see to believe! — - WikipediaKrampus, Perchten and Glöckler | Austria DirectWhy Iceland's Christmas Witch Is Much Cooler (and Scarier) Than KrampusFrom Iceland — A Slice of Icelandic Christmas Through the AgesFrom Iceland — Icelandic Christmas TraditionsFrom Iceland — The Yuletide Lads Rise To Christmas StardomFrom Iceland — The Christmas CatSheep-Cote Clod, the first yule lad has come down from the mountains9 Winter Holiday Folk Tales From Around the WorldSupport the show
87:50 12/2/21
Thunderbirds, Lightning Birds, and...Hyena Cowboys?
Stacie and Rachel have never been kicked by a Rockette, and somehow that is relevant to this week's episode. Stacie shares tales of the Thunderbird (not your daddy's Thunderbird), including its Native American origins. Then Rachel heads on over to South Africa to share the Nguni's (and others') beliefs around the Lightning Bird (not your daddy's Lightning Bird, either...but it might be your mom's).That TikTok Account We Told You to Followmndiaye_97Casual Geographic (his YouTube channel)Music NotesFishing by CrowanderA Song of Wolves and Dragons by Xelementunign1 via PixabayWorks ConsultedThe Thunderbird of Native Americans – Legends of AmericaThunderbird: a symbol of power, strength and nobility - Ecstatic Trance: Ritual Body PosturesPterodactyls, gargoyles and thunderbirds reported in Pa.: Monsters of Pa.Thunderbird (mythology)Creepy Mysteries: Thunderbird of IllinoisHow Heavy of a Weight Can Birds Lift? (Here's The Truth)Legend or Lie? The Tombstone ThunderbirdTombstone Epitaph - Tombstone's Flying MonsterThe Uniqueness of Nguni Mediumistic Divination in Southern AfricaThe Cape Nguni Witch Familiar As a Mediatory ConstructBushmen as Mediators in Nguni CosmologyImpundulu the Lightning Bird – Southern Africa TravelLightning Bird - Journals of a Botswana Safari GuideClick consonantSupport the show
100:12 11/18/21
The Sneaky Knights Templar Have the Holy Grail!
Stacie and Rachel can't avoid some light blasphemy as they cover the mystery and history of the Knights Templar. Stacie shares how this powerful military order came to be, their weird habits, and their ultimate demise, then Rachel takes over to figure out how they got all that power in the first place.The answer might surprise you.(But it shouldn't. It is in the title. It is because of the Holy Grail.)Music NotesMedieval Tension by Cory GrayMedieval Age by Damiano BaldoniMedieval Horror Music Theme by AstroFreq via PixabayWorks ConsultedThe Hidden History of the Knights Templar by Conrad Bauer | AudiobookKnights TemplarKnights Templar - HISTORYKnights Templar: still loved by conspiracy theorists 900 years onCrusades, Conspiracies and Coercion: The Knights Templar in WaterfordThe Very Dark History of Friday the 13thDoes Friday the 13th have anything to do with the Knights Templar? – MVOrganizingCrazy Knights Templar conspiracy theories!The Templars' 'curse' on the King of France.The warrior monks who invented bankingThe Knights Templar Rulebook Included No Pointy Shoes and No Kissing MomWhat exactly is the Holy Grail – and why has its meaning eluded us for centuries?The Templars and the Holy Grail | HISTORY ChannelAncient Mysteries: Quest for the Holy GrailBuried: Knights Templar and the Holy GrailThe Knights Templar and Holy Grail: Did they bring it to western Poland?The real Da Vinci Code: Are the chapel's mysterious stone symbols a musical score?Support the show
96:49 11/4/21
Halloween Bonusode!
