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Doing Customer Experience Right‬ with Stacy Sherman

Struggling to attract and retain loyal customers? Want to differentiate your brand beyond price competition? "Doing CX Right" with Stacy Sherman is your go-to podcast. This award-winning show is about turning customer experience (CX) concepts into effective action. ⁣ ⁣ You'll gain tangible strategies rooted in Stacy's innovative Heart and Science™ leadership framework, which masterfully blends emotional intelligence with data analytics. ⁣ ⁣ Alongside Stacy's insights, you’ll hear her discussions with renowned authors, startup leaders, and CEOs, revealing actionable tips for exceptional customer service and brand success to implement in your workplace.⁣ ⁣ "Doing Customer Experience Right" goes beyond business tactics; it's a source of inspiring life lessons and personal triumphs that resonate on a deep level.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Listen, apply, and pay CX forward.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣ About Stacy Sherman:⁣⁣ Award-winning customer experience and marketing professional speaker, LinkedIn instructor, author, and strategic advisor. View Stacy's bio, blog, videos, Forbes articles, and more at:⁣


132. Building Lasting Customer Relationships: 5 Proven Tactics with Stacy Sherman
Are you struggling to build lasting customer loyalty? Discover proven strategies on this episode of Doing CX Right. Host Stacy Sherman reflects on an enlightening conversation with marketing legend Seth Godin. Unpack five actionable strategies that can transform customer retention and drive scalable growth. Learn why serving the right customers, creating a customer-centric culture, and focusing on retention over acquisition are critical. Understand the difference between leadership and management in enhancing customer experience and the value of community engagement. For practical insights and tactics to elevate your business, visit
14:52 5/20/24
131. Customer Service and Culture Lesson From LinkedIn’s Sam Stern
You likely know the importance of a customer-centric culture, but how do you effectively implement and gauge its success? Stacy Sherman and guest Sam Stern, Senior Manager of CX at LinkedIn, answer these questions and more, including why prioritizing customer needs enhances satisfaction, how Bright Spot Analysis can refine your CX efforts, and which KPIs are crucial for monitoring progress. Additionally, they examine the transformative role of leadership and the significance of psychological safety in managing change. Listen now to learn actionable steps and metrics that matter in elevating your customer experience for impactful results. More at
33:26 5/14/24
130. Seth Godin on AI, CX, and the Future of Customer Service
Did you know that "Customer service is free" and that "authenticity is radically overrated"? You might be wondering, what do these provocative claims mean? Uncover these truths in an informative episode of Doing CX Right, where host Stacy Sherman and Marketing genius, Seth Godin challenge traditional notions of customer experience. They break down why investing in your current customers could be more beneficial than the chase for new ones and how to harness the synergy between humans and AI in a technology-driven world. Packed with actionable insights, their conversation will inspire you to think differently and reassess the status quo. Learn more:
35:32 5/7/24
129. Improving Customer Service and Retention - The DARMA™ Method | Dave Seaton
Ever feel like you're losing customers as fast as you gain them? Wondering how to stop this 'leaky bucket' scenario? Join Stacy Sherman and guest Dave Seaton on the Doing CX Right podcast as they explain the DARMA™ method --a proven approach to sealing those leaks by improving how you interact with customers throughout their journey. You'll learn how to strengthen relationships and boost satisfaction, effectively turning one-time buyers into loyal fans. You'll hear practical strategies that help prevent churn and enhance customer service for scaleable growth. Learn more:
28:36 4/29/24
128. Affordable Customer Service Strategies - Classroom to Startup Business | Monica Amadio
What role does academia play in shaping customer experience? How does CX impact the education industry? What are ways entrepreneurs can implement successful customer service strategies with few resources? This episode provides answers and actionable insights from Stacy Sherman and Dr. Monica Amadio. You'll hear how AI can transform education while maintaining human connections. They share perspectives on recognizing individuals, transitioning from corporate to a customer-centric small business, and enhancing customer service through emerging tech without sacrificing personalization. Doing CX Right doesn't require a massive budget; it's about mastering the fundamentals for significant impact. Learn more:      
