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A weekly music podcast from Portland Oregon. Poorly researched, awkwardly discussed. 


Kissing Fish with CAICEDO
This week we talked to Caicedo! We get into it fast an often with topics ranging from their song writing process, dream merch, corrupting the internet, bee keeping, paper clip trading, inspiration, the truth behind Slayer, and the greatest story ever about a leather jacket.  Music this week from Caicedo, Thou, Abandon City, and Aura Zorba.  THANK YOU NATE
99:56 5/23/24
Bird Sternum with Curly Cassettes
This week we talked to Sam from CURLY CASSETTES. We talk about why tapes are so great, Walkman lore, listening to entire albums, how he finds the bands he works with , the “old school”, and how much Drew Carey loves Phish now. Incredible music this week from Lee Bagget, I Am The Intimidator, Cruise Control,  Graves, and Lava Fangs. 
72:55 5/10/24
Should'n Leads To Could'n with HALEY JOHNSEN
This week we talked to the amazing Haley Johnsen! We talk about Andy’s new hobby, her new album, how to be successful, what makes a cool cult, authentic emotion, gizzards, getting nebulized, and she played a few songs live in the studio. Super sick music this week from  KLIM Beats, King Black Acid, and Haley Johnsen. 
72:18 4/25/24
This week we talked to Monty Vega and the Sittin’ Shivas! We talk about bringing the gross back to punk, how they write songs, subliminal reading, and we play a new game. Music this week from Monty Vega and the Sittin’ Shivas, Drunk Mums, Lysol, The Fauxs, and Heavy Sentence. 
79:00 4/13/24
Full Zip with VERBZ
Verbz is back! The Thesis has a new home, and we’re all about it. We talk about what  brought on the move, where to start listening to hip hop, casino DJing, Andy talks glasses, the power of fuzz, the magic of a hotdog costume, and we talk about our favorite festivals. Music this week from Norf Jordan, Micro featuring Myke Bogan, Swiggle Mandela, Lambo Lawson, and Bathlete. 
88:09 4/13/24
Footlong Bread Bowl with SEAN JORDAN
This week on the show he have comedian and podcaster, Sean Jordan! His new special, Girl Dad, comes out today.  We talk about comedy club names, 7-11, his new comedy special, Instagram  loopholes, and how much we love roast beef. Unparalleled music this week from Soulcrate Music, Uranium Club, Observe Since ‘98, and Bagweed. 
78:22 3/21/24
SUCK STRONG with Grimiss
This week on the show we talked to power duo, Grimiss! We dive into their creative process, the philosophy of sucking, the real deal on puzzles, drug test strips, and the science of playing the same song one more time. Exceptional music this week from Grimiss, Karkara, Veradas, and Cualli. 
86:54 3/15/24
Cleaning Up the Discharge with BUDDY WYNKOOP
In this week's (long-delayed...thanks Drew!) episode, we sit down with the fantastic Portland art punk band Buddy Wynkoop to share tortured food/music metaphors, discuss the nuances of collaboration, compare their first song to their most recent song, and crack a few cases in a round of License Plate Detective. Enjoy!
102:14 2/5/24
Laser Door Hair Removal with Kvasir
This week we talk to Greg Traw from Kvasir and  From The Ages. We get into poker, underground hobbies, young Andy buys some ammo, all-ages shows, bass logistics, and laser hair removal.  Music this week from Kvasir, Polkadot Cadaver, From The Ages, Manthus, and Shadow Show. 
108:45 2/5/24
Pickathon 2023
This weeks episode is a throwback to warmer days. Over the summer Andy went to Pickathon. This festival is really fun, and they need our help. They're applying for a ten year lease! Please take a minute to email the city of Happy Valley, and let them know you you want this festival to go on for a long time.
60:01 1/19/24
A Little Chocolate On The Counter with BRAD PARSONS
Is this our first episode of 2024, or our last one from 2023? Who can say? Please enjoy this interview and performance from one of our all time favorite returning guests, Brad Parsons. Rad music this week from Brad Parsons, Jeffery Martin, Mane Of The Cur, and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. 