Welcome to the special, spooky Halloween Bonusode! Okay, it's not that spooky (except for when Stacie and Rachel bring up the patriarchy), but it IS special! Support the show
42:45 10/31/21
Witches are Cool, Vampires Drool
Well, what can we say about witches and vampires? It turns out, a lot! Stacie dispels misconceptions about witches and witchcraft, then Rachel takes over to tell you how gross vampires are. Music NotesCreepy Night by Astrofreq via PixabayJoin Us by Astrofreq via PixabayThe Spell by OB-Lix via PixabaySuspense Dark Ambient by Ipsyduckk via PixabayWorks ConsultedThe History Of Witches, From Revered Healers To Persecuted SpellcastersWitches: Real Origins, Hunts & Trials - HISTORYWhere do witches come from?Practical Magic: How Russia's Ancient Witchcraft Traditions Continue to ThriveA History of Magic, Witchcraft, and the OccultBuckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland | AudiobookA Journey into Witchcraft BeliefsWitches through the centuries: What our depictions say about usHere's The Actual Reason Witches Have Black Cats - SolidGoldHistory Of Witch Symbols: Broomsticks, Cauldrons & MoreThings That Originated In Pagan Culture"Pagan" vs. "Wicca": What Is The Difference?Wicca & Cultural Appropriation | Jason MankeyHow to be a witch without stealing other people's cultures20 Modern Traditions with Pagan Origins | TheEssentialBS.comMagic: Magic in East AsiaAsian WitchHoodoo (spirituality)Vodou | Definition, History, West African Vodun, & FactsLilith - Demon, Vampire or Goddess?Decomposing Bodies in the 1720s Gave Birth to the First Vampire PanicPeter Blagojevic - YouTube VideoPaul Barber - Forensic Pathology and the European VampireSupport the show
118:45 10/21/21
The Hollow Earth is Real (Unlike the Moon)
Join us for another episode of Fake Believe where Buzz Aldrin does NOT make a special guest appearance. Even without Buzz, Stacie manages to discuss planetary science in a way only she can, including unironically using the word "flugelrad," as she explains how we know for certain the Earth is hollow! Then after a brilliant segue, Rachel takes over to explain the theories of what the moon is, since we know it's not real.Music NotesSteps in the Cellar by Alfred Grupstra via PixabayWorks ConsultedYou Live in Pellucidar: The Weird Inner World of Cyrus Teed and the Koreshan Unity – Black GateThe Legend Of Anunnaki And Nibiru: The Origins Of Our Civilization?Zecharia Sitchin and Our Alien Ancestors | The Psychology of Extraordinary BeliefsWorld leaders blocking view of planet that could destroy Earth: Conspiracy theoristsThe Universe: Moon Mysteries Revealed (S2, E3) | Full Episode | HistorySupport the show
101:55 10/7/21
The Devil's Chasing Clout: Black-Eyed Kids and Hellhounds
It's fall! So Stacie and Rachel decided to get a little spooky. Stacie shares the terrifying true (?) stories of run-ins with black-eyed kids and explores possible explanations for those creepy little weirdos. Rachel tries to convince Stacie that hellhounds are scary, even if they do look like cute little doggos. Music Notes - All Music in this Week's Episode is Via PixabayMedieval Horror Music Theme by AstrofreqSuspense Dark Ambient by IpsyduckkFear by Monday HopesAqui by Charles MichelWorks ConsultedLegend of the Black-eyed childrenMy Haunted Life Too - Your Encounters with the SupernaturalThe Chilling True Terror of...The Black Eyed Kids by G. Michael VaseyThe Legend Of Hellhounds ExplainedHellhounds and Helpful Ghost Dogs: Conflicting Perceptions of “Man's Best Friend” Encoded in Supernatural NarrativeThe Wild Hunt of 1127 - Beachcombing's Bizarre History BlogA Yokai a DaySupport the show
97:01 9/23/21
Mobile Hooks and Blobby Feet! Kraken and Nessie Can't Be Beat!
