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Doing CX Right‬ Podcast

Customer experience (CX) is a brand differentiator. By humanizing business and intentionally DOING CX RIGHT, you gain happy customers who continue to buy and refer your brand to others. Stacy Sherman shares her 'Heart & Science™ proven CX framework to help you accelerate loyalty and revenue. She's also interviewing admirable keynote speakers, authors, business leaders across industries who share ACTIONABLE CX strategies and tactics too. Topics include: *Retaining customers and keeping them from going to competitors *Increasing revenue and growth by winning through experiences over price. *Instituting CX measurements for accountability & success. *Gaining customer advocates, who refer versus share bad reviews. *Building an engaged workforce and customer-centric inclusive culture. DoingCXRight®‬ Podcast is not all business and customer service related. You’ll also hear guests share personal stories, challenges overcome, lessons learned, and topics such as: “What would you tell your younger 20-year-old self now that you didn’t know then.” The answers will inspire you to think and do differently so that you show up as your best self every day. About Stacy Sherman: She's an award-winning keynote speaker, author, and mentor on a mission to inspire better experiences so that REAL loyalty, connections, and satisfaction exist globally. Read her bio, blog, Forbes articles and useful resources at:


50. Business and Life Experience Lessons Featuring Mom Eileen 19:27 08/07/2022
49. Both/And Thinking: Embracing Conflicts to Solve Your Toughest Problems with Wendy Smith 31:15 08/01/2022
48. Getting More Organized and Productive Through GTD® with David Allen 37:12 07/25/2022
47. Building Trust And Selling From The Heart With Larry Levine 34:17 07/15/2022
46. Transforming Customer Experience Through Mystery Shopping 31:29 07/09/2022
45. Winning On Purpose and Measurements of Success with Fred Reichheld 32:53 06/25/2022
44. Recruiting & Hiring Best Practices For Customer Success 31:41 06/18/2022
43. Improving Customer Journeys With Employees As Heroes with Ian Golding 39:13 06/12/2022
42. The Power Of Influencers To Get New Customers with Neal Schaffer 30:38 05/31/2022
41. Doing Customer Experience Right Through Content marketing 30:00 05/28/2022
40. Making Your Brand Tattoo-Worthy with Jim Knight 35:32 05/25/2022
39. Breaking Silos and Harnessing Data to Improve Customer Experiences with Celia Fleischaker 28:08 05/16/2022
38. Planning For Cryptocurrency & New Technology To Enhance Customer Service Experiences with Adrian Swinscoe 31:05 05/06/2022
37. Maximizing Employee & Agent Engagement To Deliver Customer Excellence with Rob Stewart 34:16 04/29/2022
36. Improving Communication and Rehumanizing Business Through Videos with Ethan Beute 31:16 04/24/2022
35. Getting To The Next Level Starts With You Featuring Lauren Herring 30:24 04/17/2022
34. Advancing Customer Experiences Through IT Alignment with Michael Buckham-White 34:28 04/11/2022
33. Reducing Burnout To Deliver Better Customer Experiences with Marcey Rader 31:16 04/03/2022
32. Solving Customer Pain Points Through Research, Design and Innovation with Alex Genov 31:38 03/27/2022
31. Is Traditional Selling Dead? Getting New Customers The Right Way 35:46 03/20/2022
30. Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money with Joe Pine 31:09 03/13/2022
29. Doing What's Right For Customers While Balancing Internal Processes with Bill Staikos 29:53 03/06/2022
28. Influencing Desirable Customer Behaviors Through Experience Management with Howard Tiersky 32:09 02/28/2022
27. Differentiating Experiences To Dominate Your Industry with Stan Phelps 29:55 02/21/2022
26. Understanding and Influencing Your Customers' Decisions with Mary Drumond 36:39 02/13/2022
25. Creating An Emotional Connection To Gain & Keep Loyal Customers with Jim Tincher 28:42 02/04/2022
24. Predicting Customers Next Actions (buy, refer, leave) Beyond Traditional Surveys with Matt Dixon 34:19 01/29/2022
23. Turning One Time Purchasers Into Lifelong Customers with Joey Coleman 43:12 01/23/2022
22. Doing Customer Service Right in 2022 and Beyond with Jeff Toister 34:49 01/16/2022
21. Minimizing 'Red Tape' to Deliver Better Experiences with Stephanie Thum 30:04 01/09/2022