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Episode 2646: I CAN SEE THE RAINBOW BRIDGE by Tootsie Barron
I Can See the Rainbow Bridge by Tootsie BarronIT IS THE AUTHOR'S WISH THAT WHEN CHILDREN FINISH READING THIS BOOK, THEY WILL UNDERSTAND THAT THEIR BELOVED PETS REALLY DO GO TO A BEAUTIFUL PLACE WHEN THEY CROSS OVER THE 'RAINBOW BRIDGE' AND TO LEARN ABOUT DEATH IN A GENTLE WAY THROUGH THE CHARACTER, BOYSCOUT.Tootsie Barron was born in North Jersey, (Jersey City) and now calls South Jersey (just outside “The Queen” Atlantic City” her home. She has two grown-up children and is widowed. She lives in a world of silence and her words. When she needs a break from them, she closes her eyes and remembers everything good. As she signs every book, “I wish you all that Heaven allows,stripbooks-intl-ship,209&&sr=1-1
24:04 3/30/23
Ali and his adventures with the Desert SEAFLYERBy: Joshua MilesIllustrated by: Margaret BriedAli and his adventures with the Desert SEAFLYER is about an Egyptian boy's life. Through his mentor Mr. Akeem, memories of his father, and his caring mother, he turns his experiences into teachable moments that later blossom into something great. This book has embedded projects-based learning, puts math into motion, aviation design and building, history, nature, and science all wrapped in an easy-to-read action-packed adventure.About Joshua MilesI am a current Doctoral Candidate at Trident University. I am a Harvard University Graduate. I have traveled to over 40 countries, and it was my travel experience that inspired me to write the book and the coming sequel which is titled Ali and the Desert Seaflyer break through the Noise.
24:45 3/23/23
Episode 2644: YOU'RE SPECIAL by Katherine Thomas Leurck
You're Special: Daily Reflections from God's Children with "Exceptionalities" by Katherine Thomas LeurckHave you ever seen a wheelchair bound person with a smile bigger than you've smiled all week? Or a child with Down syndrome who is in a perpetual good mood, and you wonder, What's the magic? Those moments are what make this daily devotional quite different. It is inspired by the words and actions of beautiful individuals with exceptionalities. The voices heard from the pages of this book include children with autism, Down syndrome, and cognition delay, to name a few. The language is simple, pure, refreshingly honest and reflects the author's experience with this remarkable community which, some consider to be angels among us. This book is one of the first of its kind because it provides children with exceptionalities a limitless platform to teach and inspire. While often this community is encouraged to "change" or "improve," they are quite perfect just as they are. Chances are if you interact with them, you will walk away in awe of their grounded trust in themselves and others, free of expectations. You will likely have a better day as a result of the interaction. At the center of this book is Drew, who is chronologically 22 years old but intellectually about 7. Every day, Drew passes out handmade rainbows that state, "You're Special."His mission is to remind everyone of their inner beauty that makes each individual special and unique. Let's be eager students of individuals with exceptionalities and their unique experience. They have so much to share, and we have so much to gain! It's where "special" meets truth-and in truth, there is wisdom. Enjoy your 365 days of reflections and embrace Drew's purposeful words: "You're Special.Katherine Leurck admits the raising a child with exceptionalities is not easy.  She considers it a journey from understanding, to accepting, and finally celebrating such a beautiful gift from God.  Her intent with this book is to share the voices, perspectives, and inspiration of children with exceptionalities, which has taught her so much.  Katherine lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband David, and their three children, Andrew, Alexandria and Audrey who are all exceptional in their own unique way.
26:57 3/23/23
Episode 2643: THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST IN THE WORLD by Normandie Kneeland
The Spirit of Antichrist in the World: The Antichrist, Apostasy and End Times by Normandie KneelandA 1969 prophecy through 2010 regarding political and ecclesiastical politics, including President Barack Obama.“During the year after August 1969 and November 1969( when I saw the 1st and second interior pictures as I just lay down to sleep, as if they were movies on my inside eyelids) that I first read the Bible or started learning from reading that I understood a little more of what I saw. They came to light after I read about the Apocalypse, so that the first was of the time of the Antichrist in the world to the end. I saw them about twelve times over three to four days.  The second was symbolic of the Great Apostasy in those days. I saw them about seven times over three to four days. The end told me it would come into its fullness in America, in two years, the three fingers meant to me to be Europe, and five the whole world. As the years went by, I was sure I interpreted the end part right. January 27, 2010. A triangle, with a human eye appeared, surrounded by a fiery light as in a close sky.The triangle is a sign of “The Holy Trinity” for me as God the Father; the human eye as the hypostatic union of God, the Son (Jesus): and the fire surrounding it as the Holy Spirit that the fire Father and Son send forth. “For the eyes of the Lord behold all the earth and give strength to those who with a perfect heart trust in Him.” (2 Chronicles 16:9)About the Author:The Spirit of Antichrist in the World: The Antichrist, Apostasy and End Times is written by Normandie Kneeland. She was one of seven children and the little mother,  as the oldest girl. She was an artist, did work repairing, painting many statues in the churches and retreat house for years. At the age of six she was part of the church choir. Her mother had Indian ancestry that went back four generations to when that grandfather, a chief and the President of Indian affairs in the capital of the US. She lives a quiet life now in Nevada.   