30:53 4/22/24
127. Customer Loyalty: From Impressed to Obsessed For ROI Growth | Jon Picoult
Are you struggling to turn satisfied customers into brand loyalists? Discover how to shift from merely impressing to creating customer obsession in this episode of Doing CX Right. Join host Stacy Sherman and guest Jon Picoult as they reveal how crafting standout experiences can accelerate ROI growth. They explain innovative ways to build emotional connections that turn customers into vocal advocates. Plus, learn how prioritizing your current customer base can accelerate revenue growth and enhance your competitive advantage. Don’t miss out—listen now to learn how to transform customer satisfaction into deep brand commitment.  Details at:      
31:21 4/15/24
126. Generative AI Insights - Navigating the Future of Customer Service Experiences | Lior Arussy
Did you know that a small increase of just 5% in customer satisfaction can significantly boost company revenue? Host Stacy Sherman teams up with customer experience pioneer Lior Arussy to share proven strategies for transforming unhappy clients (detractors) into referring brand advocates (promoters). They'll reveal the economic impact of customer sentiment and the role of personalized experiences leveraging Gen AI to drive business growth. Being customer-centric is no longer a choice, it's a necessity for any successful business. Learn how to shift your NPS from a mere score into a robust strategy that aligns your organization for success. More at
31:26 4/8/24
125. Customer Service Fatigue - How To Prevent and Stop It with Laurie Guest
Is "service fatigue" plaguing your teams and negatively impacting the customer experience? Do you understand what it means and the damaging effects across the customer journey? Join host Stacy Sherman and her guest, Speaker Hall of Famer Laurie Guest, as you learn Laurie's game-changing "10 Cent Decision" principle and tactics for small yet impactful changes that lead to big gains. Get actionable insights to reignite passion, combat complacency, and create remarkable customer conversations that foster loyalty and new business. Uncover motivational strategies to energize your teams and make your brand an unforgettable experience worth sharing. Learn more at
45:15 4/1/24
124. Cultural Intelligence: Improving Customer Service and Relationships | Andy Molinsky
Do cultural gaps undermine your customer service and business relationships? Listen to this revealing discussion on Doing CX Right with Stacy Sherman and Professor Andy Molinsky. Gain insights into enhancing cultural intelligence to bridge communication divides, avoid missteps, and make meaningful connections with diverse customers. You’ll understand the synergy between cultural and emotional intelligence (EQ) and how to leverage both to get meaningful feedback while considering cultural nuances. This show equips you with actionable strategies to improve customer experiences and strengthen business collaborations globally.   For more cross-cultural customer service tips, visit  
32:29 3/25/24
123. The Great Debate: Price Versus Customer Service in Securing Brand Loyalty | Jeremy Hyde
Are hidden fees eroding your customers' trust? Stacy Sherman teams up with Jeremy Hyde, Director of Customer Service at Sun Country Airlines, to tackle the broader implications of pricing strategies on consumer trust and loyalty, that impact all industries. They explore the role of a la carte pricing in making services more accessible and underscore the necessity of clear customer expectations. You'll learn about effectively balancing quality and efficiency, the criticality of investing in your team for superior CX, and ideal ways of measuring customer service success. Gain more actionable insights at:
30:38 3/18/24
122: Integrating Marketing & Customer Service: Content Strategies to Solidify Relationships | Bernie Borges
Struggling to create lasting customer loyalty in today's competitive landscape? Join Stacy Sherman and Bernie Borges as they unveil the secrets to crafting exceptional Customer Experience (CX) journeys that elevate client relationships. They emphasize the power of personalization, seamless content strategies, effective marketing techniques, and genuine care. Discover how to leverage revenue-boosting omnichannel approaches rooted in meaningful human connections. Learn about leadership strategies for curating personalized interactions and prioritizing the human elements of CX. This podcast is a must for business leaders aiming to differentiate their brand and excel in customer service, offering actionable insights and tips. Learn more at
33:27 3/11/24
121. Cultivating Community and Conversations in Customer Service | Thom Singer
