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Aquaponic Process—Plant Processes
Have you counted the ways you interact with your plants? Well, we won’t do that today, but this episode will talk about the steps and actions you should at least be thinking about when working with your crops.
04:53 6/27/22
Aquaponic Process—Sourcing Plants
What’s your favorite way to get plants for your aquaponic system? Today’s episode will touch a variety of ways to get your system outfitted with plants.
04:54 6/13/22
Aquaponic Process—Fish Routine
When you think fish, what comes to mind? Is it chores, feeding, and care? If so, then you might really be interested in fish; or have an aquaponic system. And you’d be in luck—today’s episode is all about the fish routine!
04:23 6/6/22
Aquaponic Process—Fish Source
You’re pumped to get your aquaponic system up and running, right? But do you want to know where you are going to get your fish from? Today’s episode is going to cover a few of the basic processes you need to be prepared for when sourcing your fish.
05:20 5/30/22
Aquaponic Process-Light
How are you going to give light to plants in your aquaponic system? Today we talk about some of the things you need to decide on and do to make sure you are providing good quality light to your greenery.
06:19 5/23/22
Aquaponic Process--Bacteria
Do you know what needs to be done when working with the bacteria in your aquaponic system? Well, today’s episode is all about the things you can do to ensure your system bacteria are happy and healthy.
07:01 5/16/22
Aquaponic Process—Water Routines
What’s your routine with water? Have you ever thought about that? Well, in this episode, we’ll discuss a few thoughts and things you can do to create your own water routine for your aquaponic system.
05:14 5/9/22
Aquaponic Process—Water Sourcing and More
Do you know where your water comes from and what condition it’s in when it arrives at your house or farm? Well, today we’re going to discuss source water, conditions, and what you need to know about it for your aquaponic system.
06:08 5/2/22
Aquaponic Process—Construction: Workbench
Do you have a workbench area nearby and for your aquaponic system? You know, a place to prepare, fix, and generally mess around with things related to aquaponics? I wish I did and that’s why I’m including this section in here, so you don’t end up like me!
05:07 4/25/22
Aquaponic Process—Construction: Indoor Considerations
Have you thought of putting your aquaponic system in your house? Not only have I thought about it, but I did it; and that’s why I want to share some things to consider before you take the leap and move in with your system.
07:31 4/18/22
Love—Aquaponic Calm
Have you ever had one of those long days where you get home and just want to relax? Well, today’s episode is about being able to call upon the calm that an aquaponic system can create…and that’s just another reason why I love aquaponics!
03:55 4/11/22
Aquaponic Process-Construction: Greenhouse
Do you want to know if a greenhouse is a good choice for your aquaponic system? Well, today’s episode is all about introducing greenhouses and deciding if constructing one is a good idea for your system.  No, this is not a how-to on building greenhouses; rather, it’s more about figuring out the pros and cons and if this growing option will fit into your growing situation.
05:57 4/4/22
Aquaponic Process—Tools and Hardware
Do you want to know more about the tools and hardware you’ll need to put your aquaponic system together? Well, today’s episode is going to cover just that. Whether you purchase an aquaponic kit, or are going the DIY route, you’ll still need tools and hardware to get things up and running, so tune in and see if you’ve got what you need!
06:13 3/28/22
Aquaponic Process-Construction: Parts and Pieces Needed
Do you know what you need to get your aquaponic system built? Well today’s episode is going to cover just that—the aquaponic process of construction. We’ll take a look at DIY, kits, parts, and some basic planning you need to know about to make your system a reality and a success.
08:26 3/21/22
Aquaponic Process-Vision and Decisions
Have you ever wondered what to do or where to start with your aquaponic adventure? Well, today’s episode is all about the aquaponic process of vision and decision making.
04:33 3/14/22
Restarts are magical. They create power and momentum for moving forward. What's your restart?
02:31 3/7/22
Enjoy And Take a Break
When was the last time you just stood in awe of your aquaponic system? Well, today’s episode is all about reminding you to take the time to be in awe. To remember the love, feel the goodness, and remember to enjoy what you are doing and why you are doing it.
04:37 11/29/21
Love-Aquaponic Changes
Do you make a lot of changes to your aquaponic system? Well, today’s episode is all about the love for making those changes and enjoying the process.
06:14 11/22/21
Aquaponic Microgreens Deep Water Culture
Have you tried growing microgreens in your aquaponic deep water culture tank? Well, today’s episode is all about introducing my initial findings by trying this method.
05:31 11/15/21
Aquaponic Water Loss
Have you ever had water missing from your aquaponic system? Well, today’s episode is all about where that water goes and figuring out what can impact system water loss.
07:13 11/8/21
Aquaponic Modifications
Have you ever done something and then wanted to change it? Well, today’s episode is all about modifying your aquaponic system and what to think about before you actually do it.
06:42 11/1/21
Aquaponic Microgreens
Do you know what microgreens are? Did you know you can grow them as a part of your aquaponic system? Well today’s episode is talking about the options and ideas you can get when growing aquaponic microgreens!
06:47 10/25/21
Love-Aquaponic Fish Food Ideas
Have you ever thought about other ways to feed your fish? Maybe making your own food? Well, this episode is just that, but with a twist you might not have expected!
05:18 10/18/21
Whole Harvest or Cut And Come Again
Do you whole harvest all your plants from your aquaponics? Well, today’s episode is all about the pros and cons of whole harvest versus the cut and come again method.
05:55 10/11/21
Three Critical Aquaponic System Components
Do you know which system components are the most important in your aquaponics? Well, today’s episode is all about three of the most critical.
05:46 10/4/21
Aquaponics System Water
Do you want to know more aquaponics system water? Well, today’s episode is all about knowing what good water is, what bad water is, and ways to make bad water good.
07:38 9/27/21
Starting Seeds for Aquaponics
Have you ever wondered how seeds are started for planting into an aquaponic system? Well, today’s episode is all about the options and methods available to get little plants going in your aquaponic system.
09:44 9/20/21
Where Can I get Fish for My Aquaponic System?
Have you ever asked, “Where can I get fish for my aquaponic system?” If so, listen in today because we’ll be taking a look at this question and the various solutions to it.
07:06 9/13/21
Love—Aquaponic Mysteries
Do you currently have an aquaponic mystery? Have you ever solved an aquaponic mystery? Well, today’s episode is all about finding, fixing, and loving aquaponic mysteries!
06:32 9/6/21
Buy or Build? Kit or DIY? Or, how do I get my system constructed?
Buy or Build? Kit or DIY? Well, today’s episode is all about aquaponic system construction.
08:20 8/30/21