18:17 3/23/23
Episode 2642: TOMORROW MAY BE FOREVER LOST by D. L. Kasiner
Tomorrow May Be Forever LostBy: D.L. KasinerIn this post-Civil War story, a young woman, Kathryn, finds her life turned upside down when her military father returns home from the war, only to inform his daughter she and her aunt must abandon their home for the West. Kathryn and her aunt must find an uncle to protect them from a Confederate officer who blames her father and his patrol for destroying his home and killing his wife and child. Danger follows Kathryn, her aunt, and their wagon train as they attempt to make a peaceful journey to Fort Union.Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Abreu charges a young lieutenant, Chad, and his companion, Running Wolf, to locate his missing niece who is the last surviving person of a wagon train heading to Fort Union. It is at this interception the lieutenant and Kathryn meet for the first time. But the danger is far from over.About the AuthorD.L. Kasiner is a great-grandmother of nine, grandmother of fourteen, and mother of four. She was married for forty-nine years to the love of her life and best friend. She spent the bulk of her life on a farm. She has worked since the age of fifteen. She was a florist for fifteen years, director of a local museum, business manager and administration assistant for a school district. She loves crafts and playing canasta. She spent several years taking writing classes at Bakersfield College where she started writing in her spare time. She enjoys watching movies.   
20:26 3/23/23
Episode 2641: MIRACLE MINDED MANAGER by John J. Murphy
Miracle Minded Manager: A Modern-Day Parable about How to Apply "A Course in Miracles" in Business by John J. MurphyJohn Murphy draws inspiration for writing the book Miracle Minded Manager from the lessons he learned in his personal and professional life after studying “A Course in Miracles” in 2008. Miracle Minded Manager tells the fictional story of Jack MacDonald, the president of TYPCO company, who finds himself hitting a roadblock in the form of unhelpful reports and an antiquated system in his bid to transform his company. Jack turned to business consultant Jordan Mckay, who suggested he try “A Course in Miracles.” Not only did the course help Jack to resolve his problems at TYPCO, but the course also served him well in his personal life. Miracle Minded Manager opens up readers to all of life’s miracles as long as they open themselves to faith.John Murphy is the founder and CEO of Venture Management Consultants, Inc., a firm specializing in creating lean, high-performance work environments comprising world-class consultants, educators, practitioners, and mentors. As a business consultant, John has worked with some world’s leading organizations, including ADP, BMW, Chase, the Michigan State Senate, the CIA, and the US Navy. He is the author of more than nineteen books and has trained thousands of people from more than fifty countries. He lives in Palm Beach, Florida.;jsessionid=7C6B82077DAB471709177DC38236D9BC.prodny_store01-atgap07?ean=9781582707174   
25:16 3/23/23
Episode 2640: GABRIEL OF NOAH'S ARK by Patrick Acosta with guest Daniel J. Acosta-Walz
Gabriel of Noah's Ark by Patrick Acosta, Guest Daniel J. Acosta-WalzNoah’s ark is perhaps the most widely recognized story in the world. Found in many cultures the world over. I have selected three of the better-known versions from the Christian, Jewish, and Islam traditions. While all three come from a common origin, they vary in their tradition and the telling of this awe-inspiring tale.The differences between the Christian and the Jewish traditions are minimal, and they share the Old Testament. The Jewish tradition tells of a Noel planting Cedar trees and waiting for them to grow because he could not bear to see the world’s destruction.The holy Qur’an gives us another view of Noah’s life and clearly references a fourth son and wife who perished in the flood even after receiving the warning promise of water coming from an oven. It also tells us that other believers survived along with Noah and his family.Holy Bible; Genesis 6-9Holy Torah; Genesis Parshas Bereishis 6-9.Holy Qur’an; Surah 11:27-51Gabriel was a lion that found favor with God. But he never imagined a greater task than the one which God had chosen for him. Gabriel of Noah’s Ark is a tale taken from three of the world’s holy books, the Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah, and the Muslim Qur’an, and told like you never heard before.Learn the challenges Noah must face with a suborn wife who was too busy to listen to her husband’s rants and a fourth son who excused his father’s warning as nothing more than fairy tales. Learn why the Raven never returned from its outing over the waters and why he was the only creature to dare argue with God’s commandment.Find out how even Noah tried to stall God’s plan and found it hard to believe that God would destroy the world. Never before have all three versions been woven into one story until now. Open your mind and heart and read the tale you only thought you knew, and get ready to set sail on an adventure of Biblical proportions.(For use during introduction, website and social media): Patrick Acosta had been a writer and illustrator for many years. He began drawing at a young age, and it became his passion. He created beautiful stories to share with his friends and family through his drawings. Patrick dreamed that someday his stories would be published and shared with the public. His dream came true when Gabriel of Noah’s Ark was published in 2013 just before his passing on February 3, 2014.Patrick has studied the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim holy books, which awakened in him a spiritual wealth. Born to a large Catholic family, he has always been inspired by God and the miracles that were commanded in God’s name.Patrick has won awards for his inspirational writings published in the poetry community, including the poem “Personal Friend,” published in the book The Radiance of Summer Sun, and was awarded poet of the year by the international society of poets in Washington D.C.Patrick was also awarded by for outstanding achievement for his work, “Thank you for Life.” His poem, “Harvest Dance,” was published in the book America at the Millennium by the international library of poetry, which stated, “Patrick Acosta’s writing sparks the imagination and presents the reader with a fresh, unique perspective on life.” He received the Excellent Merit Award from Hollywood Review for his book Gabriel of Noah’s Ark.”Although not a practicing Catholic, like his spirit that continues beyond his body, his faith in God grew beyond religion. He was a lover of God and nature. Nature was his church and trees the pillars of God’s cathedral. Patrick was able to see his completed work finished before he left this physical world to join his creator. Gabriel of Noah’s Ark was a story he wanted to be shared with young and old alike. 
