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Ben Azelart and his two best friends share their craziest experiences as friends and the ongoing adventures of being thrill seeking entertainers. Tune in every week to hear the boys talk about behind the scenes of their lives and their friends.


Stokes Twins Answer The WEIRDEST Twin Questions... STAY WILD EP. 10
The @Stokes Twins talk about their craziest twins stories...
23:18 05/24/2021
Ben Azelart's Weirdest Hook Up Story... Ft. Jeremy Hutchins! STAY WILD EP. 9
Ben Azelart's Weirdest Hook Up Story with Jeremy Hutchins as our guest! Playing games and digging deep into his youtube career!
31:25 05/12/2021
Brent Rivera EXPOSES His Wedding With Pierson... STAY WILD EP. 8
Brent Rivera talks about his relationship status, his crazy story meeting Ben, who he would rather kiss, marry, or kill, and so much more... it was a WILD podcast!
27:26 05/08/2021
Ben Azelart EXPOSES Dom and Sofie... STAY WILD EP. 6
We bring on Dom Brack and talk about his relationship with Sofie Dossi, how he slides into the DMs, his scariest pranks, and his romantic trip to the was a WILD podcast!
30:54 04/17/2021
The Truth About Ben And Lexi's Break Up... STAY WILD EP. 5
Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera talk about their breakup and all of their funniest moments together... it was a WILD podcast!!
35:31 04/09/2021
Ben Azelart Got Caught Stealing... STAY WILD EP. 4
We talk about the time Ben got caught stealing, when he went to the beach wearing no clothes, the stress of having a crazy mom, and some our least favorite things out there... it was a WILD podcast!
35:41 04/06/2021
Ben Azelart Meets His Favorite CELEBRITY!! STAY WILD EP. 3
We bring on Ben's favorite celebrity Jay Alvarrez, expose him as a fanboy, talk about dating advice, and terrible hook up was a WILD podcast!
44:18 03/29/2021
Ben Azelart EXPOSES Pierson and Brent... STAY WILD EP. 2
We had Pierson Wodzynski as our first ever guest, talked about how she met Brent Rivera, exposed her first kiss, spilled tea on celebrity crushes, and found out she would marry was a WILD podcast!!
42:56 03/19/2021
The Truth About Ben Azelart... STAY WILD EP. 1
Welcome to the first episode of wildest podcast out there, STAY WILD! Get to know my co-hosts, my scariest filming experience, how I randomly became a YouTuber, and one of my biggest YouTube fails! Come back every Friday for more. Love you!
36:23 03/14/2021