86:07 1/2/24
Podcasting From Under Water with ABRONIA
This week we sat down with Eric from Portland band, Abronia. We talk inspiration, bands that would have gotten worse, biographies, D&D, psychedelics, practicing for your future, and partial bottom nudity. Rippin music this week from Abronia, Step Into The Kitchen, Ak’chamel, and M.Aundre. 
96:37 12/16/23
Rough Dongle by Pork Finger with TIUS
This week on Haute Garbage we have comedian and Shady Pines Radio DJ, TIUS!!  We talk fast food advancements, stand up comedy, the dream community, and we play License Play Detective. His show, Euphonia, airs Friday from 5-6 PM on  Music this week from Dirt Russel, Sex Mex, Uranium Club, Steak Sauce Mustache, and Piss Leech. 
88:02 12/1/23
A Blend Of Convenience and Inconvenience with SETH ALLEN
This week we talk to comedian Seth Allen! We talk about the future of pizza delivery, the internet ruining comedy, whip its, and we listen to some rippin music. Songs this week from Shawn Hess, The Bandulus, Milk Talk, Yuvees, and Tyvek. 
75:35 11/23/23
Peanut Butter Stuffed Pumpkins with MIZMOR
This weeks guest is the fantastic ALN aka Mizmor. We talk about  bands with costumes, stuffed pumpkins, things that can get you cursed, ALN’s music writing process, what drew him to black metal, and the rule of 8 takes. Music this week from Mizmor, The (John) Candy, Mizmor and Thou, and System Olympia. 
97:00 10/27/23
The NBA on DMT
We couldn’t be more excited for the NBA season and the new Blazers lineup! This is our NBA preview episode, and it’s going to set the sports world on fire. Music this week from Lambo Lawson, Wynne,  Cherry Cheeks, Health, and Spirit Award. 
76:07 10/20/23
Kraut Rock Pocket with RAYON
This weeks guest is Rayon! We talk about the softy crunchy boy, grave digging, their recording process, the zipper paradox, Emu husbandry, and what voice a motorcycle would have. Music this week from Rayon, The Far Sound, Wet Dream, The Fur Coats, and Iguana Death Cult. 
87:01 10/6/23
Smoking, Bowling, and White Pants with DUST RAPS THE BLUES
This week on the show we welcome back Dust. He brought Rick and Milc with him in his white Corvette convertible. We talk bowling, ghosts, late night food in Portland, and even his music a little bit. Songs this week from Dust Raps The Blues, Ballads, Green Eyes Witch Hands, and Being Dead. 
87:28 9/18/23
Weed Perverts with BLACK SHELTON
This week we sat down with Black Shelton! We dig deep into ice cream aesthetics, the.  dynamics of turning your solo music project into a full band, never fail food cart picks, dabs, the next Rick Rubin, SE Portland 7/11 rankings, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Drew's butt, and so much more. Music this week from Black Shelton, Snooper, Matress, and Old Grape God feat. Milk
91:25 8/17/23
Friendly Eroticism and Deep Kinks with THE FUR COATS
This week we talked to Betty and Chris from THE FUR COATS!! We talk about their music, what makes something sexy, creativity, saxophones, intention, stretching,  living at the legendary house party venue Dekum Manor,  and we play LPD in a different way. Music this week from The Fur Coats, Flamingosis, Pool Boys, and Society. 
86:16 7/28/23
The Absence Of Butts Drives Me Nuts with ANNA TIVEL
Anna Tivel is back! This time Drew is here to take the proverbial reigns and do this interview right. We get into authenticity, touring, butts that drive us nuts, the difficulty of small talk, attracting strange folks, we give you some hot book reviews, and Anna melts our faces off with some lived tunes in the studio. Music this week from Anna Tivel, NoNo-Boy, Them Coulee Boys, and Factor Chandelier featuring Ceschi. 