23:24 3/23/23
Episode 2639: GodLight: Possibilities from the Intersections of Science and Spirituality by Bart Barthelemy
GodLight: Possibilities from the Intersections of Science and Spirituality by Bart BarthelemyThis book is about the intersections of science and spirituality.  It was initially motivated by my lifelong observation that light plays such an important role in many aspects of science.  But the real stimulus to write this book was the repeated number of spiritual learnings and experiences that involve light that I have had in recent years.  Because of this, I began to explore the significance of light in both disciplines.  The result of this investigation led to the concept of GodLight, the Light of God, that I believe is foundational to both science and spirituality.  Science is the study of the nature and behavior of natural things and the knowledge that we obtain about them.  Most readers of this book will likely have a general knowledge of science and how our world works.  The fundamental concepts in science are learned during our early education and greatly enhanced by the tremendous amount of information that is available today on the internet and television.  We have more scientific knowledge today than any generation that has lived before us.  Some of us who call ourselves scientist have more specific knowledge in certain areas of science but, in general, we are all aware of the key concepts in science, such as the Big Bang, the expansion of the universe, galaxies, black holes, our solar system, the planets around our sun, the earth, the evolution on human beings and the biological complexity of men and women.  These are the aspects of science that will be discussed in this book.Spirituality is the belief that there is something greater than ourselves, something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which we are a part is cosmic or divine in nature.  Most of us believe this and, while not exact, we often equate spirituality to religion.  At their core, most religions agree that there is a deity called God and that human beings need to respect and love each other.  There are many other specifics that separate the various religions but there are also an amazing number of commonalities.  These are the aspects of spirituality that will be discussed in this book.Each section will look for the intersections and overlap between science and spirituality in a particular area.  There is no attempt to conform science to spirituality or vice versa.  The focus is to simply examine the intersections to see if they suggest possibilities for a better understanding of each area.  If so, these possibilities could lead to opportunities for any of us to be more understanding, more respectful, more collaborative, and more loving.  Even though there are still great mysteries remaining to be studied and understood in both science and spirituality, what we now know and believe in each of these areas is more overlapping and connectable than ever before.As you read each section, ponder the marvels and mysteries of science and spirituality.  Let your mind and your imagination be open to possibilities.  In an attempt to categorize and simplify difficult concepts, the words used by each discipline are often the product of reductionism.  I urge you to think as holistically as possible in order to get beyond the limitations and compartmentalization that result from man-made linguistics and descriptions.  For centuries, human beings have generally separated these two disciplines and often struggled with the conflicts between science and spirituality.  Both science and spirituality are enormous subjects so the potential for overlap is high. This book is an invitation to look at the commonalities and confluence of these two areas so that there is more agreement than separation, more harmony than conflict, and more understanding than argument. Hopefully, the future could be better than the past.  Dr. Bart Barthelemy is the Founding Director of the Wright Brothers Institute and the President of the Collaborative Innovation Institute. Dr. Barthelemy was the National Director of the National Aerospace Plane Program, where he reported to the White House and was responsible for the development of the nation's hypersonic aerospace plane. While a member of the Federal Senior Executive Service, he served as the Technical Director of the Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, the Air Force's largest research and development complex. He has been a consultant to a variety of aerospace industry companies and federal government organizations, including Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, the Department of Defense and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Dr. Barthelemy was also a Visiting Scientist at the Software Engineering Institute and Carnegie Mellon University and Adjunct Professor at the University of Dayton. Bart's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from MIT, Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering and Physics from MIT, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Physics/Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University.   
24:14 3/16/23
Episode 2638: OUR SIDE OF THE WALL by Brian B. Hawthorne
Our Side of the Wall: Patriotic and Inspirational Poetry from an Unusual Perspective by Brian B. HawthorneOur Side of the Wall: Patriotic and Inspirational Poetry from an Unusual Perspective, is a collection of my poems that present a poet's eye view of what for many are common and ordinary occurrences. Think of yourself as water, a leaf, an apple -- an insect? Who knows, you might even find out how we built the pyramids. Author Bio: I didn't deliberately try to become a jack of all trades. It was just a matter of necessity, honest. After some college study, I was invited to join Uncle Sam and the boys. But that too was educational; they had things called rockets, radars, and computers, you see. Then after that I learned how to repair machines on a small scale, and I stuck with that until the mechanical parts became replaced by electronic devices. Gradual learning is probably better. Working in the home-building trades I added electric work, plumbing, all kinds of construction. All very helpful, especially with carpentry. There were in that mix the occasional opportunity to do some teaching as well. And then I took up writing poetry and science fiction stories. But I always thought publishing would be easier than this.   
