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Are You FREAKING Serious?

The entire foundation which this country has been founded upon is very quickly being eroded. Basic laws of economics are being discarded for the benefit of a select few. Protests, elections and even our financial system are being hijacked by individuals that have an agenda that threatens all of us. Censorship is back in vogue. Our RIGHTS are quickly being stripped away. Through this podcast I use economics, history, finance, government, literature and anything else I can think of to shine the spotlight on just who the culprits really are and what is really happening. This show will transcend political parties, right and left, liberal and conservative, to focus on RIGHT and WRONG. Please join me on this journey. Your only cost is that you help spread the word about our new show, a small price to pay.


Consumer "Potato Chip" Price Gouging Prevention Act 11:21 05/24/2022
Stupid Is as Stupid Does 09:28 05/19/2022
Price Controls, Deja Vu All Over Again 12:13 05/13/2022
Confused? The light at the end of the tunnel is GOLD! 14:24 05/06/2022
In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash (Rubles) 13:52 04/28/2022
Standing Corrected from the Mailbag 08:30 04/25/2022
The DEATH of GLOBALISM 14:22 04/19/2022
The POLITICAL GENIUSES are AT IT AGAIN!!! 13:00 04/18/2022
The Economics of Biden vs Kennedy 14:17 04/11/2022
Putin Plays Chess while Biden Plays Bingo 11:26 04/04/2022
A GAFFE or the HONEST TRUTH? 07:17 03/27/2022
A Little Food for Thought 12:33 03/14/2022
So You Think You Know Who Has the Power, LOOK AGAIN! 12:53 03/06/2022
A World at War????? 10:22 02/28/2022
Money, Money Everywhere but NOT the Way You Think 13:40 02/20/2022
There WILL be an INVASION but NOT in the UKRAINE 12:37 02/12/2022
Taking Off the Gloves 09:09 02/11/2022
S-T-A-G-F-L-A-T-I-O-N 70's Style 12:24 02/04/2022
Truckers of the World Unite! 10:12 01/29/2022
TI - TA - NIC is Still the TITANIC Mr. President 10:49 01/21/2022
Expensive and Dirty!! 10:27 01/15/2022
The Consensus Finally Got it Right, Unfortunately! 10:30 01/13/2022
Education Takes a Hit 07:13 01/06/2022
2021, THE YEAR IN REVIEW 16:22 01/01/2022
Why Biden and Einstein are Inexorably Linked 15:25 12/29/2021
Build Back Better, A Taxpayer Rip Off, Part II 12:09 12/22/2021
Biden's Build Back Better Dies a Proper Death 15:29 12/20/2021
2021, The Year That Crime Ran Rampant 09:11 12/10/2021
Fed Chairman Powell Finally Surrenders / Maybe 14:51 12/03/2021
A Thanksgiving Reflection On Powerful Words 13:19 11/27/2021