Are digital tools impacting your ability to deliver exceptional customer service? How can technology support, not hinder genuine customer connections? Learn how to cultivate stronger customer bonds on this episode of Doing CX Right, featuring insights from host Stacy Sherman and customer service expert guest Thom Singer. They discuss key strategies for enhancing customer relationships beyond the screen, the significance of in-person interactions, and the power of really listening to customer feedback. The conversation also tackles the importance of community within brands and teams and how it contributes to customer retention and satisfaction. For more tactics in building trust and genuine connections, visit
32:26 3/4/24
120. How to Design Effortless Customer Experience and Remove Roadblocks | Greg Mckeown
Are complex processes hindering your ability to deliver exceptional customer service? In this week's episode, host Stacy Sherman and author Greg McKeown dive into the power of simplifying work for better outcomes. They debunk assumptions that equate "easy" with "lazy," discuss creating effortless experiences, and highlight reducing complexity through the lens of Amazon's customer-centric case study. Learn the critical importance of aligning solutions with actual customer needs and the necessity of validating assumptions directly with consumers to drive impactful results without burnout. Embrace effortlessness in leadership to foster relationships that yield significant returns. Learn more at
39:50 2/26/24
119. How to Build a Company Culture that Empowers Workers for Optimal Performance | Daniel Goleman
Are you facing challenges in achieving optimal team performance and creating memorable customer experiences? Do your leaders leverage emotional intelligence to cultivate a thriving work culture? Listen to this episode of Doing Customer Experience (CX) Right, where host Stacy Sherman is joined by renowned expert Daniel Goleman. Together, they explain how emotional intelligence is crucial for maintaining a positive engaging workplace and elevating customer satisfaction levels. Discover effective leadership techniques that prioritize both employee and customer well-being. Learn how to foster an authentic organizational culture, and enhance performance through strategic hiring and empathetic development. For insightful strategies on leading with emotional acumen, visit  
34:09 2/19/24
118. Lessons from Zappos - Elevating AI Integration for Next-Level Retail Customer Service | Alex Genov
How can business harness AI to improve customer experience without losing personalization? What strategies can lead to breakthroughs in understanding and serving customers better? Get the answers on Doing CX Right, as Stacy Sherman and Alex Genov from Zappos discuss the transformative impact of AI on customer relations. They dissect the power of AI in enhancing personalization, analyzing feedback, and offering predictive insights that propels customer service to new heights. Explore actionable ways to employ AI while maintaining a focus on customer trust and loyalty. Episode sponsored by Iqor -managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled business process outsourcing solutions:  
29:30 2/13/24
117. How to increase customer satisfaction by asking the right questions | Marty Grunder
Are you leveraging every opportunity to delight your customers and staff by asking the right questions? This episode of 'Doing CX Right' with Stacy Sherman and guest expert Marty Grunder, CEO and "Entrepreneur Of The Year," dives into actionable strategies leaders can implement to enhance customer and employee experiences. You'll hear new insights on the Net Promoter Score, the power of roleplaying, and the critical nature of internal customer service. You'll also better understand the importance of relatability and emotional intelligence to lead by example and turn customer service from satisfactory to exceptional. Learn more at  
27:40 2/5/24
116. Using a “Give and Get” Philosophy to Improve Employee and Customer Satisfaction with Bryan Adams
Are toxic employees driving your customers away? Are you struggling with high employee turnover and poor customer satisfaction? Learn powerful strategies from brand experts Stacy Sherman and Bryan Adams about intentionally design candidate and customer experiences that attract talent, reduce attrition, and drive growth through a "Give and Get" philosophy. You’ll hear how brands like Amazon and Vans apply radical candor and compassionate accountability to develop high-performing teams known for enriching people’s lives.  Learn more at   
25:10 1/29/24
115. The Analytics Edge - Transforming Customer Insights into Business Wins with Sean Albertson