22:06 3/16/23
Episode 2637: AREN & ELISE by Ettenig Sayam
Aren & Élise by Ettenig SayamIs passionate love reserved exclusively for the young? Can a mature woman in the second act of her life not only shed old skins but can she utterly transform like a caterpillar into a butterfly? Is intimacy a spiritual journey? This is a modern retelling of the biblical story of Abraham and Sarah.Aren Karajian is a widowed sixty-two-year-old solar technology engineer, originally from Armenia. Élise Douchet is a fifty-year-old French teacher at a Boston prep school. She grew up in Montreal, Canada but is originally from French Saint Martin and Haiti. Élise comes to terms with turning 50 by going on a hiking retreat in Vermont. She falls during a morning hike. Aren quickly discovers that the grey-haired woman he rescues is really quite striking and exotic. He is smitten. A dogged pursuit ensues. A sultry romance flourishes. A miracle happens.Can a miracle upend your life and shatter your relationship? In the Boston Marathon, you must go through Heartbreak Hill to finish the race. So it is for Aren and Élise. Follow Aren and Élise as they embark on their couple's journey, and make decisions that will alter the course of their relationship, and shed light on the real meaning of life and commitment.Ettenig Sayam is a second generation Haitian. Her parents came to the United States during the early days of the Civil Rights movement. Ettenig grew up in New Jersey where she attended Catholic schools and later attended Drew University, a Methodist College. She studied French and eventually did a year study in Tours, France and later two years in Paris to pursue a Master's Degree in French as well as teach. Ettenig is married with two children and a dog. She lives in Massachusetts where she worked many years in the financial services industry as a compliance professional. She practiced law and did pro bono work. She now divides her time between learning chocolate making and bee keeping and taking on occasional legal assignments.  
07:28 3/16/23
Inner Bridges: Opening Your Connection to Inner Peace and Harmony, 2nd Edition by Gayle Redfern, M.A.Inner Bridges, first of four spiritual books, including similar & powerful recommendations tailored to help the reader bring peace and harmony through maintaining balance and equilibrium into their being. These recommendations are 1) Do no harm 2) Honor all life 3) Respect the dead and ancestors 4) Honor all culture. Initially the focus is on the individual life being, and then moving the spirit life into all life forms. This book incorporates wit and guidelines to assist you to make effective changes in your daily life. Learn the secrets of living a simple and balanced life. The reader discovers it is imperative to find balance within our being before moving on. It is then interesting to learn that global cultures introduce precepts that evolved from the indigenous our lives all include EGO and GREED. EGO is for the good of the individualand GREED is for the good of all. If we look at the planet and all creatures upon it, we discover how everything is sadly out of balance. The main focus of INNER BRIDGES – Live local, live simple. Our aim is to find a balance that frees us of ego and greed. In this way world peace is achieved.Once we find balance, we free ourselves of ego and greed. The Dalai Lama gave many talks about peace and how we all contribute to world peace. He says “The world doesn’t belong to just leaders; the world belongs to all humanity.” He argues that global peace comes through meditation which is achieved by bringing the individual body into balance, the vibration energy of the entire inner being. We cannot alter our surroundings which hold the harmony until we have this balance and peace within us. The channeled information in this book gives insight into the power within us, the power of our local region and how we balance our body, mind, spirit and the world around us. It shows how to use meditation, food, colors, nature and social settings to achieve this balance. Once you gain the inner balance, these tools help balance everything around you. The key to begin is Live Local, Live Simple. This is the first step.This channeled book incorporates wit and guidelines enabling you to make effective changes in your current daily life. We have the power to build and cross all our Inner Bridges that give you have the opportunity to understand that living a simple balanced life will bring peace and harmony into your world. This way each person can achieve a sense of balance that is free of ego and greed. GREED is defined as being for the good of the individual and PRIDE is for the good of all.We can now see that by healing individual energy flow naturally moves into community energy flow then into planetary energy healing. The planet is badly damaged as we have seen when we observe the numerous pandemics around the globe. Each person has the opportunity to contribute by taking care of the individual, body, energy life forms, multi- larger communities. By caring for and bringing balance through body, society and cultures had we take the simple and multi-steps.Gayle Redfern’s interest in spirituality has been life-continuous with a focused drive over the past 15 years. As a conscious channel, she combines this gift with the learning from her degrees in Psychology and Holistic Health, helping others discover solutions to achieve personal balance and reasons to share with others. Previously she worked in the communication industry as an educator, workshop leader and motivational speaker. Also trained in:o Bachelor degree in general psychologyo Masters Degree in Holistic Healtho Metaphysics and psychic Counselingo Bio-kinesiology, Meditation and Empathic readingso Ayurveda Conceptso Counselingo Energy Medicineo Comparative study of alternative health care systemso Counselingo Workshop leadero Meditation and seminar leader· Introduce the following throughout INNER BRIDGESo Acupressure Touch Testing   "Inner Bridges" is recipient of the 2022 Eric Hoffer Finalist Award.   
