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“The Cartoon Pad” with New Yorker cartoonists Bob Eckstein & Michael Shaw is a humor podcast discussing all things from the cartoon world with interviews with the coolest names in the cartoon world. Michael is one the most renown New Yorker cartoonists of our generation and a master wordsmith. Bob is an expert in bookstores, cartoons and snowmen and a NY Times bestseller, editor and NYU professor.


The Cartoon Pad: Trainwreck of Fun
‘Get Back,’ the episode the public has been hankering for. The boys are back to discuss art and the craft of gag cartooning but never do quite get to it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”
63:06 3/22/24
The Cartoon Pad Holiday Show
This holiday episode of The Cartoon Pad offers yuletide greetings, lots of myrrh, some occasional chuckles, and a lot holiday cheer!
44:33 12/24/23
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest James Breakwell
This episode of The Cartoon Pad, the boys do a solid for the writing & cartooning community by having on Substack superstar, James Breakwell (Exploding Unicorn) share his newsletter tips.
52:08 11/6/23
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Brandon Hicks
This episode on The Cartoon Pad we chat with cartoonist, playwright, film maker, and author Brandon Hicks. Brandon's cartoons have graced the pages of The American Bystander, National Lampoon, and Weekly Humorist. His new book 'The History of Human Achievement: A Beezle, Buzzle, & Barb Book' is out now.
66:00 9/29/23
The Cartoon Pad w/ guests Scott Dooley & Jason Chatfield
You asked for it, you got it: Two Aussies who have to both be stand-ups, both work for The New Yorker, and both have a new book coming out…humorists Scott Dooley & Jason Chatfield. Pick up the hilarious book, "You're Not A Real Parent Until..." today! More info at
63:50 6/9/23
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Thurber expert, Michael Rosen
Thurber, Thurber, Thurber. That’s all we talk about. Acclaimed poet, bestseller, illustrator and Thurber scholar, Michael Rosen, joins the podcast for this must listen to for any gag cartoonist.
69:41 6/2/23
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Sarah Morrissette
This episode of The Cartoon Pad welcomes the talented, funny, and so interesting Sarah Morrissette. From California to a Greek island to a hippie commune in Northern CA, then finally to Vienna, Sarah has many fascinating tales and we were happy to get to chat with her about her life and work. Her cartoons have appeared in Air Mail, Alta, American Bystander, Funny Times, Weekly Humorist, and many others. See her lovely paintings and all her cartoons at
52:13 3/28/23
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Lars Kenseth
Jets, nibs, poop…we cover it all on this very special episode of The Cartoon Pad starring New Yorker cartoonist, Lars Kenseth. See more of Lars' work at
65:12 3/19/23
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Ali Solomon
In this episode The Cartoon Pad welcomes author and cartoonist Ali Solomon who shares her secrets of success. Bob and Shaw remember some old New Yorker cartoon editors and how they might have received form rejections from Ali as an intern. Marty adds more sound effects to the show. See Ali's work and links to all her books at
56:03 2/9/23
The Cartoon Pad w/ guests Bob Eckstein, Michael Shaw & Marty Dundics
The guys catch up on all things cartooning. Shaw's interruptions of Bob finally erupt and Marty plays with his new sound effects machine. It's one to miss! Also we praise recent cartoons and mentions by Dave Gomberg, Drew Panckeri, Hilary Campbell, Nick Downes, Sam Gross, and Jason Chatfield. Image is Bob's most recent in The New Yorker!
43:11 2/6/23
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Pat Byrnes
In this episode of The Cartoon Pad, rocket-scientist-turned-New Yorker-cartoonist, Pat Byrnes chats with Bob and Michael about cartoons and his new business The Drawing Board.
78:15 12/20/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guests Drew Dernavich and Paul Nesja
New Yorker cartoonist Drew Dernavich and host of the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest Paul Nesja come on the show to talk cartoons and their new project together at Nesja Press!
65:20 12/12/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Ken Krimstein
The decorated author and New Yorker cartoonist, Ken Krimstein talks about his interesting journey from advertising and teaching to illustrating the most important movements in history.
77:07 11/18/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest David Borchart remembering George Booth
Special installment sharing memories of the late master George Booth with New Yorker cartoonist David Borchart.