Feeling the disconnect in your customer journeys across various channels? Unsure if your team is maximizing AI's full potential? Join host Stacy Sherman and expert Sean Albertson as they unravel the complexities of data and technology barriers. They'll guide you through the effectiveness of enhancing existing channels over adding new ones and reveal the collaborative power of 'box teams.' The episode also underscores the importance of investing equally in employee experience to fuel great client experiences. Loaded with actionable insights, it's an essential listen for leaders eager to elevate their brand and craft a remarkable customer experience. Learn more:
30:05 1/22/24
114. Fanocracy In Business - A New Era For Brand Loyalty with David Meerman Scott
How does the concept of "Fanocracy" redefine the way businesses approach their customer engagement strategies? Stacy Sherman and David Meerman Scott dive deep into “Fanocracy” - turning fans into customers and customers into vocal fans. They explore why tapping into passionate communities is crucial for today’s businesses in the digital age. And, explain the science behind our innate desire to be part of something bigger and how companies can ethically tap into this dynamic. Whether your business deals in products or services, you’ll gain strategies to cultivate authentic superfans eager to champion your brand.   More at
31:32 1/16/24
113. Setting the Bar - How to Become a Category of One Business with Joe Calloway
Want to stand out as a category of one in your industry? Curious about the keys to business differentiation? Stacy Sherman and expert Joe Calloway explain how to transcend commodity status and gain insights from leading brands around the world. You'll discover strategies to identify and cater to specific customer needs, the significance of consistent, exceptional customer experiences, and the importance of an engaged team. The episode highlights effective leadership practices focused on transparency, communication, and team investment, essential for business leaders aiming to elevate their brand and maintain customer loyalty in a competitive market. Details at
31:37 1/8/24
112. Rethinking Customer Service - Why 'Good' Just Isn't Enough Anymore with Lisa Ford
Are you struggling to create lasting emotional connections with customers? Learn the key differences between customer service and customer experience from leading experts Stacy Sherman and featured guest, Lisa Ford. You'll hear practical strategies to drive loyalty by truly understanding your customers, showing you value them, and creating seamless, personalized journeys. By the end of the episode, you'll be equipped with proven strategies on leadership, processes, and technology investments essential for transitioning from basic service to delivering memorable end-to-end experiences. These insights will empower you to enhance customer engagement, significantly boost retention, and propel your brand's growth. Details at
33:10 12/18/23
111. The Fred Factor Effect - Transforming CX from Ordinary to Exceptional with Mark Sanborn
What does it take to create extraordinary experiences that make customers happier and tell others? Stacy Sherman and featured guest Mark Sanborn reveals proven principles to consistently deliver positive emotion and go beyond the ordinary. You'll learn the 4 principles from his book, "The Fred Factor" focussed on a real-life postal carrier who made a difference. You'll discover how to reinvent, build relationships, and add value without spending more. And, some of the best advice about leadership, customer experience, and succeeding in the age of AI.   Details at  
35:46 12/13/23
110. How Unconscious Biases Influence Your Customers’ Decision-Making Process with Sylvie Di Giusto
Feeling overwhelmed trying to deliver excellent customer experiences? Struggling with unhappy customers and negative feedback? Stacy Sherman and Sylvie Di Giusto tackle these challenges head-on. They discuss practical strategies for forging strong emotional connections and making impactful first impressions. Learn about understanding customer emotions and biases and how the ABCDE model can enhance every interaction. This show also offers insights on active listening to utilize customer feedback effectively, and draws intriguing parallels between leadership and parenting in the realm of customer experience. Take notes, as there are a lot of gems shared. More info:
33:17 12/4/23
109. How to Make Your Business Ridiculously Easy to Work With Featuring David Avrin
Are you aiming to make your business ridiculously easy for customers to interact with? What are the essential steps to reach this pinnacle of customer-centric success? In this episode, Stacy Sherman joins forces with David Avrin, renowned expert in customer experience, to dive into pivotal questions. They explore the nuances of simplifying your business processes and designing an intuitive and seamless customer journey. You’ll hear strategies and necessary mindset shifts to elevate your brand, making it not just an option but preferred choice for your customers–a brand that customers love and keep coming back to, time and time again!  