19:40 3/16/23
Five Mile Charlie: A Special Pony for Carly by Kimberly AdamsWishes don’t always come true the way we expect them to―but they can be brought to life in a very different way!Carly lives on Five Mile Farm in Oklahoma. She has many pets, but has always dreamed of having a pony. The magical bees in the valley know about Carly’s wish. Will Queen Bee Nora and her best friend, Journey, find a pony for Carly?Kimberly Adams is a practicing attorney in McAlester, Oklahoma, and the Municipal Judge in her hometown of Kiowa, Oklahoma. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma Wesleyan University in 1997 and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma in December 2000. Kimberly resides in rural southeast Oklahoma on her farm at Five Mile. The loss of her pet llama, Charlie, inspired a children’s book series, starting with this first installment. Other publications include works printed at West Publishing Company, through her appellate practice as an attorney. Mile Charlie: Charlie Goes to the Library by Kimberly AdamsIn this magical sequel to Five Mile Charlie: A Special Pony for Carly, our favorite llama and his best friend are determined to discover why Grumps―a coyote living in a cave near Five Mile Farm―is always so mean! What will they find at their library, and will Queen Bee Nora and her hive be able to help?This second installment in the Five Mile Charlie series is sure to continue to delight and spark the imagination of every reader who opens its pages! Mile Charlie: A Five Mile Christmas (Five Mile Charlie, 3)Charlie's back for a new adventure!In Five Mile Charlie: Charlie Goes to the Library, Carly and Charlie discovered that Grumps was a lone coyote who had been separated from his pack in the city. Together with the magical bees and the magic of Christmas, Grumps receives the gift of warmth and new friendships!This third installment in the series will continue to delight and inspire readers of every age!   
22:40 3/16/23
Episode 2634: DETOX AND REJUVENATE with Susan Smith Jones, PhD
DETOX & REJUVENATE: Springtime Cleanse for Your Body & Mind with Susan Smith Jones  PhDLeading holistic health and lifestyle educator and author Susan Smith Jones, PhD, reveals her favorite methods to detoxify and rejuvenate the body – and WHY it’s so necessary. For over 40 years, Dr. Susan has been teaching people worldwide about the importance of year-round detoxification to keep the body healed, healthy, youthful and energetic. She even custom-designs programs for many of her clients and leads workshops around the world on this topic. You will learn more about why it’s so important to stay detoxified, especially now that it’s springtime, how to know if you are in need of a Detox program, and simple ways to keep your body detoxified and rejuvenated all  Twitter @ Susan Smith Jones   
49:48 3/15/23
Episode 2633: BONES OF SKULL ISLAND by A. Remlov
BONES OF SKULL ISLAND by A. Remlov (a.k.a Mindy DuVernet“Bones of Skull Island” follows 11-year old Hunter Burrows and his amateur archeologist father, Mitch, on a dig for dinosaur bones and lost treasure. One day on the Baja Peninsula, they uncover the jawbone of a 700,000-year-old hobbit. They are amazed when the bone jumps to life and leads them on a perilous adventure of ancient curses and new discoveries.Mindy DuVernet (a.k.a. A. Remlov) is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. She is a novelist and filmmaker. Her first book, “Pushkin’s Ode to Liberty,” is about the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.  She has two daughters and five grandchildren. She enjoys visiting friends and family in Minnesota and Oregon. Co-author: Chase Stevens is in the six grade. He loves wrestling, baseball, football and video games. He is on the student council and is making videos about the student experience. Most of all, he loves to tell a good story.   
23:47 3/9/23
Episode 2632: EXTREME ENTREPRENEURS by Tracy Emerick, PhD
Extreme Entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ by Tracy Emerick, Ph.D.The book explores the soul and how it projects to others. Two examples, Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ, are examined for what each did as an "extreme entrepreneur," to provide a position that has changed and will continue to change humankind. In his words, Steve Jobs provided technology that provide a "bicycle for the mind," putting complex technology in the hands of the non-technical masses. Jesus Christ converted living in fear to living in love as a way to tap the God within each of us.The author is a very busy retired individual. He has authored two marketing books, operated a direct marketing agency for twenty years, and spent ten years in marketing and business development consulting. While writing this work, he served as a state representative, moderator of his church, and chair of his town's planning board. He has taught at several universities at the graduate level. He has been married to his wife for fifty-three years, has two children and five grandchildren. His education includes a BA in philosophy, a master's in business administration (MBA), and a PhD in business administration.
24:15 3/9/23
The Cube of Space Workbook: Revised Edition by Joy NurThe Cube of Space Workbook seeks to make the Cube-a symbol that illuminates the esoteric meaning of the Hebrew alphabet and the Major Arcana of the Tarot-more accessible to students of the Qabalah and Tarot. As author Joy Nur worked with this symbol, she found correspondences with directional attributions in a variety of traditions.This workbook is designed to deepen the student's understanding of the Tarot Keys and discover practical ways to apply the insights revealed by a study of the structure of the Cube of Space. As the cube is a symbol of three-dimensional reality and Tarot images are archetypal symbols for human states of consciousness, study of this symbol also sheds light on the human condition and the workings of the mind. The directional attributions also relate to cycles of life and give clues about the universal desire for a return to the Source of our being and the search for the meaning of life. While this workbook is designed to offer readers the opportunity to make their own discoveries, Nur's brief commentary on each view of the Cube of Space offers seed ideas for contemplation that come from her own meditative efforts.The Cube of Space Workbook helps demonstrate the way spirit moves into manifestation, and the way humanity, as the most conscious of God's creation, finds its way back to a fully conscious recognition of God as the essence of oneself. Carl Jung called this journey and the purpose of human life "Consciousness becoming conscious."Joy Nur has been a student of Qabalah and studied Tarot since 1978 as a member of Builders of the Adytum. During her studies, a meditation on the Cube and its Tarot correspondences has brought her rich insight. This deep experience with the Cube, together with the teachings of her mentors, deepened her awareness and understanding on a daily basis and has enabled her to ground spiritual theory into daily life in a community rich with love and relationships Joy is now living in Carbondale, Illinois, and continuing her spiritual practice as a member of an intentional Sufi community.