59:52 11/8/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Addams Foundation Director, H. Kevin Miserocchi
A special Charles Addams episode with producer, writer and the director of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation, H. Kevin Miserocchi. Warning: Contains adult content to hopeful boost ratings.
86:55 11/2/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Ron MacCloskey
Special Halloween episode featuring Frankenstein cartoon collector, writer, producer and co-founder of ADDAMSFEST, the annual Charles Addams Festival, Ron MacCloskey.
61:35 10/24/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Chris Weyant
The new National Cartoonist Society’s Gag Cartoonist of the Year recipient, Chris Weyant, pays the boys a visit on the Cartoon Pad, which at the top of the show promised to be better.
58:35 10/10/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Mick Stevens
Mick Stevens is one of the best gag cartoonists of our generation and he discusses his process and his body of work on this special episode of The Cartoon Pad.
63:49 9/16/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Dan Misdea
This episode on The Cartoon Pad is cartoonist, illustrator and book maker Dan Misdea! His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Air Mail, Narrative, Reader’s Digest, Weekly Humorist, and The Funny Times. He has a new children’s book coming out next year with Penguin, the big publisher not the flightless bird. See his work at
64:12 6/10/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Teresa Burns Parkhurst
Cartoonist Teresa Burns Parkhurst is sharp, kooky and a whole load of fun on this latest episode of The Cartoon Pad Podcast. We cover killer fruits and greeting cards—this is a must listen.
76:15 5/6/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Ivan Ehlers
The Cartoon Pad is back on track with one of the hottest cartoonists right now, Ivan Ehlers, most famous for his work in MAD magazine, The New Yorker and pushing everyone's envelope, whatever that means. See his work at
62:51 4/8/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Mike Cavallaro
The first Cartoon Pad episode focused on publishing with special guest illustrator/writer Mike Cavallaro (Free Speech Handbook, Nico Bravo) who shares trade secrets. Must listen for anyone breaking into the book business. Check out all of Mike's work!
73:36 3/18/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Bill Bramhall
Special episode of The Cartoon Pad for anyone inspiring to be an editorial cartoonist. Award-winning editorial cartoonist Bill Bramhall of The New York Daily News shares his insight into his craft.
75:01 3/4/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Ed Steckley
This episode The Cartoon Pad welcomes MAD illustrator Ed Steckley! Ed is an amazing caricaturist and illustrator, his new book, "Rube Goldberg and His Amazing Machines" (written by Brandon T Snider) is out now! He discusses his beginnings, his time at MAD as well as his many Rube Goldberg books! See all of Ed's work here and get his book here
68:06 2/17/22
The Cartoon Pad Live Streamed Show
The pad goes LIVE to answer cartoon questions. Bob discusses cartoon tropes and Shaw balances a cat on his neck. You won't want to miss this one.
74:15 2/11/22
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Shannon Wheeler
This episode on The Cartoon Pad the guys welcome Too Much Coffee Man, Shannon Wheeler to share his colorful stories of his career- creating legendary underground comics, operas, books, and loads more! Pick up some of his work at
81:37 12/10/21
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Ellis Rosen
This week The Cartoon Pad has on the new Gag Cartoonist of the Year winner as recently selected by the National Cartoonist Society, Ellis Rosen. Ellis is a wonderfully talented New Yorker cartoonist, and his new book, with Jon Adams, 'Send Help' A collection of marooned cartoons, is available now. LINK:
63:05 12/3/21
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Michael Maslin
One of the most prolific cartoonists in the New Yorker, Michael Maslin comes on the show to chew the fat about everything cartoon-eccentric from Peter Arno to his own cartooning today. Topics range from James Thurber to Charles Addams to stacking wood. Must Listen to Cartoon Pad!
87:57 11/5/21
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Hilary Campbell
This episode of The Cartoon Pad chats with cartoonist, author, and comedy performer Hilary Campbell! We discuss her lifelong obsession with true crime, which led to her new book, "Murder Book" Out now. See more of her work at
70:33 10/22/21
The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Peter Kuper
One of the most prolific and decorated in cartooning, Peter Kuper, hangs out at the Cartoon Pad to explain why he is so driven and so dog-gone politically charged. Check out all of his books, see his work, and upcoming events at
110:13 10/15/21