34:33 11/27/23
108. Proving the ROI of Customer Experience Initiatives with Gregorio Uglioni
What does it really take to do customer experience right in your organization? How can you get leadership buy-in and prove ROI? Host Stacy Sherman poses these questions to international customer experience leader Gregorio Uglioni, drawing on his in-the-trenches experience across healthcare and banking sectors. You'll hear simple yet powerful ways to build empathy, break silos, and drive measurable CX impact starting small, along with practical tips to “pull people in” through motivation vs. pushing. Take notes, as there are a lot of gems and lessons that you will benefit from in this episode. Learn more at    
27:24 11/20/23
107. How To Scale Modern Customer Service Experiences for Financial Gains with Andrew Carothers
Want to digitally transform customer experiences like leading companies? Listen as Stacy Sherman interviews Andrew Carothers on how Cisco evolved from hardware to subscription services. Learn how Cisco aligned CX to recurring revenue models post-pandemic through: Adopting a digital-first approach Removing data silos between teams Implementing AI for faster service Tracking revenue-driving metrics Hear first-hand customer service strategies to scale elevated, personalized engagement. Discover why customer experience is still maturing and how to advance on the journey. Gain leadership insights like "clarity is kindness" that boost customer focus. This episode provides clear frameworks to future-proof your CX. More at
29:49 11/13/23
106. User Testing for Elevated Customer Service and Brand Experiences with Andy MacMillan
Customer empathy is imperative. Many companies struggle to deeply understand users' needs. The good news is that technologies, like User Testing, are transforming how brands gain insights. Companies leveraging tools to gather customer perspectives can quickly provide superior customer service and capture market share. So, what does this mean for your business? How can you tap into user testing to understand prospects' and customers' expectations to inform strategic decisions? Listen as customer experience expert Stacy Sherman & UserTesting CEO Andy MacMillan unpack the power of validating concepts with target users early and proven ways to make customer empathy your competitive advantage. Details:
33:19 11/7/23
105. The Power of Generative AI - Transforming Customer Service with Connor Grennan
Generative AI is transforming customer experiences, but many leaders don't know how to apply it. So, how can you harness generative AI to boost CX? In this episode, Stacy Sherman interviews Conor Grennan, Dean of MBA students at NYU Stern School of Business, to discuss practical strategies for implementing generative AI in customer service training, education, and simulated models. They share insights on the importance of authenticity in customer interactions and the need for human connection in an increasingly automated world. Listen now to learn how generative AI can enhance your customer experience and actionable tactics to drive business success. Details:
34:52 10/30/23
104: When Machines Become Customers - Navigating the New Normal with Don Scheibenreif
We're entering a new era where machines powered by AI act as customers. It's disrupting business models and transforming customer experience and commerce. Companies preparing now will capture trillions in revenue, while laggards will lose out. So what does this mean for your business? What are the risks and opportunities, and what practical steps can you take to win in the age of machine customers? Listen to Stacy Sherman and Don Scheibenreif, analyst at Gartner Research explain the intersection of CX and technology based on research and his book: When Machines Become Customers: How Companies Can Compete in the Age of AI.
30:34 10/23/23
103. Designing Immersive Customer Experiences Based on Leading Brand Case Studies with Joe Wheeler
How can you intentionally design impactful, immersive customer experiences amid constant digital change? Stacy Sherman and Joe Wheeler share proven strategies based on analysis of real case studies, from successes like Nike to failures of other brands. You'll also hear the latest techniques to blend human connections and digital innovation based on research, not hype. By the end of this episode, you'll be ready to equip your organization with actionable CX lessons that drive customer loyalty and long-term growth. Learn more at
31:04 10/9/23