20:59 3/9/23
Episode 2630: AIRPLANE STORIES AND HISTORIES by Norman Currey
Airplane Stories and Histories by Norman CurreyAIRPLANE STORIES AND HISTORIES chronicles two hundred years of aviation highlights including the exploits of pioneers such as Sir George Cayley, the Wright brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Wiley Post, Amelia Earheart, R. J. Mitchell, Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, Allan Loughead, Frank Whittle, and Kelly Johnson. Notable events and developments are discussed, first Atlantic flights, World War airplanes, jet engine development and post-war designs. It concludes with a discussion of new designs..NORMAN CURREY was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1926. He graduated as an aeronautical engineer in 1948 and was astress engineer on the de Havilland Comet. He went to Canada and helped design the Jetliner and Arrow. He spent 30 years at Lockheed, working in the C-130 JetStar, C-5 and special projects. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Roya Aeronautical Society, and has lectured in the U.S. and abroad. He is also the author of Aircraft Landing Gear Design: Principles and Practices, AIAA1988   
21:35 3/9/23
Daddy's Girl: A Father, His Daughter, and the Deadly Battle She Won by Michael SchnabelHow does a young mother overcome an 8 percent chance of living to raise her newborn son? She becomes a warrior and provides hope for others. Daddy's Girl is the story of a father, his daughter, and the deadly battle she won.In each person's life there are events that forever change their course. Twenty-seven year old Stephanie experienced two of these events in fourteen days; the birth of her only child and discovery that she has an 8 percent chance of living. She is haunted by the thought that this baby will only know her through pictures, until she makes that thought her motivation to survive.This is a story of one family facing the most daunting of circumstances, at once celebration and devastation. Michael Schnabel, Stephanie's father tells the story of survival and how three generations of a family respond to crisis. Stephanie's courage is fueled by her son's deep brown eyes and unconditional love. Her faith comes from the belief that something greater than us provides what we need, when we need it. Daddy's Girl illuminates a range of emotions, and delivers them with humor, love--and some miracles.Michael Schnabel is the author of Daddy's Girl, a memoir about the challenges and struggles of parenting through a medical crisis. A graduate of Northern State University, Michael developed his passion for writing and storytelling during his thirty-year career at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Michael lives in Overland Park, Kansas with his wife, and when not spending time with family, you can find him tending to his 26-acre tree farm. Daddy's Girl is his first book.   
27:56 3/2/23
Episode 2628: AZIMUTHAL by Gabriel Anthony Lopez
Azimuthal (Azimutal) by Gabriel Anthony LopezGeno and his friends embark on a journey inside the home solar system of Earth. Earth is currently experiencing seismic disruptions. Geno and his friends are currently based throughout the solar system, and Geno is at base with his father. Everything was good until the personnel on the base started to feel illDuring his training at the Planetary Defense for Geology and Geography, Geno and friends learned how to navigate the Planetary Defense for Geology and Geography computer systems, and have some fun. Geno in turn found out more about his father's life. Now, Geno must step into his shoes and potentially save Earth from a cataclysm.Gabriel Anthony Lopez qualified for the Olympics in the year 2000 and 2014 in swimming, and graduated from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama in 2006 with a Bachelor's of Science in International Studies. After qualifying for the Olympics in 2000 and graduating college, Anthony was off to teach in South Korea as an English as a Second Language teacher. He then took an around-the-world trip and started to act in Houston, Texas as a side job.    
23:18 3/2/23
Episode 2627: SANCTUARY by Karen East
Sanctuary by Karen EastIn the middle of the twenty-first century, the War on Terror has been going on for decades. Major corporations control both the government and the economy, and the resulting relaxation of environmental laws has caused pollution to go unchecked. All borders of the United States have been closed, and travel outside one’s neighborhood is often viewed with suspicion. The Department of Homeland Security controls the media, written history, education, and individual freedoms.Thirty-year-old Janet Ryan works as a reporter for the Minneapolis Herald, where she writes stories that have been prepared for her by Homeland Security. Her parents reach the age for mandatory placement in a nursing home, and they escape the country to avoid the confinement. Then Janet runs into a childhood friend who introduces her to a group of people skeptical about the government’s restrictions and the loss of freedom. Janet has the chance to travel to northern Wisconsin to meet with an elderly woman who sought asylum on an Ojibwe reservation. There she encounters people who live happily without technology or competition. But what will happen when her visits—which are illegal—are discovered?Set in a future where a powerful corporate government strictly controls personal freedoms, this novel follows one woman as she learns of a different way to live.Karen East is retired from the practice of marriage and family therapy. She worked with American Indian tribes in the Midwest for nineteen years. She has two children, a grandson, and four great-granddaughters and lives in northern Wisconsin.   