73:47 7/21/23
BOLO Lifestyle with KATE MURPHY
This week we talked to Portland comic, Kate Murphy! Check out her comedy gameshow, Two Evils with Arlo Weierhauser every month at The Siren Theater.  We got into the suffering of stand up, crowd work, Paul Hollywood, what kind of Mario level Portland is, and we play a little License Plate Detective. Music this week from Soft Kill, delirium., Mint Green, Eyelids, Ghosh.  
95:37 7/3/23
Heavy Clompin’ Riffs with Hippie Death Cult
This week we sat down with HIPPIE DEATH CULT! We talked about growing up in Canada, recording their new album,  making it sexy,  tips for touring bands, Portland practice spaces, and geeking out on excessive pedal boards. Music this week from Hippie Death Cult, Mountaineer, Spirt Mother, and Kassi Valazza. 
88:32 6/27/23
Scrap Metal Whopper with SUN ATOMS
This week we talked with Portland band, Sun Atoms. We got into some hot topics like the perfect length of a song,  being in a band with some of your biggest musical influences, red buns, bear mace, and we play LPD. Music this week from Sun Atoms, Wine Lips, ReZn, and Rayon.
80:12 6/16/23
A Story Only Fire Can Tell with SALO PANTO
This week we sat down with the mega rad Portland  band, Salo Panto! We talk about their influences on their new album, their recording process,  weed, mail order tapestries,  amusement parks, outdoor showers, Andy's AI blackhole, tales from the studio,  butt tattoo ideas, and living for the moment. Music this week from Salo Panto, King Black Acid,  Like Years, and Pulsa.
84:35 6/6/23
Heavy Denim with DRY WEDDING
This week we sat down with Dry Wedding to talk about Denny’s, Subway, Burger King, going to shows two nights in a row,  bass face, and like their music and stuff. Music this week from Dry Wedding, False Figure, and Sun Atoms. 
82:08 5/12/23
The Once and Future Episode with Siren and the Sea
Sometimes, isn't the past really the only present we have? No. But the past is there, and we're once again mining it for content. This week, we revisit a delightful conversation with the outstanding Siren and the Sea, who released a brand new album of ambient, atmospheric dreamscapses called "Gravity Wave" just this March. Buy your very own copy right this second, you freeloading creep!  Music this week:"Snow Flakes" by Elite Gymnastics (2:00)"Aight, I'mma Head Out" by Swiss Army Wife (10:31)"Fountain of Youth" by Siren and the Sea (18:55)"Separate Paths" by KLANGPHONICS (32:40)"Wind River" by Flying Caravan (40:25)
44:08 5/8/23
Strong Bird Game with Shelby from Blue Heron Video
We talked to Selby from Blue Heron Video about documenting live music in the PNW, her staggering amount of content, what drew her to filming, bad show etiquette, flipping the bird, and so much more. Music this week from Drouth,  Dommengang, Nyx Division, Vivian Panache, and Dust Raps The Blues. 
82:13 4/30/23
World Premiere Thank Yous with Forty Feet Tall
We talked to Forty Feet Tall about the national anthem, nightmare poops, the sea lion caves, Napster, album skits, Blood ceremonies, and their music. Songs this week from Forty Feet Tall, Kadabra, The Macks, Monster Watch, and Stainless 
84:54 4/14/23
Shameless Nostalgia with Young Hunter and Fox Medicine
Remember The Past? Why would you? It's all been recorded and documented so you don't have to remember sh*t. In fact, we're betting that you won't. We're bringing you some favorite conversations from our archive of more than 300 episodes. This week, we're soaking up those sweet 2019 vibes with the fabulous Young Hunter and Fox Medicine. Both bands are still hard at work (and better than ever) today. Oh, and all the music this week is new. So, give it a listen with fresh ears. Music this week:"Depraved Estate" by Dry Wedding (4:03)"In the Shadow of the Serpent" by Young Hunter (19:05)"Sauna Sam" by Salo Panto (25:16)"DOLLY DELUXE" by Fox Medicine (40:05)"Silver Twin" by Motrik (48:00)
54:01 4/8/23

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