If you've ever wondered what the plural of "squid" is, you won't find out here because this episode is about the Kraken and the Loch Ness monster! And it will brighten your day way more than a bunch of squid(s) would.  As a bonus, Stacie shares a startling new theory about everyone's favorite cephalopod.  If we told you that the hosts perform a short skit with Scottish accents, would that be an enticement or a deterrent?MusicForgotten Journey by Cymbal BirdKnights of Camelot by Xelementumign1s via PixabayCeltic Spirits by JuliusH via PixabayWorks ConsultedKrakenHow scientists caught footage of 'the kraken' after centuries of searchingThe KrakenThe real-life origins of the legendary KrakenBBC Earth | HomeThe Octopus: An Alien Among Us ‹ Literary HubThe Measure of Thingslongship | Definition, History, & FactsThe difference between colossal squid, giant squid, and octopusGet to Know The Four Types of CephalopodsOctopus.Eukaryotic Genome Complexity | Learn Science at ScitableThe Essential Guide to the Loch Ness Monster & Other Aquatic Cryptids How do we know that the Loch Ness Monster doesn’t exist? Environmental DNA and the hunt for marine speciesLoch Ness Monster: how eDNA helps us discover what lurks beneathLoch Ness monster could be a giant eel, say scientistsSupport the show
110:26 9/10/21
A Belly Full of Beef and Now You're Trippin: The Manson Family
Between insults, Stacie manages to give a brief history of the ultimate turd strummer himself, Charles Manson. Then Rachel leads the three-ring weasel circus that was the trial, "The State of California v Charles Manson et al."Music NotesHogs of War by Fast LadyDirty Rock by Twisterium (via Pixabay)Works ConsultedCharles Manson FamilyProcess Church of the Final JudgmentTrial of Charles MansonWhat the Beatles said about Charles Manson inspiration on “Helter Skelter”You Must Remember This PodcastMary BrunnerWho Are the Members of the Manson Family?Susan Atkins - Family, Charles Manson & Death - BiographySqueaky FrommeLinda Kasabian - Charles Manson, Family & Facts - BiographyBernard Crowe (AKA Lotsapoppa)Charles Manson 'family' timeline: 1967 to the present Aranda-Bruton Motion | Los Angeles Criminal AttorneyManson Family Murder Trial: The 6 Most Bizarre MomentsManson Displays to Jurors Headline on Nixon Remark (Published 1970)Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson MurdersSupport the show
103:08 8/26/21
Not Every Lizard Person is an Inter-Galactic Peace Genie
Whenever Lizard People get thrown into the mix, you know things are gonna go off the rails. Dive into the bizarre and completely sensical history, Lizard People, and also give a warm welcome back to our dearest Illuminati founder, Adam Weishaupt.  Just remember, no matter how curious you get, don't give David "Ickie" Icke any of your hard-earned money!Music NotesStarship Battle Works ConsultedAlien World Order: The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race by Len KastenReptilian conspiracy theory — Wikipedia ReptiliansDavid IckeNew World Order (conspiracy theory)The World Is Controlled by a Group of Elite Reptiles | The Psychology of Extraordinary BeliefsDavid Icke: Love and Lizard People | The Psychology of Extraordinary BeliefsDraconian Empire | Type Sephira Wiki | FandomGALACTIC FEDERATION war against REPTILIANS & DRACONIAN /ORIGIN OF ADRENOCHROME/Council of LightLost! The Golden Hoard of L.A.'s Lizard PeopleHow to Spot the Reptilians Running the U.S. GovernmentConspiracy Corner: Lizards Amongst Us – The ColumnsReal Origin of the Lizard People Conspiracy TheorySupport the show
93:23 8/12/21
Until a Raccoon Proves Me Wrong, I'm Gonna Say Roanoke is Lost
Even history buffs will learn something new as Rachel presents evidence to the unsolved mystery of what was intended to be England's first colony in the Americas! This episode has it all: Raccoons. Rat-themed child casinos. Cartography.  Put it all together and you've got a uniquely Fake Believe perspective on what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke.Music NotesForgotten Journey by Cymbal BirdWave Breaker by enmorgenstern via PixabayWorks ConsultedThe Lost Colony and Hatteras Island with Scott Dawson,  presented by Hampton History MuseumRoanoke: Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony by Lee MillerReviewing the Dare Stone, Clue to Lost Colony of RoanokeMap’s Hidden Marks Illuminate and Deepen Mystery of Lost Colony by Theo EmeryNorth Carolina Museum of History The History CollectionBiography.comThe Legend Of The Ghost Ship: Carroll A. DeeringSupport the show
78:04 7/29/21
Evidence Schmevidence in the Dyatlov Pass
 In 1959, nine experienced hikers embarked on a trek through the Ural mountains. None of them made it out alive. And nobody knows why.  When you can't turn to precious science, turn to Stacie to tell you what really went down in the Dyatlov Pass incident.Music NotesMultiplication by Bluemount Score via PixabaySadly by Serge QuadradoWorks ConsultedDead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident by Donnie EicharSupport the show
74:45 7/15/21