21:17 3/2/23
Episode 2626: BE PATIENT, BE BRAVE, FEARLESS, NEVER IN A HASTE by Keith Paul Phillip
Be Patient, Be Brave, Fearless, Never In A Haste by Keith Paul PhillipIn poetry, there lies a canvas, a blank space to create a universe where you cannot prepare yourself for any sets of unusual reality. A little imagination to mesmerize, inspiration is a significant different voice from art, philosophy, and religion. Poetry attempts to use consistent abstract thoughts to inspire words, which they fail to articulate. Keith Phillip sees poetry as a window to his own unpredictable self, willing to take risks, risking it all without any constrains. The opportunity to use poetry from a platform is a powerful, positive communicative tool. Poetry is the equalizer, a revolutionary as nature as if water just suddenly appears and covers the ocean, creating a negative action into a positive one. It is your reaction is the root of new material, myself, I think is that moment which truly counts.Keith Phillip is a naturally gifted person who thinks that there's something bigger than him in the universe. What the gifted people receive may be used for many reasons, but that gift should be shared among those who struggled with him/her through the development of this gift. Personal is the principal that really matters. Keith takes no credit the entire inspiration is a connection to a positive element in our natural life.   
20:53 3/2/23
Episode 2625: WALKER'S WAY: HOW ARE YOU WALKING IN YOUR LIFE by Claudette Carter
Walker's Way: How Are You Walking In Your Life? BY Claudette CarterA compelling true story of love, courage, and humility. Walker Carter inspired others to rise to their best through sports and teachings of true love based on his faith in God. Walker was determined to walk in the footsteps of Jesus to “…go on walking just as that one walked.” (1John 2:6) He was a stellar athlete that defied all odds against racism as an underprivileged boy who became a beloved man that touched the hearts of so many even after his death. Walker’s Way is a powerful book that demonstrates how each of us as imperfect humans can love each other regardless of race, religious beliefs, or status in life. Walker utilized this love and respect for others as a platform to become an outstanding athlete, servant of God, husband, father, brother, and friend Before his death, Walker, excelled as a beloved First Class Lineman at PECO Energy by corporate leaders as well as fellow employees. He was also able to win national championships at Widener University in track and football as a wide receiver. Walker served as the first black coach in football and track at Widener because he never viewed himself as a black man but as a man. Walker was inducted into Widener University’s Athletic Hall of Fame for Football and Track and Field. Walker also served as a Master Scuba Diver before his death as well. He tried to follow in Jesus Christ’s footsteps, who imitated his father Jehovah God. Walker became a tremendous team player who demonstrated spiritual leadership, respect, and admiration for others. Claudette Coleman Carter Served as Executive Director and creator of Spotlight Productions, a nonprofit, cable television company. Spotlight produced an award-winning television series called “Delaware Valley Spotlight.” This television program won numerous awards for “Excellence in Community Programming” and we were awarded Federal grants to produce an award-winning documentary on teenage pregnancy which plagued our community at the time.This inspired me as well as my twin sister to write our renowned Nephilims: Children of the Fallen Angels which was a source of inspiration for such movies as Fallen and City of Angels as well as numerous other films. Our screenplay “Kenya’s Girl,” was the winner of the Reader’s Digest Award for best screenplay. Claudette is also a Distinguished Member of the International Society of Poets. Today l serve as Angelladywriter on HubPages with over one hundred thousand readers of my positive, spiritually uplifting articles that inspire others to live their best lives daily as followers in the footsteps of Jesus Christ  
23:14 3/2/23
Over the Bar: A Burned-Out Lawyer Sails Off to the Mediterranean SeaBy: Steve AndersonSteve Anderson and his wife, Pam, retired from the practice of law in 2006 and set off to sail around the Mediterranean Sea. This is the story of the first five years of their adventure, told in a series of dispatches he sent home to friends and family. Anderson beautifully, and sometimes hilariously, captures what a life on the sea can be: new discoveries almost daily, quiet anchorages, seas smooth and rough, delectable meals, and making new friends from all over the globe. Many people dream of retiring and spending their days sailing. Steve and Pam lived it.About the AuthorSteve Anderson (pictured on the front cover) was born in rural Ohio. He married a law school classmate, Pam Steele, in 1975 and lost her to breast cancer in 2019. They had two sons together, both now grown.Anderson began his travels early, bicycling around Europe with a friend right after high school. He spent a summer working in Alaska as a carpenter. Between law school and the bar exam, he was back in Europe for seven weeks, touring with Pam in a beat-up VW. He has visited every state in the Union, rafted the Grand Canyon, hiked in Patagonia and ballooned in Cappadocia. He is a paragliding pilot who has flown in the Rockies, the Pyrenees and the Alps. He is a motorcyclist, a woodworker and an avid, lifelong tennis player.Anderson's professional career was as a civil trial lawyer, first in the United States Department of Justice for eight years and then in private practice for twenty-three. He is now remarried and lives in Asheville, NC.   
24:00 2/16/23
Episode 2623: ANNIE'S SPIRITUAL JOURNEY by Hilda Adams
Annie’s Spiritual JourneyBy: Hilda AdamsBased on the actual experiences of the author and her beloved daughter, this book takes the reader on a wonderful physical and spiritual journey. It involves deep meditation and a loving relationship between a mother and her daughter. It is the author's intention to portray the emotions felt along their journey, which lasted twenty years.Hilda Adams is a native of Louisiana and a resident of Pennsylvania for twenty years. Her accomplishments have been many throughout the years. Annie’s Spiritual Journey is her second book. The first book published in 2021 is Annie’s Enchanted Years. Hilda has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, a Master's in Education, and a specialist degree in special education, along with training in the ministry field. Hilda has been teaching for thirty-five years and working with the Children's Bureau for fifteen years. She is considered a well-established professional person and belongs to the American Federation of Teachers. 
21:18 2/16/23
Episode 2622: SEED OF SIMON BY Michael E. Goings
Seed of Simon by Michael E. GoingsA story of a young African American man who has recurring dream of the trail of suffering of Christ where Simon of Cyrene is compile to carry the cross of Jesus unbeknown to Rafael Smith is historical lineage to Simon.Michael E. Goings attended the American International college in Springfield Massachusetts and serve three years in the Army, he has been a pastor, noted author and historian more than forty years, Goings and his wife Dr. Louise Goings lived in Dillon, South Carolina. They have two adult children Jennifer (Demetrius) Rouse and Michael Goings II and Grand children Elisha and Demetrius Rouse Jr.  
08:34 2/16/23
Episode 2621: WELCOME HOME by Yaliesky Palma Noa
Welcome Home by Yaliesky Palma NoaThe story of a little rabbit who wanted to see beyond the meadow. He did it and lived through different situations. A representation, if you will, of the prodigal son. A book designed to entertain and transmit a teaching of love to the little ones. Yaliesky Palma Noa, known as Noa or Yali, has always been a writer, having won a poetry contest as a child. In his free time, he enjoys music, photography, and painting. He currently resides in Coral Gables, Florida.   
23:02 2/16/23
Eye to Eye: Memoirs of a Mayo Clinic-Trained Eye Surgeon by John J. Jarstad, MDEye to Eye: Memories of a Mayo-Trained LDS Medical Missionary is the story of Dr. John S. Jarstad. From humble beginnings as a commercial fisherman to his becoming an international expert in eye surgery and an inventor, this book tells the remarkable stories of doctors and patients whose lives were changed by faith, prayers, persistence, and hard work. Author Bio: I am a Mayo trained, board certified ophthalmologist specializing in laser and cataract surgery including "Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery," LASIK, Glaucoma and Cornea procedures. My research has helped to develop the first one-handed injector for lens implants (Passport), the Jarstad Cataract surgery marker, the Jarstad-Stone teaching head and cataract surgery simulator, a new instrument for cracking a dense cataract for use in developing countries (patent applied for), and a less expensive treatment for keratoconus using high dose dietary riboflavin and natural UV light.   
23:30 2/16/23
Simple, Effective Ways to Reduce INFLAMMATION in the Body with Susan Smith Jones PhDAccording to our holistic health and lifestyle expert today, virtually every health condition — from asthma to irritable bowel syndrome — is linked to inflammation. When inflammation gets out of control, the result is pain and discomfort — and it's a phenomenon that's on the rise. If you're one of the millions of people who have been affected by allergies, diabetes, skin disorders, heart disease, arthritis, or any other condition ending in "—itis," then you know firsthand what havoc inflammation can cause. You can conquer these health conditions and the ABCs of Inflammation is what our guest, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, will be talking about today. She’ll include a discussion of her two premier superfoods that she takes daily to reduce inflammation and promote vibrant & Twitter: @SusanSmithJones   
38:29 2/15/23
Secret Undercover Operations: by Special AgentsBy: Hans W. KellingArthur Dorcett creates a cloaking device to make himself invisible. Motivated by the agonies of war, he becomes an undercover special agent for counterterrorism, using his invisibility to infiltrate terrorist organizations. With the help of other secret agents, he foils terrorist attempts to cause major damage to government installations.During his activities, he falls in love with Tanya. She is a corporate manager in the process of developing a major contract with the government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The relationship takes a turn. Arthur, due to his frequent assignments, must leave Tanya during the most opportune of times. That upsets her and makes her feel insecure, but he is under strict obligation to not reveal his secret assignments to her.Tanya and her team travel to Dubai for special consultation. As the negotiation unfolds, she and her colleagues are kidnapped by terrorists. Arthur is informed and receives a special commission to free her.Will Arthur be able to annihilate the threat of terror when it touches the rawest nerve in his life? Follow the righteous path of counter terrorism in this suspenseful science fiction thriller: Secret Undercover Operations by Special Agents.About the AuthorBorn and raised in Germany, Hans W. Kelling is an accomplished Professor of German. He received his Ph.D. degree at Stanford University and presently teaches Literature and Cultural History at Brigham Young University. When he is not learning about inter-cultural history and politics, Kelling enjoys oil painting and collecting toy railroads. He has four children.In his many years of worldwide travel, he nurtured a great fascination with the threat of terrorism and the dangers of war. He discovered a deep intrigue in the knowledge that the free world cannot be truly free until terrorism is no more. Aided by his years of academic writing, Kelling refines his craft in Secret Undercover Operations by Special Agents.  
24:05 2/9/23
Episode 2615: BEYOND THE HORIZON by Dr. Bruce Conroe
Beyond the Horizon by Dr. Bruce ConroeThis book was written for two reasons. One reason was to tell the stories of my many trips outside the United States for people who have never had the opportunity to travel abroad. The other reason is to give those who have travelled abroad the opportunity to relive some of those experiences and remember the people who travelled with them. The trips have mostly been voluntary except for the two biggest, one was forced by the Army Draft and the other I could not reject when asked to go by my boss.Bruce Conroe is an educator as teacher, counselor and administrator and retired as Vice Provose Emeritus of State University of New York College at Potsdam. He lives in the Saratoga Springs, NY area and is involved in family and volunteer Activities.  
27:18 2/9/23